Monday, October 15, 2018

Meghan and Prince Harry expecting a baby

The Duchess of Sussex is pregnant and is due to give birth next spring, Kensington Palace has revealed.

The announcement comes as Meghan, 37, and Prince Harry, 34, who got married in Windsor five months ago, arrived in Sydney on Monday ahead of a 16-day tour of Australia and New Zealand.

Kensington Palace said the couple were "delighted to be able to share this happy news with the public".

Their baby will be seventh in line to the throne.

The Queen and other senior royals were told about the pregnancy on Friday, when members of the Royal Family gathered in Windsor for Princess Eugenie's wedding.

Meghan attended the wedding with Prince Harry, wearing a long, dark blue coat, which sparked speculation she could be expecting.

It is their first official royal tour since their wedding, which also took place at St George's Chapel, Windsor.

Their first engagement is on Tuesday, when crowds of well wishers are expected to congratulate the couple.

The couple follow in the footsteps of Prince Harry's parents - Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales - whose first royal tour was to Australia and New Zealand.

BBC royal correspondent Jonny Dymond, who is in Sydney, said of Friday's wedding: "It was there that the duke and duchess chose to inform the most senior members of the royal family.

"The Queen was told, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the Duchess of Cornwall - they chose that day to spread the happy news around and then recover and relax, get on a plane and then put out the news for the rest of us."

Doria 'very happy'

They are all said to be "delighted" for the couple.

Doria Ragland, the mother of the duchess, is "very happy about this lovely news" and "looks forward to welcoming her first grandchild".

Prime Minister Theresa May has also congratulated the couple, saying: "My warmest congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on the happy news they are expecting a baby in the spring. Wishing them all the best."

She had said, in a 2016 interview, that becoming a mother was on her "bucket list", while Harry said in their engagement interview: "You know, I think one step at a time, and hopefully we'll start a family in the near future."

Their baby will be a first cousin of Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis - but will not be a prince or princess themselves unless the Queen steps in ahead of the birth.

Harry and Meghan met on a blind date, arrange by a mutual friend, and got engaged 16 months later. The duchess had first found fame as an actress, playing Rachel Zane in US legal drama Suits, but gave up her career when she got married.


Ivorian bride crying on her weeding day and people think is because her husband is too ugly

An Ivorian social media users posted the photos of a beautiful bride on her wedding day to her prince charming husband.

The look on her face says it all, see more photos below

Controversy over Cameroon's call to the Human Rights Council top seat

The United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) held its seat Friday at a by-election of 18 member countries for a three-year term. Africa will be represented by Burkina Faso, and Togo, but also Cameroon, Eritrea and Somalia. What to arouse the ire of some international NGOs for which the presence of these last three countries within the HRC, is untimely.

As usual, the United States did not go out of its way to say everything they think about the UN Human Rights Council. The last opportunity was given to them on Friday, 12 October, following the election by the United Nations General Assembly of the 18 new members to sit on the Council.Of the 18 new entrants replacing one third of the 47 members, five African countries were elected. These are Burkina Faso, Togo, but also Cameroon, Eritrea and Somalia who will sit with other countries such as the Philippines, Bahrain, or Bangladesh.

Although they are not the only ones, the presence within the UN human rights and advocacy institution in some African countries has aroused strong criticism from some international NGOs working in the same field. This is particularly the case of Cameroon, Eritrea and Somalia, considered as countries where human rights are severely violated. In a joint statement, several NGOs in Europe, the United States and Canada said that these three countries, as well as Bahrain, Bangladesh and the Philippines, "are not qualified" to sit on the HRC due to their poor results in respect of human rights. It was "a ridiculous vote without competition", denounced in remarks entrusted to AFP, Louis Charbonneau, of the NGO Human Rights Watch (HRW), who recalled that in 2016, Russia had not elected because of the existence of competition between several States.

Criticism and controversy

This is not the first time, since its creation in 2006, that the election of a country to the HRC is controversial especially since Saudi Arabia has also been admitted to the supreme body of the Advice. It must be said that all members of the United Nations have the right to present themselves within the institution. This year, the different geographical areas even agreed to appoint their representatives, which made it an election without real stake.

In a statement, the US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, stressed that "once again, countries with poor human rights record have competed without opposition ". The US preferred to leave the HRC a few months ago and for the American diplomat, "the absence of rules preventing such countries from being elected continues to undermine the organization and demonstrates once again that the United States were right to retire this year. "


Paul Biya leading: here are the likely results of the presidential election

The National Commission for the General Census of Votes has completed its mission. His report gives Paul Biya largely winner in front of Maurice Kamto, Cabral Libii and Joshua Osih.

Watch video: there is no case in the use of fake election observers, Jean Momo 

It is true that only the Constitutional Council will proclaim no later than Monday, October 22, 2018, the final results of the presidential election of Sunday, October 07, 2018. But, the high chamber chaired by Clement Atangana, will not profoundly alter the trial she will receive tomorrow Monday, October 15, 2018 the census commission chaired by one of its members, in the person of Magistrate Emile Essombe.

This commission completed yesterday the operations of counting all the votes received from the 58 departments of the country and abroad. His report largely defeats Paul Biya, the outgoing head of state and candidate for his own succession. The national president of the CPR, party in power, would lead with 71.09% of votes cast against 14.40 for Maurice Kamto, 6.32% for Cabral Libii. At the foot of the podium, there is Joshua Osih, the candidate of the SDF, leader of the opposition party for 26 years that points 3.19%. These figures have not been made public. They were communicated to our editorial staff by the representative of a candidate, member of the national commission of general census of the votes.

Even before the receipt of the minutes of the Emile Essombe commission, the Constitutional Council announced through its secretary general, the date of the holding of the post-election litigation. It is scheduled on Tuesday, October 16, 2018 from 11 am at the Palais des Congrès in Yaounde. On that occasion, the High Chamber will consider at least 18 appeals before the proclamation of the final results.

Below, provisional results already contested by candidate Cabral Libii:

1st Paul Biya winner with 71.09%

2nd Maurice Kamto 14.40%

3rd Cabral Libii 6.32%

4th Joshua Osih 3.19%

5th Ndam Njoya 1.73%

6th Garga Haman Adji 1.62%

7th Serge Espoir Matomba 0.98%

8th Ndifor Frankline 0.67%


Okala Ebode Arrested: MRC Raises Pressure

Okala Ebode is the Assistant Treasurer of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (Mrc). He was arrested on October 7, 2018, the day of the presidential election in a polling station that was housed in the premises of Vogt College.The criticism for which he was arrested is that he disrupted the vote held last Sunday. He is accused of having also destroyed the election materials.

His party comrades say that Okala Ebode was actually at this polling station. After voting, he wanted to put his signature. It is then that he discovers that a person has signed in his place. He asked the members of the local board who supervised the voting operations. After a sharp altercation that followed, the police forces were alerted, the activist Mrc was arrested.

The petition launched on the internet targets 100 signatures. It is addressed to the Minister of Territorial Administration. It "denounces a will of the government to muzzle and prevent an activist to denounce the fraud implemented by members of the ruling party and agents of Elecam determined to maintain the status by all means".


Ambazonia: open war between two secessionist militia leaders

After a deal of 25 million CFA francs that recently opposed Chris Anu, Cho Ayaba, John Akuroh, Eric Tataw and Boh Herbert, it's Mark Bareta and Eric tataw to tear themselves up for a money deal.

Watch video: an advice to Amazonians

Indeed, two self-proclaimed militia leaders operating in the North West and South West regions are fighting for control of the money that would have been paid for this dismal cause. These are Mark Bareta and Eric Tataw.

In its edition of October 11, 2018, the journal Défis Actuel reports exchanges between these two men. "Mark, are you going to return all the money you collected on Sunday to all Ambazonian populations?You are going to report this money because you are still lying. You said you did not know the Tigers or their commander. And today you say that you gave them the money collected. How did you manage to give money to groups you say you do not know? ", Accuses Eric Tataw in a voice recording published on the WhatsApp network.

Watch video: an advice to Amazonians

Answer of the shepherd to the shepherdess: 'Eric Tataw, who are you to talk about me like this? How much did you contribute on Sunday? You consider me a child in the cause of Ambazonians? If you want to know what I did with that money, go see the Tigers, the Scadef, go see Cho Ayaba, Akwanga, the acting president ... Go ask them if Mark Bareta gave them money and how much each of them received, "indignant Bareta. And to increase: "I tell you, this is the last time you pronounce my name in your platform. The next time you do it I will come personally to you and you will understand that I too come from Manyu"

Watch video: an advice to Amazonian

This ubiquitous spectacle at least has the merit of allowing the populations of the English-speaking regions to know where the concerns of these self-proclaimed leaders really are. As has been demonstrated since the beginning of the socio-political crisis in the North-West and South-West regions, the only motivation of the principals of the violence in the English-speaking regions is to fill their pockets.

It is not a question of guaranteeing a better future for these two regions of the country. In fact, the purpose of these people who are going abroad, is to maintain the disorder in this part of the country to better loot the property of others, ransom and racketege honest citizens who have worked hard for acquire these assets.


Maurice Kamto provokes a rebellion in Etoudi "Confidential"

The least we can say is that there is an unprecedented fear and panic in Etoudi: Who is this traitor who communicates with Kamto? 

Maurice Kamto, a serious candidate who could succeed the outgoing President Paul Biya in the coming days, has managed to sow a state of mistrust and lack of trust among colleagues in the close team of Paul Biya. Indeed, the content of a meeting, which was top secret and organized by the Biya or nothing since last Tuesday after the speech of the MRC candidate, reached the staff of Kamto two days only after the meeting.

Watch the video below

Who is the traitor in the Biya team? What can be said is that there are traitors in Etoudi. For the moment, the suspicions, for having delivered to the Kamto team the content of the meeting of implementation of strategies of blockage of the change, are directed towards a member of the protocol and very close to Martin Belinga Eboutou, the old ex companion of Paul Biya and former powerful director of civil cabinet fall out of favor and thanked with a whim by Paul Biya. We prefer to keep the name out now for the safety of his family.The latter would not be happy with the way his maternal uncle was fired under instruction of the First Lady and especially to see all his documents and contents of the safe confiscated.

Watch the video below

What we learn is that during this meeting organized at the home of Famé Ndongo, as well as the document handed to the Kamto team, twelve people were present.We also discover that 3 questions were on the agenda: 1- How to block the path of Etoudi to Maurice Kamto from the moment he said he won, 2- What strategy to put up to keep Paul Biya in power? And 3 - How to replace the outgoing president, Paul Biya, in case, as any human being, he would agree to cede power to Maurice Kamto?

According to the report of this meeting in Camp Kamto, the answer to the first question was not so long. Specialist in the technique of the inverted pyramid, Famé Ndongo proposes to amplify the tribalism and the regionalist aspect of the votes in favor of Kamto through 2 well-known media of the capital. Prohibit the CRTV to pronounce in any way the name Kamto.Also, and most importantly, do not neglect the fact that as the final and irrevocable decision will come from the Constitutional Council, to ensure and especially to put pressure on the President of the Constitutional Council by reminding him insistently that he was nothing until Biya the kind of forgetfulness. And that he must remain faithful to his creator. Martin Mbarga Nguélé insists on the fact that by solidarity of trade, the president of the Constitutional Council, Clément Atangana, could validate the election of his colleague whom he knows very well. To be certain, and under the proposal of Joseph Beti Assomo, strategist Fame Ndongo insists that Emmanuel Bonde, Bipoun Woum Joseph Marie and Florence Rita Arrey be contacted to ensure their unwavering loyalty to President Biya who appointed them as a member of the first Cameroonian Constitutional Council.

To the second question, to keep Biya in power, it is absolutely necessary to manipulate national and international public opinion by first dividing the oppositions by leading them to condemn the exit of Maurice Kamto. Hence the approach of always asking some opposition leaders or public men to give their point of view on what Kamto said. It has also been a question of convincing certain traditional kings and chiefs, senators, to show their unwavering support to the man who made them senators. The position of king of Banganté could justify this tactic. In the end, manipulate public opinion by accusing foreign powers of supporting Maurice Kamto and wanting to destabilize Cameroon.

To the third question what if Biya decides to let go of power. Two solutions were selected with Plan A: Sowing Disorder to justify a coup d'etat that will allow the former Minister Delegate to the Presidency, in charge of Defense, Edgar Alain Mébé Ngo'o, to seize power at the Robert Ford, Joseph Beti Assomo being considered too soft for the job. The constitution will then be suspended and promise elections in 12 months.

Plan B would like First Lady Chantale Biya to be persuaded to persuade her husband, Paul Biya, to stay in power and promise to leave, like her predecessor, in 2 years, the time to solve the Anglophone problem. we know that this is important to him because this is what history could learn from these 35 years of undivided rule.

It is now clear that while some in the entourage of Biya do not intend to see Maurice Kamto arrive at Etoudi, there are some who wish the opposite. The likely future president, Maurice Kamto, has the list of participants in this meeting secrete and knows who are those who intend to prevent, at all costs, the change so desired by the Cameroonians.


Cameroon: This is Christian Ntimbane Bomo's strategy to destroy the opposition

I have always refused to be interested in "non-candidates", but this morning you are pushing my hand a bit, although you are not the main target because your efforts to destroy the opposition are unveiled. I will demonstrate to Cameroonians your pitiful cunning and intellectual dishonesty like all those gravediggers of the "ripoublique".And be sport because it will barder.

Watch video: an advice to Southern Cameroonians

Primo: your support for the spy cabral

When a lawyer, a lawyer or an adult wants to support a candidate, he or she first conducts a very small morality survey on the candidate's background and past before providing any support. This is the result of a serious and intellectual approach of a lawyer. Thing that you did not realize, is it by naivety? Absolutely not, because you know very well the dirty work you are doing. That of promoting the candidacy of a spy parachuted from nowhere, just to dislocate the voices.Because if you had been serious and act as an adult, long ago you would have conducted a simple investigation of morality on your candidate who is cabral libii before supporting him, and strangely you claim to be a lawyer, yet your approach has nothing serious. Where is the difference between you and the emotional? I will in the next paragraphs demonstrate that you are not honest because all the facts give your cabral spy candidate the Biya regime. It is always him who is plebicité by the chains acquired with the Biya regime like crtv and poo vision of the tribal hatred. Since when crtv plebicite and shows rally of a real opponent? And it's always him who talks about coalition to 8 or nothing, etc ... a candidate with so much incoherence in such a short time, and all that tells you nothing, to you the lawyer.

Sécondo: your selective cunning

A - The day after the voting, Professor Maurice Kamto is all the way up to denounce energetically the massive fraud of the rdpc to amend and rig the election records. Not surprisingly for me because I already know you, Nkou Mvondo who is the legal representative of the party universe which you spent the time to promote and other pseudo opponents have leagued against Kamto in a cabal orchestrated by the rdpc to make Cameroonians believe that Kamto wants to destabilize Cameroon. And you lawyer that did not tell you anything? It's not strange to see the pseudo-opponents fight another opponent who fights against the massive fraud of the rdpc that you claim to fight? You're really a funny lawyer, huh?Wait, it's not over!

B - And you will also tell me that you do not understand why the Biya regime is ecstatic when the candidate Kamto announces a press conference, while the same regime does not manage cabral when he announces his entertainment conferences? And that does not mean anything to you, sir? You must be a joke, huh.

Tertio: The determination of Said Farabor

Your bad luck is as follows; I am determined to expose your association of false opponents assembled from scratch by the Biya regime to interfere with the alternation in this country. And that's just the beginning. And my approach will always be accompanied by clean and tangible explanations and proofs. It is exactly 14 months ago that I warned the Cameroonians of the character cabral libii.And it's not over, the surprise will surprise you in the coming days. The same rdpc that made Cabral will not be long in separating from him. Do you know at least that he is now very worried about what's next? Because he wonders if his sponsors of the rdpc will allow his candidacy for the legislative ???

I'll come back with another demonstration of your roguery. Stay tuned!

Reporter: Said Farabor

Poll result: Traditional Southern Chefs call for calm

In a firm tone, they reaffirmed their commitment to the preservation of peace and indivisibility of Cameroon. This great mass of guarantors of ancestral power was an opportunity for them to express their determination not to yield to the sirens of disorder.

For René Desire Effa, President of the Council of Traditional Chiefs of the Southern Region, "it is a commitment to the preservation of ancestral values ​​and republican ideals. We all urge in the fields to preserve the peace, the unity and the stability of the elements dear for the greatness and the radiance of our country ".

See also: an advice to Southern Cameroonians, watch the video below

An interpretation that they have decided to make heard through a common position that they intend to defend at all prices. For them, no reason justifies the unpatriotic behavior of some Cameroonians who are ill-intentioned and manipulated by outside forces.

The guarantors of ancestral power invite Cameroonians of all stripes to accept the verdict of the ballot box, the restraint and the manifestation of a spirit of lucidity and patriotism.

According to His Majesty René Désiré Effa, President of the Council of Traditional Chiefs of the Southern Region, "we conjure all the sons of Cameroon to disassociate themselves from any disorder, sirens of destabilization, agitation and any call to hate and we implore our communities to more hospitality, sharing and love. "

Disorder will not go through the Southern region. The traditional Chefs of this part of the country are already at work to block the way to this movement.


Presidential ballot: ELECAM anchor diverts 1.1 million to the East

In a collective complaint, the representatives of the administration in the presidential election of October 7, claim their due. 

This Friday, October 12, 2018, the esplanade of the sub-prefecture of Ketté in the department of Kadey in the East, is stormed by officials of the administration of the locality who took part in the presidential election from October 7th.According to concordant sources, the authorities asked the demonstrators to go to the gendarmerie brigade so that light could be made around them.

The same sources also testify that the sub-prefect of the district of Ketté Alex Minyono has tried more than once unsuccessfully to contact the chief executive Elecam Borough Philippe Koeke by telephone. Gustave Amougou in his wrath suggests "we all know that the general direction of elections Cameroon gives money to their local dismemberment throughout the national territory.

Why this one (Philippe Koeké) wants to distract us our money! In the before, we received this money just after the elections the same day, after the counting.To follow the latter, the Elecam officials handed Ketté's share to Philippe Koeké, Elecam's head of the locality to disinterested parties in the evening of 07 October 2018.

According to the information received, the State gives each member the sum of 25,000 (twenty-five thousand) Francs CFA and Elections Cameroon gives the other twenty-five a thousand francs. In short, each member should receive the sum of 50,000 francs.

Indeed, the texts provide for the delivery of the minutes, the rights holders immediately took possession of their due.

What has happened so that from Sunday, October 7 until today, the representatives of the administration have still not received their money?

Relatives of Sieur Philippe Koeké, claim anonymously that Elecam chief of antenna Ketté district would certainly not be in the city. Will he sacrifice his professional career for crumbs of the presidential election?

In the collective complaint lodged with the Gendarmerie of the Ketté district, signed by forty four (44) members of the administration in the presidential election of October 7, 2018, the plaintiffs claiming the global sum of one million one hundred thousand (1,100,000) francs at the rate of fifty thousand (50,000) Frans per person.

A sit-in is scheduled next Monday if nothing is done. For the sub-prefect of the district of Ketté Alex Minyono, it is questioned that the head of antenna Elecam who is currently accused of embezzlement last public to answer the facts which are reproached to him by the representatives of the administration. For Bruno Akono, the Elecam anchor should normally be brought to court, as this style of behavior must be eradicated as long as it is early. We have already seized a judicial police officer ''. Did he declare.


225 individuals sentenced to death in Cameroon

Associations for the defense of human rights are mobilized for the abolition of capital punishment.

The 16th World Day against the Death Penalty was celebrated on October 10, 2018, under the theme: "The conditions of life on the death row". The opportunity to recall that to date in Cameroon, about 225 people are sentenced to death.

According to the Network of Cameroonian Lawyers Against the Death Penalty (RACOPEM), the largest number of death row prisoners are in the Far North region. In prisons in this region, there are approximately 117 detainees on death row. "The courts of Maroua make Cameroon the 5th country in the world in terms of sentencing to death," said Nestor Toko, president of RACOPEM.

Watch video: Advice to southern Cameroonians

It should be noted, however, that Cameroon has not seen executions of those sentenced to death since 1997. But in Cameroon, human rights associations are mobilizing for the outright abolition of the death penalty.

The impartial Justice Association created in 2014 has just launched the project "Education of young people to abolish the death penalty in Cameroon". It is about mobilizing young people to involve them in the process of fighting the death penalty.


Tumi and Kleda: a threat in two cassocks?

The two men of God have asserted themselves over time as politicians opposed to Paul Biya's regime. 

The multiple public outings of my Lord Christian Tumi archbishop emeritus have often been tinged color opposition to the regime in place in Cameroon.

It is also remembered that the exit related to the presidential election of October 7 last where the prelate clearly asked President Biya not to represent not without having brutally criticized the government in relation to the Anglophone crisis.

In the same vein, my lord Samuel Kleda, archbishop of Douala, also did not often miss the opportunity to row against the wind of the regime. This is how the man God to everyone's surprise comes out to denounce irregularities that in his opinion would have tainted the smooth running of the presidential election of October 7, while international bodies hardest often against Cameroon applaud all things that lead to believe that these two men in These cassocks have the same heart, a devil's heart whose expression is a desire to destabilize.

But how to understand these similarities between 2 churchmen? Well, Christian Tumi still bishop of Garoua sent to Rome Samuel Kleda then great seminarian.Returning from Rome young priest Tumi will make him appointed coordinator in other words, future other Archbishop of Douala; one of the few times that Rome gave such a promotion.

Reports that ultimately determined the unfortunate similarities between the two men of God who made fierce and sometimes overflowing opposition to the regime their creed.

Source: Investigation N ° 101

Case Mrs Manguelé: General Semengue's post threatened

A few days ago, General Semengue, president of the Professional Football League of Cameroon improperly sent to retirement Mrs. Thérèse Pauline Manguelé.

Indignant by the act of the general president, the presidents of clubs, members of the board of the LFPC which Mrs Manguelé has the favors practically all, undertook with the authority conferred on them by the law to dismiss the general They have already requested by bailiff to request a council to this effect.

See also: An advice to Southern Cameroonians, watch video below

It should be noted that the 27 club presidents who are involved in the case and who support Ms. Manguelé are authorized to organize them said council if ever after 15 days the general does not manifest and there, the prey could be turn into a hunter.

Case to follow!

Source: Investigation N ° 101

Anglophone Crisis: From Zimbabwe With Love, A Piece Of Advice To Southern Cameroonians

A PHD student from Zimbabwe had took out time to advice the Southern Cameroonians at home on the ongoing genocide in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon.

The doctor in making was shading tears while speaking on the Cameroon crisis. Watch the video below

Biya, the African parable

Cameroonian leader, President Paul Biya, is veritably an African parable of power. He has been in office as the president of his country since the 6th of November, 1982, when Ahmadou Ahidjo gave way and handed over to him. Before then, he had been prime minister since the 30th June, 1975.

Now at 85 years of age, and 36 years on in the presidential saddle, Biya has not had enough of political power. Two Sundays ago, the central African country, which neighbours Nigeria, held a presidential poll in which the octogenarian was widely expected to secure another seven-year term that would keep him in power until at least 92 years of age. Official results of the poll were being awaited last week because it takes the country’s electoral body, ELECAM, some fortnight to make a declaration. But there was little doubt across board about Biya’s likely return for another term.

It wasn’t that the perpetual ruler has had no challenger for the presidential office. The 2018 poll, for instance, featured eight opposition candidates who took their chance on the ballot against Biya of the ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM). And that was nearly double a shortfall on the previous election in 2011 where 22 challengers ran against Biya. But the opposition has always been too fractured and weak to pose any real threat to the status quo; and so, the old battle horse easily won re-election in 2011 and has been projected to win the 2018 poll.

In this latest election, there was some last minute rally by the opposition when frontline challenger and candidate of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM), Maurice Kamto, agreed to a coalition deal with another opposition contender, Akere Muna of the Popular Front for Development. Muna as a result wrote the electoral commission about 24 hours to the opening of the poll that he was stepping down for Kamto. Perhaps for the time factor, ELECAM retained Muna on the ballot, and the candidate then asked his supporters to vote Kamto. Political watchers said, however, that despite the coalition being a welcome move, it came too late. Besides, it can only be largely symbolic because it left out the Social Democratic Front (SDF) that has the second highest representation in the country’s parliament.

Biya’s endurance in Cameroon’s presidency is amidst relative economic stability and yearly growth rate in the oil and cocoa producing central African economy that has stayed at over four percent since 2011. But many of its 24 million citizens yet live in poverty. Also, despite periodic elections, the political space is deeply fossilised and, as far as the face of power goes, a large segment of the Cameroonian citizenry has known only one president all their lives.

Security isn’t as settled in the country, though. This year’s election held against the backdrop of two-year-long separatist agitation in the northwest and southwest regions where English-speaking citizens have alleged discrimination and oppression by the French-speaking majority and are thus pushing for autonomy. Reports accounted that the secessionist uprising has resulted in hundreds of deaths, and as well forced thousands of Cameroonians to flee either to the French-speaking regions of the country or to neighbouring Nigeria. That is not to mention the spillover of Boko Haram insurgency from Nigeria into the broader Lake Chad basin, reaching to the far north region of Cameroon.

With those security challenges, incumbency and the consequent control of instruments of state power to a large extent advantaged Biya’s candidature in the 2018 poll. Because of separatist resistance ahead of the election, for instance, only the president’s party was able to campaign under heavy security in the two English-speaking regions. All eight opposition challengers either avoided those areas or were chased out by the residents.

The latest poll is expected to usher Biya into his seventh seven-year term in power if you factor in his prime ministerial era. But Cameroon has not always been without term limits. After being elected president five consecutive times in what was then a one-party state, Ahidjo stepped down for Biya, who one year thereafter sidelined his former principal from the ruling party chairmanship as well. Thirteen years later (1996), the party midwifed a constitutional change that limited presidents to two seven-year terms. Biya’s second term under that legal regime was to expire in 2011.

But before that due date, Cameroon’s parliament in 2008 adopted another constitutional bill that scrapped the term limit and paved the way for Biya to extend his rule beyond 2011. Although Biya also allowed political reforms that opened up his country’s political space to multi-party politics in the early 1990s, it has been multi-party only in name because the ruling party exerted an iron grip on power despite periodic elections.

The example of Cameroon’s Biya is only an extreme illustration of fossilisation of power as you would find – of course, to widely varying degrees – in many African countries.

With 93 registered political parties, Nigeria is in some practical sense a multi-party democracy. But then, the political space is largely fossilised in the hands of old order actors in the two dominant political parties. As such, following the recent national primary elections of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the 2019 presidential election has been widely touted as a two-way race between incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari and opposition candidate Atiku Abubakar, who is a two-time former Vice President. This is not minding that at least a dozen and half other political parties ostensibly threw up candidates – among them reputed citizens, who are of younger age but not typical politicians.

Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Matthew Kukah, in a lecture penultimate Friday in Akure, Ondo State, argued that the problem of leadership in Nigeria is due in a large part to the fact that most actors find themselves in power without having painstakingly figured out beforehand what they would do with power if they got it. And that, he noted, is despite that “the structure of the Nigerian presidential office makes the holder of the office extremely powerful, so much that he can deploy power the way he wants.”

I wholly agree with Bishop Kukah that the quest for power in this country should get considerably more informative, just as electoral choice by voters must become better informed. To that end, true democracy must make allowance for all options available to voters, and from which voters could make reasoned choices at the poll. That is to say, voter interest should never be restricted to consideration of incumbency or the dominance of opposition challenge, but should rather involve interrogating the nuts and bolts of action plans intended for implementation in power by all office-seekers. Put simply, we should be looking beyond only the APC and PDP for genuine promises of beneficial application of political power.

But it is extremely important that those promises are not merely sweeping assurances or empty soapbox sloganeering. Even far less so personality attacks as presently typifies the Nigerian political space. Rather, for the 2019 poll, voters should demand issue-based campaigns that would involve office-seekers presenting detailed blueprints of their policy and action plans for their evaluation. And such blueprints ideally should be with multiple scenario casting, ranging worst-case revenue baseline expectations to the best possible projections; so it would not be a case of ‘We never knew things were this bad when we were making campaign promises’ after they get into office.

My general point here is that one way to avoid fossilism of power in our country is to hold political actors strictly to the genuineness or otherwise of their promises and potentials.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Presidential election: CPDM executives now in the hot seat

The father of the granite base, a creature of the creator, faithful of the faithful, confirmed his commitment alongside the natural candidate of the democratic gathering of the Cameroonian people (Rdpc).

An election campaign conducted from start to finish, he was of all appointments giving visibility for the ardent support of Paul Biya. He is the regional permanent delegate of the central committee of the Rdpc in the region, national secretary for communication, he had to wet the jersey.Like other citizens registered on the electoral lists, he went to fulfill his civic duty at the polling station in his village in Nkolandom where his name appeared.

Beyond the voting instructions during the election campaign with a plebiscite for the candidate of the Rdpc, he attached much price to that. In a 266 registered polling station, was completed a Soviet plebiscite for the candidate of the Rdpc.


Coaching was followed from start to finish and no downtime was noted. The regional permanent delegate invested himself in achieving this result in his own village in Nkolandom. A 100% that reassures commitment for Paul Biya, a convert who has been on all terrains to preach support for the granite basement. A situation that was not the same on all spheres in the South region with the other pundits who bit the dust on their own stadiums.

Having become unpopular, they have become a minority and the reality is that they have not been able to make a 100%, sanctioned because of multiple broken promises. Eventually, everyone will be rewarded according to his contribution to the success of Paul Biya. Even in the Bible, it is said that the worker deserves his salary. And the next political deadlines are bitter.


Victory of Kamto: the CPDM prepares a counter-attack

Headquarters of the Central Committee of the Democratic Rally of Cameroonian People (CPDM), which also serves as the headquarters of the candidate of this political party in the presidential election of 7 October 2018 on the shores of Lake Municipal Yaounde, yesterday midday , the parking is crowded with vehicles.

The enclosure still shows traces of the election campaign with posters stuck along the fence. In the offices, the managers are all in their positions.Including the Secretary General of the Party's Central Committee, President of the National Supervisory Commission of the election campaign of President-Candidate Paul Biya at this poll.

If the effervescence of the days preceding the poll has fallen, the meeting rooms as for it do not empty. This is the case of the one hosting the members of the technical secretariat attached to the Central Supervisory Commission. The pace of work here may not be that of the hours following the closing of the poll, but the ten or so officials in this body are still at work.

"The job here is to liaise, not only with our field teams, but also with our representative at the National Committee for General Voting. At the campaign headquarters of the president-candidate, the pressure has fallen somewhat.Because, in addition to the technical secretariat mentioned above, only two other structures remain active.

There is the Legal and Litigation Subcommittee, chaired by Gregory Owona, one of the Deputy Secretaries General of the Central Committee and who, we are told, is scheduled to meet again in the afternoon. This structure indeed prepares the post-electoral dispute which is expected to be held in the coming days.

The CPDM and its candidate have certainly not appealed to the Constitutional Council, but they will not fail to be challenged in this litigation. A team of lawyers and other legal advisers is therefore at work.

Third and last structure still in operation, the Subcommission of Communication chaired by the Secretary for Communication at the Secretariat of the Central Committee, Jacques Fame Ndongo . It sits on the side of the Palais des Congrès in Yaounde. Here, as in the staffs of the other candidates, we have our eyes fixed on the Constitutional Council.


Election 2018: a fraud strategy discovered in Gabon

How freeville escaped the fraud orchestrated by Edith Félicie Noëlle Ondoua Ateba born Ngaeto Zam the new ambassador of Cameroon in Gabon.

6:30. All twelve representatives of the political parties (SDF, CPDM, UNIVERS, UDC, FPD and the MRC) are present.Before the distribution in the polling station, the leader of the DPP Akéré Muna approaches the ELECAM focal point to ask him to remove the ballots of their candidate from polling stations because the day before he joined the MRC for a winning coalition . "No" answers him the focal point who otherwise consul.

The representative of AKERE wants to make it a problem. He even wants to have no representative in the offices. After consultation with the MRC team, he is calm and his representatives are in the offices with those of the MRC. Four eyes are worth two.

8:15. The newly appointed ambassador Ms. Edith Félicie Noëlle Ondoua Ateba born Ngaeto Zam goes around the polls and fulfills her duty. the whole day the election is held in a republican atmosphere.

Some cases of people who do not have names on the electoral lists but who hold voter cards are registered. They are even allowed to vote under the instructions of the focal point. We were all far from imagining that this calm announced a storm. What am I saying hurricane?

18 hours. The embassy portal closes.Some compatriots who voted in the morning came to the count. All could not enter. In the esplanade of the embassy there are about a hundred people. While everyone is waiting for the counting methods, the ELECAM focal point asks for the ballot boxes to be returned to the Embassy lounge and that is where the counting will take place. He immediately receives the "no" firm from the audience.He summons the representatives of the political parties and makes threats to that of the MRC because he says "it is the name of KAMTO who is chanted outside the portal and as president. the discussion with party officials lasts nearly 2 hours clock.

Meanwhile, the national anthem is sung in the courtyard. This university zone, often so quiet at this time, is unrecognizable given the din that comes out of the EMBASSY.

The consul returns and makes it clear to the crowd that the reason for counting inside is to ensure the safety of the ambassador. New roar of the crowd because since the beginning of the poll the police Gabon is on the scene and works in an exemplary way. Then the crowd sings "respect the police, respect the police".New blocking.

At 1:30 am, convinced that the Cameroonians, some of whom have arrived since 6 am on Sunday, are tired, the diplomatic authorities ask the police to take the urns by force if necessary and to put them in the embassy lounge. After consultation with his superiors, the Chief Troop Lieutenant said: "We are here to secure the vote and ensure it runs smoothly. what was done. When it comes to taking the ballot box by force, this is a state of affairs and that is where our competence ends.

We assure you of all the security if the counting is done there in the yard ". The crowd exults. the police are carried in triumph. Opposite is the soup with a grimace. A cold shower. Better, a slap. But they do not bother. 30 minutes later, they bring big arms that are very quickly neutralized the police. but there was only warming up or stretching. Because a little later the unimaginable was going to happen.

Terrorized by sleep, fatigue and hunger, what Cameroonians will see is extraordinary. At 4 o'clock. While the large portal of the embassy remained closed and guarded by the police, street children (about fifteen) dagger in hand, pass by the back of the building ie the residence of the ambassador , and attack the audience remained dumbfounded and hypnotized.The Gabonese police are the first to react.They open the gate and let the Cameroonians stay outside until this time.The confrontation is brutal and total. A miracle occurs. At the end there is no death of man. no one could have imagined that the embassy would go so far just for a vote. compatriots are in tears. It's horrible.the Gabonese policemen themselves do not come back. An embassy with rogue methods that endangers the lives of people it is supposed to protect.

Having exhausted all their ploys, the day pointing to the horizon, the ambassador sends her emissary to tell the crowd that "ok the stripping will be done in the course with the presence of everyone". The following you know it. the overwhelming victory of professor maurice kamto in Gabon.

What I just described Malian Melanie Betebe Mbia of the CRTV that was present will never tell you. The authorities of Yaounde are called because now Cameroonians in Gabon are in permanent danger.

And the danger comes from the embassy that seems to have the contact of all the street children in Libreville. If our country is still governed, the authorities of the diplomatic mission must be heard and brought before the courts for conspiracy against the people. At the moment when I write to you some clones of the CPDM in Libreville, accomplices of the embassy, ​​not benefiting from the diplomatic immunity are in cell on the premises of the judicial police. The stalled set paid.


'Kill me but you will not take power' Paul Biya

Returning from Abidjan where he took an active part in the 5th European Union / African Union Summit, President Paul Biya of Cameroon declared war on the secessionists of the North West and South West regions.

Far from the proposals and suggestions of political parties, civil society, external partners, NGOs, to his technical advisor Christian Penda Ekoka, Paul Biya preferred the language of repression against a part of his people who asked for dialogue on the form of the state.

In Cameroon, it is Yaoundé who decides who will pick up garbage in Bamenda, Maroua, Bafoussam, the hypercentralization of power prevents populations to create conditions for their development. Ministers and executives of the public administration are multimillionaires, other billionaires, Article 66 on the declaration of goods in this country twice first in the ranking of the most corrupt in the world has never been implemented.

In approaching the year 2018, Paul Biya is confident for a new term of seven years, his campaign slogan, '' the great finishes '' begin to invade the canvas. Indeed, in 2011 during the beginning of the seven-year term, Paul Biya launched a series of large projects for an emerging Cameroon in 2035. In terms of energy, for example, Cameroon has considered the construction of several hydroelectric dams, Lom Pangar, Memve Ele, Mekin, the repair of Lagdo, Song Loulou etc ... were envisaged, Paul Biya had promised to move the country from 1200 Megawhat, hydropower generation capacity to 3000 Megawhats in 2018.

Several projects are launched in 2012: roads, ports , bridges, highways, aeronautics, Camtel Mobile, etc ... During his message to the nation on December 31, 2017, while announcing the inauguration of all these projects, a major event is shaking up the political destiny of Cameroon: Christian Penda Ekoka.

Technical advisor to the President of the Republic of Cameroon, Christian Penda Ekoka, expert in development economics has always been against the governance of his boss, he organizes a series of media outlets in mass media, TV, radio, web, etc ... The adviser of President Biya specifies in an interview with Cameroon Liberty that he benefited through these broadcasts to remind the head of state that he is the ultimate responsible for the economic drift of the country.

Louis Paul Motaze current finance minister was at the heart of the projects, he began after the exit of Cameroon HIPC Initiative, as the first Cameroonian Minister of Economy after the breakdown of the Ministry of Finance. Afterwards, he will go to work on the projects of the secretariat of the first ministry before going back to the economy, he is the one who piloted almost all the projects of the emergence, Paul Biya he will be transferred to the finances, '' a way for the head of the state to tell him to go and pay off all the debts he has contracted, "says a source at the Civil Cabinet. For the only BIP 2018, Ousmane Mey revealed that more than 2000 projects had no impact on the economy, projects funded by his predecessor, the prime minister subsequently will sign a decree to suspend funding for immature projects.

Stop funding projects by China

Since November 2017, China does not lose any penny for Cameroon, several projects are stopped. Recall that the empire of the middle funded more than 70% of projects in Cameroon (Between 2007 and 2017 China has injected more than 6 billion dollars into the economy of Cameroon).

Paul Biya wants to see clearly in this case, he finally agrees to go to China, one year after the invitation of the Chinese president.

Upon his arrival in China on March 22, 2018, Paul Biya discovered through the Chinese the damage caused by his regime, he canceled the meeting organized between the Cameroonian and Chinese economic operators, and returned from China with the promise of a donation for the sanitation in drinking water. During this trip, President Biya went to China without his finance minister for a meeting on debt.According to sources close to the presidency, China reportedly did not want to see it on its soil. Recall that Xi Jinping Chinese president by removing the lock on the term limitation had had the support of the Communist Party base satisfied with his fierce fight against corruption. He had executed some prominent personalities involved in corruption scandals.

On May 17, 2018, Paul Biya receives the US ambassador to Cameroon. Peter Barlerin who asks the Cameroonian president to leave power to get into the story the right way. Meanwhile, the Anglophone crisis takes another proportion, the deaths are counted every day that it is among the civilians that in the army. The pressure is mounting in the Biya camp, which until now has only followed the instructions of the regime's hawks, repression.

A month after the meeting with the US ambassador, Paul Biya has a telephone conversation with Macron who sends his secretary to visit Cameroon. The departure of Paul Biya appears clearly as the solution to the Anglophone crisis, in closed circles, it is now clear, the tenant of the palace of Etoudi can no longer rule Cameroon, nor resolve the Anglophone crisis. It is up to Cameroonians themselves to choose their leaders.

The stakes are now defined around hawks desperate to keep him in power.

"In Cameroon there are two families, those who want to keep Paul Biya in power because he serves them sacrificial lamb and those like me who want to help him by sending him to retirement." Christian Penda Ekoka Adviser to Paul Biya.

Presidential campaign

Without a political program and refusing any debate on the balance sheet, the CPDM before going into the campaign has corrupted some political opponents, civil society actors, academics, the regime's electoral campaign for the presidential was oriented towards the manipulation of populations. To break his main challenger, knowing that he had lost his youth, the Biya regime has sparked candidates to sow confusion among the opposition and absorb some of these young people. Mathias Eric Owona Nguini, university teacher is became the symbol of the regime's communication strategy.He published no less than three posts a day to denigrate the main challenger of Biya, Maurice Kamto.Sources will say that he was the invisible hand behind the communication strategy of the young candidate Cabral libii.

These young candidates were intended to discourage a good part of the electorate with the concept of "coalition" several months before the elections knowing that a coalition at this time could only benefit the regime. What would it have been for Cabral Libii or Joshua Osih to reduce the chances of Biya's main challenger of having a large number of voters if he was not able to put in the polling stations. In the city of Yaoundé alone, dozens of polling stations had only MRC and CPDM representatives.

Paul Biya, the sacrificial lamb

That the best wins, seemed to be the will of President Paul Biya for the 2018 presidential election. No observer of the European Union, American or Asian, it was up to Cameroonians to freely choose their president without interference.

Paul Biya not only refused a congress of the CPDM, he refused the masquerade around the inauguration of the port of Kribi, dam of Memve Ele and the second bridge over the Wouri, during the entire presidential campaign he will only have only one exit to go to the populations.From credible sources, this visit was rather symbolic for the war he waged in the far north against Boko Haram. Paul Biya made a speech of 07 mn, refused to spend the night in Maroua, and immediately returned to Yaoundé.

Kill me but you will not take the power

On 02 October 2018, Maurice Kamto is in Bafoussam for a campaign rally, he is accompanied by a figure emblematic of the Cameroonian opposition, the same one as he is used to to say, was wearing President Biya in the 1990s .Albert Dzongang, a coalition member is going to make a revelation that will undoubtedly go unnoticed, he will say: '' Paul Biya asked me to help him lose '' and to continue, '' You have been told that Niat is dead, he is not dead he fled, not to live the defeat of the CPDM in the western region''

According to some indiscretions, Niat is under high protection in France, announced dying in Switzerland, he was seen in Paris while he was voting on October 7, 2018. He is president of SENAT and therefore, constitutional successor to President Biya. It has been almost a month since he left the country, the time of the presidential campaign and the promulgation of the results. Paul Biya has the last word if he wants to save the country from the civil war, the thuriféraires of the regime do not intend to let go, ready to confront to preserve the power through the sacrificial lamb which is the head of the State . President Biya has the opportunity to prove if he likes Cameroon or power, he has been running the country for 36 years and is 85 years old.

How far are they willing to go to keep power, how does Biya want to go down in history? "Kamto's spokesman revealed a few days ago a conspiracy that the regime's pundits prepare in the cities, they would be recruiting the rioters who will sow troubles that will be attributed to Maurice Kamto.

Some observers believe that the Biya regime for this election must make a heavy score in favor of the candidate Biya to make him believe that he has the popular support, they plan to organize a support march sponsored by the sub-national. prefects. Paul Biya would live in what universe if he is not able to read what the world outside his courtiers say the country, he who has the mastery of Twitter?


Western Region: Bafoussam paralyzed by presidential election

Some foodstuffs are rare on the stalls.According to some residents of Bafoussam town in the Western Region, there has been an artificial price spike accompanied by a shortage of necessities.A situation caused by the election of October 7, 2018. To believe these, it is slowly that commercial activities resume in this city.

Our colleague Le Jour, who also speaks about this situation, reports that for example at the Casablanca market place par excellence of food supply for among others the ceremonies of the weekend, there was a lack of consumer products.On October 11 at the A market in Bafoussam the quantity of food was reduced. Tomatoes, green seasonings and other fresh foods have run out quickly.

To better understand what is happening, it must be said that in fact the vendors usually called "Byam-sellam" have ended their various bush activities. The reason being that they continue to be afraid of the occurrence of a post-election crisis. The newspaper Le Jour, which also went to meet them, reports that they think that it is necessary to wait for the Constitutional Council to proclaim the results and that swearing takes place. They prefer to be reassured that there will be no post-election movement.

"The future of the country worries everyone. I am just trying to sell the stock of goods I still have at my disposal. With the declarations and messages circulating, everyone fears the after proclamation of the results of the presidential election.With the current situation in the northwestern and southwestern regions, no one wants to put their money in the trade anymore. Everything can rock. We do not want it but we remain cautious because we never know, "says Viviane Talla in the columns of our colleague. She sells fresh food at the "world street".

To talk about soaring prices in the markets, it is more about food products such as rice. The price of a 50 kg bag has risen from 16500 FCFA to 18500 FCFA."We are obliged to sell the kilogram at 450 FCFA or 500 FCFA. It is difficult for us now to make the recipe. Customers do not trust us anymore. They think we are at the origin of the increase in the price of rice. When you add transportation costs, it's hard to get by with this price spike, "says Marie Feudjio, a food retailer.

However it should be noted that despite these fears expressed by the sellers above, the country is doing pretty well.Calls for calm are constantly increasing.The current government, religious authorities, traditional leaders, civil society all call for calm and the preservation of national unity and social cohesion.Everything is done so that there is no shortage of food on the market. As a reminder, the Minister of Commerce has made a descent in some warehouses in the city of Yaoundé, question to ensure the availability of stocks.


Victory of Kamto: a secret letter sent to Emmanuel Macron

The goal is to validate the victory claimed by Maurice Kamto, that the filmmaker Jean-Pierre Bekolo decided to accompany him once again in claiming his supposed victory by writing to French President Emmanuel Macron.

After initially marking his support for the candidate of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC), Jean-Pierre Bekolo does not do in the language of wood. "Mr. Kamto's victory is an opportunity to settle and war and transition," he said on his twitter page.

Indeed, according to the content of the letter addressed to the French Head of State, it is written that "Emmanuel Macron Hello, my name is Jean-Pierre Bekolo, Franco-Cameroonian filmmaker, I do not understand why you leave to rot the situation in Cameroon by supporting old Paul Biya. The victory of Mr. Kamto is an opportunity to settle and war and transition, "he wrote on his twitter page, tagging Emmanuel Macron.

Some time ago, the author of the famous film "Quartier Mozart" announced in a statement that he supports the penalty shooter. He justified his choice on the latter by estimating that he is the only candidate for the presidium of October 7 to sign the "Cultural Pact" written in 10 points, which he proposed to the nine candidates competing for the conquest of the palace of Etoudi to change the situation of artists in Cameroon.

"I call on the artists and all the people involved in culture or interested parelle to work for the change of their situation by voting for the one who is committed by this pact to change their fate and the situation of art in Cameroon Jean-Pierre Bekolo said by inviting artists to adhere to his vision. What seems to have succeeded because, today, the artist and social activist Valsero joined the ranks of the team of Maurice Kamto.

Source: The Essential No. 207

I am bamileke but I am not a sheep who follows stupidly - Coco Emilia

The game is far from over. Coco Emilia aka Biscuit de Mer is back. Despite the lynching on the web by social media users, Kim Kardashian Cameroon does not let go.

She returns to the canvas with new attacks against the MRC candidate Maurice Kamto and all his team.

It's on her Facebook page that she posted this message for her detractors "

I'm Bamileke but I'm not a sheep that follows because we must follow stupidly.Open your eyes a little. This one wants to take us back to a new form of neocolonialism. Let those who have ears to listen listen well to what he says. Even before he has access to power, he wants to sell the country to Westerners and consort.You want to bring us back how many years back dad? You will not be here in 50 years, our children will pay the price. No, but anything. And that's what you want Popol to go with? Where does he go? If God could even take him even 50 years off his age we would be fine. Paul Biya to the train station.He will quote the Ivory Coast even the Ivorians who were partisans of this policy at the beginning today denounce it because they realized the trap which was hidden behind. Better you remain President but only on Facebook. The mutton sheep still bleat you are working slaves bands. As someone said what is the point of wanting to cancel the elections that the force of experience would have lost? ".


As conflict intensifies in Yaounde, thousands of Southern Cameroonians flee

As conflict intensifies in Cameroon thousands of civilians are being forcibly displaced from their homes. Violence between state forces and separatists has displaced more than 246,000 people within the Southwest region, while at least 26,000 have fled to Nigeria. The population is preparing for further violence following the outcome of the October 7 presidential election.

While votes are yet to be counted in an election that many see as neither free nor fair, a premature declaration of victory from opposition leader Maurice Kamto, for which he was branded an “outlaw”, is threatening to cause “new strife in a tense country”. The election was marred by both civil unrest and low turnout- largely because there are few residents left to vote. In some areas, it is estimated that more than 90 percent of residents have fled. Government officials, who would normally oversee the vote, are thought to have abandoned their posts in more than a dozen localities.

While the origins of the conflict can be traced back to language divides imposed by post- World War 1 colonial endeavours in the region, the conflict in Cameroon has steadily worsened in the two years since lawyers and teachers in the Anglophone areas began protesting the Francophone- dominated federal government. President Biya concentrated power in favour of French speakers during his six terms in office and blocked access to the internet in the English speaking areas for months, and Anglophone separatists have been turning to increasingly violent means, with bloody atrocities being reported on both sides. Residents and local officials provide frequent accounts of troops burning homes and shooting, detaining and executing civilians.

At least 26,000 predominantly Anglophone Cameroonians have sought protection in Nigeria, where many have reported being shown solidarity; “many refugees have found support within host communities. The inhabitants of small border villages share what they have with them – food, a room to sleep or work in the cocoa plantations. Some received a piece of land to cultivate. However, solidarity alone is not enough for people who have lost everything to re-start their lives.“

The UN has said the situation is becoming increasingly desperate. The Nigerian government have given land for refugee settlements but it is now fully occupied, and the UNCHR’s own provision for shelter, food, water and sanitation has been “constrained by sever underfunding”; “Most families are down to one meal per day. The coping strategies people are using are themselves risky, and range from borrowing money to cutting food portions or saving food only for children….Most asylum seekers say they are having to drink water from streams, ponds and other unsafe sources” and “malaria is reportedly already on the increase”.


Critics Denounce Presidential Polls amid Violence against Southern Cameroonians

African news outlets reported on Friday that dissidents in Cameroon are petitioning the country’s elections management body to annul the October 7 presidential election, citing “massive fraud” in favor of President Paul Biya.

The election occurred as Biya’s government continues a campaign to eradicate the English language from public life, particularly targeting the English-speaking region of Southern Cameroons. Opponents of Biya’s government call its policies to impose the French language akin to ethnic cleansing.

Leading contenders for the presidency — Candidates Cabral Libii of the opposition Universe party and Joshua Osih of the opposition Social Democratic Front — are among those who called on the election body to cancel the presidential poll.

The Agence France-Presse (AFP) news agency reported that Libii and Osih also urged the Constitutional Court to scrap the election. “The Constitutional Court, which is dominated by Biya loyalists, will have to deliver its verdict soon as the final results have to be out within two weeks of the election,” AFP noted.

The petitioners accuse troop and armed gangs loyal to Biya of using force to prevent them from candidates and voters from participating in the elections. Elections Cameroon (ELECAM), the African nation’s election body, has dismissed allegations of vote-rigging as false, arguing that there is no evidence to support the claims, Voice of America (VOA) reported on Thursday, adding:

The military says it only assisted by protecting voters and that no troops entered polling stations. The electoral commission has until the end of the week to respond to the [25] petitions. The constitutional court has to rule on the claims before announcing the vote’s final outcome on Oct. 22.

Biya faced seven candidates in the poll. He has ruled Cameroon for 36 years, and is widely expected to claim another seven-year mandate.

The recent elections found Cameroon afflicted by insecurity and Islamic extremism linked to the Boko Hara jihadist group and the conflict between the separatists and the military in the English-speaking Northwest and Southwest regions.

On the day of the vote, October 7, the Associated Press (AP) reported:

Polls closed in Cameroon Sunday evening, and vote counting began in an election that will likely see Africa’s oldest leader win another term amid fighting and threats from separatists that prevented residents in English-speaking regions from voting.

President Paul Biya, in office since 1982, vows to end a crisis that has killed more than 400 people in the Central African nation’s Southwest and Northwest territories in more than a year. The fractured opposition has been unable to rally behind a strong challenger to the 85-year-old leader. Voter turnout was low in English-speaking regions due to security fears.


Biya regime ‘must prove Ambazonian leaders are alive’

Lawyers in Cameroon defending leaders of a movement to create a separate state of Ambazonia have called on the government to produce evidence that their clients are still alive. Many English-speaking people complain of being treated like second-class citizens in Cameroon. Barrister Christopher Ndong was representing his clients at a hearing at the Yaounde Appeals Court.

For the fifth time, secessionist leader Sissiku Ayuk Tabe and his fellow defendants were not present in court, despite a court order saying they should be there. “We have fears that if they cannot be brought even at the level of the court of appeal, then there is something wrong,” Mr Ndong told the BBC.

The next hearing comes up on 1 November and the lawyer said if the defendants are not physically present, then the government “should present certificates of life to show that they are alive”.

Sisiku Julius Ayuk and 46 others were arrested January in Nigeria and extradited to Cameroon. Government spokesman Issa Tchiroma Bakary has said the separatists will answer for their alleged crimes.

Sisiku Julius Ayuk was the president of the Governing Council of Ambazonia, a group that works for the secession of Cameroon’s English-speaking regions of Cameroon from the rest of the country. Cameroon’s English speakers say they have been marginalised for decades by the predominantly Francophone government. BBC News

Source: Nehandaradio

Presidential 2018: The G20 makes a second release following the Kamto Declaration

The G20, which is a group of opposition political parties that have supported the president's candidacy for a seventh term, has just made a second exit following the statement made by Professor Maurice Kamto the day after the election.

Constituted primarily by Jean de Dieu Momo and Banda Kani, formerly opponents, they continue to multiply reactions following the statement made by the candidate of the movement for the rebirth of Cameroon (MRC).

For the latter, this premature exit of Professor Maurice Kamto is only an admission of failure and an incitement to the public uprising.

"Only the Constitutional Council is empowered to promulgate the results of this poll, and we condemn this self-proclamation that aims at a popular uprising," said the collective.

Pending the official results of the constitutional court, the G20 members have appealed to citizens asking them to keep calm and serenity. 

Here Is The Man Who Was Killed By Secessionists For Voting In Kumba

Indeed, Ngoh Gilbert according to our fellow journalists was dragged out of his home by the separatists on October 10, around Barombi Kang, a district of Kumba. He succumb to his injuries after receiving several stab wounds.

Our confreres also report that the body of another resident, Emmanuel Akateh, was found in Kumba the same day, for having also participated in the vote.

Huge abstention and violence marked Sunday presidential election in the English-speaking regions where armed separatists announced their willingness to prevent the vote.

International Crisis Groups Finds Participation Rate Below 5% in Southwestern and Northwest Regions.

This very low turnout illustrates the hold that armed separatists now have on these two regions, separatists who had promised "war" on election day, threatening to attack voters who would vote.

Source: 237news


In order to organize brilliantly the all-English speaking conference (AAC),Cardinal Tumi held this Thursday a preparatory meeting that will lead to the effectiveness of the conference of Anglophones. Cardinal Tumi is unusual for this conference to take place in the capital of the Southwest Region.

On the other hand, announced to take place on August 30 and 31, the Mayor of Buea had opposed the holding of this conference in his municipality. For Patrick Ekema, the holding of this conference in Buea was to disrupt the start of the school year on September 3rd. Following many other turns, the conference was postponed for November, after the installation of the new president of the republic.

Remember that the AAC is a conference that will bring together citizens of the English-speaking regions, with the support of religious men. This conference will also have the main goal of solving the English crisis.


Presidential 2018: Public opinion divided on the approach of Maurice Kamto

Maurice Kamto claims victory in the presidential election of October 7, 2018 in Cameroon. Last Monday, he called the press in Yaoundé to make the announcement. The reaction was not long on the part of Jean Nkuete, the secretary general of the ruling party (Rassemblement démocratique des peuple camerounais), but also Issa Tchiroma, the Minister of Communication.They considered illegal, the approach of the candidate of the Movement for the rebirth of Cameroon (MRC). According to them, Maurice Kamto should have waited for the publication of the results of Sunday's presidential election by the Constitutional Council, the only body authorized to do so. As such, Issa Tchiroma considers that the statement of Maurice Kamto is null and void.

"To declare oneself elected president is to proclaim one's self-proclaimed president in contravention of the electoral law," said socio-political scientist Mathias Eric Owona Nguini.

The MRC, he retorted failed to violate any law. An opinion supported by Jean-Michel Nintcheu, deputy of Wouri and framework of the Social democratic front (SDF).

"Basically, I believe that Professor Kamto is right in adopting this offensive posture in this context of dictatorship in which all the institutions of the electoral process are in the pay of the candidate Biya, who has also appointed to their heads, his own comrades of the left. Biya is, so to speak, judge and party! These institutions will have no qualms about validating the false results that CPDM militants are currently making to turn the tide and ensure the "victory" of their champion. Kamto's approach is strategic because it takes to witness national and international opinion, which must anticipate a possible post-election crisis, but most importantly, it puts pressure on the dictatorial regime of Yaoundé, which is in an incredible feverishness. since the exit of the candidate of the MRC ", explains Jean-Michel Nintcheu in the newspaper Le Jour of this October 12th.

The SDF executive also announced that he would support Maurice Kamto if once published, the minutes of the various polling stations testify that he won. The SDF has yet aligned a presidential candidate 2018.

But how to know without the official publication of the Constitutional Council?Maurice Kamto claimed victory without publishing the results. What is, is not a breach of the law, according to Claude Assira. "According to the law in this area, it is the Constitutional Council that is the body responsible for proclaiming the results of a presidential election. But it is not forbidden that when a candidate has the results, he must not say that he has won or not ". At the time of the announcement of the MRC candidate last Monday, the lawyer at the Cameroonian Bar, however, believes that "all the minutes were not yet in his possession. Professor Kamto could thus rely only on the factual elements ".

For Ayah Paul, a politician and presidential candidate for 2011 in Cameroon, Kamto's statement is not reprehensible.