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Friday, November 15, 2019

Paul Biya: Ministry of education, staff orderd to line up and welcome the head of state

Fame Ndongo, the Higher Education Minister asks all the personnel under his Ministry to come out and line up in front of the Post Office In Yaounde and show warmly welcome back cheering to the head of state as he returns from France today in a company of his wife, Chantal Biya.

The first family are expected back to Cameroon on Friday, 15th November, 2010 at 17:00 hours.

See the official statement released by the Higher Education Minister below; 
CPDM party activists came out in numbers to welcome back the head of state, Paul Biya from France. See photos below;

Etienne Eto'o: Samuel Eto'o finally reacts after his son was removed from the U17 selection

For the first time, Samuel Eto'o Son spoke about his son, Etienne, was removed from the U17 national team.

Samuel Eto'o's son did not take part in the World Cup in Brazil. Etienne Eto'o, the Mallorca player, was stymied. Coach Thomas Libiih decided not to keep any players playing in the foreign leagues. Due to a presidential decree dating back to 2014, six players, including the son of former captain of the indomitable Lions Samuel Eto'o, could not compete in the Under-17 World Cup. Etienne Eto'o Penida was however in Brasilia for the last preparatory stage for this competition with the Cameroon team.

In an interview with four Cameroonian television channels, Samuel Eto'o Fils returned to this episode about his son.

"I was disappointed, I wanted to shout very loudly. That's the resentment of a father who wants to protect his son. But like Etienne, there were four other children , he said. Coach Libii, for whom I have great respect, has entered a debate that was not his. These children can become the next Kylian (Mbappe, Ed); they can become Matip, who refused to play for the national team , added the former Indomitable Lion. When you come with the decree of the Head of State, also have the courage to tell him that youth football does not exist, so we can not apply the said decree, he said. I knew and it was directed against me. The other four children paid the fees because he is the son of Samuel Eto'o ", he said.


Samuel Eto'o Pleads to Paul Biya to release Iya Mohammed

Samuel Eto'o has multiplied media releases since his retirement. The Cameroonian legend who wants to become a football coach begs President Paul Biya to release Iya Mohammed, the former president of FECAFOOT.

Cameroonians, especially football fans, know Iya Mohamed as the all-powerful President of the Cameroon Football Federation. It is since 2013 that Iya Mohamed, former president of the Fécafoot) is incarcerated for "embezzlement of public funds".

Highly contested by a good number of football fans, this man has managed to stay at the head of the Fecafoot despite everything, despite the different discord that will arise between the FECAFOOT (tutelage of FIFA) and the Cameroonian state . He will even be considered untouchable. In June 2013, the powerful presiding Fecafoot is incarcerated in prison. Before his arrest, the president of Coton Sport Football Club of Garoua and Samuel Eto'o maintained relations of water and oil. Six years later, the former scorer of the Cameroon team admits his involvement in the fall of the former president of FECAFOOT. In the process, he regrets his act and asks the President of the Republic, Paul Biya, to order the release of Iya Mohammed.

"Iya Mohammed and I had a lot of fights. That is true. But, at that time, I did not have some information that I had well after. I am going to surprise you by saying that today I have the privilege of regularly hearing from President Iya. I take them by intermediaries. And I plead with President Paul Biya, who has often pardoned some of our brothers who have committed wrongdoing or not, to also think of President Iya Mohammed. When I was between 20 and 22 years old, I wanted to change the way a certain way. At 30, I understood how the world worked. It is sometimes the devil who is at your side, dressed with a beautiful jacket, who makes you believe that, whoever is in front of you, it is the devil. President Iya tried to bring everything he could bring to football. Today, I can tell you that if I had to do it again, it will be with him, " confessed Samuel Eto'o Son.


Nathalie Koah case: Eto'o does not want to 'create another controversy'

During a river interview entitled "Samuel Eto'o without veto", simultaneously broadcast on the antennas of 4 national televisions, the former goleador returned to the biggest scandal of his career: his extramarital affair with the so-called Nathalie Koah.

Throughout his career, Samuel Eto'o has always presented himself as an honest and fair man, who is not afraid to take blows to bring out the truth. The Cameroonian goleador always said what he thought, even if sometimes his statements were associated with arrogance and megalomania. These cardinal principles that have always guided his career, Samuel Eto'o yet trampled on them as it occurred in 2014, one of the biggest scandal of his career: his extramarital affair with Nathalie Nkoah. Usually very pro-active to defend his honor, the quadruple African gold ball has never deigned to express itself on this subject. Even when his former companion meticulously described his sexual preferences in the book "Revenge Porn", he remained unperturbed.

Watch the video below

National and even international opinion has long speculated on the reasons for its silence. But today we know why he chose the law of omerta. This Thursday, November 14, 2019, in a special show entitled "Eto'o sans Véto" broadcast on the antennas of Vision 4 television, CRTV, STV and Canal 2 international, he returned to this case. "I never talk about this story and I would not do it today. It's a dark story of my past. Many people have been hurt by this story. First my family, my wife, my eldest daughter who was old enough to understand some things. I do not go into the game of knowing who was wrong or right, it's open endless debates. These are things that no longer exist in my life and that will not come back in my life. 

Watch the video below

To believe the latter, if he has remained silent so far, it is to protect his wife Georgette Eto'o who was very affected by this story. "If I enter what is true or false, you will be greatly surprised. But my goal is not to create a new controversy. I decided to protect the one I really hurt who was my wife and that's what I continue to do. Because he is the most important person. Those who must know the truth, know it. It has been presented in many forms, I respect that. But justice has read the law. I tried to protect my wife as much as I could. What I did not manage to do before. It is the most important. I no longer open wounds that have healed, "he concluded. 


Thursday, November 14, 2019

Emmanuel Macron questioned over the Anglophone crisis

"We could have avoided the genocide in Rwanda if we had alerted the international opinion" These words are from Francis Kpatindé.

The senior lecturer at Sciences Po in Paris thinks that the police are going too far in Cameroon. He spoke on Direct TV as one of the signatories of this letter.

Indeed upstream of the Paris Peace Forum, fifty academics and human rights defenders sent a letter to the French President. They ask him to get involved in the English crisis resolution. Currently, some fifty academics and human rights defenders are calling on French President Emmanuel Macron to resolve the Anglophone crisis. This one shakes Cameroon for three years.

The second Paris Forum on Peace has been held since Monday in Paris. A meeting organized by French President Emmanuel Macron and attended by several heads of state and government including African. President Paul Biya has been involved since its launch.

To believe that France and Cameroon have become inseparable. Provided that Cameroon is interested in it.


Cameroonian Siamese twins successfully operated in France

Bissie and Eyenga, two year-old Siamese sisters from Cameroon, were operated on Wednesday 13 November at the Hôpital Mère-Enfant-Enfant of the Bron Civil Hospitals, near Lyon, France. They are born united at the level of the liver and the base of the thorax. We followed the operation of these two little girls, their journey from Cameroon to France, their history. "In the name of anger ancestors", a magazine to be found soon on TV5MONDE. 

Seven hours spent in the operating theater, about twenty doctors mobilized. Bissie and Eyenga have just been operated on. A medical feat made possible thanks to the solidarity of several structures, in France and Cameroon. 

Professor Faustin Mouafo, who followed mother Laurel, and his daughters for nearly a year in Yaounde, confirms this Wednesday, November 13 in the evening: "The operation went without worry, the small were actually separated" . 

"We have set up a pool of anesthesiologists, surgeons and resuscitators," explains Professor Pierre-Yves Mure, deputy head of pediatric surgery at the Hôpital Mère-Mère-Enfant of the Hospices Civils de Lyon. "We feel relieved," says Professor Faustin Mouafo. 

"Each specialty has evaluated and evaluated the very specific care of girls," says the doctor. Dr. Rémi Dubois, specialist in liver transplantation, adds: "I intervened on this organ and I did not have any complications". "Each member of the team has been able to adapt their practice to the atypical morphology of the two small ones," enthuses Professor Pierre-Yves Mure. The Hospices de Lyon welcomed this "success" on Twitter.

The arrival of Siamese girls in France 

Bissie and Eyenga arrived in France on November 1st with their mother Laurel. Their operation was scheduled for November 7, but it was postponed after the contraction of "a respiratory virus" by the twins, can you read on the website of the NGO Chain of Hope. 

On Monday, November 4, exams confirmed to doctors how the two girls will be separated. On that day, a cardiac pathology was also diagnosed on one of the girls, who should "be operated immediately after the operation", described as "exceptional and extremely delicate" by the NGO La Chaîne de l 'Hope. 

The Chain of Hope 

The Chaîne de l'Espoir is a French association created in 1994 by Professor Alain Deloche. It intervenes in more than thirty countries, like Benin, Senegal, or Laos. 

Among other things, she participated in the first open heart operations in Mali in 2018 and launched school health pilot projects in Haiti in 2017.

The curse of Siamese birth in Africa 

Bissie, Eyenga and their mother Laurel are from Ayos, in central Cameroon. Laurel was not followed during her pregnancy. After a "long and painful" delivery, she gives birth to Bissie and Eyenga, two little girls united in the liver and the base of the thorax. All three survive. But they flee their village, towards the capital Yaounde, 140 kilometers from their home. In Africa, giving birth to Siamese is synonymous with a curse. 

At the Yaoundé Hospital, Laurel and her 2 little girls lived for almost a year. Siamese sisters were cared for by Dr. Faustin Mouafo. Problem: no operation can be considered on site, the hospital does not have the necessary equipment. 

Dr. Mouafo then contacted Pierre-Yves Mure, pediatric surgeon at the Hospices Civils de Lyon. Traveling in Cameroon, he sees the Siamese in consultation. He passes them a scanner and finds a "favorable shape" to separate them. The teacher contacts the Chaîne de l'Espoir, an NGO that specializes in the transfer and care of children from Africa to France. 

The surgery on November 13 is made possible thanks to the cooperation of several actors: the NGO La Chaîne de l'Espoir takes charge of the "transport" of this family. "The Hospices Civils de Lyon provide their infrastructure and the Cameroonian government is involved in financing," reads the website of the NGO.



It was in a program, Interview with, that I had done with Thierry Ngogang, the first time, that I had before his insistence, specified what I heard by, Cameroon is an uninhabitable country.  And most importantly, Cameroon is in the cabinet.  They were empirical observations of my own life and my childhood, to explain why I decided not to live in this country - long before I was expelled from it.  But also why I had decided not to leave it that way - to act then.  At the heart of this problem is obviously tribalism.

Tribalism is the heart of the problems of our country, obviously because there are very few actions, public works, for example, that can allow people to dream of greater. Because we fight for so little, the fight becomes what Americans call dog fight, and tribalism is its structure.  I have also publicly said that I do not debate, but act, and this sentence is turned against me these days. She's gone back to me because of course our country does not know what the debate is. In this respect, I always come back to the one that for me - and for Europe today - has defined what communication was, and therefore the debate: it is the philosopher Juergen Habermas. The dynamic of the debate is as follows - a subject is launched, is thus conceptualized in the public scene, by intellectuals, who, therefore, make of an event, a problem - problematize it.  The thematize, one would say again.  From there, it becomes a political issue, which forces everyone to take his side, and doing so, the theme ignites the social fabric, in all its depth.  So society is debating it, and this is where we talk about debate.  This debate crystallizes finally in the writing of a bill and enters the Parliament which legislates and bases a new reality.

I'm not the one who invented tribalism in our country, I'm not the one who wrote books on it, and there are many of them, these books, usually academic books, unreadable in the end,  even if from my thoughts on the tribal state, I wanted to make a book. I'm still thinking about it.  Nor am I the one who has been at the heart of the most virulent tribal battles in our country - for example in 1993, with years of embers, and machetes in Ebolowa, Sangmelima, and elsewhere.  The pogroms of 1956-1970 are there, the social wound, and history of tribalism in our country, with dates and places of blood like Tombel, Nlohe.  The problematization of tribalism, which took place on this page, on May 27, 2013, after passing through the cellar of Cameroon_politics where I had a more intelligent audience, took place on a double concept, 1) the bamiphilie, and  2) bamiphobia.  This duality (bamiphilie / bamiphobie) allowed me already to single an author, Mongo Beti, as the first example on which to problematize tribalism.  It was here that I started to lose my friends - the first response to my article, 'Mongo Beti's tribalism', was to write an article, 'Patrice Nganang's tribalism', and to accuse me,  , tribalism - and so want to close the debate from birth.  To scare me then: prehistory of the accusation of ethno-fascism launched against me by Owona Nguini in 2014. And the 'genocide of the Bulu' of 2019. To say that the debate was as virulent as the historical wound in us is deep  - and bloody!  It's also here that I started blocking people on my page.  From 2013 so.  From this article on Beti's tribalism to Achille Mbembe's tribalism and Maurice Kamto's last on tribalism, a lot of water has passed under the bridges - Henriette Ekwe's analysis of tribalism has made me equally  lose many friends - I'm thinking about Koko Ateba here.  And what about the tribalism of Ruben Um Nyobe - it was then the disaster.  I had only a handful of followers left - and I know them all.  They are the heart of Generation Change.

2012-2014, it is in Emergence that I drew the pragmatic conclusions of the debate that I tested in Cameroon_politics and then led on this page.  It allowed me to know both Cameroonians and my country - and on the basis of this knowledge, I wrote a 500-page novel about the Civil War in our country, 'Crab Impressions' - 1960-1970.  Novel published in 2018 by Lattes editions.  Because it was clear that the bamiphobia - it was before the war against the Anglophones, and my engagement in it - was the very matrix of our republic, the constitution of what is Cameroon - the violent exclusion and  hatred of Bamileke, around Ouandie.  This is what made me this uninhabitable country, its basic bamiphobia, its exclusion from the Great West, when we include the Anglophones, to found a political order that survives by propaganda, hatred Bamileke, the other side of the sun.  Structuring the debate, however, asked to put those who are at the heart of the machine of power, of the tribal state, the Bulu, in the position that we, the Bamileke, have always occupied.  Whether it has become explosive, perhaps tied to the tactics used - flip the corner -, to the slow deconstruction of power strategies - propaganda by the mirror - or to the fact that I'm still the only one that Mauritius  Kamto found it necessary, in the heart of the electoral campaign, to condemn for tribalism, he who is Bamileke and who was therefore the most accused politician of tribalism.  Structuring the debate on tribalism, this cancer of our country, requires fingering and luck.  However, it takes a hard skin to cross these two years which were punctuated by a campaign of the most insidious on the 'genocide Bulu' campaign launched since Kondengui already in February 2018, and which has just broken teeth.  The public debate is closed, and the National Assembly acts the suggestion I made already in June 2013 - an anti-discrimination law against tribalism - closes the debate which was only too nauseating and violent - especially with the riots of  Sangmelima and Ebolowa.

A country that still penalizes witchcraft had to be awakened to a crime that opened the door to another genocide.  It is done.

The National Assembly can therefore act, and close the debate that lasted exactly seven years!  Tribalism will finally be a crime in Cameroon.

It was time!

Source: Camrbe

Anglophone Crisis: From Paris, Paul Biya makes important announcements about Cameroon'

Paul Biya announced that he will grant a special status for English-speaking areas

On Tuesday, November 12, during the first debate of the forum on peace in Paris, the President of the Republic announced that he will grant a special status for the English-speaking regions of Cameroon.

This announcement has been widely appreciated by the national public.  If some have taken the news.  Others are favorable, but do not appreciate the fact that it is from Paris that the Head of State made this announcement.  This is the case of Richard Makon, researcher in social sciences.  The editorial offers you the full sound of his rant.


What the peace summit of Paris has at least brought us, is the beginning of "official" clarification on the fate of the resolutions of the "Grand Dialogue National Inclusive" ...

As often, it is from Paris that the most important announcements concerning the future of our country are made ...

Who does not remember the presidential "chosification" of homosexuality on the steps of the Elysée, or the declaration of war in Boko Haram?

It was therefore necessary to wait for "a speech during a debate" retransmitted in Mondovision, to have, in exclusivity planetary, the miracle solution prepared in the presidential offices to solve the crisis of Anglophonie identity will be a "special regime" for  North-West and South-West in the Great National Ensemble ...

 Exit the "defenders of the federation" and other "slayers of the unitary state" ...
We take the same and we start again, and it's gone for a ride ...


SONARA: security challenges deeply affected Cameroon's economic growth

Following the 5th review of its triennial economic and financial program (2017-2019) with Cameroon on November 8, 2019, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has expressed its satisfaction on the conduct of this program by the Cameroonian government. The delegation of this Bretton Woods institution took the opportunity to reveal some key indicators on the Cameroonian economy, during the year 2019.

Thus, it was learned that Cameroon will end the year 2019 with a growth rate of 3.9%, down slightly from 4.1% in 2018. At the origin of this slight deceleration, supports  the IMF, there are first the security challenges that the country has been facing since 2013.

These are mainly the war against the Nigerian terrorist sect Boko Haram in the Far North region and the deployment of the army in the South West and North West regions. This deployment aims to stem the separatist demands that have rocked these English-speaking regions of Cameroon since the end of 2016.

Then, to justify the slight slowdown of the Cameroonian economy in 2019, the IMF puts at the index the fire at Sonara, at the end of May 2019. This disaster caused the cessation of the refining activities within  the country's only oil refinery, forcing Cameroon to import finished petroleum products.

Moreover, despite the rebound observed in the oil sector with sectoral growth of 6% in 2019, "after 3 years of deceleration?", There is a slowdown in economic activity in the non-oil sector in 2019  , says the IMF.  Here, we learn, sectoral GDP grew to only 3.8% in 2019, against 4.4% in 2018.

Moreover, despite the decline observed this year, economic growth in Cameroon will be much better than that of the entire Cemac zone, making it the economic engine of this six-country community (Cameroon, Gabon,  Chad, Equatorial Guinea, CAR, Congo).

Indeed, according to figures released by the Bank of Central African States (Beac), economic growth in the CEMAC zone will peak at 2.7% in 2019, against an initial forecast of 3% at the beginning of the year. But this indicator is clearly improving, since it had capped at 1.8% in 2018.


Audit: all you need to know about Paul Biya's Appointments

On November 6, the old lion signs a decree appointing technical advisers, auditors, but also the heads of division of this ministry which watches over the public fortune.

The decree of Paul Biya, appoints two technical advisers. These are Ndzo Celestin Ngung and Aboubakary Modibo Amadou. In this presidential text there are two listeners, in the person of Dieudonné Kimaka and Juliana Mesue Mbende Ngoumbah. For the three heads of division, it is George Edo'o Angounou, Rose Djilla born Kouayi Kemajou and Hassan. The ministry in charge of the superior control of the State, falls under the presidency of the Republic.

It controls the management of all public structures. We are talking about departments and other public enterprises. Since October 2, 2015, this ministry is headed by Mbah Acha born Fomundam Rose Ngwari. For the record, in the 1990s and 1996, the Consupe and administrative reform came out of the bosom of the presidency of the Republic.


The two then form, with the public service, a large ministry. Its current form and structure emanate from Decree No. 2005/374 of 11 October 2005. The decree provides for the organization of the State Supreme Audit Services, the current name of the institution. For better understanding, the State Supreme Audit Office may, on the instructions of the President of the Republic, carry out checks.

This, with private bodies pursuing an object having a link with the public service, and having a strategic nature for the economy or national defense. According to Cameroon Tribune the government daily, the Consupe performs a conformity and regularity check. He ensures the financial control, but also that of performance. Environmental control and control of information systems are not left out.


Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Audit: all you need to know about Paul Biya's Appointments

On November 6, the old lion signs a decree appointing technical advisers, auditors, but also the heads of division of this ministry which watches over the public fortune.

The decree of Paul Biya, appoints two technical advisers. These are Ndzo Celestin Ngung and Aboubakary Modibo Amadou. In this presidential text there are two listeners, in the person of Dieudonné Kimaka and Juliana Mesue Mbende Ngoumbah. For the three heads of division, it is George Edo'o Angounou, Rose Djilla born Kouayi Kemajou and Hassan. The ministry in charge of the superior control of the State, falls under the presidency of the Republic.

It controls the management of all public structures. We are talking about departments and other public enterprises. Since October 2, 2015, this ministry is headed by Mbah Acha born Fomundam Rose Ngwari. For the record, in the 1990s and 1996, the Consupe and administrative reform came out of the bosom of the presidency of the Republic.


The two then form, with the public service, a large ministry. Its current form and structure emanate from Decree No. 2005/374 of 11 October 2005. The decree provides for the organization of the State Supreme Audit Services, the current name of the institution. For better understanding, the State Supreme Audit Office may, on the instructions of the President of the Republic, carry out checks.

This, with private bodies pursuing an object having a link with the public service, and having a strategic nature for the economy or national defense. According to Cameroon Tribune the government daily, the Consupe performs a conformity and regularity check. He ensures the financial control, but also that of performance. Environmental control and control of information systems are not left out.


Paris Peace Forum 2nd edition: Paul Biya in favor of a reform of the Bretton Woods institutions

According to the Cameroonian president, new entities must be taken into account. Which now participate in international life.
"We believe that we must continue the reform of the Security Council". This statement is from Cameroonian President Paul Biya. He was speaking this Tuesday, November 12, 2019. It was during his speech at the second edition of the Paris Forum on Peace. The Cameroonian head of state thinks that the number of members should be increased to 26. "So two states with veto power, two permanent states".

Paul Biya militates for the reform
In the same order, Paul Biya advocates for the reform of the Bretton Woods institutions. That is to say the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank (WB) ". Institutions created at the end of the Second World War. "The world has changed since. New entities that now participate in international life must be taken into account. I am thinking of Africa. Think the leader.

Regarding the crisis situation in English, Paul Biya Paul Biya is reassuring. "We are solving it right now." It also emphasizes that these two regions will benefit from a "special status".

Clap end today

The 2nd Paris Forum for Peace ends Wednesday, November 13, 2019. The President of the DRC was the first head of state to speak yesterday in the gallery. Felix Tshisekedi said the importance of preserving it for future generations. Then, the Congolese leader also emphasized the strengths of the DRC. Citing the Congo Basin, forests, arable land. "Africa (...) must stop being a problem for the world. But rather become an important link in the solution to the world's problems, "he says.


Parliament: budget session opens in the National Assembly without SDF, UDC and MRC

This was the case in the National Assembly and the Senate yesterday.
It was in a sparse hemicycle that yesterday, November 12, the third ordinary session of the National Assembly opened. Indeed, the political parties of the opposition (the most prominent), including the Social Dec-Democratic Front (SDF), the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (Mrc), the Democratic Union of Cameroon (Udc), etc. ., answered the absent subscribers. This policy of the empty chair also operated at the end of the day in the Senate.

With regard to the SDF, this defection was expected, if we stick to the resolution taken the day before during a special meeting of the party's National Executive Committee (NEC). Unhappy with the decision of the President of the Republic to convene the electoral body for the legislative and municipal on February 9, 2020, the deliberative body of the party reacted not only by announcing the boycott of these elections, but also by the suspension of his  parliamentary group both in the National Assembly and the Senate to take part in this November session. Followed by almost identical motives by the Mrc (even if it is informally), the party of Ni John Fru Ndi states, among others, the climate of insecurity which prevails in the regions of North-West and the  South West and the non-revision of the electoral code.

Nevertheless, this last parliamentary session of the year is held in accordance with the rules of procedure of the institution, precisely in its article 47 according to which "the deliberations of the National Assembly are valid only in the presence of half plus one of the deputies  ".  And the president of this chamber, Cavaye Yeguie Djibril, to note that "the quorum is reached".  It was with one minute of silence in memory of the victims of the landslide that occurred on October 28 at the Gouache district in Bafoussam in the Western region, that the works were solemnly launched.


Focus primarily on the review and vote of the 2020 State Budget of Cameroon, this session is marked by "a context that can not be more particular" both nationally and internationally.  As the Pan points out, "peace, security and coexistence, and especially the crisis that has shaken the North West and South West regions over the last three years," are some of the major concerns.  The other issue in the air here refers to the great national dialogue (Gdn) whose resolutions are still waiting to have good grace in the eyes of the President of the Republic.
In the presence of the members of the government, including the Prime Minister, the Pan never ceased to magnify the merits of this palaver that allowed "to debate and find consensual solutions to the problems that undermine [our] country".  Also, Cavaye Yeguie Djibril he mark "the availability" of the lower house of Parliament "to study seriously, method and thoroughness, any bill or any law proposal that it will be seized, as part of the implementation  implementation of Gdn resolutions ".

In addition to security concerns, the future budget should (logically) be allocated to the economic burden.  Because, "alas!  Exclaimed Pan, "the fire at the National Refinery Company (Sonara) in Limbe was a shock to our economy," he laments from the perch.  Never mind, Cavaye Yeguie Djibril remains optimistic, relying "on the great resilience of Cameroon, a resilience backed by the diverse nature of [our] economy."  For him, this budget will allow the President of the Republic to achieve "the Septennate of Great Opportunities" which one of the major events relates to the organization of the Africa Cup of Nations (Can) 2021.

Among the Senate elect, the upper house of Parliament, President Niat Njifenji was represented by Abu-karry Abdoulaye, the first vice-president.  He did not stand out from his counterpart in the National Assembly.  He had a pious thought about the victims of Bafous;  Sat. Also coming back to the security context, he spoke of "peace, justice, equity and harmony" to preserve the "sacredness of the nation".  He also congratulated the Gdn Foundation and invited his colleagues to "work for the preparation and peaceful conduct of the legislative and municipal elections" of 09 February 2020.

Source: Actucameroun

Yaoundé: the suspected assassins of student Cedric Momo arrested

Cedric Momo was beaten, murdered! His Body was found flooting in Mfoundi river

These are in operation at the Commissariat of the 4th district of Nkoldongo. The Essingan Newspaper in Newsstand from Wednesday, November 13 to Thursday, November 14, 2019, states that the alleged assassins of Cedric Momo were arrested on November 8, 2019 by the elements of the police station of the 4th district of Yaoundé, two days after does not find the body of the student in the 7th year of medicine in the bed of the Mfoundi river.

After their arrest, they were taken to the police station of the 4th arrondissement, located in the Nkoldongo district of Yaounde. According to our colleagues, they still stay there. The newspaper headed by Marie Robert Eloundou, said that for now, investigators can not reveal the identity of these alleged killers or their number, because the investigation is still ongoing. All the same, a source contacted by our colleagues reports that the lady who has put the police on the trail of alleged perpetrators of Cedric Momo, is said to be threatened and his children.

Remember that on November 3, Cedric Momo went out with his friends around 23 hours. After a trip to the bars of the neighborhoods Ekounou and Mvog-mbi, his friends seeing him intoxicated, asked him to go home. What he seemed to do on the moment. Except that, as his sister tells. "When Cedric took leave of his friends, he went back. According to the bartender's statements to the investigators of the Nkoldongo police station, Cédric handed the bartender his wallet, his phone saying that he felt followed. The bartender then asked him to sit down and wait for the sunrise, but taking advantage of a moment of inattention, he left, "she told our colleagues in Essingan.

The next morning, a woman from Mvog-atangana Mballa market who knew the family went to her parents' home in Mendong to announce that she saw "two bandits chasing Cedric."  Fearing, she could not scream. She claims, however, to have heard them say that Cédric fell into the waters of the Mfoundi as they ran after him.

Research will be launched and the body of Cedric Momo will be found on Wednesday, November 06, 2019, behind the Ahala High School. To conclude, Cédric's sister reveals that her inert body has been transported to the hospital for further examination. "We realized that he had been badly beaten. He had wounds in his head and intimate parts. We do not know yet whether it is a simple aggression or a settlement of account, "she told our colleagues Essingan newspaper.


The University of Bamenda in request of its abducted students

13 students from this university institution were kidnapped by secessionist armed gangs. As ransom, the kidnappers claim the sum of 30 million FCFA.

The kidnapping of students from the University of Bamenda took place on November 9 in the mini-city Maïsse of the late Orner Yembe, not far from the campus. 


"It was 7:25 pm when armed people burst in, ordering everyone to go out. In one of the chambers, there were three future student teachers in training at the Ecole normale supérieure of general education for some and technical for others. Like all their neighbors, they are summoned to interrupt their evening meal to get into the cars parked at the entrance. So begins the kidnapping. 

The kidnappers take a destination that is not communicated to the hostages, "says a witness. Finally, it is the lifeless body of one of the kidnapped, Dialelock Djoudi Martial who will indicate the direction taken by the kidnappers. The family of this former biology student is inconsolable at the Ndogbong district in Douala. Native to Fondonera by Dschang, Western Region.

What fate for the 13 students removed? 

The suspense is at its peak in the families of other hostages. According to concordant sources, the kidnappers demand a ransom that varies according to the hostages. Between 2.5 million and three million FCFA, we learn. This makes a total of 30 million FCFA to disburse. Only, the families are worried. While the authorities ask not to pay any franc because the payment of ransom will allow the kidnappers to commit more crime because the funds will be used to maintain the troop and buy weapons and other devices of death. 

Permanent insecurity at the University of Bamenda 

The kidnapping of these students brings up to date the issue of insecurity in the North West and South West regions. If the campus of Bambili was sanctuary, it is obvious that the students, once out of the lecture halls, are at the mercy of the killers. It's fear in their stomach that they roam the streets. Peace has not yet returned to the North West and South West regions after the Great National Dialogue.


Ambazonia: not less than six individual burned alive in Muyuka

The people of Muyuka, in the Southwest region, are still in the village of Owe on Monday, November 4th.

Residents said men in the military uniform were in a battle of suspicion. They claimed that the victims were burned while drying cocoa.

The cocoa oven has also been reduced to ashes. Some claim that the victims were suspected separatist fighters who had taken refuge in Owe. No group, however, claimed this fire.

Wazuzu died Monday in a clash. The separatists were killed when they launched an attack on their position. Some of them escaped with serious injuries, but no members of the forces were injured. Wazuzu was the commander of one of the "main camps" of armed separatists.


Anglophone Crisis: After Paul Biya's regime announced his death, the Ambazonian chief Field Marshall makes his appearance again

This time, we discover it, under the cap of the new traditional chief of Essoh-Attah, a village in the southwest region of Cameroon.

As the risen Jesus, Field Marshall has just made his appearance. An act that comes almost 10 months after the announcement of his death by the Cameroonian government. This time, he combines his rebel head cap with that of traditional Essoh-Attah leader. It is a village located in the region of southwest Cameroon.

He chooses a symbolic day in his return. October 1, 2019. This is the day of celebration of "independence", the imaginary state of Ambazonia. "On the esplanade of the royal palace of Essoh-Attah, in the Southwest region, a man dressed in a military fatigues wearing the insignia of the Cameroonian army made his appearance. His green beret hardly veils his face: it is Field Marshall, the commander of the "Red dragons" of Lebialem. Writes the journal Jeune Afrique.

"I am the leader of Lebialem"

It is indeed a triumphal return for the warlord of this militia. His organization is one of the most virulent in the Anglophone conflict. An amateur camera films his staging. In the video, we discover around the fighters all armed. They take part in his enthronement as a traditional leader of Essoh-Attah. In the wake, the last inhabitants of the village acclaim. Essoh-Attah, is this isolated village in the heart of the Southwest very mired in the crisis.

For Jeune Afrique, this return is cleverly prepared. The proof, his induction speech as a traditional leader is a true statement of authority. "I am the leader of Lebialem" I love my people, and I will not let anyone harm them. Anyone who comes to bother you in this village, let me know and he will know who Field Marshall is. A seductive speech that conceals a "reign" announcing itself under the sign of submission or death. "Reads in the newspaper.

Source: Actucameroun

Who is Field Marshall, the secessionist leader "killed" by Yaounde afterwards resuscitated?


Close up on the robot portrait, of one of the ambazonian warlords, the most feared, as he sows terror, the better he makes blood flow.

Field Marshall, is actually called Leke Olivier Fongunueh. At the heart of this Anglophone crisis, he built his reputation in the blood. For some non-governmental organizations, he is one of the most feared secessionists on the Anglophone war front. In the opinion of Amnesty International, the "Red Dragons", the name of his militia, are at the origin of several deadly attacks.

In the southwest, he sows fear in the population. They burn the schools. They are also targeting teachers who do not respect the school boycott motto. Targeted assassinations against members of the Cameroonian army are not left behind. Under his terror, the Cameroonian administration disappears from Lebialem. Here, too, traditional chiefs leave their palaces for neighboring areas.


"By taking their place, Field Marshall has strengthened its grip on this territory where the government forces are struggling to regain control, none of the military interventions that have been committed failed to dislodge his militia. On the contrary, by avoiding these attacks, notably that of December 2018 after which his death had been announced, Field Marshall built a myth of invincibility around his person. What makes him a feared being in the region. Commented the Jeune Afrique newspaper this week.

Field Marshall, was born in December 1968 in Azi, in southwest Cameroon. The village is at the heart of the protest of the republican order. But nothing in the background predestine this former soldier of the Cameroonian army to rebellion. Already a child, his family remembers an "obedient boy". Not big fan of the school, he does not finish his schooling, leaded by "insufficient results".


"On the other hand, his brother Chris Anu, known as" troublemaker ", excels in his studies before embarking on a career as a computer engineer in the United States. Today, the two brothers are at the forefront of the armed claim in the English-speaking zone. While Field Marshall leads the military front on the ground, Chris Anu provides political coordination through his role as spokesman for the interim government of Ambazonia. Informs Young Africa.

It is their family who pays the heavy price. Thus, in August 2019, their mother Grace Mafuatem, and their sister Beza Berist are arrested in Yaoundé. The sources indicate that they are in possession of a sum of 1.6 million F CFA. The two members of this family, are present in the Cameroonian capital after the fire of their family home in Lebialem. Yaoundé suspects them of harboring ransom products collected by Field Marshall in the field.

Source: Actucameroun

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Paris Forum: Biya got himself embarrassed by a question about secessionists

This is undoubtedly a question that President Paul Biya did not expect in Paris. In residence since Sunday, November 11 in the French capital Paris, the Cameroonian president took part this Tuesday in a session in the framework of the Paris forum on peace.

During the session led by the billionaire Anglo-Sudanese Mo Ibrahim who runs a foundation bearing his name, the latter asked the question about the Anglophone crisis and more specifically how the power of Yaounde intends to bring the living together between the French-speaking population and  English speaking ones.

 After recalling the political history of Cameroon since colonization, the Cameroonian head of state said the power of Yaoundé had done everything to avoid the current conflict situation.
"We did everything to equalize the two languages ​​[French and English] but the mentalities of the school system and the judicial system are different. So we had conflicts that are being resolved right now to give the part of my country that was under British colonization a specific status but it remains in the integrity of the nation, "said Paul Biya visibly embarrassed. 

And to continue: "we had the possibility of integrating them directly into the Francophone system which was that of the majority of the people, but I believe that the countries are anxious today to assert their identity".


Parliament: Speaker Cavaye Yeguie ignored the issue of National Dialogue Special Status

Cameroonian MPs at the National Assembly in a new parliamentary session

The November parliament session is underway in the Yaoundé parliament, where the Speaker of the National Assembly has ignored the recommendations of the grand national dialogue.

Speaking to MPs in the absence of the SDF Social Democratic Party, Cavaye Djibril focused on the nature of the 2020 budget that MPs expect from members of the government. 

He called on the government to prepare a budget taking into account Cameroon's national and international missions in 2020. For him, Cameroon will host CHAN in 2020, the CAN in 2021, hold twin elections in 2020 and a draft budget must reflect the financial requirements of these events. 

In its opening message, Cavaye did not highlight the results of the major national dialogue held in Cameroon, including the discussions on the form of special status granted to the North West and South West regions.

The President of the National Assembly also did not mention the financial needs for the implementation of the resolutions of the commission for the reconstruction and resettlement of war victims, which ended the great national dialogue recommending a sum of money for this purpose. 

The parliamentary session of November opened with the apparent absence of deputies of the Social Democratic Party SDF, who demand the implementation of the resolutions of the grand national dialogue as a precondition for their participation in the session.


Pornographic images scandal: Etienne Eto'o finally reacts!

A rather clear answer from the son of the former captain of the Indomitable Lions. A few days after the scandal in which he was involved, Etienne Eto'o on his Instagram account has just silenced the rumors.

Victim of identity theft on Facebook, the young player had been accused of dredging girls, and ask them images pornographic. A news that has long inflamed the canvas. A few days ago, the mother of the young man, Marian Pineda denounced this practice, according to her, his son would be a victim of the scammers who have taken possession of his Facebook account. In her message, she warns counterfeiters and also invites Internet users not to fall into this trap. 

A reaction not enough enough for the young player who similarly reacts on the canvas. Etienne Eto'o, on his page which has more than 7,000 subscribers shared a photo of him and his girlfriend. In romantic mode on the picture accompanied by two emojis "King" and "Queen".

Would it be an indirect way to get us a message? While waiting for your answer discover the photo of the two turtles below 


Paul Biya's Supporters in diaspora challenged the Biya's regime

We can not sacrifice our lives for people who are not engaged in the same fight

At some point it will be necessary for everyone to come to the evidence of what is happening in Cameroon. How to explain the fact that the patriots who support President Paul Biya, the same ones who support the president are unaware of his arrival in Europe and better yet we do not have the logistics that allows us to develop counter-attack strategies against our virulent and determined political opponents.
I have nothing to say about the events in Paris. Whatever we say we will remember the loyal services that Papa Martin Belinga Eboutou has given back to his brother and friend Paul Biya and to the Cameroonian people. You know at some point it will be necessary to stop the hypocrisy, to stop the head of Austria and to realize the real situation. I do not know if there is a man as knowledgeable as Samuel Mvondo Ayolo in Cameroon, but what does he do with the information that is available to him? 

Dear Diaspora political comrades know that we can not sacrifice our lives for people who are visibly not engaged in the same fight as us. We are many around the head of state but will know who actually works for the head of state. The many humiliations experienced by Our President must challenge us. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH 

The opposition has understood that it can count on the diaspora and at all times it always walked. Unfortunately our elders have absolutely nothing to do with the diaspora and this is what gives it. The diaspora that supports PAUL BIYA what did you do to her? In the aftermath of the elections did you think of the diaspora who actively campaigned for the head of state? After the events of Lyon do you see when the Diaspora Republican really mobilized you have seen how the BAS was humiliated but in the aftermath of these events what our party elders did us? Absolutely nothing. 

Billy after the slap of Lyon risked his life, did the government do anything to protect him? He was attacked in Lyon, at the risk of his life he fought for PAUL BIYA but what was the return? A mother Ethon in Geneva was beaten what is the Civil Cabinet did for her? Nothing 

That the Civil Cabinet continue its managerial policy ignoring the diaspora that supports the head of state. Come what may but we will not continue to risk our lives for a regime that does not care about us. 

But know one thing if you hope to survive after PAUL BIYA you are mistaken. If you sink Our president you will go down to the abyss with him.


The person who will come to have fun under this publication will feel me pass. 

Micca Marthe Cecile


Family at risk: Patrick Ekema's wife called on Paul Biya for help

More than two weeks after the death of Patrick Ekema, the results of the autopsy of his body are still not revealed. To make matters worse, his wife who lives in the US with their children while they live, no longer knows where to turn.

According to colleagues from cameroonintelligencereport, Katherine Ekema, the wife of the former mayor of Buea, Patrick Ekema, who lives in Minnesota is in trouble. She was sent to the US and her 5 children by her husband to flee the threats of secessionists. 

After the death of Patrick Ekema, we are told that the woman can no longer support the expenses of her children alone since the former mayor of Buea took care of everything. In addition to housing and alimony, the late mayor was also responsible for funding the children's education. 

The hardest thing for Patrick Ekema's widow is the trip she will have to make to Cameroon, precisely to Buea to bury her husband, who died of a heart attack last October 27th.

According to sources, the woman applied for asylum claiming that her life and that of her five children were in danger. Information that American immigration will have to check with the Cameroonian authorities. Obtaining asylum in the USA remains her big challenge, but her other problem is to return to Buea even though she does not have the appropriate travel documents. But if she takes the risk of traveling to Cameroon, it means that she has invalidated her asylum application and chose not to return to the United States. 

Given her complex situation, she is trying to obtain guarantees from the Biya government for a return to the US after the funeral of her husband, the late Patrick Ekema.


Anglophone Crisis: 'Paul Biya has aversion to peace'

Currently in Paris at the invitation of his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, Cameroonian President Paul Biya is attending the second edition of the Paris Forum on Peace. Paul Biya will work with peers and civil society actors to find solutions to the various crises the world is facing.

And yet in his country, Paul Biya is struggling to end the Anglophone crisis that has left more than 3,000 dead and millions displaced. The Cameroonian lawyer and member of the SDF political party, Me Lavoisier Tsapi believes that by announcing the date of the next legislative elections while the war continues in the northwest and south-west of Cameroon, Paul Biya spreads his contempt for his fellow citizens.

"The President of the Republic, once again demonstrates his contempt for peace in this country. There is war everywhere today. CPDM has no consideration for human lives. Cameroonians can die by the thousands it says nothing at the Rdpc. The convening of these elections is a clear proof that you (Rdpc ed) do not want the Cameroonians to be at peace. The IDPs, where will they vote? ".


Monday, November 11, 2019

Anglophone crisis: two French experts make shocking revelations

The expert in international relations Fréderic Anselme is not surprised by the Anglophone crisis. The uprising of armed groups and the violent repression of the Cameroonian army have claimed the lives of more than 3,000 people in northwestern and southwestern Cameroon. Frédéric Anselme explains this situation by the wealth of this area and the desire of certain groups to separate from French-speaking Cameroon.

"What you call English crisis, we could also call it oil curse crisis. The secessionist attempts are located in an extremely rich zone and very promising in oil on the one hand and on the other hand, we are dealing with an attempt to secede from groups, very violent militiamen sometimes claiming a status of autonomy, sometimes of independence, sometimes of connection to the big Nigerian neighbor of the north under the pretext of linguistic unity, "he declared on the airwaves of RFI. 

Another expert, Jean-Claude FELIX-TCHICAYA, researcher at the Institute for Prospective and Security in Europe (IPSE, Paris) proposes as a situation to the Anglophone crisis, the involvement of youth in the construction of a new Cameroon.

"80% of Cameroonians are under 35 and they want to participate by being protagonists in a new Cameroon and they also want to be alternatives, actors and authors of the changes with the current power or in a democracy with a much more" respected "opposition and able to participate in Cameroonian politics, "he said.


Cameroon: Michelle Ndoki announced interest for Legislative elections

The Vice President of the women’s wing of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement, Michelle Ndoki has thrown her hat in for the upcoming Legislative elections.
Her announcement follows the Head of State’s decree on Sunday convening the electorate for the Legislative and Municipal elections on Sunday, February 9, 2020.

Michelle Ndoki who was released from jail on October 5 following a Presidential decision took to twitter to subtly declare her intentions.

“It will be a moment of truth. To all those who call me the people’s fiancée, the wedding is scheduled for February 9, 2020. I might have the honour to become madame the parliamentarian. You now have to decide..,” Michelle Ndoki told her potential voters on twitter.

Source: jdc

National Dialogue: Jeune Afrique makes fresh revelations

According to Jeune Afrique, each committee president received 5 million

      At The National Dialogue Event

The Pan-African magazine reveals some figures of the national meeting held in Yaoundé a little over a month ago.

What did the Grand National Dialogue cost?  A little more than a month after the end of the assizes by President Paul Biya to propose solutions for a return to peace in the English-speaking regions, the weekly Jeune Afrique reveals some figures of the works.

In an article titled: "Cameroon: the" Grand National Dialogue "in figures, published in its newsstand edition on November 10, 2019, the Pan-African magazine reveals that for this event held from September 30 to October 4 2019 at the Palais des  Congress in Yaoundé, "the government had reserved 400 rooms in 3-star hotels".

"The participants received from 300,000 to 400,000 FCFA (610 euros), depending on whether they arrived in the United States.

For their part, continue Young Africa, "the presidents of the 8 commissions had a budget of 5 million FCFA for unforeseen expenses (for example when the caterer who served 700 meals a day had closed his kitchens)".

We also learn that the organizers of the country have obtained a visa for a foreign country.

The work has yielded several recommendations, the most important of which is the creation of a special status for the North West and South West regions.


Ivorian artist beaten up in Cameroon because of a woman

Recently, the artist was at the center of a lively controversy in Cameroon for a "women's affair", they say. Stelair explains himself.

In a video recently released on the web, Stelair left for a show in Yaoundé, is taken to task by a group of young Cameroonians. According to some languages, the Ivorian singer would have had a romantic relationship with a Cameroonian girl in a relationship with a promoter in Yaounde. 

Asked about the famous controversy, the artist of the Generation Chiley, said his part of truth on the site Vibe Radio.CI, "I never slept with the wife of any promoter of show in Cameroon, it is a pure invention of some Internet users ", he proclaims.

The young Ivorian arranger-singer says that what happened was a matter of penny history, "Basically it's a matter of money. I had actually made my first trip to Cameroon several months ago. There is a man from the show-biz there, to whom the promoter who contacted me entrusted the task of making a media campaign of the tour. The latter has done a showcase tour. He took money from people in my name. The tour never took place and it disappeared in the wild, without reporting to the promoter. And when I left recently in Cameroon, the promoter of the name of Joel Mpellé and his henchmen discharged their anger on me trying to molest me, on the pretext that I rolled them in the flour. We finally could explain, he realized that it is his turner who has "doubled",

Source: lookatshow

Legislative & Municipal 2020: Paul Biya summons the electorate

This information was first received and broadcast on CRTV 1:00 pm newscast, the national channel, President Paul BIya is to preside over the legislative and municipal elections coming up in February, 9th 2020.

According to multiple sources, an extension is already recorded.  This is an announcement made publicly before Paul Biya's departure for France following an invitation from Macron in a troubling socio-political context.

After Lyon, Paul Biya is still expected in Paris to take part in the second Paris conference on peace and security from 11 to 13 November 2019. As Business summit follows.


Douala: a businessman get robbed of 75 million

The scene occurred after its release from the bank

The incredible scene, took place yesterday morning of November 06, 2019, in the New Bell district in Douala (economic capital of Cameroon), at a place called Evangelical College.

A man recognized as an economic operator, entered a bank in Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon, to make a major cash withdrawal.  According to our information, the businessman has withdrawn the penny sum of 75 million francs he loaded into two bags, before going back in his car.

Witnesses of the scene say that it was at the moment when the armed man, unidentified robbers, arrived on board two motorcycles, and summoned the businessman, s' Stop.  In vain.  Thus, according to the witnesses who lived on the scene, they shot at the wheels of the car, which saw them deflate and forced the businessman to stop.  This is how the economic operator is connected with the money.  Sources say that the two bags were full, and that the total sum of money taken by the robbers, would be 75 million CFA francs.

Gendarmes and police arrived at the scene of the robbery and opened an investigation.  Even if the victim does not wish to reveal the amount of the jackpot robbers, sources speak of a tidy sum of 75 million francs CFA.

 Insecurity is back in Douala.


Legislative elections: the MRC calls on young people from the South to come out massively

It was in an official statement received by the CameroonWeb editors that the announcement was made.

Under the leadership of the regional MRC for the South, Dr. OKO Appolinaire launches a "fraternal and solemn" appeal to young people during the double ballot of the legislative and municipal elections scheduled for February 9, 2020. 

The Secretary General invites young people to massively join the MRC lists. 

Document below

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Sam Sévérin Ango promises terrible revelations today at the Arena

After the strong news of Ebolowa where he saw his meeting be banned by the administrative authorities and his comrades from the MRC from other cities be banned from entering the city, the journalist converted into a politician will explain this Sunday from 20:30 to Canal 2 international in the show the arena.

He plans to return: 

- On his choice to campaign for the MRC. 

- His candidacy on behalf of the MRC for next legislative elections in Ebolowa. 

- His relations with other politicians and especially the political hawks of the South. 

- The names of ministers from the South who have maneuvered in the shadows so that he does not hold his rally.

- His reading of the rise of tribalism and the attitude of the young Ebolowa a few days ago...

And many other hot topics. 

Sam Séverin Ango will be opposed in the duel to his brother of the South Daniel Claude Abate, activist of the CPDM ruling party and president of MECAM. 

It looks interesting!


After the ban of MRC meeting in Douala, Maurice Kamto announces a reprogramming

The party of Maurice Kamto, the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC) has canceled a march scheduled for Saturday, November 9, 2019 in Douala following the ban of the sub-prefect of the 5th district of the city.

Earlier in the day on Friday, November 8, the Wouri High Court rejected the request to cancel a ban on demonstrations Saturday in the economic capital. 

"Following the cancellation of his peaceful rally scheduled for 9 November 2019 by the Sub-Prefect of Douala V, the MRC appealed to the Wouri District Court, which issued a decision on Friday, November 8, 2019. iniquitous politics. The MRC is already preparing a reprogramming of this meeting at a later date that will be communicated very soon? ", Reads the communiqué of the MRC signed by the secretary general of the party, Alain Fogué. 

In the statement, the party calls the national opinion "to see with him the sordid strategy of the regime to eliminate it from the political game by low maneuvers of demonization ...?"

Note that this is the third such cancellation since the liberation of activists and supporters of the political party of Maurice Kamto on October 5, 2019. 

Under lock and key for nine months, Maurice Kamto and his allies were released on October 5, 2019 A presidential decision seen as a concession of Paul Biya, in power for 37 years.


Outsending Truth live on Equinox TV: Kamto declines the invitation and sends Penda Ekoka

Maurice Kamto will no longer be the guest of the program "Truth in Face" of this Sunday, November 10th on Equinoxe TV.

We learn that it is finally his political ally Christian Penda Ekoka, who will face the trio Cédric Noufele, Jonathan Navila and Duval Fangoua. 

The lawyer-politician has still not made a TV release since his release from Kondengui on November 5th. According to some sources, Maurice Kamto had initially given his "ok" for this program with a very large audience before turning around after, he says that his very busy program would be the cause.

Recall that the leader of the MRC arrived in Yaounde yesterday at nightfall, from Bafoussam in the west of the country, where he took part in the official funeral ceremony in tribute to the victims of the Gouache disaster.


Bamenda University: Lele Lafrique stops the teachers' strike

The academics said they would go on a three-week work stoppage

Following a short meeting on Friday morning between the North-West governor, Adolphe Lele Lafrique and the teachers of the University of Bamenda, a strike action planned by the latter was suspended until further notice.

In a statement, academics said they would carry out a peaceful sit-in against security threats affecting the entire region and their careers. They announced a three-week work stoppage. 

On this occasion, Governor Adolphe Lele Lafrique was on hand to calm angry and frightened academics, who received death threats and others attacked by armed separatist fighters. 

They are often attacked while traveling to Bambili University, Tubah Sub-Prefecture, as police are often deployed on campus to protect students and teachers, but few steps are being taken to secure the roads leading to the university or the risks that these teachers may face when returning from work.

Despite threats of insecurity weighing on Bamenda, the government insists that the academic and academic year is normally held in the region. Not long ago, the university's director of administrative affairs escaped death after being assaulted by separatists. 

Unidentified gunmen killed a professor of linguistics at the university last year after a bloody meeting between armed militants and separatists. Paul Kuban Mbufong was shot dead while working at the University of Bamenda.


North West Legislative and Municipal: Atanga Nji persists and signs!

Minister of Territorial Administration (MINAT) Paul Atanga Nji chaired on Thursday, November 7, 2019 in Bamenda, an important security assessment meeting in the North West region, in the grip of a murderous independence struggle since 2016.

The opportunity for him to reiterate that the next local elections will be held in this region. 

In its newsstand edition on November 8, the national bilingual daily, Cameroon Tribune, reports that according to MINAT, in the 34 municipalities of the North-West region, the municipal elections will be held. The 20 seats of deputies in the region will also be filled. 

During this meeting with the governor Adolphe Lele Lafrique, the heads of the defense and security forces, as well as the regional delegate of ELECAM, Atanga Nji rejoiced that there were no attacks or overflowing during the celebration of the 37th anniversary of the accession of President Paul Biya to power.

The Head of State, emphasized the MINAT, asks to mark the presence of the State in all the districts of the region and to ensure that the administrative units are ready for elections. 

"There has been a massive return of IDPs. Each of these fellow citizens must feel safe and go about their business freely. And it is up to the administrative and military authorities to guarantee this serenity and tranquility, "added the government member.


Ambazonia: 02 people brutally killed in Limbe

This is the information reached at the CameroonWeb editorial office. Two people were murdered in Limbe.

One died on the spot and the other would have succumbed some time after being seriously wounded later to Mabeta Nyanga in the limb III subdivision. 

Local sources report that they were shot at the OD installation ceremony for Limbe III was underway.

Update soon...


Two Ambazonian Soldiers Killed In Balikumbat

Two men of the Ambazonian defence forces have been killed in Balikumbat, North West region of Cameroon.

The two deceased reported to be same family, from one biological father.

Ngwanmande Derrick and his step brother Doh Wat, were both shot dead during the burial of the police man who was reportedly beheaded somedays ago in Bamenda.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

'African players are not respected' Samuel Etoo

Even retired, Samuel Eto'o continues to attract the spotlight and to claim the recognition of African football. The former captain of the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon believes that the players of the continent are not considered at fair value.

He said while votes for the next Ballon d'Or will be closed this Friday and the chances for the best Africans seem to be slim to win the trophy.

"African players are not respected, but first by their own brothers and that's a shame. But when I say it, some turn and say + but why he says it? + ". But because it's true, because it's a fact, because for years, before me, before I arrived in this business, it was already the case, "teased the former star of the FC Barcelona in an interview with AFP.

Despite three European Champions League titles and several national trophies, Eto'o has never won the honorary title of best player in the world. Today, he says he is committed to supporting the Mané, Salah, Aubameyang generation to achieve this goal.


UNICEF accuses secessionists of being the creators of crimes and abuses

In its report of November 5, UNICEF takes the US to the wrong way. The country led by Donald Trump recently accused Cameroon of being guilty of violating human rights.

The Triweekly Anecdote in its issue number 1056 published on November 7, reports that UNICEF accuses secessionists of perpetrating crimes in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon. "The English-speaking regions of Cameroon, once the best places for education in the whole country, are facing a permanent policy of non-schooling by non-state armed groups," reads in this extract of the report of November 5, 2019, taken by our colleague. 

Jean Pierre Amougou Belinga's newspaper goes on to say that according to the United Nations Children's Fund, In the past three years, at least 70 schools have been destroyed and students and teachers kidnapped: "A very real fear violence also prevents parents from sending their children to school, teachers and staff come to school. Thousands of children in Cameroon live in fear. They need peace to be able to go back to school and recover their future. "

This report notes that since the beginning of the year, 529 incidents have occurred in the Northwest and Southwest regions. The secessionists took several members of several NGOs hostage and committed several extortions. According to our colleague, crime is much more prevalent in the Northwest region in recent times. 

This UNICEF report, against all odds, exonerates Cameroon against the accusations of Donald Trump who "made him guilty of human rights violations".


Cameroont: A plot to shoot down Maurice Kamto revealed

Leave Professor Maurice Kamto alone! Prepare the upcoming elections by fighting for a just electoral code if possible; present your programs or assessments and let the People choose those they value. Do not distract us from the real problems such as the incivism of the state and local elected officials that led to the drama of Bafoussam.

Maurice Kamto wants to make his meeting in Douala, you prevent it. In Yaoundé the same, in Ebolowa also. You chase the bamis and drive them out of your villages. When they return to celebrate theirs and to commune with him during such a hard test, you cry. What do you want exactly? Why do not you create her country apart? Your hatred for this man is going to give you avc.

Continue ... but know above all that like any other citizen and any politician, he has the right to express himself everywhere on the national territory.

You should fight for respect for the freedom to choose, to meet and to engage in politics and not to destroy those who try politics.

There is not and there will never be another unique way of thinking in this country. Evolve as the world around you evolves. Kamerun is no one's plantation. Otherwise, of ALL KAMERUNAIS.

I tell you by looking straight at you. We will not let you kill this man. He made mistakes, but he is no more guilty than Mr. Biya and all his clique of rapists, hijackers and assassins of the Kamerunese dream. Whether you like it or not, Pr Kamto represents a lot for our country. Archangelism is not politics. STOP THE SORCERY AND LISTEN !!!

Listen to the advice of the night so that the day rises brighter.