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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Fanaf presidency: Théophile Gérard Moulong worries

This February 20, 2020 in Libreville, Gabon, the Cameroonian Théophile Gérard Moulong, candidate declared for a few months in the election of the president of the Federation of insurance companies under African national law (Fanaf), withdrew from the race . "? I ask my supporters to vote overwhelmingly for César (Ekomié-Aféné). Should he be well elected? ”He said.

The withdrawal of the Cameroonian candidate for this election, which takes place within the framework of the 44th General Assembly of this organization, whose closing is scheduled for February 21, 2020 in the Gabonese capital, therefore opens the way to the plebiscite of the Gabonese César Ekomié-Aféné , director of Nsia Assurances companies in Gabon, Congo and Senegal. 

By withdrawing his candidacy, the Cameroonian candidate still wanted his compatriot Jacob Sindze to join the new office of Fanaf. "? I also ask all my supporters and César to vote for the Cameroonian candidate, Jacob Sindze. Not because he is Cameroonian, but because I would like the Cameroonian market (insurance, editor's note) to participate actively in the animation of our federation? ”, Declared Théophile Gérard Moulong.

At the origin of the withdrawal of the Cameroonian candidacy for the presidency of Fanaf, informed sources see a big offensive of the Nsia group for the Gabonese candidate, but especially the desire to assign the post to a national of another country of Central Africa, outside Cameroon. 

Indeed, a credible source points out, three Cameroonians (Paul Tsala ?; Richard Lowé and Protais Ayangma Amang) have already presided over the destinies of Fanaf, each time the post of president of this organization has returned to Central Africa.

Ngarbuh killings: Bishop of Kumbo accused the government

In correspondence dated February 18, 2020, the prelate declared Friday February 21, 2020, a day of prayer and mourning throughout the diocese of Kumbo in memory of the victims of the Ngarbuh disaster.

Almost a week after the massacre in Ngarbuh, a village in the North West region, the number of deaths recorded during this tragedy, which occurred on February 14, 2020, is at the center of a controversy. 

According to the government, five people, including 4 children, were killed in Ngarbuh. A figure contested by civil society organizations, political leaders and the UN who speak of more than twenty dead. 

In a correspondence dated February 18, 2020 and addressed to priests, religious, believers, men and women of good will, the Bishop of Kumbo, Archbishop George Nkuo, also maintains that the massacre of February 14 cost the lives of more than 24 people. 

"We have been sufficiently informed of the real unfortunate incident which took place on February 14 in the village Ngarbuh-Ntumbaw at the parish of St Martin de Porrès in Ndu ... on Friday February 14, 2020, the soldiers invaded Ngarbuh at 4 am and we were says that twenty-four people, including pregnant women and small children, were killed ... some victims were burned alive and several others injured, "said the prelate in his correspondence.

According to the daily newspaper Le Messager which reports this information in its edition of February 20, 2020, the representative of the Holy Father affirms that several houses have been burned, nine in total and “hundreds of people from Ngarbuh are currently displaced and taking refuge in deplorable human conditions in neighboring villages ”. 

After this drama, he invites solidarity with the victims. "Pending the completion of the ongoing investigation to determine those responsible for this merciless massacre, it is incumbent on us Christians, not only to firmly condemn these atrocities, but also to immediately help the new victims find support and comfort. with us ”. 

To conclude, the Bishop of Kumbo invites everyone to "observe a day of prayer for the deceased and suffering members of this tragic incident". Seen under this prism, Bishop George Nkuo "declares Friday, February 21, 2020, a day of prayer and mourning in the whole diocese of Kumbo in memory of the victims of the Ngarbuh disaster", can we read.

Ngarbuh massacre: new revelations by the survivors

Without necessarily accusing the army, several residents of this locality say they have lost loved ones whose number greatly exceeds the five victims recognized by the government.

While the emotion is still strong after the killing of Ngarbuh (North West) on February 14, 2020, it is the war of figures between the national and international press, NGOs, the UN and the government. 

If most of these sources speak of about twenty deaths, including women and children, Yaoundé recognizes only five civilian victims (a woman and four children). 

What about the residents themselves? 

The private channel Equinoxe Television, broadcast on February 19, 2020, audio testimonies of two people who lost loved ones during this tragedy.

"They arrived, they knocked on the door, took out my sister and shot her, along with her two daughters and six other people," said a man who said he did not know who the regular forces or the separatists had committed these abuses. 

"Oh my God ! I lack words, my whole family has been exterminated, my mother, my sister and my nieces, ”laments a woman in the second audio testimony. 

These statements clearly indicate a higher toll than the number of deaths presented by the government.

Anglophone Crisis: Samuel Eto'o breaks his silence

The former captain of the Indomitable Lions spoke once again about the difficult socio-political situation of the country, during a visit to the Equinoxe group in Douala on February 19, 2020.

Cameroonians must give peace a chance and regain a taste for living together. This is the new message passed by Samuel Eto'o Fils. 

The former captain of the Indomitable Lions launched this call on February 19, 2020 in Douala, while he was visiting the premises of the Equinoxe group. 

“Our beautiful country is going through difficult times and my biggest dream is that our hearts will calm down. It is really that we find the living together that has always characterized us and that we have always taught other nations, "he urged.

The newly retired recalls that "Cameroon is a special country that belongs to all of us, we are not perfect - me first - but I would really like our hearts to be appeased and that we come back to better feelings", a he added. 

The football icon, very influential today at CAF, arrived in Cameroon thanks to the draw for the next CHAN which took place on February 17, 2020 in Yaoundé. 

Samuel Eto'o has therefore, like all Cameroonians, learned of the massacre of several civilians, including women and children, during clashes between separatist militias and the regular army on February 14 in Ngarbuh in the northwest.

Anglophone.Crisis: these known truths that disturb France

It is an open secret, all the French presidents have maintained and maintain good relations with President Paul Biya of Cameroon. France as in the majority of its colonies, participates in the maintenance in power of autocratic leaders. In Cameroon, she turns a blind eye to the atrocities perpetrated since the beginning of the English-speaking crisis in 2017. The attitude of France, however prompt to react in Libya or Mali, exacerbates several personalities from the continent.

In a column published earlier this week, former President of Ghana Jerry John Rawlings openly criticizes "the hypocrisy of France" in the management of the English-speaking crisis in phase of becoming a genocide. 

"Why do France and the rest of the world look away when it serves their selfish interests? How many more will die in the quest for parity in northwest and southwest Cameroon? "Wonders the former Ghanaian president. He invited France to deploy its army to the North West and South West of Cameroon in order to put an end to the war which has already claimed more than 3000 lives. 

“Given that France is on the ground with its own troops in Mali, what is preventing Macron from stopping this brutality, this atrocity in Cameroon? Should Europeans be surprised to see Africans risking their lives to escape the gunfire and fire to join their colonies? "He wrote.

Jerry John Rawlings did not fail to challenge Africans, in particular the African Union, which seems not to be interested in what is happening in Cameroon. "What about the African Union? If we are so helpless to act, can we not at the very least condemn this blind savagery of President Paul Biya? ", He laments. 

A few hours after the shattering exit of Jerry John Rawlings, preceded by that of the UN, France finally laid a light statement to condemn the massacres of children and women. "We condemn the violence which has resulted in the deaths of a large number of inhabitants of a village in the North West Province of Cameroon, including children," said a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at during an electronic press briefing. "We hope that all the light is shed on this tragic event and that those responsible are answerable for their actions," he continued.


Anglophone Crisis: Paul Biya's regime bites its tongue in controversy

The controversy continues to swell around the event of February 14 in the North West. Pointed out as the main responsible for this carnage perpetrated by soldiers; he tries to clear himself without really convincing.

The UN and certain international NGOs have no difficulty in recognizing the responsibility of the Cameroonian army in the assassination of 22 civilians on February 14. While the state denies with the utmost ardor this "unfounded accusation", on the civilians' side, we no longer really know where to turn. When we know that this is not the first, even less the second or a third ... once the Cameroonian army is pinned for such abuses, there is reason to spark a "constructive controversy? among populations. In a recent outing, Defense Minister Joseph Beti Assomo "formally denies false allegations" about the role of the army in the massacre of 22 civilians in the Dong-Mantung department, ensuring that it was "an unfortunate accident" after exchanges of fire between the security forces and secessionist rebels. Controversy or delayed truth? in any case, the analysis of the situation is imbued with a certain number of paradoxical elements, enough to further inflame the controversy. 

Should we throw everything on the back of secessionist rebels? 

For the Cameroonian army, the plea is the result, it is an unfortunate incident which caused collateral damage to the victims. However when the news was published by Agence France Presse on Friday, then better on Sunday evening, the various accounts reported an unexpected attack by secessionist rebels, therefore the Cameroonian army had been caught off guard, if it is necessary to follow the logic of the facts. This is all the more compelling at the thought of knowing that there is an exchange of fire between rebel militias and the Cameroonian armed forces without loss of human life in either camp. But rather that the majority of the dead are innocent civilians. 

The paradox of the defense ministry statement

Blamed by the opposition mainly the MRC and certain local NGOs, who accuse him of being the sponsor of this massacre, the army still loudly proclaims that it is an "unfortunate accident, a collateral consequence of the security operations underway in these regions ”. Subtly we could surely go and find out, what confrontation is the Cameroonian army talking about? when we remember that in his exit the Minister of Communication René Sadi evacuated the shadow of the slightest reproach against the Cameroonian army. "How can we think for a moment that an army as disciplined and as civic as ours, can perpetrate acts of looting of civilian property and massacres of the populations whose vocation it is to ensure protection and security? Never, 

"The Government therefore takes issue with the fanciful and gratuitous accusations made by political activists, by the sponsors of the secessionist armed bands, by Non-Governmental Organizations as well as by certain national and international media, against our Defense Forces and of security. Likewise, there is reason to be astonished at the credulity of these different actors who give credit to fallacious allegations drawn from any sources and lacking in any reliability, to the point of hastily making established certainties and truths, all things which translate their bad faith and their state of mind doomed permanently to the instrumentalization and the manipulation of opinion. The Cameroonian Government denounces with the latest energy, all these maneuvers, the purpose of which is to damage the image of Cameroon, and to systematically throw anathema on our institutions and our army, at the very moment when just successfully unfolded, transparency and equity throughout the territory national, the voting operations relating to the legislative and municipal double ballot of February 9, 2020. " , he thought he convinced. 

Have the secessionists no longer burst into this village before killing civilians as previously announced by local authorities and witnesses? Was the army present at the scene of the massacre and was unable to arrest a handful of rebels who had come in two vehicles? Despite the multiple declarations of senior Cameroonian army officials in an attempt to launder the fabric smeared by the numerous controversies surrounding the perpetrators of this massacre, it is good to remember, as Ho Chi Minh said, "that those who have nothing to do to reproach, hide even when a subject is raised ”.

US Diplomat Calls The ICC To Investigate Paul Biya

A former US Diplomat and former US Assistant Secretary for African Affairs Herman Cohen, has recommended the International Criminal Court to investigate the Biya regime for crimes against humanity. The call comes days after gov’t forces killed at least 32 persons including 14 children in Ngarbuh village, North West region.

Cohen (Ret) As an ambassador, advisor to Presidents, and a 38-year veteran of the Foreign Service, Ambassador Herman J. Cohen has devoted his entire professional career to African and European affairs. Over the years, Cohen grew to know every first-generation African leader – from Mandela to Mobutu, to Moammar Gaddafi.

He has demonstrated great interest in seeing an end to the armed conflict in Southern Cameroons through justice.


Wednesday, February 19, 2020

North-West: a teacher allegedly locked up for mourning her students killed in Ngarbuh

A lady was taken away by the police after demonstrating at the governor's office in the Northwest.

This lady, a teacher in Ngarbuh in the Donga Mantung division, carried a sign crying over her students who died in the Ngarbuh massacre on February 14. 

Without listening to her, a source said, an official from the governor's office came out and asked the police to throw her out of the establishment.

More than 15 children died when government soldiers raided and shot civilians in Ngarbuh-Ntunbaw on Valentine's Day.

Source: Mimi Mefo info

Me Souop's autopsy: family in pressure

According to the national order of doctors in Cameroon, the family of the spokesperson for the collective of MRC lawyers "prohibited certain investigations which could have been desirable" in the search for the circumstances of the controversial death of the lawyer indicates ONMC in a press release.

According to our sources, it should not be excluded that pressures on the family led him to choose not to "cooperate" with the order of doctors. The latter who wants to return his technical, ethical and deontological investigation report to the Minister of Public Health and no longer public before the press as promised. 

Sources also indicate that sanctions should be taken in the coming weeks against doctors recognized as "professional misconduct" in the care of the famous lawyer who died on January 16, 2020. As a reminder, justice already holds the report autopsy performed last Saturday by a team of forensic scientists in Yaoundé Death of Me Souop: the family opposes access to the body (ONMC) 

The death of Me Sylvain Souop, lawyer at the Cameroon Bar and counselor of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC), on January 16, 2020 in very vague circumstances at the Center des Urgences de Yaoundé (CURY), had caused collective excitement within his corporation, and even within the medical profession. 

The National Order of Doctors of Cameroon (ONMC) then decided to set up an independent Ad Hoc Commission, "responsible for shedding light, from a technical, ethical and deontological point of view, on the circumstances surrounding the death of Maitre Sylvain Souop".

The said commission completed its work, and announced it in a press release made public on February 14, in which it describes the difficulties encountered during its mission, in this case with the family of the deceased. "Counsel for the family of the late disappeared have prohibited certain investigations which might have been desirable (in particular the access to the mortal remains of the deceased), as well as any communication relating to his medical file", indicates the ONMC. 

In all likelihood, the family of the order could not perform an autopsy on the body of Me Sylvain Souop, in order to elucidate the circumstances of his death. 

Nevertheless, the Doctors indicate that they will produce a report, intended for the only Minister of Public Health (MINSANTE), Malachie Manaouda, who had ordered it. 

The ONMC admits that shortcomings occurred during the care of the late lawyer at CURY, and that these shortcomings will also be the subject of a careful analysis, in order to establish the responsibilities of the people involved in this drama, and draw the consequences. 

It should be noted that the National Bar Association has also opened an investigation to determine the real causes of the death of their colleague, and that its report has not yet been made public. 

For the record, the MRC Council died on January 16 in Yaoundé, four days after a traffic accident at the entrance to the city of Bafoussam. A priori, he got away with just a minor fracture of the right arm.

Buea: the successor of Patrick Ekema finally revealed

A stormy right-wing session of the Buea Council held on Tuesday, February 18, 2020, allowed to elect David Mafani Namange as new mayor of the administrative capital of the Southwest region following the victory of the CPDM list in the municipal elections February 9, 2020.

So far very discreet in Buea's politics, the banker, lawyer, longtime CPDM resource person and section president has triumphed over mayoral candidates like Dr George Mafany Teke, journalist Kange Williams Wasaloko and Dr Amos Namanga Ngongi, all from Buea. 

After intense negotiations with the aforementioned aspirants under the leadership of Dima Gabriel and Motanga Gerald of the CPDM Central Committee, Mafani Namange tipped the scales in his favor. 

The man who became president of the Fako III section of the CPDM in 2015 with a mission of change and renewal won 39 out of 40 votes. The Buea council has 41 advisers. One of them organized a walkout demonstration against the overbearing precepts of the Party's Central Committee. The party had opted for investitures rather than primaries to choose municipal officials. 

Mafani Namange is currently the South-West regional director of the Cameroon housing bank, Crédit Foncier du Cameroun, after having served in the institution in various capacities in Buea, Bamenda and Douala for more than 20 years. 

He was recently sworn in as a lawyer and is currently pursuing a doctorate in international law at the University of Buea. The soft-spoken politician is married and a father.

Deputy mayors of the Buea council were also elected. The Buea council is composed as follows: 

- First deputy mayor, Akawoh Minerva Epse Molinge; 

- Second deputy mayor, Mosoko Edward Motuwe; 

- Third deputy mayor, 

- Head of HRM, Marcus Motove Etonge;

- Fourth deputy mayor, Enjema Mbonde Magdalene epse Vevanje. 

Mafani Namange replaces Ekema Patrick Esunge who gave up the ghost at IDIMED Polyclinic, rue Koloko Bonapriso in Douala Sunday October 27, 2019 after a malaise. The former mayor of Buea is said to have suffered a heart attack. 


Municipal 2020: Patricia Ndam Njoya replaces husband as the mayor of commune of Foumban

The now ex-deputy was elected during the session of right which was held on February 18, 2020 in the departmental capital of Noun.

Adamou Ndam Njoya left his post as mayor of the commune of Foumban, chief town of the Noun department, in the West region. After 24 years of service in this municipality for 78 candles, the former minister gives way to his wife, Hermine Patricia Tomaino Ndam Njoya.

The now former member of the National Assembly was elected with a score of 36 votes out of the 46 councilors during the session of right held on February 18, 2020 in Foumban.

A vigilante group in the town of Bakweri, in the town of Buea, apprehended two men accused of committing atrocities in the neighborhood.

The two men are said to have told the people of Sandpit and the town of Bakweri that they were working with secessionist fighters from Ambazonia. 

They were handed over to the police and security forces. 

Bakweri alone has experienced numerous thefts and kidnappings in recent times. Last month, elements of the rapid response were arrested for kidnapping a man in Sandpit and demanding a ransom.

Source: Camerounweb

Alleged secessionists reportedly arrested in Bakweri

A vigilante group in the town of Bakweri, in the town of Buea, apprehended two men accused of committing atrocities in the neighborhood.

The two men are said to have told the people of Sandpit and the town of Bakweri that they were working with secessionist fighters from Ambazonia. 

They were handed over to the police and security forces. 

Bakweri alone has experienced numerous thefts and kidnappings in recent times. Last month, elements of the rapid response were arrested for kidnapping a man in Sandpit and demanding a ransom.

Source: Camerounweb

Anglophone Crisis: Field Marshall narrowly escapes death.. Read his TESTIMONY

Field Marshall, chief of Lebialem's 'Red Dragons', is said to have escaped a 'well-thought-out assassination plot devised by the Cameroonian army'. It missed only a few centimeters the assailant who had entered their base.

According to the testimony of secessionist leader Kemi Ashu, who relayed the information, the agent who was to carry out the plot is a police officer posted in Buea. 

Camerounweb offers you all of its testimony 

The agent who was to carry out the plot had, on Sunday, February 16, called a number of Dragon generals to negotiate an arms sale agreement. He told them during the telephone conversation that he was in possession of three machine guns which he would like to sell to the Dragons. During the conversation, he managed to convince the generals that the guns were supper and that if they just transferred 100,000 francs to his account for prepayment, that he would deliver the guns the next day - Monday, 17 February. He seemed convincing to the Dragons and considering it was from Fontem and a police officer with unimpeded access to the guns, the Dragons sent him the deposit. In the company of another man familiar with the terrain with which he would meet the Field Marshall for the transaction, they left Buea this Sunday via Douala. The witness admitted that he had indeed seen the rifles - three of them with this policeman on takeoff from Buea. In Douala, he said that the police officer had decided to dismantle the weapons to facilitate transport, put them in a handbag before embarking on the trip. Once in Melong, the agent called the Dragons and informed them that he and his colleague would spend the night there to join Lebialem the next day only. he stated that the police officer had decided to disassemble the weapons for ease of transportation, put them in a handbag before embarking on the trip. Once in Melong, the agent called the Dragons and informed them that he and his colleague would spend the night there to join Lebialem the next day only. he stated that the police officer had decided to disassemble the weapons for ease of transportation, put them in a handbag before embarking on the trip. Once in Melong, the agent called the Dragons and informed them that he and his colleague would spend the night there to join Lebialem the next day only. 

Unbeknownst to the other traveling companion with the agent and the Dragons, he worked with the Cameroonian army, he was a decoy for them. A military convoy of five would leave Dschang that Sunday, travel to Azi, spend the night and, in its characteristic style, leave early in the morning to pick up the FM - this assumes that everything is working. The police officer therefore spent the night in Melong to buy time for the military convoy to go to Azi and spend the night. Like the soldiers, he would wake up late at night and continue the journey to arrive in Lebialem at 4 a.m. on Monday, with his companion. The plan - it will be suitable with FM where to meet, it will then communicate to the soldiers of Azi who would have already made their way near the surroundings at the time.

God in His mercy thwarted the whole plot. Firstly, the five military convoys which had left Dschang that Sunday and with which he worked, did not all go to Azi. Two of them exploded in Nchobeyari, leaving those who survived to spend the rest of the day caring for the dead and injured. Their mission was therefore sabotaged. At this point, the military contacted his police officer (since he had already gone so far), to proceed and spy on FM's location so that they could use the information at a later date to pick it up . 

But this is where the whole mission collapsed. The Dragons had watched his movements once they entered Lebialem. He first met the commanders, then the FM and its convoy. There was general excitement in the air, joking around hoping to buy more guns until something happened - when the FM asked to see the guns. Instead of opening the bag supposed to contain them, I held FM and I moved it away a little from the others before telling him that the guns were not with him, that they are in Douala. FM asked what he was carrying in the bag then? He said it was his dresses. FM asked to see the dresses, they opened the bag and discovered that there was only one pillow inside. His companion, who had traveled with him from Buea, fell out of favor. He was told that the bag contained the firearms which, according to the officer, had been dismantled in Douala for safe and easy transport.

After opening the bag and finding that neither the guns nor his robes were inside, it was then that FM began to think that he might have been sent. Suddenly, the question of why he had come there, traveling from Buea, occupied all the Dragons. They immediately placed him in pre-trial detention and began to interrogate him. It was then that I laid bare the whole plot. I confessed that he operated with the army. He said that without Sunday's ambush in Nchobeyari, the military could have come to the operation to take or kill Field Marshall. He added that he had conducted many such operations in the southern area, in particular in Ekona, Muyuka and Ekombe, which had resulted in the closure of food camps. For the moment, he remains in detention and the Field Marshall is saved. Both prayers work and we have to bring them up to heaven. 

Both fighters must be very intelligent. The idea of ​​trying to obtain weapons from the police, gendarmes or the LRC army should never be considered again. They are a trap. If they are not using the transaction to set up an ambush, they will insert GPS tracking devices there to track their location. The same goes for bullets, especially AK bullets. Both should avoid purchasing them from LRC security and / or military agents. It is a ploy that the LRC army used to kill many restoration forces.


NOSO: Former 'Ambazonian General' Opposes Army Withdrawal

In an interview with our editorial staff, the servant of God and former Ambazonian General who is now repentant, now claims to campaign for the return of peace to regions in a situation of de facto civil war. For him, the plan to deploy peace in these regions must not integrate the withdrawal of the republican army as required by some.

Dr. Succes Nkongho is resolutely engaged in for the return of peace in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon. He who yesterday, in the early hours of this crisis, had taken up arms against the Republic, today took up the arms of counter propaganda to reconcile the living forces of the region around a real plan to return to calm. 

Dr Succes Nkongho says that he has mastered all the actors and the different protagonists of the crisis who are currently either in the forests or in the cozy salons to finance the war. Having been at the heart of the system for a very long time, he claims to be able to destroy it in less than a year. "But if only Yaoundé could listen to us. The problem is that Yaoundé is also divided on the strategic orientations ”deplores Dr Succes Nkongho. 

When asked how he would proceed, he informed us that the reality in these regions today is no longer the same as at the start of the crisis. According to him, most of the generals and men in the ranks of the current Ambazonian militias are no more and no less than "looters and assassins". "They are the ones who are supposed to protect the people who cut their feet and fingers, they burned the Kumba hospital, are the same ones who murdered the American missionary and who murder women and children for the same reasons".

This is also one of the main reasons for him, "the withdrawal of the army from the North West and South West regions is not a solution. Besides, people forget that the army was withdrawn from these regions on December 21 or 25 (editor's note, December 2019), and it only returned in force on January 05. But in the meantime there were still killings in the villages. " 

Dr. Succes Nkongho is adamant" the only weapon that will destroy the Ambazonian dream is the weapon of truth. Because they are allergic to the truth because lying is their strategy. I will consume this tragedy this year. ”

Anglophone Crisis: US condemns Cameroon government barbarism

The pressure on the Yaounde government has continued to increase as the United Nations and the USA call for an independent investigation into the Yaounde government’s barbaric acts that resulted in the deaths of some 40 civilians, with most of them being children and pregnant women.

On Tuesday, February 18, 2020, the United Nations issued a statement calling for a thorough and objective investigation into the Ngarbuh killings that have shocked the world and proven how barbaric and inhuman the Biya regime is.

Also calling for an independent investigation is the United States Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Tibor Nagy, who did not mince his word.

He condemned the Ngarbuh massacre and urged the Biya government to conduct an “independent investigation”.

“We condemn the killings of civilians in Ngarbu, NW Region of Cameroon, and offer condolences to the victims’ families. We call on the government to authorize an independent investigation, ensure safety of witnesses, and bring perpetrators to justice,” he said, adding that “the violence must stop”.

By James Nkongho in Yaounde

Anglophone Crisis: Former Ghanaian President Jerry Rawlings questions silence over S.Cameroons killings

Former Ghanaian President Jerry John Rawlings has questioned the silence over the killings in Southern Cameroon.

In a post on Facebook, Mr Rawlings stated, “The time has come to put an end to this modern-day barbarism.”

“Enough of paying lip service to the South Cameroons problem. All people and countries of conscience must rise up and seek an urgent intervention to stop the mayhem,” he wrote.

Below is a copy of his post


Why is the world silent over Anglophone Cameroon while men, women and children are killed in the most gruesome manner – shot, hacked, sometimes burnt alive in their homes just because they seek equality?

Why will Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms not allow some of these shocking videos and photos to be posted for the world to see how some of our African compatriots are being brutalized? Why does France and the rest of the world look the other way when it suits their selfish interests? How many more are going to die in the quest for parity in South Cameroons?

What’s happening to CNN, Aljazeera, BBC et al that they cannot keep an eye on what is going on? Or when they do, it is so downplayed and underreported as the BBC did a couple of days ago (when 22 people including children were burnt to death) it lacks the seriousness and detail necessary to prick the international conscience.

How can the US, the UK and their Western allies watch Macron’s beast do this to English speaking Cameroonians? Considering that France is on the ground with its own troops in Mali, what prevents Macron from stopping this brutality, this atrocity in Cameroon? Should it surprise Europeans why Africans would risk their lives to escape being hacked shot or trapped and burnt alive from their colonies?

What about the African Union? If we are so powerless to act, can’t we at the very least condemn this mindless savagery by President Paul Biya? How can we live with the thought of human beings being surrounded with guns and lighted up to burn, roasted alive? Why?

The time has come to put an end to this modern-day barbarism. Enough of paying lip service to the South Cameroons problem. All people and countries of conscience must rise up and seek an urgent intervention to stop the mayhem! – JJR

Culled from

Southern Cameroons Massacre: Inner City Press says it is UN Secretary General’s genocide

As more and more civilians have been killed by the Cameroon government of Paul Biya, absentee president for 37 years, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has been silent...

Inner City Press was informed by sources in Guterres’ own 38th floor office that Guterres had made a deal with Biya’s UN Ambassador Tommo Monthe as chair of the UN Budget Committee for administrative favors in exchange for silence on the slaughter or “subduing” of the Anglophone minority.

When Inner City Press asked about it, Guterres used UN Security to rough up Inner City Pressright after it interviewed Monthe, and to ban it from entering the UN, 595 days now. UN “Human Rights” Commission Michele Bachelet as she came into the job picked by Guterres was contacted by Inner City Press  about Biya’s killing spree in Cameroon and relatedly about Guterres’ ban on Inner City Press, has done little to nothing on either.

In her September 2019 speech name-checking 35 countries, Bachelet did not even mention the slaughter in Cameroon, here. In June 2019, Biya’s government praised Bachelet.

On February 16, 2020 Inner City Press from its sources in Cameroon reported on the killing of more than two dozen civilians including children in Ngar in NW Cameroon.

Before 10 am on February 17 Inner City Press in writing asked Guterres, his spokespeople Stephane Dujarric and Eri Kaneko about the killings.

There was no answer, and with Dujarric on vacation in Orlando, Florida, Eri Kaneko fielded only two questions at a ten minute long noon briefing on February 17 that Inner City Press was banned from entering and asking at.

Now on February 18, not Bachelet but her spokesman who has refused countless written questions from Inner City Press, about Cameroon and Yemen and Sri Lanka and Honduras, to name a few, has belatedly issued a statement which reminds that Bachelet’s wan visit to Cameroon “welcomed” Biya’s efforts:

“The attack on 14 February on a village in Cameroon that left 23 people dead, the majority of them children, is a shocking episode in the ongoing crisis that has afflicted the country’s North-West and South-West regions for the past three years. We note that the Cameroon Government announced on 17 February that there would be an investigation into the killings and that the findings would be made public. We urge the authorities to ensure that the investigation is independent, impartial and thorough, and that those responsible are held fully to account. Witnesses said some 40 armed men, including members of the security and defence forces, attacked the village of Ngarbuh, in the department of Donga Mantung in North-West Cameroon, opening fire on people and burning down houses. The authorities said defence forces and gendarmes came under attack from people inside the village with the exchange of shots igniting a fire that affected several dwellings. According to information from UN colleagues on the ground, among the 23 people killed were 15 children, nine of whom were under the age of five. The victims also included two pregnant women, one of whom died of her injuries in hospital.     This attack is the latest deadly incident in Cameroon’s North-West and South-West regions where hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced by clashes between security and defence forces and armed separatist groups. We call on the Government to ensure that the security forces abide by applicable international law norms standards during the conduct of their operations. We similarly remind armed separatist groups of their responsibilities under international law and call on all parties to refrain from deliberate attacks on civilians. The UN Human Rights Office has been following developments in the North-West and South-West regions as an already tense situation worsened ahead of parliamentary and municipal elections held on 9 February. The Government deployed some 700 additional troops in the North-West and South-West where armed separatists reportedly kidnapped dozens of candidates, most from the Social Democratic Front which is one of the country’s biggest opposition parties. Most of the candidates were subsequently released. The UN Human Rights Office also received information that voting centres and the houses of those involved in the election campaign were attacked by separatists. In May 2019, at the end of a visit to Cameroon, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet welcomed the Cameroon Government’s openness to work with the UN Human Rights Office, and the rest of the UN, to seek solutions to the major human rights and humanitarian crises in the country. In light of the latest violence, we urge the Government of Cameroon to take concrete steps to implement recommendations made last year by the UN Human Rights Office. We reiterate our readiness to help the Government to protect the human rights of people all across Cameroon.”

Yeah right, UN Human Rights – it’s become an oxymoron, and Bachelet’s and Rupert Colville’s collusion even with outright censorship in UNHQ is a telling and indelible example. They did nothing, and said nothing, as Inner City Press was banned even from their “Human Rights Day” event, here.

Past 5 pm on February 17 from inside the corrupt UN headquarters, this: “The Secretary-General is deeply concerned over reports about the killing of civilians, including children, in an attack on the village of Ngarbuh in the North-West Region of Cameroon on 14 February.  He extends his deepest condolences to the families and calls on the Government of Cameroon to conduct an investigation and to ensure that those responsible are held accountable.   

The Secretary-General calls on armed actors to refrain from attacks against civilians and to respect international humanitarian and international human rights law. He reiterates the readiness of the United Nations to work with all stakeholders towards a political solution to the crisis in the North-West and South-West Regions of Cameroon through meaningful dialogue. Stéphane Dujarric, Spokesman for the Secretary-General  New York, 17 February 2020.”

It is a fraud. This is Guterres’ genocide

Culled from Inner City Press

Ngarbuh Massacre: Ambazonia Vice President weighs in with call for formal investigation

The Ngarbuh Massacre and a call for UN Fact-Finding Mission on Ambaziona

Since declaring war against the people of Ambazonia in November 2017, President Paul Biya of French Cameroun has overseen the brutal killings of over 10,000 civilians and the destruction of more than 280 towns and villages by soldiers loyal to him. Over 3,000 innocent Ambazonians remain in illegal detention without access to legal representation and over 1.5 million have been internally and externally displaced.

On Friday 14th February 2020, at about 4:00 West African Time (WAT), French Cameroon soldiers attacked sleeping children and pregnant women in the village of Ngarbuh, Donga Mantung County in the Northern Zone of Ambazonia, brutally killing 35 of them (several women and children are still missing) and burning down their homes. Among the victims found so far are 14 children, 11 of whom are girls and 9 under the age of 5, and 2 pregnant women. A third pregnant woman who survived the attack but lost her baby is in critical condition at a local hospital.

We strongly condemn these acts of barbarity, which have become commonplace in this genocidal war that French Cameroun is waging against the people of Ambazonia. It is particularly disturbing that French Cameroun, being a signatory to many international conventions that are meant to protect human rights, is determinedly persecuting with impunity a genocidal campaign in Ambazonia while the rest of the world looks on with indifference.

For 58 years, French Cameroun has pursued a policy of socio-political and cultural domination, assimilation and annihilation of the people of Ambazonia. This agenda was ideologically birthed and has been unconditionally sponsored by France for her own imperialistic objectives. The time has come for France to live up to its international obligations to protect life and uphold human rights and dignity. It is time for France to recognise that the life of an Ambazonian is as valuable as that of any French citizen. France must recognise that liberty, equality and fraternity are human values, not just French values, and that Ambazonians are human beings too.

We, the people of Ambazonia are peace-loving. We are opposed to war and we are also opposed neo-colonial influences in all its forms. We are the sole owners of our land and its resources. We are proud of our cultural heritage and will not tolerate any attempts by anyone, whoever they may be, to assimilate and destroy this heritage. We are a progressive and forward-looking people and we are going to be the sole determiners of our destiny.

To Ambazonians all over the world, this yet another senseless and heartless attack on innocent babies and pregnant mothers reminds us of the depravity of the enemy we face. An enemy that is neither guided by any moral compass nor inhibited by legal injunctions.  An enemy that will spare no resource or effort to continue their brutal and vicious economic exploitation of our land and its natural waelth. This is the true face of the enemy who seeks to make himself lord over us. The same enemy who want us to entrust our lives and destiny, and those of our children and grandchildren, into its cold hands.

This travesty of reason and justice cannot be allowed to continue uninhibited. Even if the rest of the world stands by and watch, we Ambazonians do not have the luxury to be indifferent. If we must defeat this enemy, we must also spare no resources or effort at driving them out of our territory. We must all stand up with the strong and resilient people of Ngarbuh, and the suffering masses of Ambazonians at home and elsewhere. The time has come for us to unite and rededicate ourselves to funding our restoration project. Buy your Amba Freedom Bonds now and give us the means to protect our vulnerable civilians in our march to freedom.

We have heard calls for French Cameroonians residing in Ambazonia to leave immediately or face mob justice. The Ambazonian Interim Government under the leadership of Sisiku Julius AyukTabe categorically rejects such sentiments. We shall not fight evil with evil as this does not represent the ethos of our nation. We call on all Ambazonians to exercise restraint in the midst of these provocations. The Ambazonia we plan to build will be an open society founded on the rule of law. We counsel all within our boarders to respect the rights and liberties of all aliens living in Ambazonia.

We call on the United Nations to immediately commission a fact-finding mission on Ambazonia to probe the Ngarbuh and other massacres, which constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity. The recent call by the United Nations for the government of French Cameroun to investigate the Ngarbuh killings defies logic as that government cannot be trusted to unbiasedly investigate itself. The international community must pressure French Cameroun to immediately end all its genocidal operations in Ambazonia and withdraw its armies of occupation. We are still open to genuine negotiations to bring about a peaceful resolution of this crisis.

Thank you.

Dabney Yerima


Federal Republic of Ambazonia

Source: CIN

Ngarbu massacre - Paris finally reacts and wants "all the light to be shed"

The international community continues to react to the massacre allegedly in the village of Ngarbu. After the express request of the United Nations for an independent investigation, French diplomacy has also just mixed its voice with international clamor.

French diplomacy condemns the violence that led to the death of civilians. "We condemn the violence which has resulted in the deaths of a large number of inhabitants of a village in the North-West province of Cameroon, including children," said a spokesman for the Quai d'Orsey.

In addition, France says it wishes to see all the light being shed on this affair. "We hope that all the light will be shed on this tragic event and that those responsible will answer for their actions."

The violence in question took place on February 14. At least 23 civilians died in still troubled circumstances. Indeed, the Cameroonian military is singled out as the perpetrators of the massacre. What the Ministry of Defense of Cameroon has completely denied. In addition, MINDEF mentions 5 deaths resulting from an "unfortunate accident". The Cameroonian government statement maintains that the civilian casualties occurred after the explosion of several fuel containers during exchanges of fire between the security forces and secessionist rebels.

The latent crisis in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon continues to claim victims, mainly civilians. It is estimated that more than 3,000 people have died in the North West and South West. In addition, several tens of thousands of displaced people are counted.

The Cameroonian Army is often singled out for blunders. The English-speaking secessionist forces are also accused of carrying out abuses in total violation of human rights.

Actu cameroun

Anglophone Crisis: so far, Nearly 20,000 dead recorded including the military and civilians according to REDHAC

The crisis in the English-speaking regions has caused the death of several thousand people. According to the Network of Human Rights Defenders in Central Africa, nearly 20,000 people have died since the start of the crisis.

According to the executive director of REDHAC, the drama in English-speaking regions is alarming. The assessment of the situation since the start of the crisis is appalling. No less than 20,000 deaths have been recorded.

After the death of around 20 people in Ngarbuh village last weekend, reactions are becoming more and more heard.

20,000 dead

“In view of our investigations, which necessarily represent only part of the reality, we can say that: at least 20,000 dead (populations and security force combined) but more than 15,000 innocent people including women, babies and children, ”said the executive director of REDHAC.
Maximilienne Ngo Mbe spoke in the columns of the daily Le Jour on February 18.

Inmates in the context of the English-speaking crisis number in the tens of thousands. There are also thousands of people in humanitarian situations.

“At least 1,500 people arbitrarily arrested and detained to date; thousands of enforced disappearances and summary and / or extrajudicial executions; the hundreds of burned villages; more than 10,000 people in a serious humanitarian crisis. When we talk about the genocide thesis, it's not a joke, ”she says.

The REDHAC executive director does not fail to offer solutions for a way out of the crisis. According to Maximilienne Ngo Mbe the cards are in the hands of President Paul Biya.

Paul Biya's leadership

“President Paul Biya should take the lead to solemnly declare: the signing of an agreement to cease fire outside Cameroon; the withdrawal of the military from the NOSO regions, the release of Ayuk Tabe and his companions (with the formula either of unconditional release or under house arrest); the pure and simple release of all those arrested in connection with this crisis, ”she pleads.

The return of peace also goes for Maximilienne Ngo Mbe through "bilateral negotiations to find an inclusive and consensual solution to the demands of the separatists and the populations of NOSO". 

It also calls for "the establishment of a Joint Commission". This should include impartial civil society, the National Human Rights Commission, the United Nations Center for Democracy in Central Africa.

Its mission will be to conduct "an independent investigation under the strict control of its Prime Minister". This would allow "that the investigations serve as effective recommendations for the establishment of a Truth Justice Reconciliation Commission, for genuine and lasting reconciliation between Cameroonians," says Maximilienne Ngo Mbe.

Acutu Cameroun

Anglophone Crisis: How did we get there that human life lost all its value? Akere Muna speaks

Me Akere Muna reacted very quickly to the news of Ngarbuh’s tragedy.  He was indignant that death had become the norm.  

“Ngar Village, Donga Mantung - Suffering, killing and death are now the norm.  How did we get there that human life lost all its value?  We must all seek peace before this country loses its soul.  I pray for all the victims."

In its press release recently, the defense ministry mentioned the death of "5 people including a woman and four children".  According to MINDEF, it was an accidentally started fire that caused the loss of civilian life.

Actu Cameroun 

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

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Operation Sparrowhawk : Atangana Kouna sentenced to 12 months in prison for illegal immigration

This sentence was imposed on February 7, 2020 at the Court of First Instance in Yaoundé. It follows his attempted escape while he was under judicial investigation.

The sentence has passed. Basile Atangana Kouna is sentenced to 12 months in prison for aggravated illegal emigration. This sentence was imposed on February 7, 2020 at the Court of First Instance in Yaoundé. It follows his attempted escape while he was under judicial investigation.

The former Minister of Water and Energy will also have to pay a fine of 1 million FCFA. Basile Atangana Kouna is not the only one to have been sentenced to the court of 1st instance of Yaoundé.

Jean Baptiste Fouda Belinga and Adam Bladi, respectively driver and butler of the former minister. As well as the warrant officer Edouard Sakpam were also sentenced to prison terms. They are sentenced to 10 months in prison for complicity in the charges against the former member of the government.
The 4 convicted co-defendants
On the other hand, Father Loic Nkodo, curate at the parish of Mokolo, cousin of Basile Atangana Kouna is doing quite well. He received a 10-month suspended prison sentence. The 4 co-defendants are nevertheless ordered to pay a fine of 1 million FCFA.

Basile Atangana Kouna is being prosecuted for embezzlement of public funds. His property was seized by the Cameroonian justice. These include, inter alia, coffers seized in two banks giving more than 825 million FCFA. Also, 971,000 euros and some 222,256 US dollars. Be a total ; after conversion, of just over 754 million FCFA.

The former minister wants to reimburse
This money was kept in the bank accounts of BGFI Bank. Precisely in the agency located at Montée Ane Rouge in Yaoundé. An account of 150 million FCFA belonging to another of his relatives was seized. Also at BGFI Bank.

In November 2019, the former director of Camwater said he was ready to reimburse the state for the stolen funds. Or 1.2 billion FCFA, a sum of money taken from the budget of Camwater. While he was the general manager.

Actu Cameroun

Tribalism: Fodecc administrator accused of recruiting only Bassa

The Fodecc employees are demanding the departure of Samuel Donatien Nengue. They accuse him of massive and unpunished hijackings; notorious incompetence ...

Staff from Fodecc (Cocoa Coffee Sector Development Fund) are demanding the departure of Samuel Donatien Nengue. He accuses the administrator of Fodecc of massive and unpunished diversions; notorious incompetence. But also, of the violation of the laws and regulations in force in the Republic of Cameroon. 

Illegal recruitments
By way of example, Samuel Donatien Nengue has decided to enter into an overhang with the regional balance in force in the administration of institutions in Cameroon. If not.

“  How to understand that Nengue Samuel Donatien, Bassa, wants to put the Bassa in all the strategic positions of the structure. Such as the Head of administrative and financial department, the Head of IT department. The Head of Accounting and Budget, the Head of Mail, the Assistant to the Administrator. A Head of IT, three accounting executives, two drivers for the Administrator etc. ?  Ask the employees of the company in a letter to Paul Biya to denounce the management of the director.

Illegal personnel management
In the letter addressed to the Head of State, the employees of Fodecc denounce the illegal management of the personnel. For them, the administrator disregards the provisions of decree n ° 2019/320. In particular its article 26 relating to the communication at the start of the budget year to the deliberative body, the number of staff called upon to assert their pension rights. By way of illustration,  “Ngo Massoma Ruth, Bassa, who is called upon to assert her retirement rights at 60 from April 15, 2020, has not yet been notified on February 17, 2020.  ” Denounce the workers.

Actu cameroun

Kah Walla: "If Paul Biya leaves today, we have a chance to recover English speakers"

Kah Walla wants Cameroonians to take to the streets. For the politician, the people must, by the street, bring down the regime of Paul Biya.

According to the president of the Cameroon people party (Cpp) even dares to compare Omar El Bechir and Paul Biya. Indeed, the Sudanese president was ousted from power after a popular revolt.

On the airwaves of ABK radio, on the program “Osons le dire“, Kah Walla believes that a departure from Paul Biya could allow a resolution of the English-speaking crisis.

"Biya's violence is nothing like that of Omar Hassan el-Bechir (Sudanese president overturned by the street Editor's note). If Paul Biya leaves today, we have a chance to recover the English speakers, ”said Kah Walla.
According to the 55-year-old activist, the fall of Paul Biya is the only way to bring peace to English-speaking areas.

Kah Walla even reflects on the post-Biya period. In fact, according to her, after the departure of Paul Biya, we will have to set up a transitional government. This government would do two years and lead the real national dialogue.

In legislative and municipal elections, Kah Walla also campaigned for the boycott.

Actu Cameroun

Cameroonian universities want to improve their tasks

The Minister of Higher Education and the Ambassador of France Alain Ghislain Kanga.

They signed a framework agreement with the conference of French universities on February 17, 2020 in Yaoundé. 

Cameroonian universities are pursuing their desire to align themselves with the new educational situation. They signed with the conference of French universities, a framework agreement to benefit from its expertise in the fields of research, education, digital technology and cooperation. 

“This agreement will be beneficial as it has always been. Let's say that we are shaping cooperation that is old. We are going to experiment with new methods because there are new requirements, in terms of the development of higher education today. This is about doctoral training, digital training and questions of entrepreneurship and employability, "said Professor Minkoa She, rector of the University of Yaoundé 2 Soa.

Problems also shared by French universities. For her, this agreement will allow each party to benefit from the experience of the other in each area. 

“We have a lot to learn. I think that this cooperation will be beneficial for both, while knowing that those responsible for the future of our two nations are done in our universities ”, rejoiced the president of the conference of universities of France, Jean Luc Nahel. 

The signing of this agreement took place in the presence of the Minister of State, Minister of Higher Education, Jacques Fame Ndongo and the French Ambassador to Cameroon, Christophe Guilhou.

Ngarbuh killings: Army admits involvement

A statement from the Ministry of Defense of Cameroon confesses a military operation which resulted in the death of 22 people, including 14 children according to the UN.

It would have taken a slew of photographs, the indignation of part of the opinion, the figures of the United Nations; so that 72 hours later, the army recognizes its involvement in the Ngarbuh massacre, by Ntumbaw in the North-West region of Cameroon. 

In a press release, Colonel Atonfack of the communications division of the Ministry of Defense spoke of "a collateral consequence of the ongoing security operations in the regions". 

According to the Ministry of Defense “on February 14, 2020, a group of 06 elements of the Defense Forces including 04 soldiers and 02 gendarmes informed by repentants carried out an approach by night reconnaissance on foot towards a dwelling in Ngabuh transformed into a camp fortified, a veritable logistical base for illicit goods, for receiving armaments and ammunition of all calibers, and for storing and reselling narcotics ”. 

The communication from the Ministry of Defense reports that it is in their response, after being taken to task by armed combatants, that affected fuel containers will explode, setting off a fire which will spread to neighboring dwellings.

Apart from the "7 terrorists" killed by the soldiers in the fighting, the army recognizes the death of a woman and 4 children in the fire. Figures that contradict those put forward by a UN mission visited on Sunday, February 16. This mission reports 22 deaths including 14 children. 

For the Defense Ministry, this is separatist propaganda which has resurrected "old photos of the neutralization of 04 terrorists in the department of Mezam in 2019". 

The press release nevertheless concluded that an investigation has been opened and that its conclusions will be made public.


Mamadou Mota case: the MRC is preparing a hard action

Dr Jean Pierre Mboutche, activist of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC) informs that measures are being taken within the party so that their comrade, Mamadou Mota is released.

He made it known this Tuesday, February 18, 2020, on the morning of Radio ABK. According to Dr. Jean Pierre Mboutche, the strategy for the release of the first vice-president of the MRC, remains still secret, and will be known shortly: "If Mamadou Mota is not relaxed, we will take measures that will needed. I will not reveal our strategy. You will know it when the time comes. If I tell you now, we won't be left to do it, ”he reasoned. 

From memory, Mamadou Mota, vice-president of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC), had been arrested in Yaoundé during an unauthorized peaceful march organized throughout the national territory on the 1st by the party which he assured the interim. Since his sequestration at the Yaoundé-Kondengui central prison, several politicians denounce the conditions of his imprisonment and call for his release.

Following the mutiny observed at Kondengui central prison in July 2019, Mamadou Mota and Wilfred Siewe, two executives from the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon, had been found guilty of "group rebellion" and sentenced to 2 years in prison.


Two alleged secessionists reportedly executed at the Babessi gendarmerie

The commander of the Babessi gendarmerie allegedly executed two civilians accused of being close to secessionist fighters in Ambazonia on February 18, 2020 in the same locality.

According to our sister Mimi Méfo who relayed the information, the two victims were arrested at their home about two weeks ago and accused of supporting the "Amba Boys". 

This new extrajudicial execution was preceded by that of a man named Ntoku Nsango, accused of supporting the secessionist cause.

The same source reports that dozens of villagers are still in detention at the gendarmerie in Babessi. Some pay up to one million CFA francs to be released on bail. 

It should be recalled that on February 14, dozens of civilians were massacred by alleged soldiers of the Cameroonian army. This accusation was denied by the first officials of 'the big mute' who speak of "manipulation". The United Nations Secretary-General, through his spokesperson, called for an investigation to determine the perpetrators of the massacre.


Ngarbuh killing: SDF to conduct 'own investigation'

The Social Democratic Front reacted on Monday February 17, 2020, through a press release from its first vice-president, Joshua Osih.

More than 72 hours after the massacres in the village of Ngarbuh in the North West region, the Social Democratic Front (SDF) emerged from its silence. 

In a press release signed by its first vice-president, Joshua Osih, the party of the balance “strongly condemns the authors of these odious, cowardly and arbitrary barbarities which flagrantly violate all the standards required in time of war and more particularly national and international conventions on war ”, informs the said press release. 

Unlike the other entities which hold the security and defense forces responsible for these killings, the SDF wants to be careful, and announces rather that it “is currently conducting its own investigation into these horrific crimes in order to establish the facts as they actually happened and figuring out the number of victims, "adds Joshua Osih.

John Fru Ndi's party demands that the Yaoundé regime bring the perpetrators of these heinous crimes to justice when the time comes. 

The Ministry of Defense reacted in February 17, 2020, following these massacres, to clear the Cameroonian army in the first place, and to clarify the number of victims, which is 5 dead according to him, then that the United Nations (UN) speaks of 22 dead including 14 children killed.


Ngarbuh killing: UN calls for intense investigation

The eyes of human rights organizations around the world are once again turned to Cameroon after the massacre of civilians in the village of Ngarbuh in the North-West region which left several dozen dead, mostly women and children. 

Accused of being the author of the Cameroonian army, through the head of the communication division, Colonel Cyrille Serge Atonfack Guemo, denied these allegations which she qualified as manipulation. “The Cameroonian forces are not involved in this massacre. This is new propaganda from secessionist terrorists who commit mass killings in order to discredit the Cameroonian defense forces, "he said among our colleagues at the Koaci site. 

Questioned by civil society actors to demand that the light be shed on this affair, the Secretary-General of the United Nations through his spokesperson Stéphane Dujarric expressed his concerns over this situation in a press release made public on 17 February 2020. He invites, among other things, the authorities of Yaoundé to "open an investigation and take the necessary measures to hold the guilty parties accountable for their acts". 

CameroonWeb presents the entire press release

The Secretary-General is deeply concerned by reports that civilians, including children, were killed in an attack in the village of Ngarbuh in the northwest region of Cameroon on February 14. He offers his sincere condolences to the families of the victims, and calls on the Government of Cameroon to open an investigation and to take the necessary measures to hold the guilty parties accountable. 

The Secretary-General calls on the armed parties to refrain from attacks on civilians and to respect international humanitarian and human rights law. He reiterates the availability of the United Nations to work with all stakeholders for a political solution to the crisis in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon through dialogue.


Anglophone Crisis: Cabral Libii's indignation at the barbarism of the secessionists

In a statement published on his Facebook page on February 17. The politician deplores the scenes of horror, barbarism and human butchery experienced on February 14 in the locality of Ngarbuh, Ndu district, Donga-Mantung department and North West region.

In fact, around twenty people, including pregnant women and children, were brutally murdered by the revolutionary armed bands of the imaginary republic of Ambazonia. Within the Cameroonian opposition, certain political leaders react to the aftermath of the drama. This is the case of Cabral Libii, of the Cameroonian Party for National Reconciliation (PCRN).

The Cabral Libii Declaration

"I bow to the memory of these innocent victims of this useless war and on behalf of the Cameroonian Party for National Reconciliation-PCRN, I extend my sincere condolences to the bereaved families," he wrote.

In addition, the young opponent urges the government and national and international human rights organizations to shed light on this massacre and that justice be done. "... That the culprits are quickly identified, arrested and brought to justice to undergo the rigor of the law," wishes Cabral Libii.

Source: Actu Cameroun

Southern Cameroons Crisis: Children make up more than half of dead in Ngarbuh massacre

A massacre in an anglophone region of Cameroon left up to 22 villagers dead including 14 children, the UN said Sunday, with an opposition party blaming the killings on the army.

Cameroon government army soldiers carried out the bloodshed on Friday in the village of Ntumbo in the Northwest region, James Nunan, a local official of humanitarian coordination agency OCHA, told AFP.

“Up to 22 civilians were killed, including a pregnant woman and several children,” Nunan said, adding that 14 children — including nine under age five — were among the dead.

Eleven of the children were girls, said Nunan, head of OCHA’s office for the Northwest and Southwest regions, which are home to the West African country’s large English-speaking minority.

Separatists in the regions have been fighting the central government for three years.

The Movement for the Rebirth of Cameroon, one of the country’s two main opposition parties, issued a statement saying: “The dictatorial regime (and) the supreme head of the security and defence forces are chiefly responsible for these crimes.”

A key figure in the separatist movement, lawyer Agbor Mballa, in a Facebook post also accused “state defence forces” of carrying out the killings.

An army official contacted by AFP early Sunday denied the allegations, saying simply: “False”. No other official response was immediately available.

The three-year conflict between anglophone forces seeking to break away from French-speaking Cameroon has claimed more than 3,000 lives and forced more than 700,000 people to flee their homes.

Friday’s killings followed elections on February 9 that were marred by violence in the regions blamed both on separatists and security forces.

Armed separatists prevented people from voting, threatening reprisals, while government soldiers were a heavy presence.

Separatists kidnapped more than 100 people and torched property in the run-up to the elections, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said on Wednesday.

The government has not yet announced the results of the elections or turnout figures..


Cameroon Government’s initial silence on the Donga Mantung Massacre: Is it really golden?

The news of the massacres in the Donga Mantung Division of the Northwest region has been spreading across the world like wildfire and many people are surprised that the government is not seeking to provide explanations for this ugly situation that is giving the country a very bad name.

Close to 40 persons were killed by the country’s military and the United Nations and many human rights groups are calling on the government to investigate the matter with the objective of punishing those responsible for the carnage.

Despite these calls, the government has remained suspiciously quiet. Could the killings be part of a government plan to decimate the population of the English-speaking regions that account for 20% of the country’s population?

Many political analysts hold that the government’s decision to kill English-speaking Cameroonians and burn their homes is part of a carefully crafted policy to subjugate the population once and for all. This, in its view, will ensure that the vocal minority is hemmed in forever.

If this is really part of a government policy, then it is clear that the government has not really done its homework properly. Times have changed and the world is a different place from what it used to be in the 1960s when rogue governments could get away with crimes against humanity.

Unlike in the past, crimes could be reported in real time today due to the advent of social media and android phones that are enabling citizens to capture some of those crimes as they play out.

Besides, it will be hard, if not impossible, to take down an entire community, especially as half of the community is out of the country. Cameroon’s English-speaking minority is about 8 million people strong and most of the young educated men are professionals living abroad.

The government should understand that most of the opposition it faces comes from abroad and instead of killing children and pregnant women, it should seek to make peace with its English-speaking Diaspora that has made up its mind to change the order of things in Cameroon.

The government might has just issued a press release indicating that the death of 32 women and children is an unfortunate event and that those killed are collateral damage, but its initial silence cannot be deemed golden.

The government is guilty of manslaughter. It has developed a policy of mass murder that will never lead to peace. The government of a well-run country is never in the business of proving a point. A true and honest government listens to its citizens and seeks to come up with solutions that can address the issues raised.

The government’s initial silence is proof of guilt and its belated press release simply speaks to its inability to admit guilt and seek corrective measures. There is dignity in accepting guilty and promising that it would no longer happen is usually a first step towards addressing the issues. Flexing one’s muscles all the time turns off even moderates. The government of Cameroon must start thinking of walking the path to dialogue to save its reputation or whatever is left of it.

By Dr Joachim Arrey in Canada