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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Coronavirus: The Surprising Proposal of the Amba boys to Paul Biya

It is a kind of “cease-fire” proposed by the United Nations with the rise of the coronavirus epidemic.

As trivially said this can be seen as very good news. The Ambazonians lay down their arms. They manifest in the process, their willingness to work with the Cameroonian government to block the way for the coronavirus. It is the logical continuation of the "cease-fire" requested by the United States because of the meteoric rise of the coronavirus pandemic. 

We remember that on March 23, 2020, Antonio Guterres, the Secretary General of the United Nations launched a solemn appeal "for an immediate cease-fire, everywhere in the world" to concentrate in the face of the "fury" of Covid- 19. An initiative that the leaders of the imaginary Republic of Ambazonia welcome. 

Ebenezer Akwanga

"The Socadef are ready to support the cease-fire and will guarantee security and free movement to international observers and humanitarian actors in Ambazonia.. in accordance with international humanitarian law", said Ebenezer Akwanga. This leader of the movement mentions this in a letter signed from Accra in Ghana. It was Wednesday March 25, 2020. 

In this document of a few pages Ebenezer Akwanga takes advantage of the circumstance to call then the "authorities and security forces of the Republic of Cameroon to respond to the call of the Secretary General of the United Nations. We are ready to meet with designated representatives of the Republic of Cameroon for the proper implementation of the cease-fire ”. A kind of outstretched hand, Yaoundé has not yet reacted to this exit. At the end of last week, Paul Biya, the President of the Republic simply set up a committee to monitor the resolutions of the Grand National Dialogue.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Ambazonia: RFI delivers details of the separatist cease-fire

Coronavirus could bring peace to the northwest and southwest of Cameroon, two areas at war with the republican army since 2016. According to French radio RFI, one of the influential separatist groups responded to the secretary's cease-fire. General of the United Nations. Here are the details of this turnaround.

One of the three main English-speaking separatist armed groups in Cameroon rallies to the call for a ceasefire "all over the world" launched on Monday by United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres in the context of the fight against the Covid- 19. 

The letter is dated March 25 and signed in Accra, Ghana. The movement of the Defense Forces of Southern Cameroon (Socadef) of the independence leader Ebenezer Akwanga undertakes to cease hostilities from Sunday March 29 and for fourteen days, but specifies that it will maintain its positions ready to defend itself at need. 

Reason invoked: to allow aid workers to circulate in English-speaking areas to prevent and fight against the Covid-19 epidemic, as demanded by the UN secretary general. 

An initiative welcomed by Antonio Guterres 

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres "welcomes" this announcement through his spokesperson and calls on the other armed groups to do the same and all the parties to resume dialogue. On Monday, March 23, he called for an "immediate ceasefire anywhere in the world" to save the most vulnerable civilians in countries in conflict from the "fury" of the coronavirus. Thursday evening, the Cameroonian authorities had identified 88 cases of coronavirus, in Yaoundé, Douala and Bafoussam.

This announcement comes at a time when the separatists have also suffered major setbacks on the ground recently, and since several weeks ago, according to information from RFI, discreet negotiations have resumed to find a way out of this conflict. 

No response from the government 

Remains to be seen what will be the impact on the ground of this declaration? The English-speaking separatist movement is made up of “a multitude of small militias responding to several different political leaders,” recalls Arrey Elvis Ntui, researcher at the International Crisis Group. However, for the moment, only the Socadef movement has responded to the United Nations' appeal. 

"Even if it is not the end of hostilities, the symbolic significance of this gesture remains strong", estimates an analyst close to the file, insofar as Ebenezer Akwanga is "a pioneer of English-speaking nationalism". 

As for the Cameroonian authorities and security forces, in his letter, the independence leader also asked them to engage in a "cease-fire". Thursday evening, they had not yet reacted.


Etoudi: A reliable source in the presidency confirms the medical evacuation of Paul Biya

The rumor surrounding the death of the President of the Republic Paul Biya becomes persistent. A source well introduced to the Presidency of the Republic made serious revelations to the Cameroonian writer and activist Patrice Nganang. The latter in a recent video posted on the internet read word for messages as received. Paul Biya would be evacuated to Switzerland where he died.

"He is probably dead. My contact tells me this. He entered a very disturbing state. His vital prognosis was fully engaged despite the plethora of doctors gathered around him. They finally decided on a medical evacuation without attracting any attention. The medical plane landed in Douala and joined it joined this plane by helicopter on the pretext of the repatriation of French nationals. As I speak to you, he is completely dead except for Maggie noire ”. 

Government spokesman Rene Sadi denied the death of Paul Biya yesterday without providing any evidence yesterday.

“About the insane remarks made by a certain“ Kamwa La Panthère ”in a video posted online during the night of March 25, 2020; around 11.52 p.m., and announcing loud and clear, the death of the President of the Republic, His Excellency Paul Biya, the Minister of Communication gives a formal denial to these rantings and fantasies of a devout and visibly devout fellow citizen unbalanced and demands that no credit be given to it. The President of the Republic normally goes about his sovereign obligations, as evidenced by the rest, his activities in recent days ... "wrote René Emmanuel Sadi. 

Paul Biya (87) has headed Cameroon since 1982.


Coronavirus: CRTV talking about the Cavaye Yéguié case

Cavaye Yéguié Djibril is not positive for the coronavirus. This is at least what a report by the Crtv reveals on a plenary of March 26 in the National Assembly.

The staging is smoothly conducted in front of the television cameras. The President of the National Assembly arrives at the hemicycle. He submits to the coronavirus prevention measures: handwashing with an alcohol-based solution and thermo-flash test. 36.3 temperature for the "Very Honorable" Cavaye Yéguié Djibril, President of the National Assembly of Cameroon (Pan). "36 is good", we hear relieved in the continuation of the Pan. 

Pan does not have a fever. Which does not make him a case of coronavirus. Enough to end a controversy for almost two weeks. 

The opinion was indeed moved by the attitude of Pan, deputy of the party in power in the region of the Far North. Cavaye Yéguié Djibril returned from France (a country at risk) to assist in his re-election at the perch, and found himself in a flight where several cases were detected.

Without respecting the 14-day quarantine period, the Pan was two days later in the hemicycle, arousing the indignation of part of the public. 

Some point to the risk of contamination of the entire National Assembly. A rumor will go so far as to affirm that the "Very Honorable" has tested positive for Covid-19. 

The images of March 26 from the National Assembly therefore appear to be communication aimed at denying all these rumors.

'The more you kill Paul Biya, the longer he lasts' - Abdelaziz Mounde Njimbam

On March 25, 2020, a rumor circulated on the web announcing the death of the President of the Republic, HE Paul Biya. On Thursday, March 26, 2020, the Minister of Communication, through the director of the media observatory, reacted to twist the rumor.

In a forum published on social networks, the journalist and analyst Abdelaziz Mounde Njimbam returns to this rumored news and believes that as we seek the death of Paul Biya, his lifespan will extend. offers you the entire gallery. 


There are so many Cameroonians who have RIP disease; worse than the no go cam. Spreading news about death itches them so much, that they are able to disconnect a patient with coronavirus, just to confirm their false alarm. Just to scratch endlessly on networks and be the first to announce ...

Send them a screenshot of the flight plan of a Swiss medical aircraft on whatsapp. By one of these Pavlovian reflexes, as they run to listen to the stories of petticoats of a "god" of facebook, they will conclude that it is a hearse for Paul Biya. We did this to you in these beautiful villages of Mboa? No, certainly, because your share of "witchcraft" is made in these laboratories where we are now fighting to produce millions of plates of chloroquine! 

In fact, confined in their ridiculous fights between "tontinards and sardinards", "goats and kamtoto", unable to have the slightest truce to honor the memory of a monument of the caliber of Manu Dibango, definitely unable to find the least common denominator in the elections, to form coalitions, to work out alternative programs together and to make room with the governing regime, to march together against these thousand carelessnesses of the governing system, entangled in the tribal nonsense between Ekang, Bamiléké and tutti quanti, they count on the hazards of biology and now the wrath of Covid 19 for a coup d'etat of viruses; the "corona hunt" !!!! 

At the end of the races, Paul Biya, more subtle in this matter than when it comes to avoiding confining Manu Dibango to his only Sawa community, will publish a mocking tweet to give, after the good word of 2004, another go for his funeral. Another defeat, for us, these amateur opponents, become marshals and stars with popcorn egos to say it like "Mouton Mouton" ... 

A. Mounde Njimbam


URGENT: Cameroonian billionaire dies from Coronavirus in Douala

The pandemic that has been raging in the world for several months has hit Cameroon again. After the famous saxophonist Manu Dibango, it's the turn of the billionaire David Wafo Toko to succumb to the coronavirus.

According to whistleblower Boris Bertolt, who relayed the information, he died on Thursday at the Douala general hospital of the consequences of Coronavirus. He specifies that the deceased was buried last night in the Bonsmoussadi cemetery.

The Cameroonian billionaire David Wafo Toko got rich in Distribution of chemicals and plastics, manufacture of plastic packaging and PET preforms. 

It should be remembered that the Coronavirus has already caused several victims among the big names around the world. EU chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier, Afro-jazz legend Manu Dibango and French footballer Blaise Matuidi are among the figures affected by the coronavirus. 


EU chief brexit negotiator Michel Barnier, 69, announced on Thursday that he had been "tested positive" at Covid-19 but was reassuring about his health in a video posted on Twitter. "I'm fine, morale is good," he said in a message. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been in solitary confinement since March 13 for two weeks, his wife Sophie Grégoire Trudeau having tested positive.

He held a press conference outside his home on Tuesday to appeal to Canadians for patience. 

The governments of several countries (Spain, France, United Kingdom, Iran, Poland, Norway, Morocco) have one or more affected members. 

In Monaco, Prince Albert II has also tested positive. 

Chancellor Angela Merkel, in quarantine at home after contact with a doctor positive for the new coronavirus, "is doing well" and has passed a first test which turned out to be negative, said on Monday 23 March the spokesman for the German government . Other tests will however have to be carried out in the coming days to be conclusive. 

The president of Botswana, Mokgweetsi Masisi, was placed in quarantine on Saturday after visiting Namibia, which has recorded three cases of coronavirus. 


Cameroonian saxophonist and Afro-jazz legend Manu Dibango, 86, was hospitalized for coronavirus. He "rests and recovers in serenity", according to a message posted Wednesday on his Facebook page. 

Spanish tenor Placido Domingo announced his contamination on Sunday, saying he was "in good health". 

Tom Hanks and his wife, actress and singer Rita Wilson, were the first Hollywodian stars to formalize their infection on March 12. Both were discharged after a few days from the hospital in Gold Coast, a city on the east coast of Australia. 

British actor Idris Elba also announced on Monday that he had tested positive and placed himself in solitary confinement. 

The 70-year-old Chilean writer Luis Sepulveda, who lives in northern Spain, contracted the Covid-19 and is still hospitalized. He felt the first symptoms on February 25, two days after returning from a literary festival in Portugal. 

Young Canadian singer Lenni-Kim, 18, contracted the virus from his mother. One who was revealed in 2015 by The Voice Kids, revealed in a video posted on Instagram to have developed "several symptoms, including aches, cough and headache".


Blaise Matuidi, world football champion with the French team in 2018, has been in voluntary isolation at home since March 11 after being tested positive. "I am positive, I am strong, morale is good," he wrote on his Twitter account. His Argentine teammate Paulo Dybala also revealed to be affected. Their club, Juventus Turin, had previously announced that Italian defender Daniele Rugani had been infected. 

As a precaution, their teammate Cristiano Ronaldo has been in solitary confinement for several days on his native island of Madeira, although he has no symptoms. On social networks, he called on his fans to respect health regulations. 

In another Italian club, Fiorentina, ten people tested positive, including Italian striker Patrick Curone, Argentinian defender German Pezzella and Serbian striker Dusan Vlahovic. 

As for AC Milan, he said that Paolo Maldini and his young son Daniel (18) had also contracted the disease. The club's legendary former defender, 51, is currently the club's technical director, and his son is on the first team. 

In England, Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta of Spain was announced positive for coronavirus, as was a Chelsea player.

In Spain, former Real Madrid president Lorenzo Sanz died on Saturday March 21 at the age of 76, three days after his hospitalization due to Covid-19, his son also called Lorenzo announced on Twitter. 

Seven NBA basketball players are now tested positive, the latest being four Brooklyn Nets players including star Kevin Durant, after Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell (Utah Jazz), and a Detroit Pistons player, identified by American media like Christian Wood.


Cameroon: Paul Biya has been 'killed' 3 times in sixteen years

On March 25, 2020, a rumor of too many circulated on social networks, announcing "? Died?", The President of the Republic of Cameroon. Skilfully orchestrated by an anti-regime militia in Yaoundé, public opinion which visibly swallowed this information as soon as it was published, questions the real motivations of this rumor at a time when the whole world is going through an unprecedented health crisis.

The little investigation carried out by the editorial staff of your newspaper,, clearly reveals that such information about the place of Paul Biya, in power for 38 years, is current. From 2004 to the present day, he was "killed" more than once by rumor. 

In June 2004 

At the beginning of June 2004, Paul Biya, on a private trip to Europe, was announced on the Internet. For at least 48 hours, it was "? Fear in the city?". Information circulates and is consumed without any official denial. After investigation, Ndzana Seme, a Cameroonian opponent in exile will be identified as the author of the controversy, as indicated by the then Minister of Communication, Jacques Fame Ndongo: "? The original media source of the rumor broadcast was clearly identified in the person of a Cameroonian communications adventurer, ex-bank employee surreptitiously converted to journalism, then voluntarily emigrated to the United States of America at the end of 1990. The person concerned, well known to Cameroonian media circles, has constantly illustrated himself with notorious anti-professional behavior, 

Denial of the President of the Republic 

A few days after the rumor even spread to certain international media, the Presidency of the Republic will deny this, by press release condemning "? The malicious and fanciful rumors about the death of Paul Biya in brief private in Europe? ”. In the process, the institution will announce "? His return in the coming days in Cameroon?". 

The hangover from Paul Biya

Upon arriving at Nsimalen International Airport, Paul Biya, confident, will meet his "? Critics?" in about twenty years. "? People are interested in my funeral. Will I meet them in twenty years? ”Said the boss of the CPDM. Media will headline "the ghost is back?". 

In February 2018 

On the eve of the presidential election in October 2018, notably in February of that year, the Collective of democratic and patriotic organizations of Cameroonians in the diaspora (CODE) will spread another rumor about the disappearance of the Cameroonian head of state. The group, which claimed to hold its information from reliable sources, declared that the President had left Yaoundé discreetly in the company of his wife for the Swiss canton. Only, a few days later, the President of the Republic will return to Etoudi from his native village, Mvomeka'a. 

The ultimate death of too many 

Paul Biya was again "killed?" March 25, 2020. The controversy was launched on Twitter, share on Facebook and other platforms, as we indicated in one of our articles dealing with this information. Even if no denial has yet been made, we note that at the time when the information was relayed, the Head of State signed several decrees appointing senior officials to the National School of Local Administration (NASLA) of Buea.


Thursday, March 26, 2020

Biya's health: Sisiku Ayuk Tabe's call from Kondengui

From his cell in Kondengui, Sisiku AYuk Tabe sends correspondence to his subjects regarding the liberation of the Ambazonian virtual state. He calls on his people to take center stage when sources indicate poor health of Paul Biya, others his death.

"Today, the wind of freedom and freedom signals your divine conscience to say to your governments and your elected officials around the world: Let go of my people! Support our democratic aspirations ... Join our fight for human decency and the battle for the respect of our body, our heart and our spirit ... The fight for the complete independence of southern Cameroon is your fight. " 

We are in a state increasingly disastrous - neglected and forgotten by the world, which allows our kidnappers inflict unspeakable violence.

I write today from the main prison of Kondengui, where I am unjustly detained with a large part of my cabinet and with thousands of other prisoners from southern Cameroon who have violated the repressive regime of Paul Biya, the despot of long time from Cameroon. We are in an increasingly disastrous state - neglected and forgotten by the world at large, allowing our captors to inflict unspeakable violence on us. This, in reality, is indicative of the wider struggle my people have faced, often in silence and too often overlooked. 

For the past two years, I have had the honor of being President of the Interim Government of Southern Cameroon. Several months ago, I was illegally removed, along with part of my cabinet, from the Nera Hotel in Abuja, Nigeria, and then illegally transported to Cameroon, in violation of international law. Admittedly, I am only the latest victim of a long-simmering catastrophe, which manifests itself today in a growing social crack that has resulted in countless deaths and destruction. 

Historically, the Republic of Cameroon obtained its independence on January 1, 1960 and became a member of the United Nations, with its own clearly defined territory, sharing a recognized border with southern Cameroon. British Southern Cameroon subsequently gained independence on October 1, 1961, with its own territory also clearly marked out, sharing common borders with the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Cameroon.

As such, the root cause of the current crisis is the result of a severely botched decolonization process. And this must be resolved immediately before finding a lasting solution, based on international law and a culture of justice and respect for fundamental human dignity. In simple terms, international law grants southern Cameroon the right to self-determination. In addition, the violence and killings taking place in southern Cameroon at the moment left us with no choice but to fight, defend and free ourselves from the shackles of black-on-black colonization.

The unfair treatment of Cameroonians in the South is today an inevitable and tragic reality. Our people are killed, not for what they have done, but for who they are. Our people have indeed been described as "rats" and "dogs" by members of the Cameroonian government. There are calls to exterminate us, as well as other Ambazonians, with the justification that President Biya has the right to kill everyone under the pretext of "national unity". 

Imagine being told that you are the enemy of the house; imagine that your people are asked to leave their lands and ancestral villages or to be considered a terrorist; imagine the scorched earth policy and the military operations in our villages that spared no one, not even elderly women and young children. Just imagine that you feel like a second-class citizen in your country of birth. These are the freezing and brutal facts of today and the living conditions in which we are forced to survive. 

On the basis of these reprehensible and humiliating conditions, the leaders of southern Cameroon have repeatedly sought over the years to engage in peaceful dialogue with the Cameroonian authorities. We have always been denied this opportunity. Over time, our people - myself included - have realized that we are simply the victims of another broken promise and that the signs of an impending disaster are evident. Our hopes were dashed and many of our leaders, political and civic, were illegally thrown in prison. The protests had failed. Attempts at dialogue in good faith have also failed. We were stuck. We were beaten. And we were humiliated in the process. We thus realized that, collectively, we had no 

Never again will we, the inhabitants of southern Cameroon, allow ourselves to live with the narrow and institutionalized status of second class citizens - certainly not on the land of our ancestors.

Simply put, the people of southern Cameroon have lost confidence in the Cameroon experience - it is indeed an incurable disease. Paul Biya and his regime ruthlessly repressed our peaceful people - our mothers, fathers and children - with ferocious barbarity. War has been declared on our people. All this to remind spectators and readers that we did not enter irresponsibly in a direct confrontation with the Cameroonian authorities. We have always advocated for a peaceful resolution of the root causes of this crisis. However, Biya and his regime think the opposite, determining that violence can be the solution. 

Never again will we, the inhabitants of southern Cameroon, allow ourselves to live with the narrow and institutionalized status of second class citizens - certainly not on the land of our ancestors. 

Today, the wind of freedom and freedom signals your divine conscience to say to your governments and to your elected officials around the world: Let go of my people! Support our democratic aspirations. This struggle has gone beyond that of individuals like me ready to pay the ultimate price for the freedom of our people. Join our fight for human decency and the battle for the respect of our body, our heart and our spirit; our traditions and our values. The struggle for complete independence in southern Cameroon is your struggle. Please stay with us. 

Sissiku Julius Ayuk Tabe is the president of the interim government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia and currently a political prisoner in Cameroon. He was the first vice-president of the American University of Nigeria and former director of CISCO.

Confusion in the Senate: weakened by illness, Niat Njifenji still a candidate?

One week after the start of the new parliamentary term on behalf of the ordinary session in March, the Senate renewed its office this Thursday, March 26, 2020.

The elections are announced from 4 p.m. in the Upper House. As at the opening of the session last Friday, only the government media, in particular the Cameroon Radio Television (CRTV) and Cameroon Tribune, were accredited for the coverage of the polls this afternoon.

According to our sources, this media restriction aims to protect the image of certain senators who are crumbling under the weight of age.

Precisely, the outgoing president of the Senate, Marcel Niat Njifendji, is gravely ill and he moves with difficulty. Will he be a candidate for his own succession? The suspense remains. 

The renewal of the Senate office makes it possible to elect in addition to the president, the vice-presidents, the quaestors and the secretaries.

Etoudi: here is the reaction of Paul Biya following the announcement of his death on social networks

The Cameroon Concord News Group believes that the news of the death of Paul Biya is again greatly exaggerated. According to our information, this is the eighth time that one of the oldest African presidents has died.

In one of our in-depth investigations into his crimes in 2017, we spoke to a source close to Paul Biya who in confidences confesses that the announcements of his death had captivated the Cameroonian president. 

The source also said that "these stories of his death still raise the mind of Paul Biya". It does not occur that the Cameroonians wait so firmly and joyfully for his death. Weird but factual !!

Before the Ambazonians and Cameroonians begin their celebrations, the Cameroon Concord News Group urges them to exercise restraint.

Panic in Etoudi: nocturnal agitations at the Palace of Unity

While all the leaders of the world, including Ali Bongo-, who still suffers from the consequences of his stroke - are at the warfront against the coronavirus, Paul Biya, dean of the African heads of state, remains absent on the ground. Not a single public appearance or even a speech to the nation. Apart from a small press release on the Covid-19 dated March 17, 2020, the Cameroonian president seems to no longer follow the news of his country and the rest of the world.

While rumors about his state of health circulate in social networks announcing the presence of a medical aircraft on Cameroonian territory, the old Lion of Etoudi, instead of proving his health by his presence on the ground, reappears ... paper! 

After scribbling a tribute to Manu Dibango on the 24th, Paul Biya published decrees on March 25 in the middle of the night. “Mr. Tanyitiku Enohachuo Bayee is effective March 25, 2020, appointed Director General of the National School of Local Administration (NASLA). 

# PaulBiya # Cameroon ”, wrote Paul Biya on his Facebook page at 8:09 pm He had already appointed Mrs. Ongolo Nyanguinda Lidwine Deputy Director General of the National School of Local Administration (NASLA) shortly before.

As usual, the document specifies that "the interested party will be entitled to the benefits of all kinds provided for by the regulations in force". The document bears the signature of the Head of State. It was on March 2 that we became aware of the decree establishing, organizing and operating the National School of Local Administration (NASLA), a public administrative and professional establishment. It also has legal personality and financial autonomy.

Tireless, the 87-year-old president of the republic forgot to sit down to eat, but again sent a message of condolence to Chadian President Idriss Déby. “????????????????? I firmly condemn the cowardly and barbaric aggression perpetrated by the terrorist group Boko Haram in Boma against valiant Chadian soldiers. My sincere condolences to HE Idriss Deby Itno, the families of the victims and the Chadian Nation. 

# PaulBiya # Cameroon. ”Wrote Paul Biya. 

What an overflowing activity! Exactly what time the staff of the Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon find rest? Don't they eat? Do they not sleep? Were these nocturnal decrees so urgent? Far from reassuring, this sudden agitation in the palate is more like panic.


Rumors of Paul Biya's death is the latest on social media

A rumor launched on Tweeter concerning a possible death of President Paul Biya, caused an unprecedented media excitement since Wednesday.
The news started with the message: “Paul Biya has just left us. RIP. ", Published on the microblogging site on Wednesday March 25 around 1:30 pm before snowballing on the web.

An hour later: "Death of Paul Biya, those close to the politician confirm", another message amplified the announcement effect and while directing the reader to the Necropedia site (which specifies however that Paul Biya n is not dead).

Despite the “formal denial” of the entourage of the politician and his spokesperson, the rumor was later picked up by a few radio stations and then by other media around the world.

More fear than harm, at 87 years old Paul Biya is still alive and well. And according to a survey, almost 72% of reactions found the rumor to be in very bad taste.


CONFIDENTIAL: Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh taken over by DGRE agents

This is information from whistleblower Boris Bertolt. According to his statements, "under the fallacious pretext that he had come to inquire about the progress of the construction sites in Douala, the Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh took advantage of his stay at the SAWA Hotel to finalize the acquisition of a building at 500 million CFA francs ".

He specifies that "his descent to the Sawa hotel was supervised by the agents of the DGRE who took him on a spin to the point where he had to move to a more discreet villa in Bonapriso". 

It should be remembered that a few weeks ago, the pan-African newspaper "JEUNE AFRIQUE" announced a clan war between Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh and the Minister of Finance Louis Paul Motaze. 

Below all the revelations of "YOUNG AFRICA" 

In the shade of a Paul Biya more sphinx than ever, and while relations between Yaoundé and Paris have suddenly become strained, the Minister of Finance, Louis Paul Motaze, and the secretary general of the presidency, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, compete for positions of rent and influence. 

A few weeks before his arrest, on March 6, 2019, Alain Edgar Mébé Ngo'o had received an invitation card for the sixtieth anniversary of the Minister of Finance, Louis Paul Motaze. It was recommended that guests, all handpicked, come in white dress. Convinced that a plot was being planned against him, the former Minister (of Defense, then of Transport) did not respond to the invitation. In the city, the rumor of his legal troubles ran, and no one better than him knew that he would have found there only hypocritical smiles.

Accused of embezzlement of public funds and corruption, Mébé Ngo'o has been detained in Yaoundé central prison for almost a year. Even today, this man who was the spoiled child of the regime remains convinced that the head of state had not been informed of his ordeal and that his fall was orchestrated by his rivals. It must be said that, beyond the substance of the case, on which justice will have to decide, the hypothesis is plausible: Paul Biya, 87, seems to have taken so much distance that everyone thinks they can take advantage of it and seems to have conceded to some of his relatives such influence that no one knows today who to attribute the authorship of the decisions announced from the Palace. In other words, the atmosphere of end of reign which floats on Yaoundé is favorable to all the intrigues. 

Of course, none of the protagonists of this clan war will admit it, but there is little doubt that everyone is trying to maintain themselves as long as possible in a position of power and influence in view of the succession of which all are thinking , considering the age of the captain. And, for now, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh has the advantage. As secretary general of the presidency, he has a delegation of signature from the head of state, which allows him to act on "high instructions". He enjoys additional power and influence due to his never-denied proximity to the first lady, Chantal Biya. During the reshuffle in January 2019, it also "saved" him from relegation to the government. 

All-powerful Minister of Finance, this nephew of the late Jeanne-Irène Biya, practically raised by the couple, is also regularly cited as a pretender to power. Former Minister of the Economy, prime contractor for major infrastructure works, Motaze lost points to his opponent when the piloting of the African Cup of Nations (CAN) sites was entrusted to a cell housed in the presidency and co-screwed by Ngoh Ngoh 1000 billion CFA francs (1.5 billion euros) of investment all the same. But the wind seemed to turn in his favor when, at the end of November 2018, taking note of the delays, the African Football Confederation withdrew the organization of CAN 2019 from Cameroon. Since then, the two men have transferred responsibility for the fiasco, and, as often in such circumstances, the president decided not to decide. He kept Motaze in Finance and strengthened Ngoh Ngoh with the title of Minister of State. 

In Yaoundé, palace intrigues have become so numerous that they have given rise to doubt. How else to understand the content of the mail that Makonnen Asmaron, the boss of the Piccini group, sent in early February to Paul Biya? Two months earlier, the secretary general of the presidency had asked the Minister of Sports, Narcisse Mouelle Kombi, to unilaterally terminate the contract to build the new stadium in Yaoundé awarded to the Italian company. "I would like you to be so kind as to tell me whether these acts were carried out in agreement with the presidency or not," writes Makonnen Asmaron to the Cameroonian head of state, adding that his collaborators have been "taken hostage" and its equipment requisitioned. 


Can we afford everything when we are in the good graces of one of these clans who gravitate around Paul Biya? The question deserves to be asked, and Louis Paul Motaze himself will agree. Close to the business community, the Minister of Finance takes care of his relations with the bosses. When the 2019 finance law introduced the levy of VAT on life insurance and professionals in the sector protested, asking the government to give up, Motaze organized a meeting at which the Director General of Taxes, Modeste Mopa Fatoing, is logically invited. The man is considered close to the secretary general of the presidency. Is that why he felt free not to respond to the invitation? The insurers have in any case waited for two hours. Motaze, who is his line minister, has called him several times, but nothing has helped. A participant said that he left with the feeling of having been all the more humiliated because the absent did not apologize. And to conclude: "In any case, at least two of the department's directors general take their orders directly from the presidency. In May 2019, Motaze will end up ordering the outright suspension of the "tax relief measures initiated" on life insurance companies. at least two of the department's directors general take their orders directly from the presidency. In May 2019, Motaze will end up ordering the outright suspension of the "tax relief measures initiated" on life insurance companies. at least two of the department's directors general take their orders directly from the presidency. In May 2019, Motaze will end up ordering the outright suspension of the "tax relief measures initiated" on life insurance companies. 

In this endless war, another episode deserves to be told. This time it is January 2020. Since litigation opposes the tax administration to the Brasseries du Cameroun (SABC), Ngoh Ngoh attempts a conciliation between Modeste Mopa Fatoing and Emmanuel de Tailly, the managing director of the company. On the other hand, no one thought of inviting Motaze, still the minister responsible ... Did Paul Biya wish to play the game of peace and make a gesture towards the first non-oil taxpayer in the country? On February 26, he sent Douala Grégoire Owona, his Minister of Labor, to pin a medal on Tailly's chest during the inauguration of a production unit for the brewing company. 

The quarrels are sometimes so intense that they can be transferred to the courts. Thus the battle for control of the container terminal of the Autonomous Port of Douala (PAD). Excluded from the call for tenders renewing the terminal concession contract, the APMT-Bolloré group seized the Douala administrative court, on July 12, 2019, of a “request for the purposes of recourse for excess of power tending to set aside the exclusion decision ”. He has since won his case before all the courts seized! A setback for the PAD, led by Cyrus Ngo'o, who acted on direct instructions from Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh. It must be said that the prosecution took its orders from another baron of the regime, the powerful and irremovable Minister of Justice, Laurent Esso, who demonstrated remarkable and timely independence in this matter. However, this would undoubtedly not have been enough to prevent the allocation of the port infrastructure to TIL, a provisional contractor partly owned by mysterious Cameroonian shareholders. And it was after a visit from the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jean-Yves Le Drian, that Paul Biya finally ordered the cancellation of the whole process. 

Arm wrestling 

Let us end with this conflict at the top of the state which involves the Prime Minister. A showdown opposed Joseph Dion Ngute to the Secretary General of the Presidency over the appointment of general managers of public enterprises. The head of government asked that the line ministries send him proposals for the replacement of those whose mandate (of a maximum duration of nine years) was coming to an end. But Ngoh Ngoh hastened to remind him that the appointment of the directors general fell within the exclusive competence of the President of the Republic.. !! Except that in Yaoundé we know that many promoted to the head of the directorates general and to the presidency of boards of directors bear the mark of this close collaborator rather than that of the chief executive. Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh has placed a number of executives, such as Louis Georges Njipendi, the general manager of Camair-Co, Victor Mbemi Nyaknga (National company for the transport of electricity), Bertrand Pierre Soumbou Angoula (National school of administration and magistracy) , Antoine Félix Samba (Inspector General of Administrative and Budgetary Services), Joseph Ngoh (Public Market Regulation Agency) or even Jean-Paul Simo Njonou, former economic adviser to the presidency (National Refining Company). Faced with more powerful than him, Dion Ngute had to retreat. In this arena survive only those who have a keen sense of power relations. Bertrand Pierre Soumbou Angoula (National School of Administration and Magistracy), Antoine Félix Samba (Inspector General of Administrative and Budgetary Services), Joseph Ngoh (Public Market Regulation Agency) or even Jean-Paul Simo Njonou, former economic advisor to the presidency (National Refining Company). Faced with more powerful than him, Dion Ngute had to retreat. In this arena survive only those who have a keen sense of power relations. Bertrand Pierre Soumbou Angoula (National School of Administration and Magistracy), Antoine Félix Samba (Inspector General of Administrative and Budgetary Services), Joseph Ngoh (Public Market Regulation Agency) or even Jean-Paul Simo Njonou, former economic advisor to the presidency (National Refining Company). Faced with more powerful than him, Dion Ngute had to retreat. In this arena survive only those who have a keen sense of power relations. Dion Ngute had to retreat. In this arena survive only those who have a keen sense of power relations. Dion Ngute had to retreat. In this arena survive only those who have a keen sense of power relations.


Biya's health: here's what the constitution provides for in case he DlED

Crazy rumors about an alleged death of the President of the Republic Paul Biya circulated on the web Wednesday evening creating a psychosis in the opinion. And according to our colleagues from the site, citing indiscretions, the Cameroonian president is not in good health. Posted at Douala airport, a plane took him on the afternoon of March 25 for an unknown destination for medical treatment. ..Our colleagues specify that the trip of Paul Biya was done in the greatest discretion this March 25 at the international airport of Douala. It was the procession that surrounded it that revealed the identity of the host that a medical plane has been waiting for since the early morning of March 25. It comes back to us that Paul Biya is seriously ill and that he will, as usual, be taken care of abroad.

Very quickly denied by those close to the "Lion of Mvoméka", this new episode relaunches the debate on the vacancy of power in Cameroon. 

The provisions of the Cameroonian constitution which deal with this scenario are found in Article 6 paragraph 4 of the basic text. 

CamerounWeb proposes to rediscover all the provisions provided for in this text 

Art.6. - (4) In case of vacancy of the Presidency of the Republic due to death, resignation or permanent incapacity noted by the Constitutional Council, the ballot for the election of the new President of the Republic must imperatively take place twenty (20 ) Days at least and one hundred and twenty (120) days at most after the opening of the vacancy.

a) The interim of the President of the Republic is automatically exercised, until the election of the new President of the Republic, by the President of the Senate. And if the latter is, in turn prevented, by his deputy following the order of precedence of the Senate. 

b) The Acting President of the Republic - the President of the Senate or his deputy - cannot modify either the Constitution or the composition of the Government. He cannot use the referendum. He cannot be a candidate in the election organized for the Presidency of the Republic. 

c) However, in case of necessity linked to the organization of the presidential election the Acting President of the Republic may, after consulting the Constitutional Council, modify the composition of the Government.


URGENT: Paul Biya leaves Cameroon in a medical plane

According to indiscretions, the Cameroonian president is not in good health. Posted at Douala airport, a plane took him on the afternoon of March 25 for an unknown destination for medical treatment.

Paul Biya's trip was done in the utmost discretion this March 25 at Douala International Airport. It was the procession that surrounded it that revealed the identity of the host that a medical plane has been waiting for since the early morning of March 25. It comes back to us that Paul Biya is seriously ill and that he will, as usual, be taken care of abroad.

Unlike all the heads of state in the world, the Cameroonian president has remained silent before the threat of the new Coronavirus which has already infected more than 75 people in Cameroon. His contemptuous silence aroused the wrath of Cameroonians who will no doubt understand with this news that Biya is in a bad state, and is not able to hold the rudder at the head of Cameroon. If the decisions attributed to him follow one another on his Tweeter account, his last public appearance dates from 14 days. He then exchanged with the United States ambassador to Cameroon. Nothing has yet been formalized regarding this private trip to Cameroon.

Roland Kumbé's killers are still running

This police officer was coldly killed by unidentified individuals on the night of March 20-21.

The elements of the police of the city of Bafoussam still wonder about the assassination of one of theirs. The latter died in troubled circumstances, in the Toket-Explosif district, in the arrondissement of Bafoussam 3e. According to information gleaned from the field, it was back at his home on the night of March 20 to 21, that the first grade police officer, Roland Kumbé, in his late thirties, and from the region from the Southwest, came face to face with a band of three heavily armed brigands. They broke into his dealership overnight. 

“They ordered me to lie on the ground, which I did without hesitation. While my neighbor refused to comply. It is surely angered that they pointed the gun at him and pulled the trigger, "testifies a victim and witness who requested anonymity.

The speaker, who still retains the aftereffects of his trauma, says that his life was saved only thanks to divine force. Curiously, the bandits did not take anything, we learn. His colleagues from the regional delegation of National Security still mourn. At the Regional Division of the Western Judicial Police where an investigation was opened, we do not hide the thesis of a settling of accounts since nothing was stolen. 

Before his death, the deceased was the head of the identification post on duty at the Babadjou public security station, in the Bamboutos department, after passing through the towns of Galim and Bandjoun. He graduated from training school as a police inspector in 2000, before climbing the ranks until 2002.


Coronavirus: Cameroon still waiting for Jack Ma's help to survive

Cameroon is awaiting the screening kits offered by the Chinese billionaire Jack Ma, founder of the online sales group Alibaba, the country is considering massive screenings.

We are still waiting for kits to do so. You will certainly be informed of the sampling centers as soon as possible? ”, Said the Minister of Public Health on March 23 on his Twitter account. Malachi Manaouda replied to a surfer who suggested he screen for the Coronavirus as vaccination campaigns against polio are done. 5.4 million medical masks and 1.08 million tests for Covid19 ”, arrived on Sunday March 22 at Addis Ababa international airport“ via a cargo plane from Ethiopian Airlines ”.

This delivery is the first in a series promised by Jack Ma, the founder of the Alibaba e-commerce site. The Chinese billionaire, whose fortune is estimated at 39 billion dollars by Forbes, has promised “100,000 masks, 20,000 screening kits and 1,000 protective suits” to each of the 54 African nations, continues the Ethiopian media. Ethiopia is now responsible for sending this medical equipment to other countries on the continent, while the Covid-19 pandemic became real in a few days. Most African countries now have patients.

Paul Biya very 'firm' with Boko Haram after the death of 92 Chadian soldiers

Faced with the mourning in Chad, President Paul Biya expressed his sincere condolences to Idriss Déby Itno.

Previously, the President of the Republic also strongly condemned the attack which killed 92 Chadian soldiers. 

“I became deeply aware of the extremely heavy human toll, following the attack by the terrorist group“ Boko Haram “in Boma, in the province of Lake Chad. I firmly condemn the cowardly and barbaric aggression perpetrated by the terrorist group Boko Haram in Boma against valiant Chadian soldiers. On this tragic occasion, I extend my sincere condolences to the families of the victims and to the bereaved Chadian nation. I add my wishes for a speedy recovery to the many injured, "said Paul Biya in a statement.

Chadian soldiers were killed by elements belonging to the Islamist sect Boko Haram. Idriss Déby Itno instituted three days of national mourning in memory of the soldiers. 

92 Chadian soldiers, including senior officers, died Monday in violent clashes with elements of the Nigerian terrorist group, Boko Haram. The clashes indeed took place in the Lake shared between Cameroon, Niger, Nigeria and Chad.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

COVID-19: Edo speaker tests positive

Speaker of Edo State House of Assembly, Mr Frank Okiye, has been confirmed as the index case of Coronavirus in the state.

The state Deputy Governor, Philip Shaibu, disclosed this to newsmen at a press briefing in Benin on Wednesday.

The Chief Medical Director of Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital, Prof. Sylvania Okogbenin, had on Monday announced that Edo recorded its first case.

Shaibu said Governor Godwin Obaseki had also gone into isolation following his contact with the Chief of Staff to the President, Abba Kyari, and Bauchi State Governor, Bala Mohammed, in Abuja.

Shaibu said Okiye, who travelled to the United Kingdom, went into self-isolation immediately after his return at the Irrua Specialist Hospital, Irrua, Esan Central Local Government Area of Edo State.

He noted that the two persons the speaker got in close contact with were his wife and daughter, whose samples have been taken and the results came out negative.

“He sent his sample for testing and the test came back positive. He is in a stable condition and his family members have been tested and the tests came back negative,” the Edo deputy governor stated.


Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari shows symptoms of Coronavirus in Aso Rock, Nigeria

According to local media reports, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari is said to have become self-isolated after catching a persistent cough despite having been tested negative for coronavirus (COVID-19.

While the Nigerian Agency for Disease Control (NCDC) announced that President Muhammadu Buhari and his chief of staff, Abba Kyari, had been tested, the Nigerian head of state was declared negative at Covid-19, while the second named tested positive for him. 

However, this Wednesday, the local press informs that the president would have self-isolated after being taken from a bout of persistent cough. Sahara Reporters (SR), who contacted a government source, said the president's persistent cough had raised fears at the presidential palace on Tuesday after he had previously tested negative for coronavirus. 

Activities had already been suspended at the presidential villa while all those who had come into contact with Kyari since his return to the country, after a trip to Germany earlier this month, had been asked to isolate themselves. The presidency is hard at work to protect Buhari and his immediate family in the event of a health emergency, says Sahara Reporters. A presidential intensive care unit inside the palace is said to have been activated and put on hold. The media also reports that Kyari had previously been denied access to the presidency after Health Ministry officials stressed that a crisis could arise in an emergency around Buhari.

Several other people in a state of confinement 

As a reminder, Kyari went to Germany on Saturday March 7 to meet with Siemens officials in Munich on the electricity expansion program in Nigeria. Returning to Nigerai on Saturday March 14, he showed no symptoms. He then allegedly had contacts with several personalities, including Garba Shehu, senior special assistant on media and publicity for President Buhari, Babagana Kingibe, a prominent member of the "cabal" and the governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello. 

Aliko Dangote, Governor Bello Masari of Katsina and Inspector General of the Police, Mohammed Adamu, are among others with whom Kyari was also in contact after his return to Nigeria. To date, Nigeria has 46 confirmed cases of coronavirus for one death and two people healed, local media reported.

Coronavirus: Jean de Dieu Momo dismantles the maneuvers of Maurice Kamto

Minister Jean De Dieu Momo accuses the president of Mr Maurice Maurice Kamto of having simulated the water cut during the filming of an awareness campaign against the Coronavirus pandemic.

To play this ubiquitous and petty film, it is enough to gradually stop the dispensing tap at the bottom of the lever. An actor hidden from the camera operates in this way because you have to be naive to believe and make believe that the water cut fell as if by a miracle during the shooting of his film. The specialist in the manipulation of the people has once again shown his talent as an actor in the matter. 

The message is not to fight against the Coronavirus but to seize the political political opportunity to denounce the water cuts, which they are sometimes even caused by malicious or partisan people at the heart of the administration and whose specialty is to denigrate the system of their country for the benefit of predators. Well, I had promised myself to let the comic actor die alone in his own film but how not to try once again to lift the veil with which he covers the eyes of this part of the population ready to swallow all the lies provided let them disparage the regime they abhor! But you have to be in epileptic bad faith not to recognize the government's efforts to give water and electricity to all Cameroonians. Before you press the switch or turn on the tap, you have to remember that you had to make hydroelectric dams to generate electricity and transport it from very far to the bottom of the bush to bring it back to your home. and that it was necessary to collect water and treat it so that it is served to you at home. Everyone, except the democracy sufferers, is witnessing the water treatment efforts both in Douala and in Yaoundé.

The water pipeline on the Wouri Bridge is proof enough. We must remind them that Cameroon is not limited to large cities. Also think of the people who live in rural areas and who do not cry like those whose center of interest is in their stomach! Cameroon is gradually being built, as you do with your homes or your cultural centers that you build for years! # Fo'o Dzakeutonpoug.

Confidential: Yéguié cavity turned back from the VIP pavilion of the Central Hospital

In a voicemail abundantly relayed in the private forums of cameramen of cameroon that cameroun24 was able to listen to, we learn that the very honorable under pressure finally went to the Hospital to be tested and 72 hours later the result was known.

The doctor who speaks in this voice in private conversation with one of his colleagues reveals the result of the test which it is not for us to publish here. But who since yesterday is known to all doctors. 

According to the same source who is very close to the device put in place for the fight against COVID-19, the Right Honorable went to the VIP pavilion of the Hospital for his confinement because anyway he was in a flight where 16 people tested positive for COVID-19; The hospital administration will refuse to admit it to avoid exposing other VIP patients to the pavilion. 

He will be suggested the isolation room fitted out for this purpose. Where is the PAN at the moment? Shouldn't his cabinet take the lead as others do elsewhere to communicate about his situation before variably interpreted revelations come out?

While investigative journalists like Fanny PIGEAUD of Mediapart already sententiously assert that the NAP is tested positive, it is more than urgent that the situation of this public authority be publicly clarified by the competent authorities to fix opinion. 

No, Minister of Health, this is not a "pointless controversy". It is about the life of the nation. The truth is already known by doctors. Leaving the order of doctors is no accident. The medical profession which is on the front line in this WAR against COVID-19 must be protected.


French newspaper tells everything about the second Cameroonian who died of Covid 19 in France

Alain Siekappen Kemayou, head of security at the O'Parinor shopping center, died Saturday at the age of 45 of the Covid-19 suites, reports the CGT shops and services.

Regulars of the O'Parinor shopping center in Aulnay-sous-Bois will long remember its stature and its verb "cash". Alain Siekappen-Kemayou, 45, was the site security manager. He died Friday after contracting the Covid-19. 

"Alain is the first death of this epidemic in France in our sector of activity", underlined at the announcement of his death the trade and services federation of the CGT. 

Among the traders, the news was like a bomb, the safety official was appreciated and respected. "It is a heartbreaker for all those who knew him, Alain had become a real figure of Aulnay-sous-Bois", summarizes Billel Hidri. He knew him “at the very beginning of the 2000s, when I did an internship in a ready-to-wear brand, then when I worked on Carrefour telephony and finally, when I was a manager of O'Tacos for three years. " 

" The O'Parinor guardian angel " 

As of Saturday evening, the news spread on social networks, in particular the Facebook pages frequented by the inhabitants of the O'Parinor sector. And tributes have multiplied in remembrance of "this big beefy", this "charismatic" man, some posting photos of flowers in his memory. 

Alain was a regular at Billel Hidri's fast food: “A cordon bleu tacos, nuggets, and samurai sauce: that's what he had every time for his lunch with us! I will never forget that, ”remembers the young restaurateur.

"I saw him as a big brother," he continues. This is the image he will leave here: the guardian angel of O'Parinor. A big brother who did not hesitate to lecture. "It was cash! When I started, he didn't let go of me: when I was late on my deliveries, which had to be made before 10 a.m., he told me bluntly: You fucked up! " 

" It must reflect the authorities' 

The forties was very professional. "He also knew how to speak to people, to young people, to those who planned to set up a mess. Calmly, firmly. I know a lot of shopping centers in the Paris region, and for me, O'Parinor was one of the safest, one of the best kept, thanks to him. There has never been an outbreak of violence here, ”says Billel Hidri. Who adds: “He also helped me a lot with the installation, by advising me on the questions of security of the premises, for example. He who was very straddling the rules, it is a shame that he was swept away by this virus ... This should make the authorities think about the measures to be taken to protect those on the front line! " 

For Bruno Danet, CGT representative in the Carrefour hypermarket, “Alain was a character in the gallery, he had been there for a while. We met him regularly, but I didn't know him well. He was professional, courteous. » 

Several cases of covid-19 among the staff 

Like all the employees of the center, he wonders today« since when the virus is present in the gallery », evoking two cases within a ready-to-wear store . “There was a first patient among the employees. The store was closed one day, disinfected, and the team changed completely. And then there was a second patient… ”

If the 210 stores have lowered the curtain for eight days, the pharmacy and therefore, the Carrefour hypermarket remain open. 

With the risk of additional contamination, laments Amar Lagha, secretary general of the trade and services federation of the CGT. “The security guards and the cashiers do not have enough masks and hydroalcoholic gel! Admittedly, today, the gallery closed, but it is too late, it would have been necessary to take draconian measures of protection of the employees from the beginning, “tonne this last. 

"We are not asking for a bonus but for precautions" 

Also tackling the bonus proposal envisaged by the government for employees of large distribution, who must continue to go to their place of work. "We are not asking for a bonus," said the union official. But precautions, for all those people who are at the front. Alain was one of those who were sent to the pipe-breaker, without precautions. " 

Contacted employer Alain Siekappen-Kemayou, Samsic the company did not respond to our requests, no more than the direction of the mall.


Cavay and the Coronavirus: an Ivorian mocks Malachi and Cameroonians

The former of the weekly Jeune Afrique calls idiocy the initiative of certain parliamentarians and those close to the President of the National Assembly.

The image of Cavaye Yeguié Djibril receiving the visit of deputies and relatives a few days ago, at his residence, has not finished reacting. This time, it was the Ivorian journalist André Silver Konan who decided to comment on it. The former of Jeune Afrique is particularly hard on the President of the National Assembly and his guests. 

In a text published on his Facebook page, André Silver Konan caricatures those he sees and their country. "Here is the symbolic image of the most perfect idiocy. In Cameroon, Cavaye Yeguié Djibril, 80, president of the National Assembly for three decades, tested positive for coronavirus according to rumors and who receives the visit of his relatives, to tell him yako, in his alleged quarantine, at home . Other rumors supported by an official version declaring that it is rather negative. In both cases, it is no longer even unconsciousness, nor irresponsibility, it is idiocy. I repeat: this is the image of idiocy in Cameroon. # CoronaImbecility, ”he writes, sententious.

While those like him judged that the visitors of Cavaye Yeguié had not been well inspired and attacked the new deputy Nourane Moluh Hassana, she defended herself. She claimed on social networks that she was not in the stigmatized delegation. Here is what the elected member of the PCRN wrote on Facebook on March 23, 2020: “Fourth day of confinement at my residence in Douala. While waiting for the decree on the State of Sanitary Emergency as well as the announcement by the government of the accompanying measures, allow me to wish you a pleasant week under the protection of the very high. A rumor circulating on certain pages roughly indicates my presence in the PAN Cabinet today accompanied by my Party comrades. Oh lala one more #FAKE_NEWS. This image dates from March 17 during the session of right. Connect on my page to not miss #REAL_NEWS. I love you. May God protect us". 

Cabral Libii, the president of Nourane's party, also a member of parliament, assumes, however, his presence at the meeting with the President of the National Assembly. This morning on Facebook he taunts his detractors. “Manu Dibango did not kiss Cavaye Yeguie Djibril on the mouth in Paris. Rest in peace. Wash your hands! Respect the distance rules! Wear your mask! May everyone watch over himself and his entourage! This is a serious question! There is a time for everything ! Everyone is in danger! Let go! ”Writes the founder of the Eleven Million Citizens movement.

Total containment: President Paul Biya speaks out finally

On March 24, 2020, Cameroonian Prime Minister Joseph Ngute made a statement on the Covid-19 pandemic, following the government meeting to monitor the response plan against COVID-19.

The restrictive measures prescribed by the President of the Republic of Cameroon, Paul Biya, will be applied with the utmost rigor and offenders will be punished… and punished with imprisonment from 03 months to 03 years”. 

Thus, the measures taken will be binding from now on. For strict or partial or total containment or whatever, he said there was never any question of that and that the government was not even considering it. 237online offers in its entirety the declation of the Head of Government. 



Ladies and Gentlemen, 

On very high instructions from the President of the Republic, His Excellency Paul BIYA, was held this Tuesday, March 24, 2020, a meeting of the Interministerial Committee responsible for evaluating the implementation of the government's plan of response to the spread of the pandemic of coronavirus in Cameroon.

At the end of the presentations and exchanges recorded during this meeting, two major observations were made: First, the spread of the coronavirus is effective in our country. 

The investigations carried out in the field by the specialized services of the Ministry of Public Health, as well as the samples taken from several samples of suspect cases have confirmed sixty-six (66) cases of patients tested positive for COVID-19, including fifty and one (51) case in Yaoundé, twelve (12) cases in Douala and three (03) cases in Bafoussam. 

It follows that the cities of Yaoundé, Douala and Bafoussam constitute for the moment, the three main foci of this pandemic in Cameroon. I would like to remind you that a week ago, when I spoke on the development of this disease for the first time, ten (10) people were affected by this virus in our country. 

At this point in my remarks, I regret to announce that Cameroon has registered today its first case of death from the coronavirus. 

The second major observation is that certain restrictive measures prescribed by the Head of State on March 17, 2020, in order to limit the spread of this virus in our country, are unfortunately not respected by a very large number of our compatriots. 

These include in particular:

systematic closing of drinking places, restaurants and places of leisure from 6 p.m .; 

banning gatherings of more than fifty (50) people; 

the prohibition of overloads in buses, taxis and mototaxis; 

restriction of urban and interurban travel; 

regulating consumer flows in markets and shopping centers; 

respect for the rules of hygiene and the measure of social distancing decreed by the World Health Organization.

It should be remembered that the coronavirus spreads quickly in places of high human concentration, and through close contacts. 

In this regard, people who refuse to observe these restrictive measures, under any pretext whatsoever, endanger their own life, that of others and of the whole nation. 

The acts of indiscipline, recklessness or even unconsciousness that have been observed in recent days, contribute greatly to the spread of this epidemic in our country. 

This is why, on very high instructions from the President of the Republic, the restrictive measures which were taken on March 17, within the framework of the implementation of the Plan of response against the coronavirus, will now be applied with the greatest great rigor and offenders will be punished. 

As a reminder, article 260 of our Penal Code punishes by imprisonment from three (03) months to three (03) years anyone who, by his conduct, facilitates the transmission of a contagious and dangerous disease. 

With this in mind, the administrative and municipal authorities, as well as the police, have been instructed to strengthen controls and to take all useful and necessary measures so that the measures prescribed by the Head of State be respected by everyone everywhere.

To conclude, I would like to clarify, to dispel some rumors that have been widely circulated through social networks for the past few days, that no decision to contain the population in whole or in part has been prescribed by the Head of State. 

Furthermore, it is essential to limit gatherings and non-essential travel, and to comply with the instructions already laid down, in order to prevent the spread of the virus leading to greater restriction of activities useful for our daily life.


Albert Dzongang against Paul Biya and his ministers again

Unhappy with the government's management of the coronavirus pandemic in Cameroon, Albert Dzongang did not hesitate to charge the regime again.

In a new outing, he accuses the power of hiding the truth from the people. 

Below, the entirety of its release. 

"Gentlemen usurpers of power, 

I know your wish is that the corona virus will rid you of all those who annoy. Unfortunately for you it is impartial and incorruptible; does not spread to seeker head, or by presidential decree. No amendment to the Constitution will protect you from its threat to the detriment of the Cameroonian people. Invisible to the naked eye like Paul Biya in these times of crisis, it will impose a dead city without neither your riot trucks nor your militia or being able to do anything.

You may hide the truth about the gravity of the situation, it will quickly impose itself on the Cameroonian people without your agreement. By dint of believing you are untouchable and refusing to submit to the elementary rules of precaution, I fear that you may be the first victims. But in the meantime, use the last light of lucidity you have left to decongest the prisons that you have overcrowded with your political opponents and poor citizens who cannot afford to pay your justice. Release those accused who have been waiting for years for a hypothetical judgment. They are more than 80% of the prison staff, let us add to this percentage those who have served their sentence and have no money to pay the fines. 

More and more, we have with regard to the lightness and the laxity which motivates your management of this crisis, I have the impression that you really see there a possibility that the death of the Cameroonians settles your problem of bad governance. Only, as I said, this virus knows no tribe, it has no resilience before the big eyes or the presidential guard; much more it is he who this time could send you too to the village of if I knew. 

I know you are unfit for any invention or innovation; at least copy the example from other countries. "

Source: Tgv of info

Prince Charles of Britain tests positive for coronavirus

Prince Charles, the heir to the British throne, has tested positive for the new coronavirus.

The prince’s Clarence House office says the 71-year-old is showing mild symptoms of COVID-19 and is self-isolating at a royal estate in Scotland.

It says his wife Camilla has tested negative.

The palace says Charles “has been displaying mild symptoms but otherwise remains in good health and has been working from home throughout the last few days as usual.”

BREAKING: Cameroonians bribing Immigration officials at International Airport to avoid quarantine

Cameroonians reportedly bribing Immigration officials at International Airport to avoid the 14-day mandatory quarantine while coming to Cameroon...

Popular on social network this morning is the saddened news of Cameroonians bribing their ways into the country by paying some amount to immigration officials at the Douala International Airport to avoid the 14-day mandatory quarantine.

"Cameroon has discovered that numerous travellers arriving from France bribed immigration officials at Douala International Airport to avoid the 14-day mandatory quarantine."

This is a dangerous act, and the immigration officials are incompetence. This evil act of collection a penny could endangered the lives of the entire citizens of Cameroon.

We called on the Authorities to look into this evil act and brought all the officials involved to justice.

Stayed turned....

Coronavirus: secret plan between Paris and Yaoundé

While several hundred French people in Cameroon have expressed their wish to return to Paris, the Cameroonian ambassador to France has just reassured them that by the end of the week an agreement can be reached despite the fact that the borders have been closed since March 18 as part of the response to the Coronavirus.

Christophe Guilhou has just reassured several hundred French people, especially those passing through or those with fragile health conditions in Cameroon that they will be able to reach Paris by the end of this week. The French ambassador to Cameroon had been contacted by his compatriots to request a return to their native country. 

Thus he informed the latter through a Tweet Tuesday that after some 8 days of work, everything is being implemented to make this possible. He announced that discussions are continuing with the Cameroonian authorities and Air France so that a flight can be chartered by the end of the week.

France is initiating these measures while being aware of the fact that Cameroon has closed the sea air and land borders since March 18 in response to the spread of the new Coronavirus. Let us also remember that all the cases recorded in Cameroon originated from patients from outside; the measure is therefore not without risk for Cameroon.