Monday, November 19, 2018

Reelection of Biya: a new movement claims the victory of Kamto

A new movement comes to light and says claim the victory of Maurice Kamto, unfortunate candidate. The movement made a statement today.

Below the statement:

Resistance Committee for the Claim, Recovery and Restitution of the People's Vote:

Committee4R or CR4

The presidential election was held and the victory of the people was stolen for the umpteenth time by the tyrannical regime of Yaoundé.

We took up the cause for the people. And we will not let it go! The victory of the people must be restored to him and the winner Kamto Maurice installed in power. There is no question of getting ready for the next elections without settling this dispute. There is no question of accepting the imposture! The urns spoke. The people claim their victory.

Today, I take the helm of the Resistance Committee for the Claim, Recovery and Restitution of the People's Vote: Committee 4R (C4R). This committee under my presidency, will use all peaceful and popular ways to recover the vote of the people. This committee will bring together Cameroonians from the interior and the diaspora. This committee is not subordinated to the MRC or any other party and is not the growth of any group.

Moreover, I am the President and spokesperson. The other members will be introduced soon and others will remain in the secret. However, the C4R has dismemberments in Europe, the USA and several other countries. Very soon, we will decline some axes of our claims.

We are making a public appeal to other similar organizations including the Cameroonian diaspora to coordinate actions including those relating to various boycotts. Before closing, we want to salute the English-speaking people we support and strongly emphasize that the solution to this crisis lies in a national dialogue. Finally, we want to tell our diaspora all our pride and support in their various initiatives. And let's follow suit. We also need you. We ask the people to remain mobilized to listen and to distinguish the good information and the end message.

For the committee 4R

Kuissu Mephou Gérard

The President ''


Ambazonia: the body of a murdered police commissioner, still missing

The body of the deputy police chief of Jakiri, in Bui, northwest, Mboko Saadeo Paul Legrand, has still not been recovered by the soldiers two days after his death.

He was kidnapped and killed by Ambazonia fighters on Thursday, November 14th in Wainamah still in Bui.

Bui has been the scene of several battles between secessionists and soldiers. In September, at least seven suspected separatists were killed by soldiers in Kitiwum.


Latest: here is how Kamto got his diplomatic passport

Dogs are at bay. There is nothing to eat in the trash bins too clean
of their silent executioners. So they search everywhere; lose sleep in any wind, even the lightest. Yet, he tells himself that they have definitely won and that everything is over for the presidential election. They should be able to sleep in peace and let his esteem Maurice Kamto be quiet. That the Nsimalen Airport Border Police Station is able to deliver information from a passenger to a pack of breathless wolves is a gross misconduct; it's imposture! And we immediately understand the concerns of the US Embassy on safety and security issues within the airport. But what do they have these dunces, to shoot themselves all the time in the foot?

I'm doing this outing to shed light on two facts, one leading to the other:

- yesterday, the intelligence services of the dictator published this photo below, on which they encircled the red passport of Maurice Kamto that they have maliciously assimilated to the Belgian passport, thus putting in doubt the good faith and the Cameroonian nationality of the new President of the Republic. As usual, some naive fell. But it's wrong guys. You must not doubt for a moment S. Maurice Kamto. As a human being, he is perfect. His patriotism overflows his political commitment and he did not refuse French nationality, that American to take Belgian nationality. Maurice Kamto has a Cameroonian diplomatic passport, which is not an ordinary passport. Cameroonian diplomatic passports are indeed red in color as you see in the appendix on the photos. Is he a diplomat? No. So why does he have a diplomatic passport?

According to Presidential Decree No. 2013/002 of 13 January 2013 laying down the conditions for issuing passports, in Chapter Three, Article 22, the spouses of all civil servants with diplomatic status and their unemancipated minor children are entitled to diplomatic passports (see catches below). The President of the Republic is the husband of a diplomat. He is therefore fully entitled to it.

- the second light relates to the mention "spouse of diplomat" worn on the space "profession" in the boarding pass of the President of the Republic. Although nothing guarantees that he is the inscriber, it remains that this function has its place. The same 2013 decree stipulates that the diplomatic passport must be used exclusively in the exercise of a function relating to the work of the State outside the country. Except that the spouses and children of officials with diplomatic status do not travel on behalf of the missions of the Cameroonian government to which they do not belong. They must therefore justify the use of the diplomatic passport acquired in their favor. That said, the function, "husband of diplomat" justifies for his Excellency, the possession and use of a diplomatic passport. Moreover, in the same passport it says '' husband of diplomat '', just as it is written in those of women ambassadors, '' wife of diplomat '', in that of Brenda Biya who fraudulently uses this passport because no longer the required age, it is written '' daughter of the President of the Republic ''. This mention does not pose any problem. What is problematic is that people paid by the Cameroonian taxpayer's money engage in such degrading practices to find an outlet for their fear. We will not let ourselves be distracted by anything and say no to the election hold-up, yes to the truth of the ballot box. Professor Alain Fogue and President Kamto Maurice have arrived in Addis Ababa. We are a little angry because if we had known in time we would have arranged to welcome the Head of State as it should. But it does not matter.

I would like to remind all those who throw themselves into this game that they will never win against the truth. She is not just a shooting star. And the truth will never be a lie by their mere words. We must first change the natural laws. I wanted to add to them that we have in our possession all their lives; their health reports, serological status, banking figures, real estate, names and situation of their children. They will be the first to whine here if we agree to play their game. In this regard I will publish soon the members of the police personnel at the borders complicit in this scandal. For the moment it is:


Reporter: Kand Owalski

Diplomacy: international institutions fight against Biya in favor of Kamto

Gone are the days when the clique in power grumbled Cameroonians of their victory in the polls in favor of Paul Biya, 85, in power since 1982? Nothing is less certain, but everything seems at the same time to show that we are no longer so far away! And that we can count on Prof. Maurice Kamto, real winner of the presidential election of October 7, to get there.

Despite the fact that he has been under house arrest since November 6, the date of the oath of his opponent "re-elected by republican institutions" according to French Foreign Minister Le Drian, the teacher of law and international lawyer at the Paris Bar Maurice Kamto, defeated Friday afternoon his jailers who camped for ten days at his home, to fly to the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, where hold tomorrow and the day after a summit to study the institutional reform project initiated by the president in office of the organization, Rwandan President Paul Kagame.

The man who prevents Paul Biya to sleep since the declaration of victory on October 8, less than 24 hours after the delicate vote, intends to give a decisive turn to the post-election crisis in which is plunged Cameroon since the confiscation of power by Paul Biya with the assistance of the Constitutional Council in his pay.

What could happen if the penalty of Kamto invalidated by the referee player, is finally validated by the "Commission homologation"

Indeed, Maurice Kamto who had asked the international organizations to work for the recount of the votes in Cameroon, thus goes to face its responsibilities the African Union of which Cameroon is a member country, and which must for this reason comply with the African Union's African Democracy, Elections and Governance (CADEG) Charter adopted on 30 January 2007 in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) on Democracy, Elections and Governance.

It is worth mentioning that the Peace and Security Council of the African Union (composed of 15 members), which is the regional counterpart of the UN Security Council, is competent to deal with conflicts of this kind and to apply the relevant decisions in the member countries which affirmed in chapter VII of the charter, the "commitment to regularly hold transparent, free and fair elections [...]". This is especially true since the CADEG which it controls is superior to the laws of the signatory states. Are national treaties and conventions not above national laws?

As a result, it is not excluded, on the understanding that the African Union had considered admissible the request for a recount of the votes made by Maurice Kamto who has the minutes pleading in his favor, is able, after verifications, to decide that Biya must give way to the real winner of the presidential election. In case of resistance from the one who has the strength of the experience of the tripatouillages, the case will be transferred to the UN so that the pendulums are put on time so that Cameroonians have also the right to taste the democracy which implies alternation through the urns. Provided that everyone plays the game in all sincerity.

Cameroonians therefore crossed the finger with great optimism, because good democrat, Maurice Kamto had stressed that if the recount is not in his favor, he will bow to the decision that will be made by international organizations. According to the information in our possession, Professor Kamto's trip to Ethiopia is only one part of the journey that will take him to the United Nations for the same cause.


Cameroon: Here is the man behind the arrest of Mimi Mefo

We must once and for all put an end to this strategy of absolute irresponsibility and assume by giving to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. If President Paul Biya decided to release Mimi Mefo, then he is also the one who decided his arrest. Unless...

A few hours after the release of Mimi Mefo Takembou, Colonel Didier Badjeck, the head of the communication division at the Ministry of Defense explained the reasons and reasons for this happy ending: "This is the head of the State which, personally, decided to stop the proceedings, in a gesture of magnanimity ", thus attributing the responsibility for this happy action to the President of the Republic Mr Paul Biya.

Very well ! But, but, but.., the colonel did not tell us who decided on the arrest of Mimi Mefo. Who is responsible for his arrest? This brings us, once again, to this very formidable strategy of absolute, assumed and uncomplicated irresponsibility which consists in imposing on Cameroonians miseries and abuses of all kinds, under the very high instructions of the head of the state, and come to the end tell us that the head of state was not aware, and therefore he is not responsible for these acts.

In the case of Mimi Mefo, we are simply saying that we can no longer accept this spin. If the President of the Republic has not given the order to put this brilliant journalist in prison, then he gives us and punishes those who have made this decision if he assumes this act is mediocre and unacceptable.

As an example, we recall that President Paul Biya was considered irresponsible for the fact that his ministers present in N'Djamena wanted not only the devaluation of the FCFA but also the application of the IMF structural adjustment plans to the IMF. CEMAC zone.But if he is not responsible, who are the culprits of this humbug? They are still running.

In any case, to believe the following speech of the Colonel: "This does not mean, far from it, that this journalist is innocent. It should, therefore, draw all the lessons from it by taking care of any recurrence... ", the Cameroonians must realize that despite the denunciations and calls for a minimum of breathing, this government is convinced that its only way of salvation is violence and intimidation.

Finally, it should be remembered that this strategy, which seems simple but very formidable, allowed this colonial system to continue, leaving sink Cameroon.

Reporter: Douala Ngando

Addis Ababa: the woes of Maurice Kamto

Maurice Kamto introduced himself Nsimalen with the status of "husband of diplomat". His passport is therefore diplomatic. A favor from the government of the "dictator", "satrap" and "train" Paul Biya. What a dictatorship! This is the reaction of a user. Read instead.

So Maurice Kamto and Julie Kamto continue to enjoy the Biya diet. Yet he says in public that he does not want anything from him anymore. As a profession, Maurice Kamto prefers to say that he is a "husband of a diplomat" instead of a lawyer or a pensioner. Not everyone who comes out of IRIC has a diplomatic passport.

It is the rank of minister plenipotentiary that Biya gave to Julie Kamto that allows him to be considered as diplomat off scale and gives this Kamto couple the opportunity to have a diplomatic passport.Maurice Kamto and Julie are sardinards.Leaving Yaoundé last week for Addis Ababa, the bad loser of the MRC believed it was making its way to the summit on the reform of the institutions. The only subject elsewhere on the agenda.

No hearing scheduled for Maurice Kamto.Perhaps indicates a source in Addis Ababa, the president of the MRC will raze the walls to hope to slip a word in the ear of a head of state.

Reporter: Boris Armelle Mbock

Cameroon is not on the agenda of the UN - Allegra Maria

UN Resident Coordinator, UNDP Humanitarian Coordinator and Resident Representative, excludes the option of a UN intervention in English-speaking areas.

Is sending a peacekeeping mission on the agenda of the United Nations?

No ! I repeated it several times, I even did an interview by clearly explaining this case of fake peacekeeping news, I will really stop it there. I explain to you that in order to establish a peacekeeping operation, the security council must do it. And the Security Council must discuss with Cameroon, something that has never been done. Already Cameroon is not on the agenda of the Security Council and therefore there is no question that there is a peacekeeping operation. The other thing I said is that all Security Council discussions are public. And so the Cameroonian population can go to the United Nations site to inquire and say "has Cameroon been discussed in the Security Council? The answer is there. And so if you see that Cameroon has not been discussed, there is no possibility to establish a peacekeeping mission there. I explain it again: it is the Security Council that must decide on the establishment of a peacekeeping operation and Cameroon is not on the agenda of the Security Council.

So peacekeeping is not a solution?

I did not say that peacekeeping is a solution either. We have had a peacekeeping operation in several countries for years and years. Has this always been the solution? Maybe not. So the solutions must be found here. In Cameroon it has always been said, it is up to us to find the solutions. We are here to support you in the solutions. The real solutions lie within a country. Now it is up to the government, it is up to the armed actors, but it is also up to civil society and political parties to engage in solutions.


Ambazonia: young boys sacrificed in the Anglophone crisis

After a visit to Buea, in the south-west, Wednesday, November 15, the UN mission is worried and seeks funds to address the most urgent. 

The situation in the English-speaking areas of Cameroon continues to be of great concern to the United Nations. On Wednesday, November 15, a UN mission led by UN Resident Coordinator UNu Humanitarian Coordinator and Resident Representative Allegra Maria Del Pilar Baiocchi, made a short visit to Buea, the regional capital of Southwest, just to touch the reality, on the one hand, and to assess humanitarian needs on the other. During a stopover in Douala that same day, the representative of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), accompanied by her colleagues from other organizations of the UN system, took stock of the situation. The needs are acute in the highly sensitive areas of education, health and food security, to name but a few.

At the educational level, the situation is most alarming, even quite dramatic, according to Modibo Traore, head of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian affairs. The children have not been to school for two years. A situation that is conducive to the emergence of the phenomenon of child soldiers. "The place of children is not within armed groups, in families and at school.

Unfortunately, the situation of family breakdown, deterioration in the social and security environment means that children, often for lack of opportunities or forcibly, join these groups.But, once again, a political solution must be found quickly to the problem so that another future, another direction, can be given to these children so that they can dissociate themselves as quickly as possible from this context of violence and violence. depravations ", diagnosed the UN framework. Modibo Traore concluded with a plea: "Children too must be protected against forced recruitment into armed groups and have the documentation to enable them to have a legal existence.

More than 30 tonnes

If since March more than 30 tonnes of non-food goods including blankets, soap and mats have already been sent to both regions by the United Nations, efforts remain insufficient in view of the ever-increasing flow of IDPs and refugees to neighboring countries such as Nigeria.That is why the United Nations hopes that the plea to be issued after this umpteenth descent on the ground, and after several other raids in the North West, will receive favorable responses from donors. "We know that there are a lot of needs expressed by the civilian population in all sectors. We listened to the civil society, the NGOs, but also the United Nations team that is there. They told us what the priorities are and so for us, the priority today is to work with the government, but also to develop a plan of responses that can reach the populations in need, "summarized Ms. Allegra. .


Intensify quarrels: the SDF on the verge of explosion!

After Joshua Osih failed in the presidential election of October 7, divisions have resurfaced within the party and jeopardize its future. 

Will the Social Democratic Front (SDF) survive the crisis in its midst since the poor performance of Joshua Osih who defended the colors of the party in the last election? "Our party is used to events. The SDF was born in difficulties and evolved to the point of becoming the first political force of the country in 1992. replied a member of the National Executive Committee (NEC) contacted this weekend.

But this triumphalism contrasts with the so-called "deleterious" atmosphere currently prevailing within the party. The proof, immediately after the publication of the results of the presidential election of October 7 by the Constitutional Council, the Mayor SDF of Loum, Guy Mesmin Kuate Wambo has, in a document abundantly relayed in the social media, broken the law of the Omerta to demand the removal of his comrade Joshua Osih from the SDF records for poor performance. Jean Michel Nitcheu, SDF deputy and also responsible for the party in the Littoral tried to organize a march on October 21 in Douala to denounce the fraud recorded at the polls. A march that had received neither the permission of the SDF nor the anointing of Joshua Osih who represented him in this election. The signs of tension were already visible when Joshua Osih, in a statement acknowledged the victory of the candidate of the Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian People (CPDM). The fairplay gesture of the unfortunate candidate was quickly interpreted on the one hand as an allegiance, and, on the other hand, as a proof of the secret agreements between the tandem Fru Ndi- Joshua Osih and Paul Biya.

In the meantime, a meeting of the NEC was held in Yaoundé. Some time ago, speaking of the mayor of Loum asking for his resignation, the Honorable Joshua Osih said in a tweet: "He will be free to express in this forum all his recriminations". Meeting November 3 at the private home of Ni John Fru Ndi instead of Nkolfoulou suburb of Yaoundé, the NEC has carefully avoided the issues that annoy. After defending Joshua Osih that some cadres of the party present as his "foal", Fru Ndi has worked to maintain this image of serenity inside. On the release of Joshua Osih acknowledging the victory of Paul Biya, Fru Ndi will declare that "it is the candidate in the presidential election. We put all the responsibilities in his hands. I did not come here to blame him. He was in the race and he saw what he saw. That said, whether he congratulates Paul Biya or not, the fact that Mr. Biya is here. " When asked about the absence of some of the party's big names during the election campaign, Ni John Fru Ndi said, "Please, some of them you did not see during the election campaign were sick. This is the case of the Honorable Mbah Ndam, or Senator Emilia Nkeze who have mobilized despite all ".

The current dissensions go back at least to the designation of Joshua Osih as SDF candidate for the presidential election of October 7th. The NEC convened to choose the candidate to make the people dream and get their favors in the voting booth had lasted three days. Unpublished in the history of the party. More unprecedented still, the negotiations having taken place in Bamenda, city host of the members of the highest instance of the party. While Mbah Ndam was a favorite in terms of his seniority, his political service in the party and the National Assembly, Joshua Osih will be selected as a candidate of the SDF.The power of the money will have been right of the political capacities of the militants of the first hour, released some cadres of the party at the end of the conclave of Bamenda. In any case, the candidate Joshua Osih did worse than Ni John Fru Ndi. He managed the least enviable feat of losing the party's title of first force of the opposition by obtaining barely 3% of the vote validly cast in the election on 7 October. The SDF under the leadership of Mr. Osih was let down by the Movement for the rebirth of Cameroon (MCR) Maurice Kamto and the party Universe invested candidate Cabral Libii, respectively second and third.

"Where is the SDF? "... adrift"

The story of the SDF is indeed a succession of frictions. Since its creation on May 26, 1990 in Bamenda, the SDF has experienced several internal crises. The peak is reached in 2005-06 when an unsigned 14-page letter is sent to the members of the party's Advisory Board. It begins with this question: "Where does the SDF go? And with a scathing answer: "drifting". The sequence of events is known. During a press conference held on September 27, 2005 in Yaoundé, the Secretary General of the SDF, Tazoacha Asonganyi publicly criticizes the "dangerous links" between some cadres of his party and Paul Biya. A few days later, Tazoacha Asonganyi is excluded from the party. In February 2006, internal strife in the SDF led to the assassination of Grégoire Diboulé, party leader in the Center. The unfortunate, close to the dissident Bernard Muna was found dead next to the headquarters of the SDF in Yaoundé. Bernard Muna will also be excluded from the party, a victim of the famous Article 8 paragraph 2 which punishes those who contravene the discipline of the party. Edith Kah Wallah, Serges Simeon Noumba, Pierre Kwemo, etc., will suffer the same fate.

Today, the SDF is in an uncomfortable situation, with barely a parliamentary group in the National Assembly. The crisis in the English-speaking regions, stronghold of the party has strongly undermined its representativeness. To dare to apply 8.2 against the rebellious mayor of Loum or the Honorable Nitcheu would be to further weaken an already weakened political formation by depriving him of a mayor and a deputy. To let them ostentatiously oppose the leadership of the party is to give the impression that the SDF is an anarchic party.


Anglophone Crisis: Two Cameroon university staff members abducted in restive Anglophone region

Xinhua  | Two staff members of the University of Buea in Cameroon’s war-torn English-speaking Southwest region have been kidnapped, vice-chancellor of the university Ngomo Horace Manga said in a statement late Saturday.

George Ongey, of the university’s Research and Cooperation Office, was abducted on Nov. 10 and Doumta Charles, head of service for records of the Faculty of Health Sciences, was abducted on Nov.16, Manga said.

“The university is highly disappointed by these acts which are causing hardship and grief to the families of the abductees and the university communities,” Manga said in the statement without mentioning who was responsible for the kidnapping.

“These acts are meant to intimidate, create fear and panic among staff and students and disrupt the smooth functioning of the academic year,” Manga said.

The University of Buea is Cameroon’s biggest Anglophone university. No one has yet claimed responsibility for the abduction.

In early November, the government accused separatists of kidnapping 79 children, two teachers and the driver of a private school in Northwest region; separatists have insisted that most of the kidnappings are staged by the government to tarnish their image internationally.

Armed separatists fighting for the “independence” of the two Anglophone regions of Northwest and Southwest in Cameroon have ordered the closure of schools in the regions.

Local authorities said separatists have torched more than 100 schools that refuse to close.

Shocking statements by Gilbert Baongla on the execution of Philemon Yang

Georges Gilbert Baongla, the one who calls himself the "eldest son" of the President of the Republic Paul Biya, was invited on Afrique Média as part of the "Pan-African Debate". During his speech, Gilbert Baongla gave a very harsh speech to the collaborators of his "father", the current Prime Minister Philémon Yang paid the price.

Indeed, the so-called biological son of President Paul Biya took advantage of this opportunity to directly attack the head of the government, calling him a "great misrepresenter" of the public fortune.

"The Cameroonian Prime Minister Philemon Yang has never implemented the policy of renewal, the buildings of the stadiums of CAN him were withdrawn and entrusted to Bidoung Mkpatt because he was incapable, "he argues.

Before ruling, continues George Gilbert Baongla "Mr. Biya during these seven years must put these people in the public square (execution Editor's note) and say: here are the authors, we do not negotiate anything »


Ambazonia: Philemon Yang's wife attacked by secessionists

A tragedy struck the house of the Cameroonian Prime Minister's wife last night.

The family home of Linda Yang, the Prime Minister's wife, in the Njinikejem neighborhood of Belo, Boyo, North West was attacked by suspected secessionists.

The attackers burned the house. Huge material losses have been reported. No loss in life is reported.

At the same time as this arson occurred, we were informed by our sources that a popular fighter from Ambazonia, Boyo, General Amigo, was shot.

Updates shortly...


Cameroon: 2019 budget announced at the National Assembly, Here is the amount

After receiving morning training on the examination and adoption of the finance law, the deputies received in the night of Friday, November 16, 2018, the draft budget law for the year 2019.

The government has deposited in the early evening of yesterday Friday, November 16, 2018 during a plenary session of the National Assembly in Yaounde, the draft budget law for the fiscal year 2019.

This new project is an amount of 4850.5 billion FCFA. This represents an increase of 165 billion CFA francs compared to the budget adopted last year for the 2018 financial year.

As a result of this deposit, it is now up to the Finance and Budget Committee of the lower house to thoroughly review the new text before it returns to plenary for adoption. But already, we announce several innovations in the customs, fiscal and financial sector.

"At the customs level, the scope of the excise tax could be broadened to include imported soft drinks, cosmetics, second-hand clothes, tires and second-hand vehicles. There is also the institution of a new alternative modality for the collection of customs duties and taxes on imported phones, for example. Regarding the provisions relating to the general tax code, developments are focused on improving the business climate, broadening the base, securing revenue and promoting the socio-economic, "said Pauline Dauville Mendo Ze , a journalist specializing in the coverage of parliamentary activities on behalf of state radio.

Our colleague further explains that the innovations introduced in the new draft budget law, reflect "the will of the Government of the Republic to continue to drive strong growth in an international environment marked by the relative rise in oil prices and a national context characterized by the implementation of the triennial economic and financial program concluded with the IMF in June 2017 on the one hand and insecurity in the Regions of the Extreme North, North-West and South-West on the other hand. To implement the commitments made by the State, new measures are proposed to increase the mobilization of domestic revenues by increasing the rate of the tax burden, tighten public spending and control the pace of the indebtedness "

Before attending the plenary session at the beginning of the evening, MEPs received morning training on the examination and adoption of the budget law.


Ambazonia: Joseph Wirba demands from the UK government

Hon Joseph Wirba arrives the United Kingdom, demanded that the government of United Kingdom protect the people of Southern Cameroons and protect him from Biyas brutal violence.

The demand of Hon Joseph Wirba from the United Kingdom government after arrival.

See full press release below

The love at first sight of Paul and Chantal Biya in Mvomeka'a [Film of the events]

Secrets, sins, dramas and mysteries;almost indissociable attributes of presidential palaces in the world, but especially in Africa.

Although many doubts hang over the revelations that emanate from these fortresses, the fact remains that they retain some of the truth that invites you to discover through this episode devoted to the palace Etoudi.

It may not mark the beginning of the BIYA "reign", but the love at first sight between Paul and "Maman Chantal" certainly marks a turning point in the power of Paul BIYA.Their meeting, a true love story!

He, re-elected president of Cameroon, sexagenarian -little loquacious- who a year rather lost his first wife Jeanne-Irene died from a short illness. She, a 22-year-old girl with modest origins, spontaneous, funny, impulsive and natural; model for stylists of little renown in his spare time.

Contrary to rumors that Paul Biya would have ravaged Chatal Vigouroux to one of his courtiers, the presidential couple met at a party in Mvomeka'a, the president's home village. Chantal was at the time a friend of the late Elise Azar, the wife of Bonaventure Mvondo nephew of Paul Biya.The charm of Chantal did not fail to make an impression on the sexagenarian who suddenly discovered a new youth in the eyes of the beautiful guest.

The couple will be in secret for more than a year, before formalizing its union by a marriage "sober" celebrated at the parish of Tsinga in Yaounde in 1994.


Sunday, November 18, 2018

Confidences: a close friend of Chantal Biya tried in vain to kill her

Chantal BIYA's ex-girlfriend wanted to kill her. Exclusive revelations of a lady threatened with death for saving the life of the First Lady.

The name Ewodo Marianne Nicole from Monatele was hired around the 1990s by the N. couple as a housewife. The head of the family Hubert N. being former Minister of public health. His wife Bechielle N, a Swiss doctor, works at BEAC. The couple, according to the testimony of the victim we met on leaving prison, had lived for many years in their residence in the Bastos roundabout without being accused of any breach.

In 2010 Mrs Bechielle informs her that their daughter who lives in Switzerland, Nadine N. will stay in Cameroon and she is preparing a room. For the servant, this was good news, for she was for the first time acquainted with the daughter of her employers, whose merits and qualities had been so much extolled.

It was rather and according to his statements, the beginning of his misfortunes. Nadine N. Métis of his state, would be a sworn enemy of Mrs. Chantal Biya the First Lady of Cameroon, because of a youth conflict that would exist between the two, that Nadine N. has never digested. One morning, she sends the poor housewife Ewodo Nicole to buy the newspapers in an establishment called "green flag" at the crossroad Bastos. The housewife buying the newspapers will choose in the mix and in all naivety, the magazine Nyanga published by Sopecam who spoke of the First Lady and other newspapers.

Nadine N will pique a black anger against the housewife it seems that she was aware of her antecedents with the First Lady. The next day, as she was busy doing her daily chores in the kitchen, cleaning up, she realized that the charcoal oven had an unusual stench. She will undertake the excavations to rid the kitchen of this smell before the masters of the place does not smell it.

Digging in the oven, she will make an unusual discovery. A whole chicken with inside, photos of the First Lady and barks.Panicked, she will make a phone call to Mrs. Bechielle N. who was no longer at home. Nadine N. who in all likelihood was the author of the said act. The latter will notify him of his dismissal as a servant in their home without any other form of trial.

The intention to kill the First Lady

Decided to physically eliminate Chantal Biya, Nadine N will not lower her guard despite the discovery of her diabolical plans. She will even bury the photos of the First Lady in the grave of one of her sisters who died in a traffic accident in the town of Batchenga. Other photos of the First Lady would be buried in a baobab still in Batchenga. Our informant was willing to accompany a team if necessary to these graves. Nadine N's determination will not stop. She then mystically sent two of her dogs to bite the mother-in-law of the Head of State who is the mother of Chantal Biya.

Unfortunately, these dogs would have died in a way as mystical as their mission. Two other vampire dogs currently living at her home in Bastos, would move at night to harm the First Lady at Etoudi Palace.Nadine N would have pushed the cork further by funding anonymous phone calls to the private line of the first lady, to the tune of millions so that the speakers spray Chantal Biya insults and death threats.What would have really happened according to the witness.

Nadine N who returned to Switzerland after the bitter failure of her initiatives, is believed to have played a central role in the death of Louis Hertz better known under the pseudonym of (MAC-PAC), well known man of the public of which we prefer to make clean slate on the links which united the latter with Nadine and the first lady. She allegedly later attempted to assassinate Ms. Louis Hertz (MAC-PAC) named Marie Claude with the complicity of a doctor at the Yaoundé General Hospital named Yves A. In his murderous madness, the named Gérôme N. cadre the SNH narrowly escaped the clutches of the latter in a plot prepared with the assistance of a certain Abdoulaye, friend and colleague of Gérôme N. To harm the First Lady; Nadine N. would use the services of a well-known lady of the circle, named Myriam E. who would be consul in Cameroon and a certain Francine M. ex-Secretary of Louis Hertz (MAC-PAC) currently Secretary of Mrs Bechielle N at the clinic of the City.

Since the secrets are laid bare by Ms. Ewodo, Nadine N. has fled and will not return to Cameroon. After several assassination and rape attempts, Ms. Marianne E. said she was ready to do anything to provide more information on the arms trade in which Nadine N has been involved for several years. Nadine N spent at least two weeks in Cameroon and two weeks abroad. Whenever the First Lady flew for a private stay in Europe, Nadine N flew the same day to the same destination.

In its desire to confront the two parties, the Journal l'Epervier sent a note of cross-referencing information to Mrs. Bechielle N who would be the owner of the clinic the City located a stone's throw from the building headquarters of the 'ART. In front of the silence of the concerned, we will return in more details on the other facts which imply its family in particular, the traffic of arms. According to our informant Nadine N is involved in the trafficking of weapons and the manufacture of counterfeit currency.


UA Summit: Maurice Kamto rubs shoulders with Philemon Yang in Addis Ababa

The president of the MRC, who continues to claim victory in the 2018 Presidential election, went to the extraordinary summit of the African Union in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He joins Prime Minister Philemon Yang, the personal representative of re-elected President Paul Biya.

In what capacity did Maurice Kamto visit the Ethiopian capital for the extraordinary summit of African Union Heads of State and Government which opened this Saturday 17 November 2018? Olivier Bibou Nissack, spokesman for the president of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC) during the 2018 presidential election, has no answer to this question from He has just published that "Maurice Kamto flew this day (Friday, November 16, 2018) for Addis Ababa, headquarters of the African Union for a working holiday."

Ranked officially second behind incumbent Paul Biya at the end of the presidential election of October 7, 2018, the president of the MRC, who continues to claim victory in the 2018 Presidential election, will therefore rub shoulders with the AU headquarters, the Premier Philemon Yang, personal representative of re-elected President Paul Biya during this high-level meeting that will last two days.

«Opening of the 11th Extraordinary Summit of Heads of State and Government of the African Union. The Hall Nelson Mandela welcomes on this morning of November 17, 2018 the plenary session. The Head of State, HE Paul Biya, is represented by the Prime Minister, Head of Government, Mr. Philemon Yang, "said the communication unit of the Cameroonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For his part, Maurice Kamto, according to his relatives, will multiply during his stay, informal meetings to discuss "the electoral hold-up and the socio-political situation in Cameroon."

Recall that the summit held from Saturday 17 to Sunday, November 18, 2018 at the headquarters of the instance in Addis Ababa, will look only at the institutional reform of the AU initiated two years ago, on the initiative of Paul Kagame, Rwandan President and current AU Chair

Cameroonian Pierre Moukoko Mbonjo, former Minister of External Relations, heads the African Union's Intentional Reform Implementation Unit.

"The main role of the reform implementation unit is to coordinate at the technical level the process of implementation of the institutional reform, under the aegis of Their Excellencies, Paul KAGAME and Moussa FAKI MAHAMAT, respectively Leader of the reform. and President of the Union Commission, "said a source at the Cameroonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Urgent: Trouble ahead the All Anglophone General Conference in Cameroon, the moving open latter to Cardinal Christian Tumi

A Letter to His Eminence, Christian Cardinal Tumi

Dear Cardinal Tumi, I pray this letter meets you in good spirit and health. Before I go into the meat of this missive, kindly permit me to establish some protocol. I have decided to write to you
in this manner, during this moment of great concern, uncertainty and political imbroglio in Cameroon, because it is accustom not to question the decision of someone much older than oneself. In our clime, the elderly person is always right, particularly, an elder that is respected, revered and displays a rare candour as you are. It is even tougher to interrogate and advice an elderly person of your calibre who parades an intimidating track record of academic excellence, unswerving integrity and a sublime spiritual life-style.
My dear Cardinal, I remember with nostalgia the thanks giving Mass at Saint Augustine’s College Nso (Civitas Dei) when you had just been elevated to the enviable position of a Cardinal. That was my first physical contact with you as a secondary school boy then. On that memorable day, you appeared like a celestial aspect in your Priestly attire and with a serene countenance and divine smile, you spoke with new unction. Before the Mass could draw to its very end, I kept contemplating with admiration and awe your Priestly nature, but unfortunately for me, my admiration for Priesthood could not extend to the point that I could follow your footsteps. To me, you are an icon that exudes incomparable brilliancy and one who portrays a rare decency, but as an ardent Catholic that I am, I will not shirk from telling you what I feel and how I feel it. I pray that in your usual manner as a man of God, you will please absolve me of any misguided vituperation.
My dear Cardinal, you and I will agree that there is an increasing public disquiet about the upcoming AAC III convoked by you. As I write to you, so many unanswered questions keep
looming in my mind and thus, make me apprehensive about future of AAC III and whether it will be any different from AAC I & II.
First and foremost my dear Cardinal, what happened to AAC I & II? Why were the resolutions and recommendations not implemented and enforced? What is it that you want to introduce that was not discussed in AAC I & II? Have you scrutinized the attendees, because “anybody is
nobody”? Have you asked Southern Cameroonians what they actually want so that discussions will focus on their plight and aspirations? How is the diaspora going to participate? Who is
representing those fighting on ground zero and how safe is it for them to participate? Are you sincerely convinced that ACC III will quell down tempers and blow a serene fresh air across Southern Cameroons? Are you even sure that current regime will embrace and implement any
resolution/recommendation evoked by AAC III?
My Cardinal, there is no doubt that the AAC III will be built on the story deck building of AAC I& II and my worry here is whether the government will not frustrate your efforts “comme d’habitude”. We are leaving in a regime that bastardizes every good proposal and makes us feel alienated. You are not oblivious of the threats already coming from a politically dimmed and parochial Southern Cameroonian Mayor and a Cameroonian Minister who is always obsessed with absolute mendacity, and disparagingly spites us with uncouth language. This is a prima facie evidence that portends great danger for AAC III and by implication, an imminent subversion of any resolution/recommendation. They cast their aspersion and suspicion on the
fact that you are directly or indirectly leagued with separatists, and of course, almost all Sothern Cameroonians have inadvertently become a separatist. How do you tackle this threat and
My dear Cardinal, have you scrutinized the credibility, tenacity and resoluteness of your entourage because as the saying goes “in every twelve there is always a Judas”? We are made to understand that one of Foncha’s stalwarts and a then veritable firebrand of the free Southern Cameroons movement who was spotted on the Mungo Bridge inter alia clamouring for a free Southern Cameroons, immediately mortgaged his conscience for an enticed-juicy job with an
international body. If this is true, then this is betrayal which is reminiscent to the notorious betrayal in history: that is the brutal assassination of Julius Caesar plotted by his best friend Brutus. Sorrowfully in his last words, Caeser quizzed faintly “Et tu Brute? Any Brutuish-character in Southern Cameroon ostensibly has no solution to the current crisis. How do you
intend to deal with this before “fair becomes foul and foul becomes fair” as Shakespeare succinctly puts it in his shortest and grimiest tragedy ‘Macbeth’?
Justice delayed they say is justice denied. What is more irksome here is the fact that for over 56
years, Southern Cameroonians have covertly and overtly yearned and clamoured for justice, fair
distribution of resources and a total inclusiveness in the nation’s affairs to no avail. I need not remind you of the diplomatic efforts that have also been made over the years and are still
ongoing, yet the same international bodies that plunged us into this quagmire with their ‘fait accompli’ during the 1961 Foumban conspiracy seem not to understand our plight any more.
Fortunately or unfortunately, the people of Sothern Cameroons have resigned to their fate and have decided to take their destiny by force because they fully understand that freedom “is not given á la carte”. My dear Cardinal do you have any alternative panacea that will placate our anger, assuage our fears and whittle down this crisis once and for all? Are you sure that AAC III
will finally charm and woo the international world to understand our plight and recant their position? Let me assume the position of Thomas in the Bible and wait impatiently for the miracle to happen.
My dear Cardinal, I know that you have the purview to bring warring and worrying factions to a common ground because of your resounding nobility. But let me remind you that no one is more offended by injustice and oppression than God himself. No wonder, He tells us in the Book of
Isaiah 1:17 “learn to do good; search for justice; correct oppression; bring justice to orphans, plead the widow's cause.” This verse justifies the Church’s engagement in the against gainst
injustice suffered by a people made in God’s image. Let me further remind you of some men/women of God that will inspire and embolden you and why not, earn you a Saintly reward either here or in the hereafter.
Joan of Arc, a French heroine now parades the corridors of Sainthood because she led a liberation that freed her motherland from British dominance. In 2010, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 24th March as the "International Day for the Right to the Truth Concerning Gross Human Rights Violations and for the Dignity of Victims" in recognition of Archbishop Oscar Romero who was an outspoken opponent of social injustice and government oppression in El Salvador. His beatification process is ongoing. Bishop José Ramos-Horta, was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for fighting oppression and violence in East Timor. Bishop Antonio Fortich received the Ramon Magsaysay Award which is an Asian-equivalence of a Nobel Prize because he was a courageous vanguard of peace and justice in the Philippines.
Martin Luther King Jr. who is best known for his role in the advancement of civil rights led demonstrations against injustice in America. The Dalai Lama of Tibet, Tenzin Gyatso, was
awarded a Nobel Peace Prize in 1989 for his nonviolent struggle for the liberation of Tibet.
Mother Teresa of Calcutta gained an international recognition because of her fight against social  injustice and poverty.
My dear Cardinal, you are about to gain an international recognition. You are about to indelibly pen down you name on the sands of Cameroon History. Your journey into Sainthood is about to
begin. But it depends hugely on how well you navigate the final boat carrying Southern Cameroonians into to the promise land, using the AAC III paddle. But before you confront the
tides, consider my modest advice:
Consider first of all, the plight of Southern Cameroonians that magnanimously decided to join
their brothers across the Mungo and what they hope for at this point in time? Ponder over our 56 years of courtship, whether it has been “a fiesta or a fiasco” or “potty years or putty years”. I was
particularly enthused by the Guardian Post Newspaper which quoted you saying that “More than 80% of Anglophones are for secession and that any dialogue with secessionists is no dialogue”.  You and your entourage should pay keen attention to the United Nations Resolutions that appertain to the Southern Cameroons course, particularly: U.N. Article 76(a) and (b), U.N. Resolution 1514 (XV), U.N. Resolution 1282 (X111), U.N. Resolution 1352 (XIV), U.N. Resolution 1608 (XV) and other relevant documents that will impress the International World to  recant their position.
My dear Cardinal, AAC III must not end up in a quandary. Make sure you scrutinized the tenacity, credibility and resoluteness of all the attendees. Reached out to the diaspora for their proposals and suggestions and above all seek some modicum of advice from Countries like Eritrea, East Timor and South Sudan whose experiences mirror that of Southern Cameroons.
The saying that “what is good for the goose is good for the gander” applies to Southern Cameroons as well. If the Scottish, Quebecois and Caledonian's were given the opportunity to express their wish through a ballot box, then AAC III should not miss out this point on their agenda. The ovation for a referendum is high, implying that AAC III must persuade the U.N on
the need for a ballot box to determine the wish and future of Southern Cameroonians.
My dear Cardinal, for God’s sake as you proceed to AAC III, preach not federation because the consequences of the 1961 Foumban conspiracy leaves much to be desired. A failed experiment
that must not be revisited, else you will be nurturing a highly convoluted crisis in the nearest future. Thank God that the word federation is loathsome to our Francophone brothers. Preach not secession or separation because it will strip off your dignity and nobility as a man of God and finally validate the claim of your haters that you are leagued with secessionists. Please focus
only on the aspirations and plight of Southern Cameroonians. If the majority wants to maintain the current status quo, fine and good, and other hand if they want a total separation, so be it.
My dear Cardinal, I have satisfactorily poured out my entrails. My ardent wish for you is that, as the pendulum of time gradually swings you and your entourage to a successful AAC III, God in his infinite goodness and mercy should make you the long awaited Moses that will finally split the Cameroon’s river Nile into two. Because of the course you have chosen, I fervently pray that someday, God will raise you to the ranks of Joan of Arc, Archbishop Oscar Romero, Bishop José
Ramos-Horta, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr and Bishop Antonio Fortich, either here or in the hereafter.
Asking the blessing of Your Eminence, I am, Yours respectfully in Christ, Louis Sevitenyi Nkwatoh

Re-election: Northern Youth sends a memorandum to Paul Biya

The Cameroonian youth of the north addresses a memorandum to the President of the Republic of Cameroon, whose Cameroonian editorial office has been copied for a real social contract.




- President of the Senate - President of the National Assembly - Prime Minister - Minister of Territorial Administration - National Commission for Human Rights and Freedoms.


- Youth Associations - Traditional Authorities - Religious Authorities - Media

Telephone Contacts: 696.51.91.05

Email: jeunesseduseptentrion@gmail.comFor group: HAMAN MIGUINAWA

Under the ideal of national unity, let Cameroon remain one and indivisible;

Considering that Cameroonians from North to South, from East to West remain equal in rights and duties;

Convinced of the Cameroonian State remains the sole guarantor of the security of all Cameroonians without distinction of any kind;

Resolutely convinced of the validity of this approach;

Anxious to accompany and protect the motto of our dear country;



After several decades of alienation, marginalization and instrumentalization, by a minority of autocratic elites, fundamentally selfish and nepotistic, and by a biased and discriminatory government policy, the youth of North Cameroon is resolutely demanding a change. of its living conditions, and the effective consideration of its potentials and strengths in the march of the Nation, in terms of its representativeness and its participation in the decision-making powers and strategic orientations that determine its future in regional and national concerts . Tired of being confined to the rank of "electoral cattle" by politicians for whom it exists only during an electoral period, abandoned to its sad fate in the pay of social evils, which have become mostly endemic, including precariousness, various plagues, Insecurity, unemployment, social injustice, the youth of North Cameroon is fiercely rebelling against a will kneaded with cynicism, which darkly obscures its future, condemning its legitimate aspirations to the most damaging uncertainties of its reason for being a citizen! Acting by clan affinity, the politicians and "elites" of North Cameroon are now obsessed by the concern for the perpetuation of their personal interests to the detriment of the assigned youth in perdition, the demographic majority of which they claim yet representatives and interlocutors with a central power that seems to accommodate it very well. This is the foundation of a credibility that is not one!Disconnected from the daily realities of populations in general and youth in particular, they owe their hegemony to occult practices, clientelism, special effects, nepotism, favoritism, buying consciences, blackmail, manipulation, intimidation, murders, to quote their most common abuses. .


Obviously, the pauperization of the Septentrion is a will maintained by a category of unscrupulous individuals and without state of souls, reducing the youth in whole areas to the humiliation, to the begging and the debasement of the most screaming. It is clearly on purpose that these "elites" generally do not think about the promotion of education, new information and communication technologies (radio, TV, internet), and health in their areas. 'origin. It is a question of stuttering as much as possible!Consequence in the South of the country, the youth of North Cameroon acts as second-class citizens who are reserved the most shabby and dishonorable tasks like shoeshine, pushers, street vendors, nail cutters, guardians, scrap-hoists, fueling, as a ricochet, the prejudices of the most tenacious people of the vast region.How many fates crushed, mown on the altar of interests hostile to the values ​​of the Republic, harmful to the common aspirations of national unity and living together. This is the fate that is reserved for them, when they do not end up in cannon fodder within the so-called national army that they will integrate in desperation, curiously at the forefront of the fronts independently of the zones of conflicts!

More than ever, youth in the North want absolutely to break the stereotype of going barefoot and left behind, literally shoved, to the account of profits and losses in their own country! They aspire imperatively for a holistic flourishing and a fair participation at all levels of governance, economy, education, cultural and sporting events in the same way as young people from other regions through a global and final consideration which takes into account the realities and handicaps that keep them on the margins of the legitimate collective dynamics and social construction that Cameroon owes them as full and free citizens.

Government biased initiatives in the north

The state has committed itself before all citizens without distinction, in the establishment of the National Population Policy, updated in 2002 with the participation of all strata of society Cameroonian. It should therefore be recalled here that the aim of this policy is:

"To improve the standard of living and the quality of life of the population in the context of sustainable development, in accordance with human dignity and the fundamental rights of all. by ensuring in particular the adequacy between population growth and available and accessible resources. "

Also the State of Cameroon has he given missions:

•" Improving the health status of the population in general, especially the health of mothers and children;

• Promote basic education for all, and girls in particular;

• Strengthen the fight against unemployment;

• Promote gender equality and equity;

• Promote the rational occupation of space and the preservation of the environment;

• Improve the conditions necessary for the development and safeguarding of the family and the individual;

• Improve the conditions for implementation and monitoring / evaluation of population programs. "(Demographic and Health Survey and Multiple Indicator (DHS MICS) 2011)

However, despite the publication of worthy goals and the development of sporadic aid plans, the regions of the North exhibit the performance as worrying that alarming:

• "More than 60% of households live on less than a dollar a day,

• Only 28.9% of young people are in school,

• The unemployment rate hovers around 67% compared with 38% in certain regions of the country,

• More 1,000 women die per 100,000 live births compared to 728 for the national average. " (Demographic and Health Survey and Multiple Indicators (EDS-MICS) 2011)

Prefabricated elites and their consequences

The failure of actions and government policies in the North is due to the distance, the disconnection or even the indifference of "Elites" and the insensitivity of the central power vis-à-vis the repetitive cries of the oppressed, impoverished and muzzled majority.

Kindergarten, primary and secondary school students are in a number of schools or designated as such, housed in weather-stuck sheds sitting on stones that serve as table-benches with teachers mostly volunteers, paid by parents.Libraries, laboratories and labs remain a luxury in this part of the country. The construction sites of establishments are for the most part abandoned or never started by crooked operators, without faith or law, having subcontracted their markets with the complicity of a benevolent system.

Entry into the grandes écoles de formation remains the preserve of certain families, clans and pundits established since independence. This segregation produces and contrasts daily the acute and permanent poverty of the overwhelming majority of populations in loss of landmarks, alongside the opulence of a disproportionate minority to the voracity of Desert Locusts.

While referral hospitals are walking over each other in some areas, no health facility in this range is functional in the Septentrion (Ngaoundere, Garoua and Maroua). Hospitals and health centers are facing a dramatic staff shortage and have frequent breaks in basic medicines. A large part of the population in general, women and children in particular, have to travel long distances to expect primary care. The people have no plan to fight against cholera, meningitis, and malnutrition, which are common diseases in this part of the National Triangle in the midst of periodic episodes of basic epidemics established durably as inevitably on conquered ground. Access to a specialized consultation remains almost non-existent, resulting in death almost assured for many northern Cameroonians in the event of an emergency requiring the immediate intervention of a specialist of established reputation.

Moreover, the massive rural exodus of young people from the Septentrion to urban centers like Douala and Yaounde observed in recent decades, is one of the logical manifestations of the malaise and misery they suffer in their land. : few training opportunities, few jobs, recrudescence of epidemics and endemics, lack of entertainment opportunities, against climatic afters. In short, the holistic development of the youth of the North is not taken into account in the concerns of the "elites" and the central power sponsoring at great expense and lax their wanderings!

Industrially stricken region

Cameroon's industrialization policies marginalize the North, which remains so far with a few state-owned companies established after the colonial period, including Sodecoton, Brasseries du Cameroun, and of course the agonizing SEMRY. The latter, initially intended to supply rice to the entire population of Cameroon, can not feed even the population of the Far North.

The project of exploitation of the free zone of DJAMBOUTOU in the North, suitable opportunity of attraction of the investors to implant the factories and to contribute to the emergence of this region, does not move the decision-makers, still less the politicians and the men business.

CAMAIR-CO is a company with public funds, and therefore financed by Cameroonian taxpayers. The company's domestic revenue is undoubtedly the assets of nearly 90% of its customers who are nationals of the Septentrion. Who of the percentage of employees of the company coming from this same region, 2%, not more and more for positions of good jobs! It's not a question of skills, no!A simple question of discrimination, contempt and nothing else! Here is a great idea implemented to puncture poor customers caught between the expensive airway and the chaotic, long, random and challenging roadways! Unlike the status of the company, CAMRAIL does not say anything else! In the same way as CAMAIR-CO, it proposes only this fatal table worthy of a socio-economic crime! In addition to the deplorable state of the so-called national roads, without forgetting the secondary roads whose prehistoric state does not need comment, the electrification and the drinking water supply remain in this vast region bleeding a vision of the spirit for the youth rural Cameroon of Septentrion reduced to dispute the few water points still remaining at the height of the arid season with livestock.


situations only serve to exacerbate the frustration among the Cameroonian youth of the Septentrion betrayed by both its "elites" and the central government. For even when it is competent, it remains at all levels shelved, in the judiciary, in the central and local administration, in the army, in higher education and scientific research, to mention only these sectors.

Recruitment, calls for nominations and appointments take place in informal nepotist, clientelist and elitist networks at the expense of the majority of deserving, talented, hard-working, ambitious and patriotic young people.

Agriculture has always been rudimentary.All the researches carried out by the students of the grandes écoles of Septentrion for the transformation of the local products for decades remained in the archives of the universities to the chagrin of the populations.

Government projects and initiatives in favor of young people announced loud and clear of sounds and trumpets, have so far been accessible only to a certain class of "privileged" for derisory results on the ground.

The environmental priorities of the "Sahel Vert" initiative are being shelved indefinitely while desertification is making headway.

It is high time that the Cameroonian state finally react to the cries of the youth of North. It is more than ever opportune to have a class of "elites" with a sense of duty, resolutely devoted to the causes of their degraded and battered populations.


As a result:

We refuse the instrumentalisation of the young people of North-Cameroon!

We no longer want predatory leaders / public funders for personal and nepotistic purposes!

We want change with the means and the legal and equitable policies, guarantee of the success for all the young people without any discrimination;

We want the creation and the urgent accompaniment of a new class, a class of young people with universal values ​​based on work, competence, sense of ethics, concern for the collective interest, respect for republican values ​​and a certain patriotism;

We want all sociological sensitivities to be taken into account in all appointments, recruitment and promotion decisions, on the basis of a proactive and progressive policy, firmly established and implemented at all decision-making levels;

We want strong government action to help families who have lost almost everything in the Boko-Haram attacks they do not control the supporters, still less the culmination of a crisis that has lamentably taken up residence within them, and of which they are patent victims. Should they suffer more from a disaster than their worth as native to an integral and indivisible region of their country? The state should not under any pretext perpetrate a double physical and moral injustice, which engages its own authority to the test of the National Unity for generations undoubtedly to come!

We want the actions of our parents through vigilance committees to be finally supported by national recognition and monthly allowances recognized and established.

Our vision is to set up a human living environment acceptable to the North.

That quality public education at no cost remains a right for all young Cameroonians without distinction;

Quality health is available and guaranteed to all;

That security is guaranteed and remains the bedrock of development for all;

That the north arouses as much envy as Kribi or Limbe;

That Douala and Yaoundé are no longer a dream eldorado for us;

That the train of emergence starts and arrives with the youth of North-Cameroon.


It goes without saying that in a situation of distress, driven to drift and degradation, the youth of the Septentrion now faces itself, determined to assume for itself its own destiny in the spirit of its aspirations legitimate. It will join forces to massively block the way for the so-called elites and pundits who have so much kept the mass in a state of acute pauperization, humiliating and dehumanizing for decades.

So she never intends to receive them and lend the flank for any reason whatsoever, because the time of awakening has more than ever already sounded, and it is her destiny that she will now resolutely mistress.

In short, it requires a budgeted emergency development plan, supported by a commission of reliable interlocutors on its behalf, based on the revitalization of the following seven (07) points:

1. Education and health;

2. Agriculture and livestock farming;

3. Security;

4. Infrastructure (cultural, sports, etc.);

5. Compensation for war victims;

6. Independent monitoring of government actions in the north;

7. Taking into account all the sociological sensitivities of North Cameroon in central and local governments, and in so-called public enterprises like CAMAIR-CO where indecency calls for urgency!

These actions will have to anchor the Cameroonian youth of the Septentrion to the youth of Cameroon to guarantee the ideals of peace, justice and equity in our dear country! She will judge, of course, cards on the table and without compromise!


North West: Intense fighting between army and separatists

Fighting between Cameroonian soldiers and Ambazonian fighters is reported to be taking place in Kimar village, Jakiri district, northwestern region, according to information received by Cameroonweb.

Further gunfire is also expected in the locality of Nkar, where residents of the Nkar market (Wai Nkar) have just announced that a contingent of about 7 military trucks have reportedly dropped soldiers in this locality.


Injuries against the mother of Paul Biya: the presidential family complains

The Collective of grandson and daughters of the late Mrs MVONDO and ricochet mother of Paul Biya filed a complaint against the named ANANGO Serge, Cameroon resident in France.

Indeed, in a video widely published on social networks, Serge ANANGO insults the private parts of the mother of President Paul Biya.

According to the presidential family, it appears from the facts reported, made available to the person named Serge ANANGO has issued a document constituting serious offenses, repressed by the French penal code. Thus causing a great moral prejudice to the members of the family Mrs MVONDO born EYINGA Anastasie.

It is to claim justice so that the collective of small children and grandchildren of Feue Mrs MVONDO decided to make complaint.

Below the complaint:


Anglophone crisis: Akéré Muna 'reconciles' Paul Biya and the secessionists

In a message posted on his Facebook page, the lawyer and former presidential candidate of October 7, 2018, challenges the awareness of the antagonists of the English-speaking crisis in Western Cameroon, on the need for everyone to show how strong it is. is able, by opting for dialogue.

"The dialogue is not a sign of weakness but an affirmation that there is nothing more precious than peace and the need to save lives," writes the former President, who withdrew his candidacy at 48 hours of the presidential election, in favor of the elected President, Maurice Kamto. A poignant message made public Thursday, which opens Wednesday, November 21 in Buea, the general conference of Anglophones on the initiative of the Archbishop Emeritus of Douala, Bishop Christian Tumi, as an attempt by the religious authorities of Cameroon to find a solution to the deadly war taking place in the regions of Cameroon which were formerly part of Cameroon under the tutelage of Great Britain.


Alert: 'Calixte Beyala would be in delirium'

She was hitherto regarded as an intellectual, that is to say an individual generally regarded as an intellectual, but whose reasoning kills or betrays the intelligence, and questions his titles and diplomas.

In a recent release1, the Sardinard Calixte Beyala denounces the demonstrations and actions of resistance of the diaspora against the hold-up of the "Conseil Constitutionnel" of October 22nd. She accuses the protesters of "psychological disorder" and "psychiatric disorder".

In psychopathology precisely, the psychopath is not aware of his illness. It is the others who realize it. This platform is in fact an SOS and a call to save our sister Calixthe Beyala.

In the mental universe of Beyala, geographical distance forbids or does not conceive a mobilization for any just cause.For her, whenever a Cameroonian wants to protest or show his anger against the chaotic politics in his country or against the electoral heist, he must make a flight reservation for Cameroon.

The same reasoning therefore prohibits the African diaspora and the world from mobilizing, for example, against black slavery in Libya or elsewhere. This means that all those who rallied around the world against apartheid policy were wrong, for not being in Soweto or Sharpeville. To extrapolate, it also means that in the event of a railway disaster in Eséka, for example, one should be sensitive only if one makes a physical trip to Eséka. In a way, Lady Beyala therefore finally refuses herself and her geographically distant relatives to act mutually. In a word, remote action is forbidden.

Conversely, if one should consider the madness of such a position, it would be forever forbidden to Africans to get furniture at home in Africa, whenever there are elsewhere, decisions and international events that affect them.

It is hard to understand what is really going on in the mind of an individual who has lived in France and has long enjoyed freedom of expression and expression, and who would probably be hateful of the freedom and rights that Cameroonians in the diaspora, to the point of challenging them to come to demonstrate at home, in a dictatorial system that precisely prohibits peaceful demonstrations, and where they risk bloody repression, assassinations, imprisonment, torture, etc.The brain of the one who, in the framework of its Movement of African-French, claimed to love France and its freedoms, can not at the same time love and support the opposite of France and democracy. No one has ever heard from Beyala the shadow of the slightest condemnation of the repression of freedoms and the violation of rights in Cameroon. The murder of a baby in the back of her mother and the confinement of women in a hospital will not have been enough to get her out of her silence.

There had already been a first warning about Beyala's mental ramblings, when the US ambassador had advised Biya to go out through the front door. Dame Beyala then denounced an attack on the sovereignty of Cameroon, saying that Cameroonians will continue to "choose" their president, as they have done for over 30 years, "electing" Biya. This means in his head that the sovereignty of Cameroon is a notion linked to an individual, to the person of Biya, so that the country would automatically lose that sovereignty if Biya was to leave power. It will not even have, in passing, noticed that this type of advice is only addressed to those who are determined to beat all records of confiscationism.


Reporter: Albert TETANG

In Kumbo Soldiers Loot Shops, Stole Electronics and other Goods and Burn Houses

Almost all electronic shops around the Kumbo market in Mbve, Bui Division, North West region, have been looted by the military, a shop owner has told CNA.

Early Saturday November 17, 2018, Soldiers besieged the premises in search of Ambazonia fighters, they burn houses, looted phones and other valuables before killing a man in his mid 30s, a source has told CNA.

He was reportedly dragged from his home before being killed at close range.

“Shops around the market have been looted. I am a victim and we have clearly identified the thieves. They are military men because they are the only ones outside when their burning exercises are going on.” An embittered shop owner told me on phone.

Meanwhile late Friday November 16, 2018, soldiers clashed with Ambazonia fighters, a battle which saw many houses set ablaze. “The military thinks that locals are collaborating with the fighters, that is why they are burning their houses. But is that the solution?”, a local who spoke on anonymity recounted the ordeal.


Saturday, November 17, 2018

The CPDM Mayor of Yaounde 2, Luc Assamba passes on

The CPDM Mayor of Yaounde 2, Luc Assamba has given up the soul at the Central Hospital of Yaoundé.

According to information received by Cameroonweb, Luc Assamba died after a stroke less than an hour ago.

This son of the Tsinga family of Yaoundé was also the president of the Rdpc Mfoundi II section. His last appearance in public was in early October when he was campaigning for his candidate Paul Biya.

His body is currently being transported to the morgue of the central hospital.


Legislative and Municipal 2019: Serge Matomba calls for help

The United People for Social Renewal (Purs) is cleaning up its mounts for upcoming parliamentary and municipal elections. To go far during these elections, Serge Espoir Matomba and his team met on November 10, the leaders of the National Conference of Workers of Cameroon (Entente) and the Cameroon Federation of Trade Unions in the education sector (Fecase ). This initiative falls within the framework of what the party calls the pooling of forces, "in order to face the next elections," writes the first Secretary of the Purs, Serge Espoir Matomba, on his Facebook page.

"The reflections, he continues, have focused on an alliance between the people united for social renovation and these power plants, to create a real alternative force to break with the current system." The info clear and sharp. The challenge of union actors, says Serge Espoir Matomba, "is now to take a stand, but also to participate in the political training of the people."

Cameroon being, according to the first secretary of the Purs, "one of the few countries in the world where trade union movements have detached themselves from the political scene, the Purs [...] advocates a more just social organization. It is time for all social bodies to enter the political scene. Having occupied the eighth place in the presidential election of October 7th with 0.56%, the candidate of the Purs is resolutely turned towards the legislative and municipal elections to come. On November 12, he initiated a campaign called "300 mayors and 100 deputies in 2019".

It is aimed at young Cameroonians whose age is above 23, so that they seek these positions during these elections scheduled for next year. In a statement of thanks to his activists and supporters published after the publication of the results of the presidential election of October 7 by the Constitutional Council, Serge Espoir Matomba said he was working for the accomplishment of this project.


Legislative and Municipal 2019: Serge Matomba calls for help

The United People for Social Renewal (Purs) is cleaning up its mounts for upcoming parliamentary and municipal elections. To go far during these elections, Serge Espoir Matomba and his team met on November 10, the leaders of the National Conference of Workers of Cameroon (Entente) and the Cameroon Federation of Trade Unions in the education sector (Fecase ). This initiative falls within the framework of what the party calls the pooling of forces, "in order to face the next elections," writes the first Secretary of the Purs, Serge Espoir Matomba, on his Facebook page.

"The reflections, he continues, have focused on an alliance between the people united for social renovation and these power plants, to create a real alternative force to break with the current system." The info clear and sharp. The challenge of union actors, says Serge Espoir Matomba, "is now to take a stand, but also to participate in the political training of the people."

Cameroon being, according to the first secretary of the Purs, "one of the few countries in the world where trade union movements have detached themselves from the political scene, the Purs [...] advocates a more just social organization. It is time for all social bodies to enter the political scene. Having occupied the eighth place in the presidential election of October 7th with 0.56%, the candidate of the Purs is resolutely turned towards the legislative and municipal elections to come. On November 12, he initiated a campaign called "300 mayors and 100 deputies in 2019".

It is aimed at young Cameroonians whose age is above 23, so that they seek these positions during these elections scheduled for next year. In a statement of thanks to his activists and supporters published after the publication of the results of the presidential election of October 7 by the Constitutional Council, Serge Espoir Matomba said he was working for the accomplishment of this project.


Legislative and Municipal 2019: Serge Matomba calls for help

The United People for Social Renewal (Purs) is cleaning up its mounts for upcoming parliamentary and municipal elections. To go far during these elections, Serge Espoir Matomba and his team met on November 10, the leaders of the National Conference of Workers of Cameroon (Entente) and the Cameroon Federation of Trade Unions in the education sector (Fecase ). This initiative falls within the framework of what the party calls the pooling of forces, "in order to face the next elections," writes the first Secretary of the Purs, Serge Espoir Matomba, on his Facebook page.

"The reflections, he continues, have focused on an alliance between the people united for social renovation and these power plants, to create a real alternative force to break with the current system." The info clear and sharp. The challenge of union actors, says Serge Espoir Matomba, "is now to take a stand, but also to participate in the political training of the people."

Cameroon being, according to the first secretary of the Purs, "one of the few countries in the world where trade union movements have detached themselves from the political scene, the Purs [...] advocates a more just social organization. It is time for all social bodies to enter the political scene. Having occupied the eighth place in the presidential election of October 7th with 0.56%, the candidate of the Purs is resolutely turned towards the legislative and municipal elections to come. On November 12, he initiated a campaign called "300 mayors and 100 deputies in 2019".

It is aimed at young Cameroonians whose age is above 23, so that they seek these positions during these elections scheduled for next year. In a statement of thanks to his activists and supporters published after the publication of the results of the presidential election of October 7 by the Constitutional Council, Serge Espoir Matomba said he was working for the accomplishment of this project.