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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Samuel Eto'o involved in a new séx scandal

After the painful Nathalie Koah case, Internet users did not expect to see the former Cameroonian international Samuel Eto'o again involved in a sex scandal. Samuel, who formalized his relationship with the mother of his children and declared that he had turned the dark page of lies, would still have extramarital affairs.

According to videos and screenshots posted on social networks, Eto'o would have reserved a hotel room (Hayatt luxury hotel) with a young girl in the West, probably in Italy. 

"Please take a taxi and go here. You show your passport and they will give you the key to your room, ”we can hear in the video. Even if the voice resembles that of the Lion, it remains to be verified. 

Samuel and Goergette married on June 14, 2016 in Stezzano, a small Italian town. It is unclear whether the facts revealed that day were before the marriage. 

One thing is certain, infidelity and discretion are not in the ropes of the former Cameroonian striker.

'Here is the new find of the Biya regime to bring down opponents'

“The death of Master Sylvain Souop gives me the pretext to tell an anecdote that I kept for myself. It was told to me on February 12, 2019 by an AP (“political friend”, expression used within the MRC party to say “comrade”) whose name I am keeping for the moment.

The AP in question explains to me that following the demonstrations on January 26, 2019, he had suffered violence from the police and, had ended up in hospital training for treatment. 

He goes on to say that on January 28, being in the hospital, he receives a call from someone telling him that he must leave the hospital because we are going to pick him up to bring him to cell. We remember that at the same time, the Pierre Gaetan Ngankam, Celestin Djamen and others were removed from their hospital beds for the Kondengui prison where they spent 9 months. 

So he complies and, with the help of a nurse who has been on him since his hospitalization, he disappears from the hospital and goes to hide with a friend. He will have after a confirmation by the said nurse that men in uniform and in plain clothes had passed just after his flight to the hospital and had searched everything to find him. All this is very normal. 

What is abnormal is that the PA told me about the harassment he had suffered from his doctor, who since his flight, kept calling him for allegedly coming to complete his treatment. However, still according to the nurse's confession, the men in suspicious clothes and plain clothes continued to make rounds around the hospital several days after his flight.

This AP, feeling insecure in Douala had therefore preferred to leave and come to Yaoundé knowing that it was the last place where we would come to look for it. 

So we have doctors who, in collusion with the militia, want to deliver completely innocent patients to the police. 

Since he told me this story, I have been afraid of everyone. The hospital should be the last place we should be afraid to go! "

Journalist: Takumbeng Bakinien

Kaduna: two kill in a renewed attack

Two people have been slaughtered after an assault on Gora-Gan Community in Zangon Kataf Nearby  Government Range of Kaduna State by gunmen.

The Chairman of the LGA, Mr Elias Manza, who affirmed the occurrence, said the aggressors opened fire on a few young people playing around the town  showcase square on Friday evening.

“The assailants came on cruisers and opened fire on the youth playing,  slaughtering two females  whereas  two guys sustain injuries.   “The harmed are right now getting  treatment, but regularity has been  reestablished to the area,’’ he said.

The chairman said security agents had since been drafted to the affected  community, and prompted individuals of the region to stay calm.


'CAF has never withdrawn the CAN in Cameroon'

In November 2018, the African Football Confederation (CAF) withdrew the organization of CAN 2019 in Cameroon, reallocated to Egypt, before deciding a few weeks later to entrust it with the organization of the 2021 edition. , for the president of CAF, Ahmad, who prefers to use the term "slip", it is wrong to say that the CAN has been withdrawn in Cameroon.

"At no time did the CAF ever say, we are withdrawing the CAN in Cameroon," insisted the Malagasy at the microphone of the CRTV. “We postponed, for various reasons, (the dates). And I think the majority of people today understand what CAF and the authorities of this country want to have. All thanks to His Excellency, the President of the Republic, Paul Biya, who firmly reassured me that he wants to offer his people a beautiful CAN. ”

Cameroon will therefore finally host the CAN from January 9 to February 6, 2021.

Outrageous as Davido and his famous girlfriend, Chioma unfollow each other on Instagram

David Adeleke, DMW Boss Popularly  known as Davido and his baby mama Chioma, have unfollowed each other on Instagram some moment ago.

It all started when the producer of Golden Boy Entertainment Executive producer, King Patrick, who had claimed that Peruzzi was signed under his record label, revealed that Peruzzi is having an affair with Chioma, Davido's baby mama and fiancee.

He also revealed that Chioma was never Peruzzi’s cousin as the dud had claimed.

Earlier Davido tweeted: “If you are feeling depressed, remember you are not alone. God is with you always.

”Don’t be afraid to reach out to people in your family, your church, or your friend circles.

King Patrick arrogantly replied….”If you’re Feeling stupid and you’re out there popping babies and giving girls STDs, don’t be sad, reach out to loved ones and get advise from your Huncho on how to fuck his Side Chick and pimp her out to you as his cousin.. Let’s be guided pls. Incest is a Sin..”

After this disheartening reply from King Patrick, Davido quickly unfollow his girlfriend Chioma. 

Recall that Davido had announced 2020 big wedding after Chioma delivered a baby boy for him in late 2019.


'How Paul Biya made fun of Mama Nguéa's legs'

Amputated from her left leg in October 2019, the artist MAMA NGUEA has just had her right leg cut this Thursday, February 16, 2020 while she cherished the dream of receiving government assistance, which would give her better grip charge.

MAMA NGUEA is now without legs. Tormented after her first operation, Louise Koubinom lived in the hope of recovering perfect health after her first operation. If she received various support from Cameroonians affected by her situation, the singer regretted the lack of interest in her given by the regime in place. In an interview with Canal 2 international, she recalled the insignificant nature of the budget released for her case by Cameroonian officials, given the seriousness of her case. " Too small. With the holes in my stomach, it's too small. I can fight, but that can't solve the problem. If the Ministry of Arts and Culture could still add me some money to go to the other side, in hexagon, it will be fine. I don't want to have surgery here. Over there it's better. She was sorry. The implication is generally only greater after the death of Cameroonian artists and nothing else. We remember the beautiful tribute paid to Anne Marie Ndzie at his death by Paul Biya. The flonflon was only observed for his burial, who died on May 24, 2016, no specific activity is organized in his honor by the Head of State. It is the same for the actor Jean Miché Kankan whose works have marked several generations, but who is not entitled to any special tribute. no specific activity is organized in his honor by the Head of State. It is the same for the actor Jean Miché Kankan whose works have marked several generations, but who is not entitled to any special tribute. no specific activity is organized in his honor by the Head of State. It is the same for the actor Jean Miché Kankan whose works have marked several generations, but who is not entitled to any special tribute. 

MAMA NGUEA needs 5 million, 72 million are wasted with a stranger

On his hospital bed, MAMA NGUEA said he needed some 5 million to be able to be evacuated in order to benefit from suitable treatment. Nothing to move the Etoudi tenant. He takes pleasure in opening the doors of his Palace to foreign musicians. We remember the passage of the Nigerian Wizkid on December 31, 2019 at the Palace of Unity for a private show. It had cost more than 72 million FCFA to the Cameroonian taxpayer. Locked in his hospital bed, MAMA NGUEA had helplessly appreciated this grotesque insult.


Pray for Kennedy Issa! Advise to parents - reach out to your doctor quickly whenever you child complains of pain

A Kenyan critically affected by stomach cancer. His mother never know at the right time because Issa was complaining of stomach upsets. Till the cancer hits the pick. 

A good Samaritan, Haron Kwama had shared on his social media handle while he pleaded with his followers to pray for Issa and also reach out to him financially.

"Kennedy Issa started complaining about stomach upsets in December 2018. But it was later known to his mother that Ken had stomach cancer in 2019 May.

Since then, it has been nightmare for the single mother since she had to leave her casual jobs to take care of his ailing son.

Kennedy's stomach has been and every time he dispenses wastes, its a nightmare. He cries from the excruciating pain.It broke my heart when his mother told me that from January she has been looking for money for surgery.

Her son is bed ridden and all she can do is just watch her,change his dipper, wash him and at times feed him. The agony that feels the room that Kennedy is in is much.

May God the Most High heal him, Amen..

REVELATIONS: Conspiracy to assassinate Kamto in Paris and the poison injected into Me Souop '

“People carrying a dark project against our people are at work at the top of the state they are ready to do anything to keep power, reliable information reports a plan to physically eliminate the president elected Professor Maurice Kamto, two of his allies Penda Ekoka and Albert Dzongang and certain members of the MRC ”

Prophetic words of the president-elect Maurice Kamto held on November 25, 2019 at the MRC headquarters in Odza, Yaoundé. 

The elements of these last days, the event of yesterday morning, namely the unexpected death of master Sylvain Souop, seem to accompany the prophecy of Odza. 


Master Sylvain Souop, his wife, master Temate were victims of a traffic accident at the entrance to the town of Dschang, and all three taken to the regional hospital of bafoussam… Master Sylvain Souop was not suffering that of a slight fracture in the arm, his unharmed wife presented no physical problem and as for Master Temate, his case seemed to be the most serious. 


It is at this precise moment that the genesis of this text takes on a prophetic aspect because a source who wished to remain anonymous affirms: “When they learned of the accident from the people of the MRC and knew the identity of the victims , there were calls to have Master Souop eliminated at the regional hospital in Bafoussam; but later they were surprised to learn that he is in Yaoundé. I can confirm that I heard them say that he had to be injected with an infusion, he never died from anesthesia as you would like to believe ”. 

After our investigations, which we were able to conduct this morning, the SSRs confirm that Me Souop never died following a complication of anesthesia. We challenge the CURY where he died to prove the contrary. 


This same reliable source also tells us that these individuals through the Cameroonian secret services, plan to infiltrate the meeting of Maurice Kamto in Paris on February 1, 2020 and to attack his life and those of certain activists, there will to have fights and movements of the kind which will favor a disorder in which syringes will be used and in case Maurice Kamto returns to the country, they plan to arrest him again and it is in prison that they envisage his final elimination. 

The SSR draw the attention of the Cameroonian people to the diabolical projects carried out by certain individuals hiding in ministries and villas in Yaoundé who are the main sponsors of the assassination of Me Souop.

Journalist: N'zui Manto

Photo: Buhari touches down London, to return to Abuja on Thursday

The President Muhammadu Buhari has arrived in London ahead of the inaugural United Kingdom-Africa Venture Summit holding on Monday. 

This was declared the President’s special assistants on Media and Exposure, Mr Femi Adesina, on his social media handles early Saturday morning.

An prior articulation by Adesina said the London Venture Summit would be facilitated by the British Prime Serve, Boris Johnson.

Agreeing to the coordinators, the occasion is anticipated to bring together African pioneers, universal trade chief administrators  and heads of worldwide associations “to make unused organizations that will provide more speculations and jobs” to the advantage of  individuals and businesses in African nations and the Joined together Kingdom.  

”Apart from highlighting modern viewpoints on   UK-Africa  Association for Success, issues of Maintainable Fund  and Foundation; Exchange and Speculation; Future African  Development Segments and Clean Vitality and Climate, are anticipated to overwhelm introductions and talks amid the Summit.

”With the expected take-off of the African Continental Free Trade Area in mid-2020, the London investment summit will provide Nigeria with the opportunity to project itself as a leading investment destination for new industries.”

President Muhammadu Buhari to be back in Abuja on Thursday.

Photo: see the gigantic sculpture of half man half mountain in Italy

A follower of mine is currently in Tuscany, Italy for a purpose. He sends this Amazing photos to us.. 

The gigantic sculpture of half man half mountain is located in Italy, Tuscany city.

It was erected in the late 1500s by Giambologna, a renowned Italian sculptor.

It's a beautiful sculpture,10 meters giant... A follower is currently there as I write this, he sent the pictures to me.

This epic colossus, half man, half mountain, was erected in the late 1500s by renowned Italian sculptor Giambologna as a ...

"I am Happy to be here and living in God's Good Humour & talking to you good people".. Tuscany, Italy, there is a giant of 10 meters, half man half mountain"..

Friday, January 17, 2020

Kondengui: Maurice Kamto 'pleaded guilty'

From the bottom of his cell in Kondengui, the leader of the movement for the Cameroonian Renaissance (MRC), Prof Maurice Kamto wrote a poem in which he declares himself "pleads guilty to having believed that the new dawn would give birth to a a new force cherishing freedom blossoms on the flower of sacrificial blood ".

Camerounweb offers you the entire poem 

Ah! So here is the court 

Procession of croquemitaines disguised as ermines and medieval wigs 

In vain did I search here for the Blindfolded Goddess holding firm the celestial sword in the axis of the scales 

There is there, overhanging the scene of the obscene parody, that the portrait of a cunning puppeteer 

He watches silently from the overwhelming gravity of his absence 

Justice in the name of the people rendered 

in the name of the betrayed god 

Give me thanks to the prologues of idle eloquence, 

sleeve effects of your red dresses reddened with cowardice and lies: 

I plead guilty

To have believed that the fragile lights of the first morning announced the times of our triumphal march 

I plead guilty 

To have believed in the crossing of hearts such as the woods of a ridge frame 

I plead guilty 

To have believed that these havoc faces on the shadows in ruins 

these people of little, of nothing, these obscure dying-the-end would have their place at the table 

I plead guilty 

To have believed that the new dawn would give birth to a new force cherishing freedom hatched on the flower of the sacrificial blood 

I plead guilty 

For trampling totem poles and taboos of a twilight myth 

I plead guilty

I challenge the deserters who dismiss the fight 

the resigners who criticize the bad weather, the tormented topography of the battlefield 

I plead the addiction to the dazzling of a bad sun which calcines the poor lands of the poor; 

to the fatuities which snatch audacity, fragment after fragment, its dignity 

I hold my hand so as not to draw the saber 

it would inevitably strike 

And since with all force it is necessary to this altar citizens-emissaries, take 

action! Expiatory justice where the Evil One is in charge of exorcist 

Perform your fetishistic rites under the neon lights of the demonized republic 

Make your sentence pitiless 

Let it be entrenched

not even the kiss of voluptuous death with eager lips 

What would tremble the judicial hand of Injustice which boasts from the top of its munificence? 

At stake freedoms crackling free speech 

Hear concert cowardice ringing the kill our damnation 

But resist insubordination 

The charge pandores Prosecution overload 

But resist the conviction 

Justice, kneeling, dying in a trance slobbering remorse on his forgotten oath 

Justice-half-moon which keeps riveted in the sky the thirsty glances which hope for the Big Lady in fullness 

Its time will come 

Justice dilapidated on the uncertain paths of our sovereign fall. Embalmed justice

I read in you a magnificent country in the new country sketched by our struggle 

Say your ultimate verdict in the hollow of my ear

even when I am on the edge of the world of the indecipherable night when all light goes out 

Your time will come 

in a sky crossed out with anger 

where the multitude will rise to deliver the Captive 

Your time will come. 

Maurice KAMTO 

Main Prison of Yaoundé 

June 16-18, 2019


Social crisis: Cameroonians on suicide lane

Monitoring report of the 100 key health indicators of Cameroon in 2019?". This is the title of the report that the Ministry of Public Health (Minsanté) has just made public.

In the said report, Minsanté reports data produced by the World Health Organization (WHO) on Cameroon from 2012 to 2016, but published on behalf of the 2019 financial year. "? According to the WHO, the rate of Suicide in Cameroon increased from 4.9 in 2012 to 12.2 per 100,000 inhabitants in 2016 (World Health Statistics, 2019). Among men, it is 17.1 against 7.4 per 100,000 inhabitants among women? ”, Reports Minsanté. 

The Cameroonian Ministry of Health does not give the reasons for this inflation of the suicide rate in Cameroon. However, it indicates that the target of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) is to reduce, by 2020, by a third, through prevention and treatment, the rate of premature mortality due to noncommunicable diseases and promote health mental and well-being written IC.

In general, the report indicates, life expectancy at birth in Cameroon increased from 53 years in 2009 to 58 years in 2016. However, the document specifies, life expectancy in Cameroon remains lower in 2016 than that Central African countries (60.6 years) and sub-Saharan Africa (61.2 years).


BREAKING: Another building collapses in Lagos

A two-storey building has collapsed around Agarawu zone of Lagos Island, Lagos State. This has occurred days after an uncompleted three-storey building, on Friday, collapsed at 12 Alasepe Road, off Community Street, Back Royal residence Way, Okota in Lagos State.

While rescue operation was still progressing at the scene of the building collapse at Alasepe Road in Okota, the Director-General, Lagos State Crisis Administration Office, Oluwafemi Oke-Osanyintolu, said another two-storey building had collapsed.

It was learned that the two-storey building collapsed due to poor in maintenance and structural instability.

Update soon...

The cloth burns between Paul Biya and his diaspora

Nothing is going right between Paul Biya and the Cameroonian diaspora. According to Jeune Afrique, the Cameroonian president did not digest the demonstrations of activists interspersed with violence organized during his recent stays in Europe.

In his traditional end-of-year speech on December 31, Paul Biya spoke of it again in his traditional speech of December 31, criticizing the “excessive behavior of some of [his] compatriots in the diaspora - whether they are or that they are no longer Cameroonians. I think they should, out of patriotism, refrain from negative comments about their country of origin, added Paul Biya. One must always respect one's homeland, its institutions and those who embody them. " 

In seeking to make a pedagogical effort, President Biya sends a message that will not get the desired result. Not sure in fact that his words could help to calm his relations with his detractors. 

It must be said that by making the difference between those who are Cameroonian and those who are no longer, President Paul Biya creates a category of second-class citizens. While Cameroon does not recognize dual nationality, those who have acquired a new one and thereby have lost the one they originally had - or who have renounced it - with all the rights attached to it, are nevertheless subject, according to the president, to the obligation to be patriotic. Otherwise formulated, they have no rights, but duties ?!

Migrants, mere providers of currency? 

Since the 1990s in Cameroon, the profile of diaspora members has changed. It is no longer mainly students, coming from managerial families, but rather economic migrants, young people from less advantaged backgrounds, who have resolved to take the road of exile as the situation in Cameroon deteriorates. In the late 2000s, the trend was further accentuated when the middle classes, in turn, joined the flow of travelers. They emigrate far away but they keep family ties and, sometimes, real estate in the country. 

These Cameroonian diaspora can never accept the authorities' idea that they only serve to send currency to the country. For example, in 2018, according to the World Bank, Cameroonian migrants transferred around 201 billion CFA francs (306.4 million euros) to their country of origin.

The unfriendly settles in secondary schools

The situation is getting serious and dangerous in our secondary establishments in Cameroon. Tragedies and violence continue without real awareness and appropriate measures to avoid the worst in the future.

It is a veritable wave of slippage that the pupils of the Lycées d'Enseignement Général across Cameroon are engaging in with numerous cases of assault and manifest delinquency. 

It is a pupil of the Lycée of Awka Nord, in the Littoral region, who was mastered with a dagger in his possession this January 16, 2020. The teachers supposed to inspire respect and cultivate values ​​in the students have become the target discontented young people, allergic to discipline, who engage in a manhunt in the middle of school with knives. 

Still, we must be happy that these students do not have access to firearms! The massacre would have been to be feared if one refers to current events in the United States of America and in other western countries. Have our establishments become a ghetto?

This Thursday still in the Department of Noun, a high school student from Massangam High School tore his comrade's hand with a razor blade. Added to this, the dramas of the Lycée de Nkolbisson where a student stabbed to death his teacher of Mathematics, and the dramas of the Lycée de Mbalmayo and Lycée d'Obala, the situation is all the more worrying as the security forces are now called to the rescue.

But at this rate, should we now consider the creation of a police station in each Lycée or School? The alert level is reached for this week alone for the emergency to be reported. Dear authorities, parents and educators, we must act quickly so that priority is given to the all-out education of our youth. Otherwise, where is Cameroon going?


BREAKING: Court Sacks Ifeanyi Ubah As Senator

A Federal High Court sitting in Bwari area of Abuja has sacked Senator Ifeanyi Ubah of the Young Progressives Party, representing Anambra South at the Nigerian senate.

Update soon...

Opponent reveals the amount he has been paid to support Paul Biya

Fritz Pierre Ngo, is one of the “opponents” who upheld the candidacy of President Paul Biya within the 2018 presidential election. He was a part of the G20, as were a few well-known on-screen characters on the Cameroonian political scene, like Me Jean De Dieu Momo and Banda Kani. On ABK radio this morning, Fritz Pierre Ngo, uncovered the sum he had gotten, in return for his support for Paul Biya's candidacy.

"My self personally, I had 3 Million that the central committee of the CPDM ..." pronounced on the waves of this private radio, which transmits from Douala, financial capital, the national president of the Development of Cameroonian ecologist (MEC).

Subsequently, the candidate for the 2011 presidential election who had been positioned 15th, with 0.19%, said he supported Paul Biya in 2018 since he displayed the leading political offer.

Lycée Nkolbisson: Brice Bisse Ngoso appears before the prosecutor today

The legal hearing process of a Secondary School student who allegedly stabbed his mathematics teacher to death begins today.

The suspect is presented before the public prosecutor for a first legal interrogation in Yaoundé.

Bisse Ngosso reportedly stabbed his mathematics teacher to death after realizing he failed his exam.

Information from neighboring sources revealed that the suspect, Brice Bisse Ngoso is a notorious and recalcitrant boy.


Babessi ELECAM office set ablaze

Unknown persons set Babessi ELECAM office on fire....

                file photo for illustration

In just less than one month to the twin elections in Cameroon, Bebessi, Ngohketunjia electoral Division office has been set ablaze by the unknown.

"The office in Babessi was set on fire last night. And today morning the military surrounded the village town and we have been hearing gunshots since 6:am which never stop till now," all inhabitants of Babessi are in indoors a source living in Bebessi has said.

Meanwhile, security forces have been deployed to scene..

Anglophone Crisis: about 130 refugees had call for help

The scene leaves no one indifferent. There are approximately 130 people, mainly women, in a cramped home. Hosted by an individual, these people live in more than difficult conditions.

The existence of these refugees who came to Douala, in the economic capital, was demonstrated in a large report broadcast in the 8 pm newspaper of Equinoxe Television on January 15, 2020. They are in a home fitted out by an individual in the Makèpè district, in the district of Douala 5th. The latter confides: “I host more than 130 displaced people who sleep on the spot. I had to get out of the tenants so that some of them could sleep in other apartments ”. 

Joseph Mofor, the owner of the place and traditional chief says to have requested the assistance of the public authorities, without never obtaining an answer. “It's been a year since I sent their registration to the sub-prefect of Douala 5th, I also sent a letter to the Minister of Territorial Administration and the Presidency of the Republic. To date, none of these officials has signaled how the displaced live. Some were sick, others died, some are in hospital. Some people do their best to sell eggplant or peanuts; there are children who do not attend… Really it is difficult, ”he said.

“I have three children who do not go to school. Their father was killed in the bush, "complains a young woman," I have to sell children's toys in order to get food. There are days when I don't earn a single penny. We just want to eat, ”says another. 

All, shout their dismay hoping to be heard by the Cameroonian authorities.

Anglophone Crisis: the USA clarify "finally" their stand

Guest of RFI morning this Friday January 17, 2020, Tibor Nagy, American under-secretary in charge of African affairs, has combed the news of certain African countries.

At the microphone of Radio France international (RFI), the diplomat spoke on current events in Guinea by Alpha Condé, the Central African Republic (CAR) by Faustin Archange Touadera and primarily Cameroon by Paul Biya with a backdrop the English-speaking crisis. 

In the background, there must be an authentic application of the resolutions taken during the national dilaogue convened by President Paul Biya and held from September 30 to October 4, 2019, as well as the effectiveness of decentralization, the law of which was promulgated on December 24, 2019. delivers the entire interview of "Monsieur Afrique" to journalist Christophe Boisbouvier. 

In Cameroon, following a major national conference last October, President Paul Biya is proposing a special status for the two English-speaking regions of the North West and the South West, what do you think?

“What I can tell you is that Cameroon is a country that prevents me from sleeping, for which my heart is bleeding. Yes, national dialogue was a positive step, yes the release of political prisoners by President Paul Biya was a positive step. Last week I met one of his opponents, Mr. Maurice Kamto. But what really matters is the implementation of the decisions. What matters most to the populations of the North West and South West is authentic decentralization, they do not want a symbolic decentralization with only the words on paper, fine speeches. Unfortunately with each passing day, more and more people in these two regions are tempted by the solution of having their own country. For the United States, this is a bad solution. Because Cameroon is a single country with two systems. But there must be real decentralization; and that's the implementation, that's what's happening on the ground. 

So what you are saying is that it is a first step but it is not enough? 

Yes because you can have a conference and conclusions, but afterwards, what's going on in the field? What proportion of decentralization is devoted to decentralization? In what positions are the elected and appointed people placed? If there are selective positions, will there be hierarchically superior positions that will fall under an appointment of the president? People must take control of their own lives and their heritage.

Cameroon: school campuses become sanctuaries of violence

The public authorities seem overwhelmed by the attacks which multiply in the places of dispensation of knowledge and good manners.

Once again, a teacher was killed. On the front page of almost all the Cameroonian tabloids on Wednesday, January 15, 2020, there was only room for this tragedy that occurred at the Lycée classique de Nkolbisson, in the seventh arrondissement of the city of Yaoundé. The shock wave is such that the other media spent the day calling on all kinds of experts, to analyze and understand what happened, what pushed the young BBN to attack the life of his young teacher. in mathematics, Boris Kevin Tchakounte Njomi (26). The day before, the teacher being integrated into the Public Service was fatally stabbed by his student. On the circumstances of the drama, there are reports after contradictory versions, an altercation between the professor and the young man, at the end of which the pupil took a knife from his bag to stab the teacher twice before fleeing. At the heart of the dispute, a problem of grades. 

His comrades explain that on the eve of the Christmas holidays, the two had exchanged punches. A situation unfortunately not brought to the attention of administrative officials and which left the possibility for the little one to prepare the fatal response. His comrades' portrait is frightening: "a big school drug dealer", he regularly threatened students and teachers. “He always came to class late. Sometimes when he wanted to leave, he climbed the fence but his case had never been transmitted to the administration. He always had weird behaviors, ”testified a comrade. 

Addicted children 

In poorly secured enclosures In an outing that some people severely appreciate, the Minister of Secondary Education tried to reassure the teaching community about the diligence of the investigation. Ms. Nalova Lyonga indicated between the lines that this early career official died in an establishment in Yaoundé when he should have been at his post, Panke-Njindoum, in the Noun department, at Where is. This adds an administrative problem to the criticized insecurity. Could this detail explain what happened? According to our sources, he had been practicing there for two years as a math teacher and his behavior was not particularly different from that of other teachers at the establishment. So, 

A general observation is that security measures are not rigorous in and around educational establishments. No surveillance camera, glaring insufficiency of the supervisory staff. The state has not recruited this category of personnel for a long time. The search of the students is occasional, even if the booty is frightening: a head of a secondary school recently made the buzz by presenting to the cameras the bag of daggers which he says to have confiscated from the children, in a single unexpected descent into the classes . At the height of the fight against the terrorist threat from Boko Haram, schools were forced to acquire metal detectors. The psychosis passed, the use became random. To make matters worse, 

In this promiscuity which reinforces the nervousness of the actors, some use external complicity and the accomplice silence of the comrades, to confuse the vectors of security. Between them, the fights are managed with razor blades hidden in the geometry boxes, the compasses, the manual work equipment and many blunt objects.

Conflicts of models 

Many students traffick and sell drugs, under the complicit gaze of parents who often come to school to plead for the delinquents not to be excluded. For many teachers who commented on the incident, it is the fault of the system. They point an accusing finger at poor promotion of children's rights, with these multiple texts, bodies and organizations which, in recent years, give the impression of working for their emancipation. "Our schools are riddled with murderers and unscrupulous killers", regret some, who speak of a weakening of the authority of teachers by people who do not hesitate to mistreat them or to complain to them before jurisdictions to orders. Many regret the "deification" of the students. 

"He should not be punished, he should not be expelled from a room, even less from an establishment in the middle of the school year, he should not be brought to his knees, he should not be beaten, he should not must not have zero even if he has found nothing, he must not be insulted but he must still succeed ”, caricature one of them, to sum up the imbroglio in which teaching is now placed. “A student respects the teacher. A child respects the elder, even sometimes when the latter is wrong. These are the African values ​​that we have chased. Our teachers whipped us and we respected them. But today, you can meet your old master and not say hello, ”said another. 

We arrive at a confused situation where, instead of the opening of a school leading to the closure of a prison by the transmutation of values, the two must coexist. Observers are shocked by the apparent serenity of the little BBN, in whose eyes they look in vain for signs of contrition. However, this child faces the death penalty, by the act he has taken, under the provisions of paragraph 5 of article 156 of the Penal Code, which deals with violence against civil servants. "If the violence and assault are committed with the intention of killing, the culprit is punished with death," it reads. A real paradox. “We are not '' Jesus '' to transform water into wine or mud into gold. Our students see us as their executioners, obstacles to their development. At home, they use their phones at will and we are forbidden them. In the neighborhood, they smoke, drink alcohol and take drugs under the gaze of the elders, their sponsors. And we tell them it's not good. At home, they dictate their laws and parents execute. And we are asked to respect us. On weekends, they go to clubs with or without their parents' permission. And we on Monday are punished for not having done it. At 15 or 18, they are fathers and mothers of children, they boast about it. And we teach them that it's too early. They love money more than anything. we ask them to respect us. On weekends, they go to clubs with or without their parents' permission. And we on Monday are punished for not having done it. At 15 or 18, they are fathers and mothers of children, they boast about it. And we teach them that it's too early. They love money more than anything. we ask them to respect us. On weekends, they go to clubs with or without their parents' permission. And we on Monday are punished for not having done it. At 15 or 18, they are fathers and mothers of children, they boast about it. And we teach them that it's too early. They love money more than anything. 

And we tell them: go first… ”, analyzes Romeo Berlin Assiene, professor of philosophy in service in the Western region. Disillusioned conclusion: "In reality, we are apparently too old in a world that is too young, too upright in a world that is too twisted, too idealistic in a world that is too materialistic. We want to change a world that we have not built. Society makes brigands and the teacher must make them saints! » 

Teachers on the menu of… news items

Those who find him pessimistic must however bear in mind that teachers for some time have been running the news section in Cameroon. In this school year alone, scandals have multiplied. In the town of Bafoussam, a soldier invited himself to his daughter's school and beat up the mistress to the point of sending her to resuscitation. Two students from the bilingual Lycée de Bafoussam rural then attempted to experience the life of their general supervisor when he caught them robbing his office. A gendarme inflicted a fine correction on the censor of a high school in Douala, because she dared to reprimand his girlfriend who had arrived late for school. If we report the case of the teacher forced to kneel to ask his child for an apology, it is just to point out that the numerous attacks which teachers undergo on a daily basis and which do not make noise: in classrooms, on the way to school or in drinking places. Hence this provocative question: should we create a police brigade dedicated to the defense of teachers? 

Almost unanimously, the teachers maintain that in the exercise of their profession, it is prudent to avoid violent confrontations. "The force of ideas and not the idea of ​​force, especially physical force," suggests Guillaume Ebela, professor of letters. According to Bertin Tchinda, a university teacher and specialist in Neurolinguistic Programming, parents must resume service in the education of their offspring. “Parents are unable today to really know who their children are because they are generally not there with them and the education of children at home, the implementation of values ​​if there are any by housewives, neighborhood thugs, etc. Parents have forgotten that their role, their duty is not to do their part 

Same for the child himself, who must take responsibility for his own life, abandoning the easy way to embrace that of work. In today's school, the application of texts is a sea serpent.

A headmaster of Menoua once aroused the mockery of his collaborators, by announcing to the students during the weekly gathering that the use of the whip is prohibited, like the treatments judged inhuman or degrading. He was highly applauded and the teachers adept at these booed practices. Great was the surprise of his subordinates to see him himself, during the same week, inflict sound slaps on a band of children who had put him out of him! After last year's incident at Deido Bilingual High School, a program for securing school campuses germinated in a few brains, quickly relegated to Bantu calendars. Or rather, before everyday life catches up with us. According to an educational researcher, most school campuses, especially in rural areas, are difficult to secure. There are two reasons for this: their vast expanse in the middle of the fields and the poor occupation of spaces. 

What is more, constructions are initiated and conducted by parents' associations, which generally lack sufficient expertise to conduct them.


Decentralization: here we go, empty pockets

Thanks to a joint press conference by Mincom and Minddevel, the journalists were educated on the specifics of the law establishing the general code of decentralized local authorities.

"We cannot imagine that the general allocation of 15% will apply to the 2020 budget". This statement was made on January 14 by Georges Elanga Obam, Minister of Decentralization and Local Development at the occasion of a press conference co-chaired with his communication colleague René Emmanuel Sadi. Regrettable or realistic, the fact remains that Minddevel justifies its point by the fact that "the finance law was passed long before" the general code of decentralized communities. However, "it goes without saying that arrangements will be made by the state". 

He takes as an example his ministry created at the beginning of March 2018 when the state budget had already been voted and that there was not a chapter devoted to that ". And the Minddel, that year , "worked with a budget of 44 billion CFA francs" he gargled. Besides, "in public finances, he continues, there are a certain number of techniques which one uses to settle this type of question. If the President of the Republic at leisure decides, a budgetary correction will be taken which will make available the resources (...) so that the powers devolved to the municipalities can be exercised and possibly for the establishment of the regions ". 

1st level operator of the decentralization process in Cameroon, Georges Elanga Obam is the personality indicated to explain the workings of this law. It was in this capacity that he responded to the concerns of journalists. When asked how this text resolves the so-called Anglophone crisis in the North West and the South West (Noso). It welcomes the acquisition of special status for these two regions. Especially that they will be administered by a deliberative body (the regional assembly note) made up of two rooms namely the House of divisional representatives and the House of Chiefs. In addition to this body, the law establishes a regional executive council. On the "indigenous / non-indigenous" debate aroused by article 246 of the said law, Mr. Elanga Obam explains that this text "


From its posture of government spokesperson, the Mincom is the first to open its microphone to make the reading note of the legislative text cited above. First in English, then in French. René Emmanuel Sadi has reviewed the six books which define the general legal framework for territorial decentralization, the status of local elected representatives, the rules of organization and operation of local authorities, the specific regime applicable to certain communities. During his speech, René Sadi considered that this new general code of CDTs is a velvet revolution initiated by the Head of State. "An exhaustive reading" which gave satisfaction to his colleague in decentralization and local development.

Source: Le Jour N ° 3093

Police arrests an Obese ISIS leader who could not fit in a police car, so they carried him in a pickup truck

The police have reportedly arrested an Obese ISIS leader, Mufti Shifa al-Nima,  a strong terrorist who have ordered the butchering, executions, enslavement, rape, kidnapping and sale of many non-Muslims captives and Muslims that are against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, ISIS.

Because of his Obese nature, al-Nima could not fit in any police cars, so they conveyed him in a truck. 

Mufti Shifa al-Nima was nabbed from his hideout on Thursday by the Iraqi SWAT team members, he is named the biggest captures in recent months.

Shifa al-Nima was accused of ordering destruction of heritage sites in Mosu, butchering, executions, enslavement, rape, kidnapping and sale of many non-Muslims captives and Muslims that are against the ISIS. 

Mufti Shifa al-Nima who is also known as "Abu Abdul-Bari" is reportedly Weighing 300 Ibs..

Anglophone Crisis: French Cameroun Chief of Defense Staff arrives in Bamenda

The Francophone Chief of Defense Staff, René Claude Meka is in Southern Cameroons. Rene Meka arrived Bamenda earlier today Thursday, November 16, 2020 in a heavily guarded military convoy.

Our chief correspondent in the Northern Zone reported that the French Cameroun army general visited the command post of the 5th Joint Military Legion to assess the security situation in the Mezam County.

People in the know hinted Cameroon Intelligence Report that Yaoundé dispatched René Claude Meka to Southern Cameroons to boost troop’s morale which has been declining at catastrophic rapidity.

The visit comes less than ten days before the launch of campaigns for the municipal and parliamentary elections banned in Southern Cameroons by the Ambazonia Interim Government.

Ambazonia Vice President Dabney Yerima in a televised address to Southern Cameroonians in Ground Zero warned of severe consequences to anyone taking part in the French Cameroun teleguided elections in the Federal Republic of Ambazonia scheduled for February 9, 2020.

Chairing the first bi-annual conference of Francophone regional governors this week, the Minister of Territorial Administration Paul Atanga Nji assured Southern Cameroons pro Yaoundé politicians that all measures would be taken to guarantee a peaceful vote in Ambazonia.

Correspondingly, a contingent of 700 gendarmes was recently deployed to Southern Cameroons. We understand 6 of the 350 sent to the Southern Zone were killed in Bakebe village in Manyu County.

By Oke Akombi Ayukepi Akap with files from Chi Prudence Asong

Anglophone Crisis: Success Nkongho is still wreaking havoc

It has been reported that Success Nkongho, the man who is now working with the Yaounde government to kill the Southern Cameroons rebellion, is still very dangerous.

The Cameroon Concord News Group undercover agent has revealed that Success Nkongho is still doing a lot of damage to the movement that has shaken the Yaounde government to the core.

Mr. Nkongho whom the informant said was being housed by the Yaounde government has been singing like a magpie and is betraying lots of people, especially those who were close to him and Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe.

The self-styled pastor with a questionable character is suspected of submitting a long list of names to the secret service and the list will be used to target those who are suspected of playing a key role in the struggle that has brought the country’s economy to its knees.

Mr. Nkongho who has arrogated a PhD to himself, has promised that he would stand in the way of any independence efforts.

He is being bankrolled by the Yaounde government for him to get in touch with as many people as possible in Nigeria.

His efforts to reach out to many Southern Cameroonians are designed to help the government in its efforts to bring back many suffering Southern Cameroonians without the United Nations’ support so that it can prove that Southern Cameroonians living abroad really want to come back to live in a one and indivisible Cameroon.

The informant said that “anybody who has ever kept in touch with Success Nkongho has become a wanted man in the country. Success seems to be fabricating stories to please his financiers and this seems to be music to the ears of the Yaounde government.”

“Success is a hand grenade that is gradually going off and it will destroy so many lives. He hasn’t got a conscience and is willing to betray even his mother,” the informant said.

Speaking to the Cameroon Concord News Group Chairman, Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai, over the phone, the informant said Cameroonians living abroad must be security conscious as the government is using decoys and molds to eliminate its enemies.

“Be careful how you relate to Cameroonians, especially those of French extraction. Some of them living abroad are on mission to take down enemies of the system,” the informant said, “adding that there are hundreds of Success Nkongho out there, especially in the USA where many people want to use the struggle to enrich themselves.”

“The government is losing power. Its financial resources are on the decline, especially following the fire disaster in SONARA. The government has lost multiple income streams as a result of the struggle and this has left it with an empty treasury,” the informant stressed.

“A hungry man is an angry man. The government is running out of financial resources and this has rattled it. Last months many civil servants did not receive their salaries in time and this is causing sleepless nights in Yaounde,” the informant added.

“This unfortunate financial situation will surely get worse in January and priority will be given to the military, as the government is scared of a mutiny,” the informant advised.

Success Nkongho is not yet done with Southern Cameroonians. In his warped thinking, he thinks he has become a rock star. He is enjoying his relationship with the Yaounde government; a relationship which grants him immunity and money, the informant stressed.

“When you have a friend like Success Nkongho, you don’t need enemies and you must be sure that yours is a kingdom of insomnia. He has been singing like a parrot ever since the government put money in his pocket and nobody really knows what he has been telling people like Atanga Nji who are determined to demonstrate that they are loyal to the government,” the informant quipped.

His intercourse with the Yaounde government can only breed problems in a country that needs peace and stability, the informant concluded.


Thursday, January 16, 2020

BREAKING: ECO crisis deepens as Nigeria, other English-speaking countries condemn French-speaking counterparts

Nigeria and five other English-speaking West African countries have condemned the decision of their French-speaking counterparts to unilaterally rename the CFA Franc as ECO by 2020.

The six countries issued the condemnation at the end of a crucial extraordinary meeting of their ministers of finance and governors of their central banks on Thursday. They met in Abuja under the West African Monetary Zone (WAMZ) on the ECOWAS single currency programme.

The communique at the end of the meeting was read on behalf of other member countries by Nigeria’s Minister for Finance, Budget and National Planning, Zainab Ahmed.

The six countries involved in the meeting are Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone.

According to the communique, they took note of the declaration by the Chairman of the Authority of the Heads of State and Government of the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) on December 21, 2019, to unilaterally rename the CFA Franc as ECO by 2020.

“WAMZ Convergence Council wishes to emphsize that this action is inconsistent with the decision of the Authority of the Heads of State and Government of ECOWAS for the adoption of the ECO as the name of an independent ECOWAS single currency

“WAMZ Convergence Council wishes to reiterate the need for all ECOWAS member countries to implement the decision of the Authority of the Heads of State and Government towards the implementation of the revised roadmap of the ECOWAS single currency programme.

“WAMZ Convergence Council would be recommending an extraordinary summit of the Authority of the Heads of State and Government of the WAMZ member states will be convened soon to discuss this matter and other related issues.


Reports: Ni John Fru Ndi's Residence Flooded with heavy security forces

The house of the SDF National Chiarman, Ni John Fru Ndi is reported to have been flooded with the cameroonian security forces following his recent abduction in the Northwest Region of Cameroon.

John Fru Ndi has been battling with his health after he was tortured by his abductors.

The SDF National Chiarman is currently out of Cameroon to a private hospital abroad where he is being treated..


Police apprehended another Student found with a knife at Lycée Akwa Nord, Douala

The police in Douala reported to have arrested a young student on Thursday at Lycée Akwa Nord who was in the possession of a knife.

Mimi Info has learnt that the suspect earlier threatened his class mate before being found with a knife.
He is currently under police investigation in Douala.. Update to follow shortly..


Opinion: Nobody cares enough to know why he killed his teacher - Amierence Rene

A cameroonian has viewed out his opinion on the death of a Secondary School teacher that was stabbed by his student who alleged failed his subject in Yaoundé..

To him as he wrote in his point of view, he said Nobody cares enough to know why the suspect had killed his teacher.

Cameroonians are reacting to his opinion which some have named a wrong opinion... No one deserves to die just the way the young teacher was killed.. read below..

"He is condemned today as a badly brought up,as a spoiled child etc, but nobody cares enough to know why he did it, no one cares about his own feelings. He is a human too,
"We all make mistakes even though some mistakes are worst than others but atleast we should try and show a little bit of concern for each other. What he did is wrong and bad we know, 
"But have anyone ever bothered to ask why he did it? Both the families are going to lost dear ones. Most of us here have also lost dear ones, either in the hands of the military or in the hands of Ambar boys, 
"The military killing innocent souls in the north west and south west regions, is it justified? Pls dont see him like the worst person ever on earth. He made a mistake ,same mistakes most of our brothers have also made and are still doing it, 
"Condemn the society or the wicked government for their insecurity and blame the boy for the wrong act. Please dont take it personal with me. It's just my own point of view. Thanks".

Amierence Rene 

This is how officer Ayo Akam was killed in Bamenda

Officer Ayo Akam, a cameroonian soldier was Killed last night in Bamenda during a gun battle with Ambazonia fighters.

The incident occurred around Nebung Catholic Church in Bamenda, at about 10PM on Wednesday January 15, 2020,
his killers made away with his gun.

We have learned that Akam was ambushed at night while going to his duty post in GBHS Atiela from a bar with his girlfriend.

The girl friend sustains serious injuries and was rushed to the hospital.

'Maurice Kamto' in Mourning

The MRC has just officially confirmed the death of one of its greatest figures: Me Sylvain SOUOP. While many still did not believe this news announced early this morning by the media, the party through its spokesman confirmed this sad news on social networks.


We confirm with the greatest consternation the death of Me Sylvain SOUOP", wrote devastated, Bibou Nissack on his twitter account. Saddened, the activists of the MRC today mourn one of the loyal soldiers of their president.

Chantiers de Douala, Buea and Limbé: the comfort of Célestine Ketcha Courtès

In his dynamism and determination to always fulfill 100% the missions entrusted to him by President Paul Biya, through the Prime Minister, Head of Government, Joseph Dion Ngute, in particular the improvement of urban mobility, Mrs. Célestine Ketcha Courtès, Minister of Housing and Urban Development (Minhdu), has undertaken since last Saturday, January 11, 2020, a series of visits to the various construction sites of urban roads in the course of start-up, construction and finishing, as well as access roads to stadiums in the main cities of Yaoundé, Douala, Buea and Limbé, selected to house the CHAN, in April 2020, and the CAN 2021.

After the big media zoom recorded on Saturday, January 11, on the asphalting project of the mythical main road, Lycée Bilingue d'Essos - Nkolmesseng - Tradex Breeder, 6.8 km, with World Bank funding up to 11,717 billion FCFA, in the arrondissement of Yaoundé 5ème, the patron saint of housing and urban development in Cameroon, Célestine Ketcha Courtès, accompanied by her closest technical collaborators, successively visited on January 13 and 14 2020, on the other priority projects of urban roads and access roads to stadiums, the cities of Douala in the Littoral region, Buea and Limbé in the Southwest region, selected to house the CHAN in April 2020 and CAN 2021, which will be played in Cameroon. 

of the Republic, HE Paul Biya, ordered the release of 4 billion FCFA for urban road works, and 1 billion for soil stabilization Logbessou area. It is in the dynamics of acceleration and delivery of these works that the Minister, Célestine Ketcha Courtès, visited the emergency maintenance works of the urban roads of the economic capital city, that is to say a total of 20 ways for a linear of 19 km with the development of crossroads. In addition to the rehabilitation projects of the other 30 km of additional roads in the three-year emergency plan to accelerate economic growth (PLANUT), which are progressing at 75%. Before falling on the evaluation of the construction works of the 4, 8 km of access roads to Japoma's sports infrastructure, i.e. the construction of 6000 parking lots on 24ha of land, to serve CHAN 2020 and CAN 2021, with an overall execution rate of 90%, thanks to the determination of Comar and Yenigun companies, mobilized on these different projects. With delivery deadlines set for February 15, 2020, the Minister, Célestine Ketcha Courtès, took advantage of this during the debriefing meeting which closed this visit to the Littoral, to pass on to these late service providers, to the administrative authorities of the region. , to the urban community, to local elected representatives, to the technical services of Minhdu, and to the populations, the very high instructions of President Paul Biya, who demands without reserve, the delivery of all these sites, within the contractual deadlines. i.e. the construction of 6000 parking lots on 24ha of land, to serve CHAN 2020 and CAN 2021, with an overall execution rate of 90%, thanks to the determination of the companies Comar and Yenigun, mobilized on these different sites. With delivery deadlines set for February 15, 2020, the Minister, Célestine Ketcha Courtès, took advantage of this during the debriefing meeting which closed this visit to the Littoral, to pass on to these late service providers, to the administrative authorities of the region. , to the urban community, to local elected representatives, to the technical services of Minhdu, and to the populations, the very high instructions of President Paul Biya, who demands without reserve, the delivery of all these sites, within the contractual deadlines. i.e. the construction of 6000 parking lots on 24ha of land, to serve CHAN 2020 and CAN 2021, with an overall execution rate of 90%, thanks to the determination of the companies Comar and Yenigun, mobilized on these different sites. With delivery deadlines set for February 15, 2020, the Minister, Célestine Ketcha Courtès, took advantage of this during the debriefing meeting which closed this visit to the Littoral, to pass on to these late service providers, to the administrative authorities of the region. , to the urban community, to local elected representatives, to the technical services of Minhdu, and to the populations, the very high instructions of President Paul Biya, who demands without reserve, the delivery of all these sites, within the contractual deadlines. with an overall execution rate of 90%, thanks to the determination of the Comar and Yenigun companies, mobilized on these different sites. With delivery deadlines set for February 15, 2020, the Minister, Célestine Ketcha Courtès, took advantage of this during the debriefing meeting which closed this visit to the Littoral, to pass on to these late service providers, to the administrative authorities of the region. , to the urban community, to local elected representatives, to the technical services of Minhdu, and to the populations, the very high instructions of President Paul Biya, who demands without reserve, the delivery of all these sites, within the contractual deadlines. with an overall execution rate of 90%, thanks to the determination of the Comar and Yenigun companies, mobilized on these different sites. With delivery deadlines set for February 15, 2020, the Minister, Célestine Ketcha Courtès, took advantage of this during the debriefing meeting which closed this visit to the Littoral, to pass on to these late service providers, to the administrative authorities of the region. , to the urban community, to local elected representatives, to the technical services of Minhdu, and to the populations, the very high instructions of President Paul Biya, who demands without reserve, the delivery of all these sites, within the contractual deadlines. 

The finishes in Buea and Limbé The very first work mission of Célestine Ketcha Courtès, in the South-West region, since taking office at the head of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, especially in the cities of Buea and de Limbé, allowed all the members of his delegation to have a better appreciation of the work done daily by the service providers, in the field, despite the extremely precarious security conditions. In the city of Buea for example, Cheflieu in the Southwest region, urban work sites, traffic routes, access routes to the Buéa town training stadium with the EDGE company, access routes at the Parlementarian and Mountain hotels, and the access roads to the Molyko sports stadium are being completed, and the companies mobilized on these urban development works, reassure about the respect of delivery dates, in the next few days. Especially since the city of Buea is selected to house the CHAN which will be played in Cameroon in April 2020.

It is the same sound of the bell in the city of Limbé, where Célestine Ketcha Courtès combed all the urban roads and the access roads to the Omnisport stadium of Limbé, also selected for the said competition of April 2020, which knows the problems of public lighting. The works are currently in full completion with the providers ESER, COMAR, BUNS, and MAG Sarl. Satisfied with these works which changed the physiognomy of their city, the populations do not wait any more than the day said, to celebrate the festival of African football. With each visit to the field, Minhdu has not failed in its tradition, which is that of raising awareness among local residents and organizing them in hygiene and sanitation committees, in order to keep their city clean and pleasant to live in. 

At the end of this important inspection visit, Célestine Ketcha Courtès congratulated the service providers for the satisfactory level of progress of the works, and nevertheless asked them to deliver all these sites within 15 days, with a maximum margin of 30 days for the last ones, in accordance with the very high prescriptions of the Head of State, who invested himself personally for a better organization of these competitions. Minister Ketcha Courtès has also promised to return as soon as possible to receive this work. 

Because the inspection visit of the African Football Confederation (Caf) is imminent. In the vision of the Head of State, Paul Biya, to further promote decent social housing for all his compatriots, Célestine Ketcha Courtès completed her mission of 03 days outside Yaoundé, by the visit of a witness building of "housing CENTRIQ ”in Douala. A private promoter, who also intends to contribute to the improvement of housing in Cameroon.

Source: -

Obituary: Equinoxe announced the death of Journalist Jack Ekwe

The Cameroonian press is in mourning again and this time, it's the sudden death of Equinoxe TV Journalist, Jack Ekwe.

Jack Ekwe pronounced dead after a throat surgery.

The News of his sudden death wiped out his colleagues and family members. He had a career as a writer in Yaoundé, Buea and Douala. But he went through most of his time as a columnist for Equinoxe TV. 

Jack Ekwe Kingue has been a energetic correspondent, news grapple and pidgin news at Equinoxe TV for years. The reasons for his passing have not however been specifically mentioned. update shortly...

4-year-old Archangel declared missing in Yaoundé

The little baby, 4-year-old Archangel Vanished on January 15, 2020 around 5:30 p.m. within the Omnisport district. His parents are seriously worried and have since then been searching for him. He was dressed in a green T-shirt and khaki pants with dark slippers.

He had a bowl in hand when he left the house. please kindly Contact this number anybody  sees him 654307230.

A student of Government Bilingual High School Mbalmayo, stabs her Boyfriend to death

Another student kills Boyfriend after he ended his relationship with her.

                              The Victim 

An 18-year-old Patricia, who is a student of Government Bilingual High School Mbalmayo has reportedly stabbed his boyfriend to death after he ended up his relationship with her.

The victim, 22-year-old Andre bleed to death after being stabbed by his lover.

It has been a stabbing week in Cameroon's secondary schools. 

On Tuesday a student stabbed his teacher to death after failing his subject.

On Wednesday a student try to cut off the fingers of his class mate with machete.

Dear God!! Please help Cameroon, this is getting out of hand already

An Imam marries a wife he never know was a man until the bride was caught stealing and arrested

        The couple on their wedding day

A Ugandan imam has reportedly been suspended after getting to know that his new bride is a man.

The 27-year-old Sheikh Mohammed Mutumba discovered the truth after his wife was caught stealing a television set from a neighbour and she was held and search by the police.

According to report, the thief was search by a female police officer thinking he was a woman.

He confessed to marrying the Iman just to steal his money.

Imam said his Bride doesn't undress when it is bed time.

This could be that the Imam is secretly practicing a man and man in the other words...

How could a man not knowing his bride is not a woman after the first night of their wedding?

He practically enjoys it and never measured it..

   Bridee after he was caught and arrested