Wednesday, May 16, 2018

President Paul Biya Massage To Cameroonian Muslims As They Prepare For Ramadan Kareem, The Holy Month Of Islam

President Paul Biya of the Republic of Cameroon have extend his warmth wishes to Muslim brothers and sisters as they preparing for another Ramadan Kareem obligation of Islam.

The President who took to twitter this morning to wish all Muslims good start of Ramadan fasting, wishes all Muslims a blessed and peaceful Ramadan.

Below is the president statement release written in French

"A tous les fidèles musulmans, bon début de jeûne de Ramadan!"
"Wishing Muslims a blessed and peaceful Ramadan."


President Paul Biya have also congratulate the President of the Republic of Paraguay on the occasion of National day celebration, read below

🇨🇲🇵🇾Mes vives et chaleureuses félicitations à S.E. Horacio Cartes, à l'occasion de la Commémoration de la fête nationale de la République du



Breaking: Unidentified Amba Militant Group Have Again Engage Cameroonian Security Forces In Another Bloody Fight At Ottu Borders

We got the report of the ongoing fight between some unidentified Anglophone militant group and Cameroonian security forces at Ottu borders right now.

The reason for this morning fight is  unknown and casualty is recorded.

Meanwhile president Paul Biya of the Republic of Cameroon have this Wednesday morning preaches peace, saying that Cameroon is one and indivisible as he took to twitter. We would get you updates shortly

Cameroon: The government is against the recruitment of a Cameroonian coach for the Indomitable Lions|

The name of the new national coach coach of the Cameroon football pennant team is still unknown. Seven months after the decision of the Standardization Committee of FECAFOOT not to extend the contract of the Belgian coach Hugo Broos.

After reviewing the 77 or so applications received following the international call for tenders launched on 08 March 2018, the Standards Committee sent a shortlist of five candidates three weeks ago to the Minister for Sport and Sport. physical education for the choice of the name of the technician who will succeed Hugo Broos. has found that no coach of Cameroonian nationality appears in the short list. And yet, there were around 28 local technicians to have applied. In the lot, coaches of great reputations like Jean Paul Akono, Bonaventure Djonkep, Jules Frederic Nyongha and many others. "He will not be Cameroonian, the next head coach of the Indomitable Lions. In our opinion, it is not yet time to entrust this team to a Cameroonian. Especially not now that we are one year away from the CAN 2019 with all that that entails as pressure and suspicion "explains a responsible to the presidency of the Republic, involved in the management of this file.

Despite the presidential decree which entrusts since 2014 the management of national teams to the Cameroon Football Federation, the Cameroonian government retains a big influence on this management. For example, it is the Minister of Sports who has the final choice of the coach whose salary he also pays.

The decision not to entrust the head of the technical staff of the Indomitable Lions to a Cameroonian technician is denounced by major figures of the Cameroonian sports king. "When we wanted to appoint a chair of the Fecafoot Standards Committee, why did not we bring in a stranger, if we think we can not manage Lions? Why not go and get a President of the Republic abroad? Cameroon has the necessary expertise. Why they are prevented from leading the destiny of their country in their field. In 2018, it's a shame. It's unfortunate that we are still a victim of this complex. And besides, if you bring us Mourinho, I am silent; if you bring Arsène Wenger to me, I'm sorry, you're going to recruit the second knives, "Eugene Ekeke, a coach and author of one of the goals of the Cameroon national team, said at the memorable Italy World Cup. 90.

I'm Deeply Disturbed That The USA Is Giving Paul Biya Two Cessna 208, An American Man Expressed Worries

A man of the America citizen have expressed worries over the recently donated Cessna 208 to Cameroon by the US government.

According to him the Cessna 208 aircraft is meant to fight against Boko Haram not for any other fight.

Mark Jones who took to social media says the two aircraft Supposedly to be used against Boko Haram, but almost certainly to be deployed elsewhere. below is his full write up, read

" I am deeply disturbed to hear that the USA is giving succour to President Paul Biya of Cameroon by donating two Cessna 208 Caravan intelligence, surveillance and reconnaisance (ISR) aircraft. Supposedly to be used against Boko Haram, but almost certainly to be deployed elsewhere" .

Cameroon - Anglophone Crisis: Army Admits Violence Against Separatist

File photo

Cameroonian soldiers have " Abused and tied up "an alleged English-speaking separatist leader during his arrest Saturday, admitted Tuesday Yaounde, at the moment a video showing a policeman molesting the man was widely shared on social networks.

The gendarmes are "clearly out of the norms and legal techniques in such circumstances," acknowledged Defense Minister Joseph Beti Assomo, on state radio, following an arrest "after a strong resistance" that " gave rise to a video ".

This is the first time the army has acknowledged abuses committed by security forces deployed in the two anglophone regions in crisis since the beginning of the clashes in late 2017.

"An investigation was opened to identify (and) where appropriate sanction the perpetrators of these acts contrary to respect for human rights, "assured the minister.

Nicknamed "general", the abused person is an alleged separatist leader who was arrested on Saturday, said Beti Assomo. The "separatist" general "was actively sought for several weeks for his involvement in acts of violence against the population and (in) the killing of the personnel of defense and security forces".

The video shows gendarmes brutalizing a man covered in mud, his hands tied behind his back.

A gendarme strikes him repeatedly on the soles of his feet, using the flat side of the blade of a machete. Another keeps him on the ground with a chair. There is another policeman on the man's head, giving the impression of wanting to strangle him.

"An investigation has been opened into the allegations against him," he added.

Security forces have been repeatedly accused by NGOs and witnesses of abuses and burning houses.

"We only burn houses where we discover weapons," defended the army late April.

In the northwest and south-west, fighting has become almost daily between the Cameroonian security forces, deployed in force and armed men claiming the "restoration forces" of an English-speaking state, which had ephemerally seen the day between the two world wars, under British mandate.

According to the International Crisis Group (ICG), "at least 120" civilians and "at least 43" members of the security forces have been killed since late 2016. The separatist record is unknown.

160,000 people have fled their homes as a result of the violence, according to the UN, and 34,000 have fled to Nigeria, according to the Nigerian Emergency Management Agency (Sema).


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

In Case You Missed It There Was Ghost Town Yesterday In Kumbo, Photo

There was a ghost town yesterday in Kumbo, Biu Division of Anglophone region of Cameroon. All shops were closed the street was empty and market totally closed.

Reports have it that all activities were suspended in the area as the people observed ghost town.

Recalled that the Ambazonia Defence Force (ADF) have given an ultimatum to all Francophones living in the region to vacate before a certain date given to them.

Cameroon security forces invaded fako division yesterday and burned down houses including shops, they also visited Ekona today resulting to the early morning shooting between them and some Amba militants.