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Friday, August 16, 2019

Anglophone Crisis: French Cameroun soldier arrested in Akak

Southern Cameroons Restoration forces have reportedly arrested a Cameroon government soldier in Akak village in Obang Local Government, Manyu County. The soldier who hails from Manyu but is serving with the intelligence unit of the Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) travelled to Akak and requested to meet the chief of the village.

Our source in Ossing hinted that the serviceman told the traditional authority that he wanted to acquire land in the village. Asked why he had to come to Akak-a locality he had never visited before at this difficult time in the history of the country. The Cameroun military officer claimed that he was planning to get into farming when he retires.

It was during the interrogation process at the chief’s palace that a lady identified him as a soldier and hinted a regiment of the Ambazonia Restoration Forces operating in the area who stormed the palace opened fire with unspecified weapons and ferried him away to an unknown destination.

We understand Akak harbours a major camp grouping Southern Cameroons Defense Forces from both Manyu and Ndian County. The soldier had been sent there to gather information that will help the Cameroon government army locate the Ambazonia camps.

The Cameroon government army said that it had shelled a number of Ambazonian camps in Manyu controlled by the Odeshi Warriors. Eyumojock sub constituency in Manyu has been under a crippling land blockade by French Cameroun government forces since the Southern Cameroons crisis started some three years ago.

By Rita Akana

Ambazonia Vice President says French Cameroun regime will regret invading Ambazonia

The Vice President of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia, Dabney Yerima has issued a warning to the French Cameroun government, saying that the Biya regime will regret invading British Southern Cameroons.

Dabney Yerima who spoke to our correspondent in Germany during a recent visit to Thuringen said soon and very soon, there will be a response to every French Cameroun attack in Southern Cameroons.

Last week, French Cameroun security forces shot and killed several Southern Cameroons detainees who were protesting against the deplorable conditions in French Cameroun jails.

The Ambazonia Interim Government was formed following French Cameroun regime’s declaration of war against the people of Southern Cameroons.  Since then, the Interim Government has helped to organize Ambazonia Self-Defense Forces to resist the French Cameroun genocidal campaign in Southern Cameroons.

The Ambazonian Interim Government has also been playing a significant role in defending the thousands of Southern Cameroonians including its leader President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe who are currently being held in French Cameroun prisons.

Ever since the war started three years ago following the declaration of Southern Cameroons independence by President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe, troops loyal to the Biya Francophone regime in Yaoundé have regularly violated Ambazonia sovereignty killings more than 4000 people including women and children.

Two years ago, a senior French speaking Cameroon government official described Southern Cameroonians as two cubes of sugar representing nothing in La Republique du Cameroun.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai

Anglophone Crisis: Paul Biya regime Setting Up New Military Bases in Southern Cameroons

Recently in the Meme County, French Cameroun army soldiers erected a fortified position with a perimeter of large sand barriers and barbed wire in Kumba. The French Cameroun government understands that Southern Cameroonians are in disarray and are no longer contributing financially to the struggle so they are building military bases in all the major towns and cities in Southern Cameroons which were at the beginning of the revolution under the control of Ambazonia Restoration Forces.

Etoudi said on Monday that it was intensifying French Cameroun security apparatus in Southern Cameroons.  The Biya regime has vowed to secure all the major towns and villages in Ambazonia and push for school resumption in order to wade off the pressure coming from the international community.

Cameroon government military spokesperson, Colonel Badjeck reportedly refused to comment publicly on the new plan and also noted to our undercover reporter in Yaoundé that the French Cameroun regime will not discuss specific movements and locations of French Cameroun forces in Southern Cameroons.

Colonel Badjeck observed that French Cameroun military commanders have been delegated the authority and the responsibility to position soldiers and resources needed to accomplish the back to school mission.

Scores of French Cameroun army jeeps each with dozens of soldiers on watch are now parading the streets of all major Southern Cameroons settlements. Previously, French Cameroun troops only patrolled the front lines in both the Northern and Southern Zones.  But ever since the Sako Ikome financial scandal that rocked the Ambazonia Interim Government, more French Cameroun forces are now at new post all over Southern Cameroons.

The Senior Divisional Officer for Manyu was quoted as saying that “Before, government forces could hardly patrol the streets of Mamfe.  Now it is better with the disunity in the exiled so-called Ambazonia Interim Government” he said.

Cameroon Concord News Group chief correspondent in Bamenda, Sama Ernest hinted that more of such French Cameroun army posts are expected to be built along the highway linking Bamenda to Mamfe.

By Chi Prudence Asong with files from Sama Ernest

Friday, August 9, 2019

Doula Court: Michelle Ndoki And Co Sentences to jail

Michelle Ndoki and other 40 supporters of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement party have been given 6 months jail term each.

The decision was passed by the Douala Court of First Instance Thursday 08 2019 for charges on rebellion, illegal meetings and unauthorised public manifestations.

The six months jail terms is in relation with the October 2018 public manifestations organised by her.

The decision was adopted in the absence of the  party's lawyers.

Michelle Ndoki is currently being detained in Yaounde for allegedly attempting to leave the country illegally.

Lawyers and Amnesty International have described her arrest and the arrest of other CRM supporters as gross human right violations.

Source: Mimi Mefo 

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Cameroon Army: Equatorial Guinea planning to build a Wall along the border with Cameroon

Equatorial Guinea is planning to build a wall along the border with its neighbour Cameroon, according to sources in the Cameroon army.

An army officer, speaking on condition of anonymity, told AFP that Equatorial Guinean soldiers had crossed the Ntem river that forms a natural border between the two countries, and erected milestones in the town of Kye-Ossi on the Cameroonian side.

The milestones had been placed at points “between one and two kilometres (0.6-1.2 miles) inside our territory,” the officer said.

At the weekend, state radio reported that Cameroon army chief, Rene Claude Meka, visited the spot at the end of July to see where the border had been encroached, noting “the expansionist ambitions” of neighbouring Equatorial Guinea.

He also warned that the Cameroonian army would not tolerate “any unlawful intrusion” into its territory. Contacted by AFP, the authorities in Equatorial Guinea declined to comment.

Nevertheless, people living in Equatorial Guinea said they had been told about the plans to build a wall.

“All along the border, everything is already cleared. We’ve been told it is the fence where the wall will be built for our border with Cameroon,” Gustavo Ondo told AFP via telephone.

According to a number of different sources, Equatorial Guinea accuses Cameroon of letting West Africans enter its territory illegally.

Malabo is particularly watchful about the border because it is where some 30 foreign armed men from Chad, CAR and Sudan were arrested in what Equatorial Guinea says was a foiled coup attempt in December 2017.

Equatorial Guinea is an oil-rich Central African nation which has been led by President Teodoro Obiang Nguema since 1979. Rights groups and corruption reports have ranked the country low in both areas.


Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Cameroon: Paul Biya forced to withdraw to Mvomeka'a

Very early on Saturday morning, the security apparatus was deployed in the city of Yaoundé to ensure the safety of Paul Biya who was to leave the political capital of Cameroon. For which destination? The civil cabinet has made no statement in this regard. There were no planes waiting for him at the airport as rumors suggested he was traveling to Europe for health reasons.

Hard to believe, when you know that last time, Paul Biya and his wife left Yaoundé incognito for Geneva. Nevertheless, the intelligence agents of the Anti-Sardinards Brigade had been perfumed and had gone to dislodge him from the Intercontinental Hotel. Paul Biya could not run the risk of returning to European drums. He is definitely under house arrest in his villa in a village in the equatorial forest.

As in February when he went to celebrate his birthday in his grove, Paul Biya went to Mvomekaa in his home village to go to rest, while the country is fire and blood. The crisis in the two English-speaking regions has already killed nearly 2,000 people, 530,000 internally displaced persons, more than 45,000 refugees, including 35,000 in Nigeria. But, Paul Biya still has not taken a single day to go.

As leader of the Armed Forces, he has never been to the field since he declared war on Boko Haram on the steps of the Elysee Palace in 2014. As he heads for his village, four people were murdered by terrorists who stormed into a village near the border with Nigeria.

This tragedy comes only two days after the incursion of terrorists in the localities of Kolofata and Guechewe. There were two deaths in the first assault and five women were amputated from their ears during the second attack.

"We are seeing a resurgence of Boko Haram's terrorist activities. It is high time for the security measures to be reinforced, because with the rains that are currently falling in this region, attacks are likely to increase, "said the head of a vigilance committee.

For some time, Boko Haram incursions have been reported regularly in the Far North region, where terrorists are kidnapping, looting crops, burning houses, and taking away cattle, sheep and goats.Instead of reassuring the population, Paul Biya takes refuge at home, hoping that he will find a way to get out of the country illegally to escape the vigilance of the BAS.


A dark CIA project for Paul Biya throws Etoudi into panic

Washington is very concerned about Cameroon's political future. The US President after very intense discussions with the US State Department has decided to overthrow President Paul Biya, this information is from the newspaper Modecna New.

This fortnightly report, citing his contacts in the US State Department's African office, reveals that the White House has ordered the CIA, the Pentagon, and other agencies to develop a combination of economic measures, diplomacy and secrecy to achieve this goal.

The Trump administration is not planning military strikes, but top US State Department officials have told President Trump that Paul Biya, now 86, is now a security threat to the Gulf of Guinea. must be "suppressed", even if France refuses to consent to the mission, mentions the newspaper.

According to the same newspaper, a US Army official serving in the African Command of the United States (Africom) was heard whispering in private that it was no longer a debate about whether to rid of the Cameroonian leader.

Some sources cited by this newspaper report that any campaign led by the United States against the regime of Paul Biya will be very fast and virtually without losses. Nevertheless, the paper continues, experts from the CEMAC region who are following the deterioration of the situation in Cameroon, have all expressed that by breaking its military cooperation with Yaounde, and pushing the Germans to do as much, it has already been decided to to force Biya to leave power. It remains now how and when, concludes Modecna New.


Anglophone Crisis: Mix reactions between separatists and Elites on the back to school

Since the launch of a "back to school" campaign by some Anglophone activists like Mancho Bibixy, the separatists have been threatening the population on the idea of ​​a successful start to the school year.

In a message that they have made viral on the web, the separatists of state of "Ambazonia", hammer that their "country" is at war. Therefore, no need to send the students in the establishments at the beginning of September 2nd.

However, administrative authorities such as the governor of the North West region, mayors and other elites have repeatedly raided the campaign for an effective start to school. They also reassured parents, the establishment of security means to counter any terrorist attack.

Since the escalation of the so-called Anglophone crisis, many parents have relocated their children to Francophone areas to continue their studies.


Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Operation hawk: Minister Nganou soon to be in Kondengui

The analytical weekly, POINT Hebdo in its release this Tuesday, August 06, Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi, Minister of Public Works, as a "tolard" who enjoys his last moments of freedom.

Beyond media shows and staging that he organizes at the expense of millions to polish his image and give himself an angel face in front of the president republic, writes the newspaper, the son of Bamboutos who abuts behind the meeting of support to the head of state, know that the signals are green.

Patrick Thierry Ondoua's paper goes on to explain that Minister Nganou Djoumessi is aware that a well-organized cell will soon be welcoming him to Kondengui Central Prison.

As reasons, the Point Hebdo, advance the multiple puddles of which the minister is author, in particular the non-delivery on time of the roadworks of the triennial emergency plan and those of the Africa cup 2019, but also the hijackings not way of overcharging and retro commission.

The sufficiently eloquent figures are available to show that the boss of public works is simply a "tolard" who enjoys his last moments of freedom, the newspaper said.



The mighty truths about the Akéré Muna plot against Maurice Kamto

"There is no objective reason to believe for a single second that President Akere Muna is working against the peaceful National Resistance. Moreover, the political choices and orientations of the President Akere Muna must be respected and nothing can justify that it is the subject of attacks based on slanderous and bewildering and completely unfounded slanders.", Writes Bibou Nissak.

The spokesperson of Maurice Kamto puts the truth in its place at the moment when the ex-president and former president of Transparency International Akere Muna, became the star of the bloopers social networks, who overwhelm him badly with the attributes of a traitor who would be in conspiracy tactics against Maurice Kamto.

All started from a post of a big whistle-blower Jean-Pierre Du Pont who made an endless ride to all berzingue in all groups Whatsapp and Facebook last night. The man who has always been intellectually at ease, and who is a network hub, gets a call from activist Mathieu Youbi on Saturday night. A communicator with a flair for flirting with the RCN, Mathieu Youbi tells Jean-Pierre Du Pont that he is leaving the Yaoundé main prison where he met and had a working session with President Maurice Kamto. He sends him a post whose content is explosive.


"Akere Muna, who says he is close to African heads of state and has loosely disassociated himself from the coalition in his electoral hold-up demands, was put on mission by Mr Biya in South Africa to stab once more the coalition and give respite to his objective ally, the old man president fallen and sick.

To make it known with amplifier effect will stop this shameful and Machiavellian plan. A public warning to Mr Muna must be made: The people will not accept his new betrayal whose reward is certainly on the one hand his presence in a transitional government version Paul Biya and on the other hand blinkers ensured on his legal problems. "This blaze where everything is overhead, bears no signature. Hic!

Jean-Pierre Du Pont does not suspect the smokiness and the dark manipulations infamous warped to bury the supporters of Maurice Kamto and Akere Muna in the fray. Nasty tackles, stinking guerrante, carnage against Akere Muna who takes serious shots on his face and his moral integrity.

Very early in the morning, Jean-Pierre Du Pont realizes that we wanted to use him as a Turkish head to let a project run riot. Paul Biya did not go to South Africa as the enigmatic post sent to him by Mathieu Youbi had suggested. He is rather in Mvomeka'a, in his village. Akere Muna, too, is not in South Africa, but rather in the United States for weeks. Jean-Pierre Du Pont removes the article from his wall and makes a mea culpa where he apologizes to Master Akere Muna.

Mathieu Youbi has also just removed the post in various groups where it was shared and made a focus this Sunday afternoon. Alas! The text continues to circulate in social networks like a headless chicken.

Obviously, the one called "clean man" has seen its tarnished image which can not restore the luster with a denial manner cushy. Contacted, Mathieu Youbi claims to have himself discovered the anonymous text in Whatsapp groups close to English-speaking separatists. Like tales of lullabies coming out of the confines of the imaginary, Akere Muna became the accomplice and made a deal with Paul Biya against Maurice Kamto.

Akere Muna who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and who spent his money to finance his election campaign, pay his deposit, to finally line up behind Maurice Kamto, will now beg the donuts and porridge with Paul Biya? Akere Muna was summoned to the SED by the Biya regime accusing him of being Ambazonian. As soon as he announced his candidacy for the presidential election, Justice Minister Laurent Esso urged his younger sister Ama Tutu Muna (former Minister of Culture) to lodge a complaint. Hardly condemned by the political justice of the regime, Akere Muna is currently in the sights of the Minister of State Secretary General to the Presidency of the Republic Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh who maneuver to stop it before the forum of the former African Heads of State of which he is accused of being the initiator with the aim of bringing down Paul Biya.

The best way to kill Maurice Kamto is to cut him from Akere Muna whose diplomatic roots are spreading and prospering internationally. Killing Akere Muna politically, wasting the right arm of the opposition and civil society. It is the surgical method of the Machiavellian regime of Biya that always pays the luxury of dividing the opposition to better rule. As Napoleon Bonaparte said: "High politics is only common sense applied to great things".

Reporter: J. Remy Ngono

Ambazonie: Paul Biya supports the independence of Southern Cameroons

Like outraged virgins, Biya Paul, his securocrats and the hawks of his regime keep shouting at "terrorism" in the English-speaking zone. They constantly mention the "secessionist terrorists" at each of their speeches about the crisis. They constantly accuse them of all the plagues of Egypt. Yet it is Biya himself who legitimized the cause that is currently defending a good majority of English-speaking populations.

It was he and his regime who gave him good reason to believe that he had the full right to claim the restoration of the British Southern Cameroons, that state which, despite the guardianship of the United Nations, existed as such between October 1953 and 1 October 1961, the date of the independence of this State which should result in an attachment to the Republic of Cameroon (former French East Cameroon).

In fact, in January 1983, without consulting the parliament or the English-speaking political leaders of the time, Paul Biya changed the name of the United Republic of Cameroon to the Republic of Cameroon, by decree. A return to the name of the former French East Cameroon at the time of its accession to independence on 1 January 1960.

A form of "secession" of fact. Enough to give Anglophones good reasons to demand a return to the British Southern Cameroons, above all, following a principle of international law on the creation and extinction of a state, when two states come together to create a state and this union is dissolved, the two states return each to square one (ex-USSR, Senegambia, etc.).

On January 1, 2010, Paul Biya has his loyal followers, Martin Belinga Eboutou (deceased), organize the fiftieth anniversary of the independence of Cameroon. But only the former East Cameroon under the mandate of the United Nations administered by France obtained independence on 1 January 1960. In organizing the fiftieth anniversary on that date, the Yaoundé government has itself acknowledged that there are 2 Cameroon . He devoted the "partition of the country", recognized that there is an international border between the two Cameroonians since 1931 and endorsed the right to the other Cameroon to celebrate also the fiftieth anniversary of its independence.

On May 20, 2010, after presiding over the National Day parade at the Boulevard du 20 mai in Yaounde, Paul Biya receives at the Palace of the Unit a delegation of UN officials led by the President of the General Assembly of the UN at the time, Ali Triki.

A Cameroonian named Jean Victor Nkolo is one of them. UN officials are equipped, guess what, two maps of Cameroon: that of the Republic of Cameroon and that of Southern Cameroons aka "Ambazonia". In the heart of the Unity Palace, a day of celebration of national unity! Paul Biya did not cry scandal nor protested!

What do the many supporters of Yaoundé's power complain about today since their champion has given legitimacy to the struggle of the English-speaking people for their total independence? Why Paul Biya declared war on those he himself called "secessionist terrorists" when he gave them legal weapons to claim the state whose map was presented to him on May 20, 2010 by UN officials?By the way, who ultimately is the true secessionist?

Reporter: Michel Biem Tong

Sparrowhawk: Ousmane Mey announce at Tcs today as Beh Mengue in custody

The former DG of the Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ARTA), after hearing, has not returned to his home. The economy minister is also expected to be heard today, and reports indicate that the former Mindcaf will also be making a tour of the week.

Jean Louis Beh Mengue spent his first night in police custody at the State Secretariat for Defense (Sed). Long before that, the former director general of the Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (Art) was heard on 05 August in Yaoundé by the sleuthing of this jurisdiction. He is being sued for his management of the state enterprise. His arrest comes three years after his dismissal of this structure he led for 18 years. Left on June 8, 2017, Jean Louis Beh Mengue was immediately banned from leaving the territory, along with many other personalities. This ban followed a 2013 report from the Budget and Finance Committee of the State Supreme Audit (Consupe). The former director general had been indexed for violating the regulation on the recovery of state debts from mobile operators.

The hearing and custody of Beh Mengue should be followed by others. Indeed, information drawn from good sources indicates that other personalities are expected to Tcs to be, they too, heard on the facts of their management of public affairs. It is announced, for example, that the Minister of the Economy, Planning and Spatial Planning (Minepat) Alamine Ousmane Mey, is convened this day at Tcs from 10 am.

During the week, it should be the turn of Jacqueline Koung Bessiké, former Minister of the domains, to appear in court. She too was called to answer for her management of land affairs when she was still in the seraglio.

Source: Morning Info No. 562       

Stamp of Tekno in Cameroon: Maahlox, other artists react

Rappers like Maalhox the Viber, protest against the fact that national and foreign companies present on the national territory, offer enormous fees to the foreign artists who come to preside in Cameroon and at the same time refuses to do the same politeness to the artists nationals.

This Saturday, August 03, 2019, the digital platform Bimstr specialized in the dissemination and promotion of Cameroonian music echoed an information, which in minutes became viral.

The substance of the latter seemed to indicate that during the live concert Johnnie Music and Whiskey, organized by the famous Scottish whiskey brand Johnnie Walker, on 18 and 20 April in Douala and Yaounde, the singer Nigerian Tekno who was at the head of poster received a stamp of 64 million FCFA, while the Cameroonian artists Jovi, Ko-C and Shura who accompanied it respectively received a stamp of 2 million Fcfa, 1.5 million Fcfa and 500,000 Fcfa.

As expected, the news has caused many Cameroonian artists to react, led by the controversial rapper Maalhox the Viber.

The author of the blockbuster "Ça Sort comme ça sort", has realized in the wake a live live on the social network Facebook, to denounce this treatment at two speeds and demand more attention from domestic and foreign companies installed on the national territory.

"We pay the Whiskeys every day, it's us who buy their products every day, it's us who put the credits every day, but when we have to pay people, it becomes that we do not are not international? When you have to pay people you take all the money you give to foreigners eh? It is unacceptable that a multinational gives 500,000 Fcfa to a Cameroonian artist and 64 million FCFA to a foreigner. Cameroonian money must remain in the hands of Cameroonians, "he said.

Following Maalhox, the rapper Franko also made an exit which was in the same logic as that of his counterpart. If he initially downplayed the information, saying that it was unfounded, he later took care to identify what he thought was good news for these big companies in their contemptuous attitude towards Cameroonian artists "If all the artists, refuse the pills they are given because they feel they deserve better ... the guys in front will have no choice but to increase ... but here when you refuse a stamp because you do not think you deserve it no ... it's another artist as well known as you who will accept it and sometimes much less ... it takes a movement to change things "he thinks.

Maalhox says however that after his statements, many business leaders have called him and promised him that they will make more efforts to support the nascent Cameroonian music industry, as well as Cameroonian artists.



Monday, August 5, 2019

Accident: 744 Eseka victims expected from Joseph Dion Ngute on 9th of August 2019

These victims of the railway disaster that occurred on October 21, 2016 in Eséka, are expected on August 9, 2019, in the services of the Prime Minister (PM) in Yaoundé.

"There are a total of 744 wounded who are expected August 9, 2019 in the services of the Prime Minister, Joseph Dion Ngute," says a tweet of the Cameroon Radio and Television "CRTV" web, three years after the train disaster occurred on October 21, 2016 in Eséka, in the Nyong-et-Kellé department. On 21 October 2016, faced with the increasing number of passengers who had requested the train after the Douala-Yaoundé road was cut, the railway company "Camrail", a subsidiary of Bolloré Transport and Logistic had taken the initiative to add another eight cars to train 152. Increasing its capacity. The derailment occurred near Eséka station. Officially, this tragedy reported 80 dead, 7 missing and more than 950 wounded.

Following this tragic accident, the President of the Republic, Paul Biya, decided to release the sum of 1 billion CFA francs for "additional assistance to be paid to these victims or their beneficiaries". 64 representatives of the dead and missing in this horrible train accident had received checks estimated at 215 million CFA francs. It was at the end of a ceremony presided on October 3, 2018, by the secretary general of the services of the Prime Minister, Séraphin Magloire Fouda.



Ambazonia: police arrest and detained journalist Samuel Wazizi for covering Anglophone crisis

Samuel Wazizi alias Halla Ya Matter, presenter of Pidgin News on the CMTV television channel based in Buea, is currently in custody for the current socio-political situation in the north-west and south-west regions of Cameroon.

"Wazizi has been detained by the police for a few days and we have received reports that he was arrested by members of the Muea police station in the context of the English-speaking armed conflicts," journalist Mua Paul Kum said on Monday. A message posted on Facebook, August 5, 2019.

Mua added that many media have called for the unconditional release of the arrested journalist, saying that the practice of journalism in Cameroon should not be considered a crime.

A journalist aware of the situation said that Wazizi was under investigation for his alleged collaboration with armed separatists, otherwise known as Amba boys.

The Buea-based journalist, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals, said: "I arrived last night and Wazizi has been in custody for almost a week now. that the police report an investigation, for having collaborated with Amba, his camera was seized and other working tools. "

In a publication on Facebook, Tah Mai Javis, former director of CMTV, said:" He [Wazizi] is one of the best and most animated animators in Pidgin in the southwestern region of Cameroon, arrested and still in detention, and is Samuel Wazizi, known as Hala Ya matta. CMTV station, I was working with him, I was producing the program, today he is behind the cables, I do not know what has brought him there now, but pray for him to see him at through. "

It is not known whether Samuel Wazizi is detained under Cameroon's anti-terrorism law, which allows the authorities to detain detainees indefinitely without charge.

According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, Cameroon is the third worst imprisoned journalist in Africa, after Egypt and Eritrea, with at least seven journalists imprisoned for their work on 1 December 2018, according to the annual census of prisons. CPJ. This is the second worst group of imprisoned journalists in the world, after Egypt, after Egypt, according to the census.

"The Cameroonian authorities should stop trying to intimidate and censor journalists who are required to keep citizens informed about the political and economic situation," said Angela Quintal, CPJ Africa program coordinator, in New York in January 2019 after the arrest of journalists.

Journalists are finding it harder and harder to cover the events surrounding the crisis in the northwestern and southwestern regions of Cameroon.Security forces arrested several journalists during the crisis and separatists kidnapped others.

A statement is expected from the Syndicat des reporters camerounais (SNJC), as well as Cameroonian authorities.



Breaking: Maguire Joined Manchester United From Leicester City

Manchester United is delighted to confirm the signing of Harry Maguire from Leicester City.

Harry signs on a six-year contract, with the option to extend for a further year.

The 26-year-old England international joined Leicester in 2017 and has made 76 appearances, scoring five goals.

Harry Maguire said: “I am delighted to have signed for this great club. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Leicester and would like to thank everyone at the club, and the fans, for their fantastic support over the past two seasons. However, when Manchester United come knocking on your door, it is an incredible opportunity.

”From my conversations with the manager, I am excited about the vision and plans he has for the team. It’s clear to see that Ole is building a team to win trophies. I am now looking forward to meeting my new team-mates and getting the season started.”

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said:“Harry is one of the best centre-backs in the game today and I am delighted we have secured his signature. He is a great reader of the game and has a strong presence on the pitch, with the ability to remain calm under pressure - coupled with his composure on the ball and a huge presence in both boxes - I can see he will fit well into this group both on and off the pitch.

”He has a great personality and is a fantastic addition to the club.

“I would like to welcome Harry to Manchester United and we are looking forward to working with him as we prepare for the new season.”

Source: manunited

Anglophone Crisis: The Revealed Story Of Muyuka Bloody Sunday

On Sunday 4/08/2019, Cameroonian Military Forces Invaded Muyuka, Killed A lot Of Innocent People At Various Locations. A Social Media User Narrates The Story, Read Below

Shockingly, this is muyuka 4/08/2019, precisely Makanga. U won't believe that being on Sunday in a peaceful atmosphere after churches have closed people in their various quarters, occasions going on, funerals and normal businesses, at around 8pm military men just storm the quarter with armour vehicles, dangerous war equipment, surprised people with constant saturating gunshots such that people confused what was happening, as the people scattered and ran to either directions, many unfortunately fell into the hands of military who carried them to GBHS front gate and shot them all death. Some happen to be missing only to discovered they were carried to another location after their station called meanger and killed there. From many points of view they were killed in that way so that it won't be like mass massacre. Among those in the photo are Mr Abraham with jean and tennis a palm wine tapper, Mr Joe a road side petrol seller with black trousers, a man called pa faith a chemist seller in the middle,  a bike rider whose name still know. Were all at their business centers when they were caught and taken to murder. Heart breaking, pa faith suppose to have his marriage ceremony on the coming Saturday at Catholic Church Makanga. God see this, nature see this, the world see this, what Cameroun government prefer to do southern Cameroon for crime they haven't committed except seeking for independence from the brutal colonial rule over them. I don't know if Paul Biya is now the world president or God of gods, pharaoh, Herod and Nebuchadnezzar should be ur advisers, the end shall tell.

Tebo Juliet

Anglophone Crisis: One Soldier, Bike Rider Killed In Penda Mboko Attack

A bike rider and an element of the Rapid Intervention Battalion, BIR, have died following a shootout between soldiers and suspected Ambazonian fighters in Penda Mboko.

The incident early Sunday August 4, 2019 left surrounding residents panic-stricken.
Our source said the Amba boys who were involved in the attack came from Fako Division.
“One military and one okada man down this morning in Penda Mboko. They were killed by amba boys from Muyuka,” a source told Mimi Mefo info.

Penda Mboko is located in the Moungo Division of the Littoral Region and also links that part of the Region to the South West through Muyuka, Kumba and Tiko.

This is not the first time an attack is reported in the area.

Mimi Mefo Info

Cardinal Tumi backs federal union to end Ambazonia Crisis

As a separatist uprising in Cameroon enters it fourth year, Cardinal Christian Tumi is calling for a federal system to end the crisis and keep the country unified.

About 80 percent of Cameroon is French-speaking. However, the Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon are majority English-speaking, a legacy of the colonial history of the country: Cameroon was originally German, but after World War I the defeated country transferred it to the Allies, and it was divided between France and Britain.

In October 2016, strikes by lawyers and teachers over perceived attempts by the Francophone administration to assimilate the legal and educational systems practiced in the two English-speaking regions turned violent, and morphed into rising demands by Anglophone Cameroonians for independence.

The government has been accused of razing entire villages and extrajudicial killings in their hunt for separatists, who are calling on the English-speaking areas to form a new country, called ‘Ambazonia.’

Tumi, the emeritus Archbishop of Douala, said the re-introduction of a federal form of government can keep the country united.

“At reunification, I was 32 years old. I opted for federalism, and it’s in my blood,” Tumi told Crux.

In 1960, the northern part of Cameroon administered by France gained its independence. The southern part administered by Britain as part of Nigeria was in 1961 subject to a plebiscite in which they were offered independence by reuniting with their francophone Cameroonian “brothers” or by remaining part of Nigeria.

The results showed an overwhelming desire by English-speaking Cameroonians to reunite with the French-speaking part of Cameroon.

The “marriage” was guaranteed by a Federal Constitution that was meant to preserve and protect the minority Anglophones and their colonial heritage. But in 1972 then-President Ahmadou Ahidjo organized a referendum that dissolved the federation in favor of a united republic, thereby removing the protections Anglophones enjoyed.

Ever since, relations between Anglophones and the Francophone-dominated government have been tense. The 2016 demonstrations broke out after there were demands to use French in the common law courts and English-modeled schools used in the Anglophone regions.

The ensuing fighting between the separatists and government forces has led to the deaths of at least 2,000 people, and the displacement of a further 500,000.

Tumi said a return to a federal system will be the foundation for a more sustainable peace and stability in Cameroon.

“We are a people called to live with all our differences. In federalism, these differences are respected,” he told Crux.

“I don’t have the number of states I want,” Tumi said, alluding to several different federal proposals being presented by different parties.

“We can begin as we were at reunification -with two states; but with time, experience would instruct us on whether we need more. History is before us. Other countries like the USA did not start with the 50 states they have today. Neighboring Nigeria did not start with the number of states they have today,” the cardinal explained.

Tumi is working with other religious leaders from other Christian denominations and the Muslim world to organize what he has called an “Anglophone General Conference.”

“The conference isn’t an end in itself,” the cardinal said. “What we want is to inform Cameroonians on what is happening in the English-speaking regions of the country.”

Tumi said many people, including President Paul Biya, “have no clue” about what is happening in the conflict zone.

“And since Anglophones are complaining, we want to give them a voice through a broad-based consultation so that they can tell us what they want and what they are proposing as a solution,” he said.

He added the conference will come up with a questionnaire that will enable Anglophones clearly to identify the problems they face and propose a solution.

“For instance, we will ask them: Between federalism and the unitary state, what form of government, in your opinion, could likely help us come out of this crisis?” Tumi said.

The cardinal said the organizers will then try to meet with Biya to transmit the resolutions of the conference, and to implore the president to organize a national dialogue on the Anglophone crisis.

Although a date has not yet been fixed, organizers say it will likely take place in October.

However, in a rare act of unity, both the government and the separatists have expressed skepticism about the proposed conference.

Separatist’s leaders say Tumi’s conference and its perceived “federalist stance” can only serve to foster government interest.

“The government of the Republic of Cameroon has proven over and over that it cannot be trusted. The only negotiation we can tolerate with that government is to lay down the terms of our separation,” said separatist leader, Sisiku Ayuk Tabe.

Government Minister Issa Tchiroma Bakary accused Tumi of working to foster the separatist agenda.

“Federalism is the anti-chamber of secession,” Tchiroma said.

But the cardinal said he can’t understand why people want to discredit a conference, “whose sole purpose is to find a solution to a crisis that is killing many people.”

“Our sole objective is that peace should return without which we would not be able to do our missionary work,” he said.

Source: Crux

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Ambazonia: President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe says 80 detainees missing

Dear Ambazonians, the good people of the world and friends of Ambazonia,

I wish to inform you all that a total of 80 of our people who disappeared from the Central prison, Yaounde, were seen by some of our lawyers today at SED. They include among others; Tsi Conrad, Tita Tebit, Luther Che and George Tang.

We wish to let the world know that we are happy but not satisfied. We will not be satisfied until all the others are seen by our lawyers and including those who disappeared from the Central prison Buea.

Until then, we will continue the hunger strike indefinitely.

Thanks all. for the support and regards.

Sisiku Julius AyukTabe

Tony Elumelu thanks Paul Biya

Among the 5,000 young entrepreneurs who took part in the last edition of Tony Elumelu Forum (TEF), there were 102 Cameroonians. They benefited from an aid of 30 million CFA francs released by President Paul Biya for the convenience of their stay in Nigeria. They left Abuja each with an endowment of 2,500,000 to boost their projects. The opportunity for TEF promoter Tony Elumelu to thank the Cameroonian president for his action in favor of these young people. "I am very moved by this support from my elder President Paul Biya who has always been with us. On behalf of the Foundation and the young African and Cameroonian entrepreneurs who participated this year, I deeply thank President Biya. Young entrepreneurs deserve the support of our leaders. When I was in Cameroon recently at the invitation of President Paul Biya, we talked about entrepreneurship and growth. This is a good gesture, "said the Nigerian businessman to the journalists of the CRTV parties cover the event and whose report was broadcast on the big television news of the evening on August 2, 2019.

Gathered among others at the Transcorp Hilton hotel in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria on July 26th and 27th, 2019, 60 speakers from 3 continents found themselves in what is presented as the largest gathering of African entrepreneurs. During this edition of the Tony Elumelu Forum, the Youth Entrepreneurship Forum, African Presidents and other invited leaders from around the world reflected on the issues of job creation and youth empowerment. From the public and private sectors of 3 continents, they participated in master classes, plenary sessions and interactive debates focused on the generation of ideas and the definition of concrete measures that Africa must implement to empower its youth. and accelerate its development. The guests exchanged directly with young entrepreneurs from 20 African countries where UBA is present, who presented their innovative products and solutions on UBA Marketplace, hosted by the world's leading African bank, United Bank for Africa (UBA).

Led by US journalist and host of CNN program Fareed Zakaria GPS, the presidential debate, which was the highlight of the two-day event, aimed to chart the way forward to eradicate poverty in Africa through job creation. Among the leaders of the public sector, Paul Kagame, the President of the Republic of Rwanda, Macky Sall, President of Senegal, Felix Tshisekedi of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC); Professor Yemi Osinbajo, Vice-President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Ruhakana Rugunda, Prime Minister of the Republic of Uganda who represented President Yoweri Museveni.

Health care played a prominent role in the discussions when health sector leaders - public and private - addressed this theme in the plenary session entitled "The Role of Health Care in Economic Transformation". Dr. Awele Elumelu, Tony Elumelu Foundation Administrator and CEO of Avon Medical Practice, Aisha Buhari, First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Djena Kaba Condé, First Lady of Guinea, Keïta Aminata Maiga, First Lady of Mali, Gilles Carbonnier, Vice-President of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Oulimata Sarr, the acting Regional Director of UN Women for Central and West Africa and Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization health were leading the debate.

The first edition of the UBA Marketplace, an initiative of the UBA Group for entrepreneurs from different economic sectors (fashion and accessories, cinema, culinary arts, music, electronics, computers, health , etc.) was held on the margins of the TEF Forum. Selected candidates received an all-expenses paid trip to Abuja for their participation in the UBA Group Fair. A total of 150 SME owners from 20 African countries exhibited at UBA Marketplace The UBA Group intended to provide an opportunity for hundreds of African entrepreneurs, including Cameroonians, to reveal their genius and know-how to the continent and to the region. rest of the world. That, starting from the philosophy dear to Tony Elumelu for which "no one will make the development of Africa apart from the Africans themselves".



Saturday, August 3, 2019

Biya's health: bad news from Luxembourg, revealed last night

Since very late, yesterday in the night, persistent rumors probably emanating from circles close to western chancelleries in Cameroon, speculate on a probable disappearance of the dictator Cameroonian, occurred in Luxembourg, where he arrived very poorly during the week.

Still according to these same sources, relaying leaks cleverly distilled by networks close to power, it would be a shaky battle in Yaoundé, where rival clans look at each other and lie in waiter dogs.

All the knives are on the lookout, between the clan of Franck Biya, "putative successor", and that of the Nanga, headed by Chantal Biya. In the middle of all this, Marcel Niat Njifendji, official constitutional dolphin in spite of himself, a real mummy taken hostage who does not know where to turn his head. As for Clement Atangana, president of the Constitutional Council, he is not found and unreachable, and responds to any of his phones.

Whatever the outcome of this rumor, we can not help but rethink the prophecy of Martin Belinga Eboutou, since his deathbed in Geneva: "If something happened to me, they (Chantal and Paul Biya ) would not survive me long. "

Reporter: Chris Dubon


Riots in Kondengui: MRC detainees moved to Yoko Prison

According to information from consistent sources, convoys are being prepared at Yaounde Central Prison for Yoko Prison.

Since yesterday, a convoy truck has been parked at the Yaoundé Kondengui Central Prison and this evening again for the purpose of transferring detainees to Yoko Prison. The information that filters out shows that MRC activists, anglophones, defendants and convicts are the main targets. About 150 people are being transferred to this prison in the Mbam-et-Kim department in the Central region. The name of Dadi Serge, this famous prisoner are among those to be transferred. The effects of MRC and Anglophone penitentiaries exfiltrated on the night of the mutiny were removed from their premises today. All that suggests that they can be transferred.

Remember that this convoy arrives following the mutiny Monday, July 22, 2019. This transfer will solve the problem of prison overcrowding? Is it right to ask?All the analyzes show that the main cause of prison overcrowding is judicial slowness and the corruption of certain magistrates. How will the defendants to attend their trials in Yaounde? The Minister of Justice certainly has an answer to this question.

Source: The TGV of the info

Ambazonian activist mother kidnapped: Cameroon government under threat

This is the information that has just been written by CameroonWeb. 

Ambazonian activists living abroad have just given an ultimatum to the government of Paul Biya. They defy the government in the face of the many kidnappings of some relatives of Ambazon activists abroad.

Indeed, the militants of the diaspora accuse the Cameroonian army and its government of having kidnapped the mother, the sister and other relatives of Chris Anu, a prominent activist of Ambazonia.

For this, they demand the immediate release of the detainees and challenge the government to confront them directly.

It should also be noted that, at present, there is a process of identification of all internally displaced persons due to the Anglophone crisis in the Yaounde 2 municipality by traditional leaders.

Update coming up..

Source: Mefo Info


Succession of Biya: Kamto could take oath in a few months to come

Patriots, resistance fighters and independence fighters today victorious, we are pleased to announce that on October 12, 2019, we will meet massively in Paris, Place de la République, to induct President-elect Maurice Kamto, in the fullness of the prerogatives for which the people gave him the majority mandate, on October 7, 2018.

Comrades, let us leave aside our egos and susceptibilities, and let us draw priority, and prior to the total and complete liberation of our country. The rest will follow, in time and in hours. Men pass, but Cameroon remains and remains eternal.

Come massively, all as you are, disrespectfully your chapels, find your brothers and sisters in the communion of love of your homeland, the only one that counts, on October 12, 2019 in Paris, Place de la République, not only to bar the road to imposture and electoral hold-up, but to show the world, the popular legitimacy and ballot boxes, which is enjoyed by Professor Maurice Kamto, the first and only democratically elected president of Cameroon.

A president elected by and for the Cameroonians, in the service of the Cameroonian nation. Patriots of all stripes, mobilize yourself, and yours, for this historic rendez - vous of October 12th.

The liberation and the legitimacy of Professor Kamto, the elected president, our president, the one whom your votes have designated, the one to whom you entrusted the future and the fate of your children, depend on you. It is by the degree of your mobilization in his favor that the outside world will grant him credit and legitimacy.

Do not let yourself be robbed of your victory, your choice and with him, Professor Kamto's project for our people.

You who live in Sydney, you who live in Melbourne, you who live in Washington DC, New York, Vancouver, Montreal, Atlanta, San Francisco, Chicago, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Madrid, Oslo, Dublin, Madrid, Brussels, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Lisbon, London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Coventry, Glasgow, Luton, Paris, Lyon, Tours , Troy, Marseille, Bordeaux, Man, Toulouse, if you love your country, if you are really Cameroonian (e), come on October 12 Place de la République in Paris, and free your country.

To the leaders of all the political movements of the diaspora (RCM, BAS, KOR, FPC), I send a patriotic salute, and invite you to take a stand for this gathering. The people look at you, and believe in you. You have no right to error or failure. You have an appointment with history, and future generations will hold you accountable.

This beleaguered dictatorship will soon collapse like a termite mound eaten from within. Let's stay the course, and focus on the essentials. No distraction should divert us from our trajectory.

That each one at his level, do his best, and according to his possibilities, so that this meeting of October 12 is a success, and true demonstration of the popular legitimacy of Pr Kamto, the elected president.

All suggestions and initiatives in this respect are welcome.

Homeland or death, we will overcome.And together we will succeed, or we will sink.

Long live Cameroon!

For the collective

Journalist: Jean-Pierre Du Pont


Eyango sisters join Big Dreams label

Passionate about music from an early age thanks to the artistic influence of their father, the two American-Cameroonian sisters finally opened the big doors to enjoy their art.

It is through a statement unveiled a few hours ago that the BIG Dreams label has made its announcement.

Mina and Kamala Eyango, girls of the famous Cameroonian singer Ndedi Eyango are now part of the big family BIG Dreams.

The label that formalized the signing of a contract with Groupe Eyango Business SARL will thus take care of the management of the career of the Eyango sisters.

Big Dreams seizes the same opportunity to announce the release of their next single "Ma Lova", August 9, 2019.


Friday, August 2, 2019

Etoudi: Paul Biya does not live his last hours at the head of Cameroon

Cameroon is doing badly and very badly.At the twilight of his presidency, Paul Biya finds himself caught up by 37 years of governance.

Dropped by clear words by the United States, some even suspect France not to be far from turning its back on him. During his swearing of the oath last November 6th, the spike coming from the president of the national assembly, Cavaye Yeguie Djibril, will strike a blow: "you had promised on radio Monte Carlo to leave Cameroonians democracy and prosperity. Democracy is here and there. As for prosperity, it will come. " A slap from a cacique of power. The luster of the crown has diminished, even if it is still shrouded in gold. He whispers at Etoudi's palace that the chief is not happy about the cowardice of these partners who have in the past helped to strengthen his power. As for the United States, it is indeed since 2011 that they marked their turn. His candidacy at that time had been badly perceived, just like that of 2018, which took place in an even more particular context.

Peter Henry Barlerin, current US ambassador to Cameroon, had advised him to leave the scene, to think of his legacy, like Nelson Mandela or George Washington. The angry emotion of the ruling elite of Cameroon had not changed anything. As if to accept his words, the same ambassador, during a seminar organized for journalists in preparation for the 2018 presidential election, will declare: "I am 60 years old. At this age, I saw several people of my generation die.What's more, when you're old enough to be your president. It's normal to think about passing the baton. The United States has never congratulated the victory of Paul Biya in the 2018 presidential election. A few days ago, a State Department report on human rights questioned the victory of the Cameroonian president. indexing among others unacceptable irregularities.

The French are also starting to think of the alternative, even if it is done without fanfare. A well-introduced source in the French Embassy in Cameroon told us recently that "we have already asked President Biya to think about his legacy".

What the President of the Republic did not foresee is the American squall against him. It is a crescendo since Donald Trump at the United Nations General Assembly, which will say that America will stand up against these regimes that cut the Internet, abuse students, oppress freedom; to his under-secretary of state for African affairs, Tibor Nagy, who did not carry a gang against him.

The uppercuts have been chained since the announcement of the arrival of this man in Cameroon on an official visit from March 17 to 18. On the antennas of Rfi, he will describe the Cameroonian government measures taken in the context of the English crisis as inadequate and ineffective. The Americans are preparing to impose an inclusive dialogue that may result in a precipitous departure of Paul Biya. For the arrest of Kamto, he will ask for his immediate release. On France 24, in barely veiled words, Tibor Nagy will criticize the eternal reign of Paul Biya, source for him of all the misfortunes of Cameroon. Fortunately, Cameroon does not want to acquire the atomic bomb, but it is not far to be on the same scale as Iran or North Korea.

At the end of the hearing granted him by the Cameroonian president, Tibor Nagy will make statements that show that the Cameroonian president has left feathers.In stating that the Americans need a stable Cameroon, he meant that our country is unstable in the socio-political context. The Cameroonian president had to make many concessions, which is why the American plenipotentiary called him "wise" and "intelligent".

On the evening of his presidency, Paul Biya, who took up the cause for the hard wing of his advisers, multiplies the gaffes.In the Anglophone crisis, the military option was favored, despite opposing positions, particularly within the army. It is recalled that the former commander of the defense forces in the English-speaking area, General Melingui Nouma, had argued that it was impossible to win this war by the only means of arms. The conflict turned into a quagmire, he became Vietnamese.

In the same vein, Paul Biya has arrested Maurice Kamto, the leader of the Mrc who, on January 26, organized white marches. An arrest that has internationalized, putting Cameroon in the spotlight, which Paul Biya never liked.Kamto has become a bulky package in his hands. How to get rid today via an honorable exit?

In addition, Paul Biya understands that his management has turned his country into a vast insecure area. 5 out of 10 regions experience security jolts. Financially, Cameroon no longer holds. Inflation that strangles the citizens, endemic unemployment, growing indebtedness, the diktat of the FMI and the World Bank that recently asked Cameroon to reimburse certain expenses deemed unjustified, all this is ominous.

The regime only holds thanks to the gentrification of a certain elite. But for how long ? Meanwhile, feeling the end of reign, his ocean of power is more than ever infested with sharks ready for anything to succeed him.

The hawk operation, launched in 2006 to punish the ambitious, does not discourage. The ambitious are like hydra.No sooner is one head cut off than another arises. The clans of the same ethnic group clash for the control of the power and especially of the mechanism of succession. Old and weak, but always cunning, Paul Biya tries to resist. It is still perhaps far from a destiny to Mugabe or Bouteflika.



Chaoses in Cameroon: Paul Biya put in 'isolation'

In a context marked by internal conflicts within the seraglio for the succession of Paul Biya and individual positions, the Cameroonian government is compared to a football team in which each player wants to be top scorer. Cohesion, team spirit and lack of solidarity have done the trick. A bitter report made by the Head of State himself at his address to the nation on December 31, 2013:

"No doubt it will be imperative to tackle the causes of our shortcomings by removing blocking points, areas of dispersion and duplicates. Would we be unable to do what other countries comparable to ours have done or are doing? I do not believe that. We have talented, ingenious, well-trained and enterprising men, women and young people who are able to meet these challenges. We have natural resources, abundant and varied. We have institutions, modern and democratic. Our country knows peace and stability. Where are we missing? »

General interest 

What is missing, well, is this government solidarity, the combination of efforts to solve the problems that undermine Cameroon. "I believe that we have progress to make on two important points: the primacy of the general interest and the coordination of our efforts.Although attached to our communities of origin, which does not prevent us from being fervent patriots when the national honor is at stake, we are a people of individualists, more preoccupied with personal success than with general interest . Our Administration remains permeable to the particular interest. The latter is most often incompatible with the interest of the national community. In a "modern state, this drift should not be tolerated," denounces Paul Biya in his end-of-year speech in 2013.

Ministers and other decision-makers work "solo" for their own interests, personal achievements, and ambitions. Faced with a particular problem, we do not see a strong mobilization of the government to combine efforts to find solutions. Rather, everyone wants to save his head by casting stigma on others. Some clear themselves to accuse others. The government machine is thus seized, weakened and the Cameroon boat struggling to move towards its emergence, despite promising presidential speeches.

Paul Biya: if alone? 

The question is worth asking when the Presidential Palace stands shamefully at a colander, which holds nothing and filters nothing. Everything that is done in this ultra-sensitive house is broadcast on social networks because of the wars of positioning, the wars for power. Those who aspire to the supreme magistracy want to destabilize the leader to take his place.

Who are these people in the presidency of the Republic who leave confidential information to the public? What justifies their maneuvers? Who are these other people around the Head of State who deliver to the press compromising information against their service colleagues? So many questions that converge on an element of response: the quest for power. These actions would help to physically eliminate, by less violent methods, the President of the Republic.Reflection circles in place to

Source: The Sparrowhawk n ° 1408


Ambazonia: Leader calls on international community to end abuses against detainees

Ambazonia leader Sisiku Ayuk Tabe has censured the harsh and inhumane conditions of Southern Cameroons detainees in various French Cameroun detention centers. The leader also informed the AU, EU and the United Nations of a hunger strike action by him and his top aides held at the Kondengui High Security prison.

Speaking to our Yaoundé city reporter after we received a copy of a letter addressed to the international community, the Ambazonia head of state revealed that he wrote to many international organizations appealing to them to put pressure on the French Cameroun regime to immediately end the rights abuses of Southern Cameroons political prisoners.

Some pro Yaoundé Southern Cameroonians operating in Ambazonia have maintained a kind of silence of the lamb ever since the prison riots in Buea and Yaoundé. But are simply pushing on a French Cameroun agenda known as “Back To School”.

The Southern Cameroons Vice President Dabney Yerima urged European authorities in a statement on Monday to investigate allegations of torture, killings and other abuses against prisoners at the Kondengui prisons, located in the capital, Yaoundé, where the Ambazonian leader Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and members of his cabinet including an estimated 300 Southern Cameroons detainees have been on hunger strike.

The Kondengui detention facility has been holding a total of about 3,000 political detainees from the Federal Republic of Ambazonia-Southern Cameroons following Yaoundé’s sweeping crackdown on British Southern Cameroonians since 2017.

The Southern Cameroons detainees at the Kondengui and Buea prisons, while being subjected to a range of physical and verbal abuses, are deprived of their basic rights such as family visits, medical care, and legal consultation.

A lawyer representing the Southern Cameroons detained leadership told the BBC recently that the Southern Cameroons prisoners were being held in overcrowded cells infested with mosquitoes, flies, and other insects, with temperatures of more than 40 degrees Celsius and without any fans or appropriate ventilation.

By Chi Prudence Asong

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Again: Chantal Biya 'loses herself' and attacks the wife of Malachie Manaouda

It heats the CERAC (circle of friends of Chantal Biya), Chantal Biya asks explanations to the wife of the Minister of Public Health, Malachie Manaouda.

The wrath of Paul Biya's wife, the chosen thief, is breathtakingly violent. Her last adrenaline rush is against the wife of the brilliant Minister of Public Health, Chimene Manaouda, whom she accuses of wanting to shame her through her raids in hospitals in the country under various pretexts.

Chantoux has appointed the assistant director of the presidency of the Republic, his faithful Oswald Baboké, the man whom some see as the successor of Paul Biya, the very one who is promised a bright future in the probable hypothesis of departure of the Presidency of Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, to signify to the latter his deep dissatisfaction.

Before changing her mind, Chantal Biya, who regularly puts her emotions before reason, had even considered her exclusion from the CERAC delegation to visit Dimako recently for the inauguration of the Center for the Promotion of Women and the Built and Equipped Family. by Cerac in honor of his mother, Rosette Marie Ndongo Mengolo wife Mboutchouang.

The mother of Junior and Brenda now expects, according to our sources to the Presidency of the Republic, that Linda Yang (Cerac) and Aisha Motaze (Chantal Biya Foundation) invite the wife of the Minister of Public Health, to behave like the other women of the high personalities of the Republic. For anyone who knows the rancor of Chantoux, as much as saying that the mass is said for her!

But no one can say how far can go the anger that makes the rain and the good weather in Cameroon. Chantal Biya, This Leila Trabelsi coupled with a Grace Mugabe can at any time ask her old husband Paul Biya to also dismiss Manaouda Malachie who is so far one of the best ministers of health in 36 years of power of the dictator genocidal of Yaoundé: Paul Biya.


The Urgent Message Maurice Kamto Sends from Kondengui

EMERGENCY is the quintessence of the diagnosis that Professor Maurice Kamto made on the bed of the bed of the patient Cameroon, after a review of vigor and rigor that everyone recognizes him. It is the gravity of this situation that forced President Maurice Kamto to adopt a clear, concise and clear approach in his emergency message to Cameroonians. A strikingly striking precision that every Cameroonian, in his little corner, appreciates at its true value.

In 1993, the book "The Urgency of Thought" by Maurice Kamto is published. In this philosophical-political essay, the author shows very precisely that Cameroonians in their majority think of their country Cameroon and the doldrums in which this country is. But the most important thing the illustrious author points out, and this is the theme of this podium, is the urgent need for radical change that many politicians pretend to ignore as if they wanted absolutely to discover what would look like a Cameroon in full collapse or total bankruptcy. Here are some excerpts of this book which illustrate very well my intention:

"The hardest thing remains to be done: to take all the bastilles that populate our heads, for we have not ceased to be the gravediggers of our own hopes. What despairs is the inconsistency of our democratic convictions, it is the lightness of our engagement for the cause of the democracy, it is this calculative wait-and-see of some, this lazy and revolting ponce-pilatism of some other. What must be conquered is fear, it is this incredible torpor that in each of us is a barrier to democracy. What URGES is the dismantling of the mental structures of resignation. "

"We have lived in lies and deceit: we have lied to survive, to enrich ourselves, to conquer a position of power, to rule, even on cemeteries. We need a depollution of the spirits, a moral purification. Our souls, dumb with lies and frozen in fear of everything and nothing, must be resurrected. Otherwise there will be no democracy. "

This objective and clear diagnosis, which fits wonderfully with the catastrophic situation of Cameroon, imposes an urgent and indispensable change, first of all to get away from the precipice that the current regime has deployed under our feet, and then to envisage the reconstruction of the citizens as we are, the restoration of a state of law and simply the rebirth of our nation.

Frankly, in our country, it is difficult to find a single subject, a single domain, a single department, a single ministry, a single region, etc., where there is no urgency. And the revulsions of this emergency are manifested at every level in our country with the cacophony within a wandering power, the uprising in the prisons, the drying up of the currency banks and not to be exhaustive, the most emblematic is the rain that washed the kings with their panther skin in Bafoussam. In this regard, some insiders reassured us that this emergency shower was necessary to wash some dirt and straighten some lost souls. So, it is the gravity of this situation that forced President Maurice Kamto to adopt a concise, clear and clear step in his emergency message to Cameroonians.

1- A concise approach

The consistency of Maurice Kamto's message was to convince the Cameroonians that a coalition movement with a good governance program or project and a sophisticated voting monitoring system were sufficient to oust the regime of extortion and the squandering of public funds. . And he was right, it was not necessary to wait for reforms that will never come. The urgency is incompatible with this kind of waste of time.

2- A clear step

The clarity of Maurice Kamto's message has been remarkable. By choosing football as a symbol of the election campaign, the RDPC understood right away that the carrots were cooked. And it was well seen because for those who know Cameroon, football in this country is a universal subject that grandparents, parents and children discuss passionately, with equal expertise. This is to say that the message of Maurice Kamto had reached all social strata.

And in the face of the emergency, Maurice Kamto did not offer the Cameroonian a football championship, nor a cup match, nor even a single match. He offered them directly the shots on goal and to insist on urgency, he directly opted for the penalty (sudden death or goal in gold). That is to say, whoever scores the penalty has won. And Maurice Kamto's foot had not trembled. It's very clear !

3- A clear approach

Maurice Kamto is what is called a true intellectual, that is to say, someone endowed with an integrity and a relentless honesty that forbids him to resign in the face of the mission entrusted to him by the Cameroonians. He had promised the Cameroonians to lead them to transition for a change if they trusted him. He added that he would not betray them and defend their votes until the end. He could have accepted part of the 2000 billion diverted from CAN 2019 to make a peace of the brave CPDM version. He did not do it. He could have raised an army of rebels, as some members in disgrace of the regime have suggested, to conquer power. But no he did not because the urgency is such that he needs everyone. He does not want to lose any Cameroonians as he likes to repeat. The message is so clear that he has to sacrifice himself because we have neither the time nor the space to go back.

In conclusion, the message of urgency of Maurice Kamto who gave the impression that he was well ahead of the others, turns out to be very striking to the point where every Cameroonian, in his little corner, appreciates him to his fair value, thanks to its remarkable precision. Today, Cameroonians, equipped with the "urgency of thought," combine the urgency of change with the urgency of action. The urgency has become a standard for all Cameroonians. The members of the CPDM state are the latest converts to the emergency and even the last of the CPDM's Mohicans, Paul Biya, only works by emergency in emergencies.

Reporter: Douala Ngando

Death of Irene Biya: here is the reason why her memory was never celebrated

27 years ago, on July 29, 1992, Jeanne Irène Atyam Biya, Cameroonian First Lady, was suddenly killed at the Etoudi presidential palace in Yaounde. All the mysteries remain around her death. Who saw his body? Why was the coffin sealed? Was it a coffin without her body that was buried in Mvomeka'a, birthplace of her husband Paul Biya? Why no Thanksgiving Mass has ever been celebrated in his memory since his passing?

The death of Jeanne Irene Atyam Biya occurs when there was strong tension between her and her husband. She would have asked Paul Biya to give up power after the interview of the general director of the Cameroonian Society of Banks Robert Messi Messi who had fled to Canada, who had revealed to Jeune Afrique that the head of state Paul Biya and his entourage had looted the bank with 4 billion. Update soon...

Reporter: Remy Ngono

'Samuel Eto'o is like my son, but he ignored me'

In an interview with the newspaper Le Messager published on August 1, 2019, the former coach of the Cameroon team, recently fired as deputy national technical director, decides on the dismissal of Clarence Seedorf and Patrick Kluivert, his immediate projects and his relationship with Samuel Eto'o. Excerpts from this interview of the 67-year-old technician:

Question: What has become of Jean Paul Akono since his dismissal from the National Technical Directorate? 

Jean Paul Akono: I have been unemployed since the abusive breach of the contract which bound me to the FECAFOOT and the National Technical Direction. But in terms of training, coaching, I sported my tracksuit and my pair of tennis. I remain available to all possible offers. That's what I know best and I think I still have the skills.

Question: Would you be a candidate to take the lead of the Indomitable Lions if the opportunity arises? 

Jean Paul Akono: I certainly look for work, but not only within the Indomitable Lions pennant. I do not make an obsession.There are lower selections that can benefit from my expertise. This means that all proposals from clubs or lower divisions of the national team are welcome. For example, we have CHAN looming on the horizon and knowing that we will always run after a first coronation in this competition, why not try my luck.

Question: Did the dismissal of Seedorf and Kluivert remind you of your mishap on the Indomitable Lions bench? 

Jean Paul Akono: No !!! Not at all ... From the moment when the methods of appointment within our national team are biased, this dismissal was already predictable. From the moment we do not follow an adequate framework in the choice of a breeder and that we rather attaches the services of people without proven experience, the logical continuation is what we lived. This does not surprise those who, like us, have reservations about the recruitment process of these two brilliant footballers in Cameroon. The only way to save these two coaches was to make an honorable run at the Egyptian CAN.

Question: What is your relationship with Samuel Eto'o now? 

Jean Paul Akono: Honestly, I could never forget this son in my life, considering everything he did for me. I am eternally grateful to him. You know, before my evacuation for Europe, it was Samuel Eto'o who had taken charge of all the care and all that goes with it ... But that does not prevent him as a father, as he likes to call me, that I can reframe him when I see that he is following a wrong path... I must tell you that Samuel Eto'o ignored me in every decision he made in Cameroonian football. However, I think that if he had come closer to his father than I am, he would have had my point of view which would certainly avoid the polemics and the shouts of voice that one sticks to him today. Never mind, he remains my son.


Troubled by cancer and at war with Ambazonia; Biya is planning to settle in France

President Paul Biya of French Cameroun, stricken with cancer and at war with the people of Southern Cameroons has dispatched his Secretary Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh to France to locate a placid corner from where he could continue receiving treatment.

The 86-year-old dictator has been having sleepless nights ever since the Swiss government ordered him to leave the country. Biya was reportedly planning to have a surgery and some rest at his Intercontinental Hotel before a massive demo staged by French speaking Cameroonians compelled the Swiss government to force him out of the country.

People close to him, and his neighbors, think he is living his last days on earth.  For the first time yesterday Friday the 26th of July 2019, he personally came out of the Unity Palace and shared a conversation with security guards in which he wondered aloud why the Swiss had to treat him with contempt after all what he has done for the European nation.

Essentially, Biya will be leaving Yaounde to France for good as the days of running the country from abroad are now over. In fact, Paul Biya has been ruling by remote control for years.  Biya had hardly spent 2 months in Yaounde in a year where his prime minister and his cabinet sit.

Stay with Cameroon Concord News Groupfor a detail report on the Biya situation later today.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai

Ambazonians: Gendarmes attack Southern Cameroons lawyer in Yaounde

A Southern Cameroons lawyer was reportedly beaten by two Francophone gendarmes in the Biyem Assi neighborhood in Yaounde. Barrister Amungwa was unconscious and seen lying on the Gendarmerie hilux that transported him to unknown destination.

Southern Cameroons Communications Secretary, Milton Taka who confirmed the news to our London desk observed that nowhere is safe for Amabzonians anymore in La Republique du Cameroun.

Cameroon Concord News understands Barrister Amungwa is the head of the Communication team for the detained Southern Cameroons leaders. He organises all the press conferences and print media publications pertaining to the trial of President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and his top aides.

By Sama Ernest