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Monday, July 15, 2019

Ghost Town: Kumba respect today's dead city against all odds

Monday ghost town respected in Kumba in the South west despite financial and material assistance promised to commercial motorcycle riders by the SDO to fight the over two years ghost town.

Other parts of the North West and South West remain deserted with many inhabitants in their homes.

Mimi Mefo Info is getting update from Kumba and other places.


Sunday, July 14, 2019

Ambazonia: We want our children to go to school - Chris Anu

Chris Anu, secretary of communication and informatics for the Interim Federal Government of Ambazonia, said he strongly supports the resumption of schools in the northwestern and southwestern regions of Cameroon.

"We want our children to go back to school, in fact, we would rather go to school than in the bushes and refugee camps," said Anu, presenting the position of the provisional government of Ambazonia. on the theme of the resumption of studies.

According to Anu, "the closure of schools in southern Cameroon three years after the start of the fight for restoration should not be interpreted as a policy of this interim government".

In an undated press release made public on July 13, 219, Anu writes, "If we could follow our example, all the schools would be open and functioning." At the beginning of last year, we stated unequivocally that we were favoring the resumption of classes as much as parents and school authorities could determine for themselves that the safety of children and teachers was not threatened.

"Today, as we approach another school season, we hear voices calling for a resumption of studies on our territory. We want to reaffirm that our position compared to last year has not changed.We want our children to go to school. In fact, we would prefer them to be in school rather than in bushes and refugee camps.

"However, the problem we are facing is that it is not in our power to guarantee their safety if they go back to school, with tens of thousands of Cameroonian French soldiers occupying our streets, our cities and our towns. villages, bursting into houses, shooting Killing indiscriminately, especially young people and adolescents, only French Cameroon can guarantee this security.

"Where do children return to prepare for school when parents no longer have children? Of house? Besides the absence of a house, the streets are not saved, nor the schools themselves. More and more people, including children, are being killed every day by the soldiers, "Anu allegedly

concludes:" Due to these circumstances, the interim government of Ambazonia can not guarantee that the children will return to their homes. school without the ability to guarantee safety and security and we do not advise a parent seeing child circumstances in danger. "

Anu says that their immediate solution / suggestion is that the UN, and UNESCO in particular, should facilitate back to school in southern Cameroon.

" We called on the United Nations to declare the whole southern Cameroon / Ambazonia buffer zone - urge the soldiers to withdraw, our restoration forces open the break, with the UN or ECOWAS peacekeeping forces providing security, We need to provide UNESCO with our ready-to-start curriculum to facilitate learning until the end of the negotiations, "Anu writes, adding that" UNESCO is reputed to have done this in other war-torn areas. We are quite ready for this collaboration. see our schools once again reopened to learn. "

Anu says:" This is the only option that ensures the safety of children returning to class. This is our position regarding back to school in southern Cameroon / Ambazonia. We can guarantee that schools will resume the next day that the UN facilitates such security measures that protect our children when they go to school. "



Yaoundé: Terrible accident occurred along Douala-Yaoundé highway

At least five people were seriously injured as a result of an accident on the Douala-Yaoundé highway.

The accident took place this morning, Saturday, July 13, 2019, a few meters from Boumnyebel, after a Toyota Rav 4 in the direction of Yaounde coming from Douala was faced with a blue car Toyota Carina.

Reports indicate that a truck parked on the highway is the cause of the collision.

The movements of people and vehicles on the Douala-Yaoundé highway are paralyzed.



Attack of the ambassador in Paris: the 'general WANTO' is summoned by the Paris prosecutor

This is an important turning point in the ongoing political battle in Cameroon. The President of the Council of Cameroonians of the Diaspora (CCD), General WANTO is summoned to the Paris prosecutor to be notified of the charges against him. The complaint was filed by the Cameroonian Embassy in Paris.

This is an important turning point because Maurice KAMTO and the members of the coalition have been arrested since January 28th for the breaking of the embassies. How is it that while they already had their culprit, the State of Cameroon still complained? The dictatorship is simply back to the wall.

But luck is good. We will use the WANTO trial to try the dictatorship of Paul Biya in the streets of Paris. We will demonstrate with the photos of the genocide in the English-speaking area, the arrest of Maurice KAMTO and Ayuk SISSUKU TABE as well as all the other political prisoners.We will still remind the French that their government condemns a genocide in Cameroon in the 21st century.

Nothing is finished until it's over. To have the history of the attacks of the embassies, why it is WANTO who is aimed and the proofs of the plot will read my book:

Reporter: Boris Bertolt


How Kamto sent to walk the military magistrates in the pay of Biya

What did the military judges believe when they went to meet the eminent Law Clerk and international lawyer whom they have held captive for six months? That he would flatten himself at their sight in the hope that the military justice - which can not do anything other than bow to the unjust injunctions of the Minister of Defense (not the delegate, but the holder) to put under the irons those who dare to challenge his re-election methods-, be discerning for once?

It was to count without the iron will of the politician for whom the cause of the democratic alternation at the head of the State is of an issue for which no sacrifice is too much. He once again administered the evidence, while they went down to the prisons where are kept captive the presidential candidate, his political allies and militants of the MRC party of which he is the president of the National Directory.

It is right in his boots, that Maurice Kamto sent to walk those who thought to impress him with a so-called release of the people who, as well of de jure as de facto, should not or more be behind the bars , by indicating that it did not give them the opportunity to be judged by them unless they released the more than 500 persons arrested and imprisoned for having shown their support.

While the regime tried to umpire another judicial hold-up by sending his "justice" to take Maurice Kamto by surprise with a document he had to sign on a Friday evening, last working day of the week -so not leaving any possibility of dispute- , the imprisoned jurist made it clear to them that he would agree to face "the accusations of Paul Biya's regime in case this illegitimate regime releases all political prisoners", to use the words of our colleagues Norbert Tchana Ngante and Boris Bertolt who relayed the interview between the prisoner of the Cameroonian head of state and the armed arms of his executioner.

"Our sources indicate that he clearly pointed out to the military magistrates who came to see him that the statutes of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC) are clear by indicating that it is the president of the party who answers in front of all the authorities for all that either, "write the journalists, adding that" This position of President-elect Maurice KAMTO comes as the illegitimate regime of the baker of Yaoundé, Paul Biya tries a new filouterie ... "



Thursday, July 11, 2019

Anglophone Crisis: 11,000 CDC workers lost their jobs

Some 11,000 people have already lost their jobs at the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) because of the socio-political crisis in the English-speaking regions of North West and South West.

These lost jobs represent 50% of the workforce of this public company, which, with 22,000 employees, is the second largest employer in the country after the state.

The situation is "catastrophic", said the general management after a working session with staff representatives.

The company is running at less than 10% of its capacity, with a turnover of only 2.5 billion FCFA out of more than 60 billion FCFA of turnover before the crisis.

In addition, some agents have 12 months of salary arrears, while 60 employees have already been killed because of this social insecurity.

According to internal sources, it is currently 9.3 billion FCFA to pay arrears.

Because of the social crisis in the English-speaking regions, the CDC, whose main plantations are in the South-West region, is threatened by bankruptcy, the company that produces, among other things, rubber, banana and palm oil has not exported anything for a year.

Source: APA


Anglophone crisis: Fru Ndi to play mediator with separatists

This information is contained in one of the 16 resolutions taken in Yaoundé on June 9, 2019 during the National Executive Committee. An important resolution of the NEC passed almost unnoticed.

It is written in extenso in this resolution, the National Executive Committee "... Reiterates our proposal made in Bamenda through the Prime Minister Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute, during his recent visit to Bamenda, requesting that it be solicited through our National President , Neither John Fru Ndi, to negotiate a ceasefire in the civil war in the Northwest and Southwest to pave the way for inclusive dialogue on the Anglophone problem ... "The information was going to pass unnoticed and some would say, "we said this case" because we do not understand that the Chairman is arrested several times and released immediately, unlike other personalities who were kidnapped and we do not know if they are alive or not.

It is to be said if there is not a kind of complicity between Ni john Fru Ndi and your extremists of the Anglophone crisis. What is certain and certain is that they know each other and he has been asked each time to resign his deputies in the National Assembly. Today, it can be said bluntly, that the Chairman can effectively play this role, so that we leave this war that has already lasted three years and has already decimated many compatriots and destroyed many families, with consequences incalculable.

To avoid the English genocide

This resolution, like many others, went unnoticed and the media did not make the case as it is customary every time the National Executive Comity (NEC) meets. On the other hand certain resolutions were relayed by the press; like those who call on the government not to hold elections until the crisis is over, reminds those who advocate the use of the state apparatus to exterminate all the people of the Noso that they will be held responsible for state crimes and genocide committed in the English-speaking area.

Another equally important resolution calls for a transitional government to be put in place to resolve this civil war that is destroying the nation's bedrock, given that the Biya regime has clearly shown that it is part of the problem for which he is held entirely responsible. In addition, the NEC protests against the Biya government's campaign to discourage foreign intervention in Cameroon and reminds Cameroon's friends of their right to prevent and protect the people from genocide in the English-speaking regions of our country.

Such were some of the resolutions taken on the life of the nation. Other resolutions concerning the life of the party state that the mandate of the Executive Bureau of the electoral district of Douala 1 with President Edimo Samè Yves will go to completion, maintains the validation of the elections in Douala 4, confirms the city ​​councilor Tchabnda David as president of the Douala 2 constituency until the final decision which will take place after the opinion on the disciplinary file transmitted to the legal department of the party.


Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Anglophone Crisis: 'I repeat, we are not saints' Brigadier General Agha provoked

It all started after africanews quoted that the army is there to protect the people in Bamenda

We are here to encourage the people and develop them, "says Brigadier General Agha.

Brigadier General Agha Robinson Ndong, commander of the 5th joint military region with the command post in Bamenda, is quoted by africanews as saying that the army is there to protect the people. He says they are not saints, but that they work to the best of their ability to defend the people.

Since then, soldiers have been fighting against armed men fighting for the independence of a country they call L'Ambazonie - a geographical allusion to the northwestern and southwestern regions of Cameroon.

In October 2016, Common Law lawyers went on strike to denounce what they saw as attempts by the government to stifle Common Law and replace it with civil law.

Teachers joined the strike on 21 November 2016 to protect the Anglo-Saxon education system, which they feared would be overtaken by the Francophone education system. The days of school boycott and civil disobedience have since turned into a full-fledged armed conflict.

Human rights groups have accused the defense forces of excesses in the fight against armed separatists, but Brigadier General Agha says they are doing their best.

"I repeat, so that we are not saints, we are not saints, but we do our best. If the population understands that. We are with them and we have come here not only to defend them, but also to encourage them to develop, "says Brigadier General Agha, allegations of threats, arbitrary arrests, torture, and incommunicado detentions. Intimidation and extrajudicial executions have since flooded the media space, human rights groups have blamed, and hospitals, villages, homes and public and private structures have been set on fire. But both the Cameroonian army and the separatists deny this assertion and accuse the other party. The English-speaking region is said to be marginalized by the French-speaking majority of the country. Hundreds of people have been killed and separatists have vowed to destabilize the regions.

Recently, Switzerland has declared that it will mediate the crisis in Cameroon at the request of both parties It is not known if the two sides meet in the talks.



Anglophone Crisis: Amba Boys Killed Two Gendarmes, Injured Three After Attack On Bamessing-ndop In Ngohketunjia Division, North West Region

Two Gendarmes were killed while three others reported injured on Tuesday, 9th July in Bamessing-Ndop as Amba fighters attacked the division.

The soldiers of the National Defence force were being transported onboard a Hilux vehicle to Kumbo when they were ambushed, Mimi Mefo Info has learnt.

MMI had reported that the Ministry of Defence is yet to issue a statement on the incident.

Mimi Mefo Info

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Demonstration in Geneva: Mouelle Kombi denounces a crime of lèse-majesté

The Minister of Sports and Physical Education has stepped on the niche to denounce the desecration of the institution Paul Biya.

The presidential trip to Geneva is resisting, in a noisy and multifaceted news. Each day adds a new reaction in what is now called the "Geneva Case". Did the BAS demonstration, which opposed the presence of the Cameroonian presidential couple in Switzerland, have an influence on the president's agenda?We were used to long stays of the presidential couple in Europe.

This concern reinforces the journal Défis Actuels which mentions the "unexpected return of Paul Biya". In private stay in Geneva since June 23, the President of the Republic returned to Yaounde last Friday, the eve of another movement of mood, that heard some Cameroonians in the diaspora. The presidential couple returns to Cameroon after a 12-day Swiss holiday, which will not have been for them, a long calm river. Since his arrival in Geneva, the stay of the President of the Republic was shaken by the demonstrations of elements of the Anti-Sardinards Brigade who protested against his presence in Switzerland.

All things that caused the ire in the local political landerneau. Like the elites of the western region, deputies of the national assembly from the south, Professor Mouelle Kombi, Minister of Sports and Physical Education has just broken the silence to invite himself in the media. The Messenger indicates that "Mouelle Kombi responds to the Anti Sardinards Brigade".For the Minister of Sports, Biya represents an institution that can not be profaned.For Professor Kombi, the acts perpetrated recently in Geneva against President Paul Biya, by a small group claiming the Bas, are intolerable and inadmissible.



The Biya couple's last farewells to the city of Geneva

Swiss Radio Station reveals that The doors to Genevaa and those of Europe, are forever closed to him.

Our colleagues from the Swiss National Radio (RTS), the national news channel, dedicated their program "Forum" last Saturday to President Paul Biya's stay in Geneva. It was a model of journalistic professionalism in the balanced treatment of information. Each member of the panel had to analyze the stay and the hasty departure of the head of the State of Cameroon without overflow or passion, in an angle relative to his professional profile.

Sylvain Thévoz, Swiss MP is the man who triggered the machine of expulsion of the Cameroonian president. He had collected in a few days 12,000 signatures. Philippe Currat is a lawyer; Laurent Wehrli is National Councilor in the Canton of Geneva; Manon Schick is Executive Director of Amnesty International Switzerland.

From this selected plateau, we understood better why Switzerland pushed the president Paul Biya towards the exit of its territory. Repeated demonstrations and incidents, provoked by the presence of the Cameroonian president in Geneva, the support of the inhabitants of the city, eventually led the Swiss Confederation to unleash one of the best clients of the Intercontinental Hotel.

Some political analysts have explained that Switzerland, by expelling from its territory a head of state who enjoys diplomatic immunity, has violated the Vienna Convention which protects diplomats and of which it is a signatory. Cameroon, by this international provision, would have the right to take Switzerland to court. It's a complex debate.

Western democracies respect the will of the people. The Swiss Confederation could not turn a blind eye to a petition signed by 12 thousand people. It could not remain indifferent to the pressure of the media, after the journalist Adrien Krauss of the RTS was abused by an element of the security of the President of the Republic.

This is a page that closes on the "short private stays" of the presidential couple in this city of Geneva that Paul Biya loves without hiding. Beyond the "triumphal welcome" that the faithful of the Head of State have prepared for him, there are lessons to be learned.

The first: the image of Cameroon is dragged in the mud: expel a head of state from a foreign territory, the memory of a journalist, I've never heard of that! Since he has returned to his country, the president does not give the impression that something serious has happened in Europe. No public statement, no press release, no press conference. Nothing is said about the serious incidents in Switzerland. Life goes on!

The second lesson: she is a suggestion made head of state. Geneva was built by men who do not have an intelligence above that of Cameroonians. Paul Biya should dream of making Yaoundé a Geneva of Africa. It could solicit the Dutch who master the techniques of water, to transform the municipal lake of Yaounde into Lake Geneva Geneva. It's doable.There are Intercontinental hotels all over Africa. Yaoundé could also dispose of it. It would equip the University Hospital Center of Yaoundé on the model of that of Geneva.

These are things that are not impossible.It only takes the will and decision of the President of the Republic to make these dreams come true. But the most difficult thing is that Paul Biya will never take such initiatives for the capital of his country.

Too bad for him, because the doors of Geneva, even those ode all Europe are closed to him forever.

Reporter: Xavier Messe


'Time now the main opponent of Paul Biya'

In Cameroon, the news is dominated by the last stay of Paul Biya in Geneva. A presidential trip disturbed by activists of the Anti-Sardinards Brigade (BAS), an organization composed of Cameroonians from the diaspora opposed to the power of Yaoundé.

The journalist Georges Alain Boyomo, editor of the daily Mutations, returns to this topic in his editorial on Monday, July 8, 2019.

If he considers the BAS as a "nebula that finally passes to be the most accomplished expression of the incredible extremism that has taken hostage the political debate since the eve of the presidential election of 2018", the colleague notes however that the events in Geneva highlight "the urgency of the dialogue to find a happy way out of the socio-political crisis that Cameroon is going through and the imperative of providing our hospitals with adequate and efficient technical platforms so that even our political elite Administrative staff no longer feel insecure, to the point of resorting almost systematically to medical evacuations at the slightest fever... "

For the graduate of ESSTIC, the school of journalism of Yaoundé, "the tour de force of the BAS pays particular attention to the fact that the dyke of exasperation has jumped into the ranks of some Cameroonians, here and there. the diaspora, and that Paul Biya will be tracked everywhere he will set foot in the West.

So, he exhorts the President with a burst of pride. "If he is convinced of the volume and the meaning of the votes validly cast for his benefit by the Cameroonian people in the last presidential election, Paul Biya must make concrete and diligent efforts to justify his legitimacy, to give substance to his oath of November 6th. Without useless procrastination and annoying louvreings, which do not lend themselves to the gravity of the situation the country is facing today. Once his ally, time is now the main adversary of the head of state, "analyzes GA Boyomo.

Editorial in Mutations of 8 July 2019

"After Geneva"

By Georges Alain Boyomo

In the plane that transported him from Geneva to Yaounde Friday, the head of state has certainly pondered the latest events that have poisoned acid its last "short private stay" in Europe. The trip must have seemed endless as leafing through the pages of the black novel of his Geneva odyssey could prove to be painstaking. It is also a safe bet that only the "triumphal" welcome that his supporters have given him, from the Yaoundé Nsimalen international airport to the esplanade of the Palace of Unity, will not be enough to evacuate his mind this historic mishap.

Paul Biya knew himself in the sight of the Anti-Sardinards Brigade (BAS), this nebula that finally passes to be the most accomplished expression of the incredible extremism that has taken hostage the political debate since the eve of the election Presidential election of 2018. But, no doubt, even in the worst of his nightmares, the President of the Republic did not imagine that this brigade, maliciously tolerated by some political actors, in the name of calculations more or less subordinate, and strongly condemned by others, could pulverize records of hooliganism, after the claimed slaughter of some embassies at the beginning of the year, in Europe.

Refractory to "noises", Etoudi's sphinx could only see the damage. For him and for Cameroon, a country that is now confused with his person because of a long reign, which every day is fatally robbed of what was his good points. The CPDM champion has regained his country, Cameroon, where he had already stalled, made unreleased, almost 10 months without stopping, finally giving an honest content to the redundant formula "short private stay", which affectionate for many years the civil cabinet of the Presidency of the Republic, whenever the Head of State flies to Switzerland.

By its methods, the BAS is undoubtedly inaudible and illegible. But the bottle to the sea (de) it throws highlights the urgency of the dialogue to find a happy outcome to the socio-political crisis that is going through Cameroon and the imperative to provide our hospitals with adequate and efficient technical platforms such so that even our politico-administrative elite no longer feel insecure, almost systematically resorting to medical evacuations at the slightest fever...

The tour de force of the BAS makes it especially clear that the dike of the exasperation has jumped into the ranks of some Cameroonians, from here and from the diaspora, and that Paul Biya will be hunted everywhere he will set foot in the West. Obviously, for the patriarch he represents, we would have liked something other than this din, at the twilight of his presidential magisterium.

But, let it be said. For a statesman, the burst of pride can be knotted before a hedge that seems impassable. If he is convinced of the volume and the meaning of the votes validly cast for his benefit by the Cameroonian people at the last presidential election, Paul Biya must make concrete and diligent efforts to justify his legitimacy, to give substance to his oath of office. November 6th. Without useless procrastination and annoying louvreings, which do not lend themselves to the gravity of the situation the country is facing today. Once his ally, time is now the main opponent of the head of state. There will be an after-Geneva. It's our hope!



Anglophone Crisis: Buea Mayor, Patrick Ekema Renews War Against Ghost Towns, Civil Disobedience, Vow To Seal More Shops

File Photo

True to type and like he had promised, Ekema Patrick Esunge, Mayor of the Buea Council in Cameroon’s South West Region was out Monday, July 8, 2019 to seal all shops and business establishments that closed their doors in ‘respect’ of ghost town calls from men fighting for the independence of a country they call Ambazonia.

Reports say so many business premises were sealed from the Mile 17 Motor Park through Molyko to Bonduma under the supervision of the municipality’s Chief Executive Officer and security officers.

Like it was the case last April, not even mobile telephony agencies, e-money kiosks, banks, money transfer shops were spared when the mayor's squad made Monday's unannounced outing.

In a radio announcement dated April 4, 2019, Ekema had called on the general public and economic operators to desist from respecting ghost town calls emanating from «unknown individuals ».

The mayor’s outing came on the heels of a 10-day lockdown ordered by separatists loyal to Ambazonia – geographically Cameroon’s North West and South West Regions.

Ekema warned that: «…any business premises found going against this municipal order as from April 5, 2019 will be sealed for 30 days».

The Mayor recalls that several meetings have been held to put an end to the so called ghost town phenomenon. At the time,  he cited two meetings held with transporters syndicates on December 27 and 28, as well as those held with public and private economic operators of the Buea municipality.

Ekema said at the time that the people of the city of excellence are tired of respecting the dictates of unknown individuals.

His words: «I think the population is fed-up with these unwanted and spontaneous calls by unknown bandits in the forest who will sit and decide on the economic, social, educational and political life of free citizens. The Buea population has demonstrated a mark of responsibility today.

"That they are no longer interested in these unwanted calls…Let these fellows learn to understand that you don’t push a man to the wall. So, the population says no to these unnecessary instructions coming from the forest. »

Ekema went on to thank the population of Buea for being “so supportive”.

Back in April, Ekema had after sealing the businesses signed a communiqué ordering that the shops be unsealed, describing his decision as an olive branch which he was extending to those who have been respecting ghost towns.

It is not known if the mayor will once again grant clemency to those whose businesses were affected by this new war against civil disobedience. Mayor Ekema is however expected to continue with the drive Tuesday, July 9, 2019 should locals respect another ghost town call as the Ambazonia leaders head to court.


Ambazonia: Interim Government Announces Total Lockdown As Leaders Go To Court Today


Fellow Ambazonians,
I come to you with revolutionary greetings.
In September 2017, our people took to the streets to demand their civil and constitutional rights but were met with gunshots. Tens of our innocent armless citizens were murdered whilst engaging in peaceful protests. War was declared on us by the terrorist government of La Republique du Cameroun. Since then, hundreds of thousands of our people have been internally displaced, more than fifty thousand are living as refugees in Nigeria whilst more than three thousand have been brutally murdered. More than two hundred and ten of our villages have been burned down and thousands of our people are now living in the forests. The damage our innocent people have and are facing is unbearable.

On the fifth of January 2018, this terrorist government showed utter disdain for international law by abducting our leaders in Abuja, Nigeria. Their continuous detention at the Principal Prison in Yaounde is against international law despite the Abuja High Court Decision declaring their return to Nigeria and that they be paid Compensation by the Nigeria Government for illegally abducting and transferring them to Yaoundé. They have since been engaged in a mockery called a trial at the military court in Yaounde.

Read Also: Sisiku Ayuk Tabe, Nine Other Ambazonia Leaders Go To Court Today

Last week’s visit of United States Congressmen and Congresswomen led by Mrs Karen Bass to Yaounde shows some of the work we have been doing in the background is paying dividends. It’s a small step but it’s in the right direction. As we continue exploring diplomatic and peaceful options to attain our independence, we MUST take all necessary measures to protect and defend ourselves.

On Tuesday the 9th of July 2019, our leaders will be appearing at the military court in Yaounde. We condemn their continuous detention and that of hundreds of our comrades detained unlawfully without trial in many prisons around La Republique du Cameroun.

Read Also:Buea Mayor, Ekema Patrick Renews War Against Ghost Towns, Civil Disobedience, Vow To Seal More Shops

Following tomorrow’s court appearance, your Interim Government in solidarity with our Ground Zero commanders and self-defense forces herby support and reinforce the Ground Zero tradition of complete shot down of the Ambazonia Territory each time our Leaders appear in Court. To this regard tomorrow, Tuesday the 9th of July 2019 be observed as a Lockdown all over our country, Ambazonia. This is to show solidarity with our leaders and contempt to the enemy. All business activities, schools, transportation services are called upon to respect this notice.
Monday remains our traditional Country Sunday until we free our land. The Interim Government thanks all Ambazonians on Ground Zero for all your sacrifices as we join efforts to free homeland.

As we continue to fight for our freedom, we would take this opportunity to remind you that it’s freedom or resistance forever.
God Bless You God Bless the Federal Republic of Ambazonia


Monday, July 8, 2019

Anglophone Crisis: Trial Of Sisiku Ayuk Tabe, Nine Other Ambazonia Leaders Continues On July 9

Sisiku Ayuk Tabe Julius and nine others arrested in Nigeria early last year are expected to appear before the Yaounde Military Court Tuesday, July 9, 2019 as their trial resumes.

The Military Court in Yaounde had on June 19 adjourned the case against the detained Ambazonia leaders to July 9, pending the delivery of a verdict from the Appeal Court, which verdict upheld the decisions of the lower courts.

The 10 accused Ambazonian leaders, namely; Julius Ayuk Tabe, Dr. Fidelis Che, Dr. Egbe Ogock, Prof. Augustine Awasum, Barrister Shufai Blaise S. Berinyuy, Wilfred Tassang, Cornelius Kwanga, Nfor Ngala Nfor and Barrister Elias Eyambe Ebai will appear in court against the people of Cameroon.

During the case that opened at 12.15pm, the Judge, in the presence of the two assessors, said he had received a recusal and that, by law, he is not supposed to continue the matter until a decision from the Appeal Court hears the recusal and passes a ruling.

The defence bench had filed a recusal against the Judge and the assessors for being partial in hearing the matter, rather than being neutral as stipulated by the law. However, the Judge, for the very first time, spoke in English adjourning the case to July 9.

On June 19 when the accused appeared it court, it was a moment for them to celebrate the birthday of one of theirs, Barrister Eyambe. Birthday songs were chanted in the courtroom to the surprise of many.

On February 20, 2019, the presiding Judge had given a contradictory ruling indicating that the accused persons were of Cameroonian nationality, and at the same time having refugees and asylum seekers status, but insisted that they will be tried in Cameroon.

The defence counsel immediately filed an appeal against the ruling at the Yaoundé Court of Appeal, that their clients should be returned to Nigeria since they were arrested and extradited illegally.

Even though the Judge had attempted to continue with procedures, the defence lawyers had insisted and boycotted court sessions indicating that all proceedings at the Military Court should be halted in wait for the Court of Appeal to react as stated by the law.

The Appeal Court has however ruled that the trial should continue in Cameroon.

The Abuja Federal Court had earlier handed down a verdict requesting the Nigerian Government to bring back the Ambazonia leaders and pay damages. Nevertheless, the Cameroon Government is yet to react as the trial resumes.

The Ambazonia leaders were arrested on January 5, 2018, in Nigeria and extradited to Cameroon. They are answering many charges including terrorism and inciting violence, among other things.


Geneva Negotiations: This is What International Crisis Group Offers Biya

Read the summary of his report of 2 May 2019 in Brussels on the socio-political situation in Cameroon.

"If some separatists are uncompromising, others could accept a dialogue with the Cameroonian state in the presence of an international mediator, on federalism or effective decentralization, which would confer autonomy and adequate funding to the regions, and guarantee respect for the specificities of English in judicial and educational matters. Similarly, if the Cameroonian government seems to exclude federalism, it could perhaps consent to regionalism or effective decentralization, which would require a modification of the legislative framework.

To open the way for talks, belligerents must make reciprocal concessions to restore a minimum of confidence and stop the spiral of violence. The government should support the Anglophone General Conference, which should allow Anglophones to agree on their representatives to a possible national dialogue while giving a voice to non-separatist Anglophones. In the context of a reconciling speech, the Cameroonian president should recognize the existence of the Anglophone problem and the legitimacy of the claims expressed by the English-speaking population; order investigations into the abuses of the security forces; provide compensation for the victims and commit to rebuilding the destroyed communities;and free the hundreds of currently detained Anglophone activists, including prominent figures in the separatist movement. The separatists should abandon their strategy of dead cities on Monday and boycott the school, and exclude from their ranks fighters who have committed abuses against civilians.

The combination of internal and international pressures could bring the government and the separatists to such concessions. At the international level, the idea would be to reward the parties who agree to moderate their positions and punish those who maintain a more uncompromising line. The European Union and the United States, in particular, should consider targeted sanctions against power brokers and high-ranking officials who continue to impede dialogue (travel bans, freezing of assets), and separatists who advocate or organize the violence (prosecution). The Prosecutor General of the International Criminal Court should open preliminary investigations into the abuses of both parties, to emphasize that the continuation of the violence will have legal consequences. But the international actors, divided on the position to adopt and the measures to be taken, must first agree on a common position, at least among Western countries.

Internally, Francophones and Anglophones in Cameroon who advocate compromise solutions must mobilize to pressure the separatists and the government. In particular, federalists must work together to influence the discussions. They should continue the dialogue with the separatists to encourage them to moderate their positions, and to increase the pressure on the public authorities to open up to compromise separatists. They must finally lead an international campaign for a peaceful solution to the crisis.

Once confidence has been established, preparatory discussions will be necessary between emissaries of the government, federalists and separatists; they should take place abroad. During this process, international actors, notably the United States, Switzerland, the Vatican, the United Nations, the European Union (in particular France, Germany and the United Kingdom) and the African Union, must continue to encourage the government to dialogue, including offering to fund and support preparatory meetings.

They could also, in the event of a dialogue, help fund compensation for victims of abuse, reconstruction in English-speaking areas, the return of refugees and displaced persons, and the disarmament and demobilization of ex-combatants.Given the level of acrimony between the parties, the presence of an international mediator will be necessary during the preparatory discussions and during the national dialogue. Several countries, institutions and international organizations have offered mediation since the beginning of the conflict. The United Nations, the African Union, the Catholic Church and Switzerland seem best placed to play this role, as the parties to the conflict perceive them as less partisan.

The substantive discussions between the three parties should take place in Cameroon, which would require guarantees of non-arrest of separatist representatives. The government should, during these negotiations, be willing to revise the Constitution to give greater autonomy to the regions or substantially deepen the legal framework of decentralization. These improvements could include the election of regional presidents and regional councils by direct universal suffrage; the establishment of regional administrations with considerable financial and administrative autonomy; and increasing the skills and resources of the communes. The government could also undertake institutional and governance reforms to better take into account the specificities of the education and judicial systems of the English-speaking regions.

More broadly, the ongoing conflict highlights the shortcomings of Cameroon's centralist governance model and challenges government authorities on two key concerns: the need for better consideration of minorities, colonial legacies and cultural specificities; and the need for a more just and equitable redistribution of the country's wealth. The long-term solution lies in the dialogue and consensus that are essential to carry out the institutional and governance reforms that Cameroon needs "



Conviction of Biya's bodyguards: Messanga Nyamding explains further

According to the law and political science teacher, the six security members of President Paul Biya were sentenced because they do not enjoy immunity.

In an interview with our colleague Mutations, Pascal Charlemagne Messanga Nyamding in the light of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations between States, analyzes the condemnation of the six members of the security of the Head of State Paul Biya by the Swiss justice.

The law and political science teacher says that in terms of law, the analysis must be based around the legal, operational, space and time frame. "This is the spatial dimension of the law. And above all, in matters of security, Heads of State enjoy immunities under international law wherever they are. Exception is made by the lifting of immunity recognized by the States Parties to the Vienna Convention.Regarding heads of state, this means that when the Cpi (International Criminal Court, Ndlr) launches an arrest warrant, it is clearly established that the host state has the obligation to deliver to this international jurisdiction " he says.



Bamileke hunting: meet the 10 deputies who signed the declaration

Following the humiliation suffered by the President of the Republic in Geneva during his last brief private stay, deputies from the South, his native region, stepped up to the plate, making a statement both in support of Mr. Biya, but also of threat against the Cameroonians of the diaspora opposed to the regime of their champion.

"Disconnect quickly from your" brothers "who have attacked our brother and his wife, otherwise we will let you know that no one has the monopoly of violence. The message is subliminal. But not as mysterious as it looks. The exit of the family deputies of the Cameroonian president is disturbing of tribalism and big mournful prospects. As usual, the tribal affinity has taken over the reason and the sense of responsibility that must be that of the elect of the people. Moreover, they are called legislators. Speaking to the divinatory art in the four walls of their parliamentary cabinets, members were able to identify the region of origin of the opponents of the diaspora who had the nerve to ask the "president of all Cameroonians" to return to Cameroon deal with Cameroon's affairs that seem more pressing than anything. A service rendered to Cameroonians who have, according to some media, massively greeted their leader, proof that they were happy to see him rather in the country than elsewhere.

It is for this service rendered to Cameroon by the diaspora and all this under the blows of the well-trained members of the Prince's close guard, that 10 deputies from the South threaten to drag Cameroon into a situation such as going to the English speaking region will only be a fiction of civil war.

Indeed, as much the declaration signed deputies RDPC South Biya protects all the virtues, as it is a clear and precise threat, not only against all Cameroonians from the inside who have sympathy for the Anti-Sardinards Brigade but also for the nationals of the West, the Bamileke, considered as an ethnic group who swore the loss of the regime.

Thus, the 10 deputies signatories of the statement warn local anti-sardinards against retaliation that they would not delay to trigger "No one has the monopoly of the violence both on the international place inside our borders. And put in residence, the air man, all the nationals of the West to denounce the act of Geneva "Exhort the nationals of the region whose main agitators claim to dissociate themselves more of these as they have of elsewhere started to do so that hate does not spread throughout the country and gangrene "(sic).

Messages whose subliminal character comes in terms of ultimatums of obvious gravity, fearing a surge of violence at the instigation of eminent pro-Biya political figures of the South, as was often the case the day after some electoral deadlines against Western nationals in the South region.

This is the place to recall that in the more or less recent past, generally after elections after which the affinity votes of Bamoun and Bamileke had prevented the CPDM elites of the South to offer the full voice (100% ) to Paul Biya, Bulus thugs were seen forming small groups of vandals and killers, going from house to house to hunt down the "alien invaders of the West" living in Ebolowa, Sangmelima, Ambam, Kye-Ossi, molesting them, vandalize their homes, expel them from the cities and confiscate their property, all this without the authorities lifting a finger, if yes to sometimes announce investigations that remain without a future.

The current sciopolitico-cultural cleavages are more pronounced than in the past, especially with the order of battle of the Bamileke who are starting to look up, believing that they have suffered enough from the vexations of their compatriots claiming sociological affinities with their home. State, the fear is great that the threat of deputies from the South is a prelude to the worst.

God preserves the Cameroon of the mobilization organized by a regime that tries to convince the Cameroonians that Cameroon must be crumbled and returned to the small independent kingdoms that existed before the German colonization, or let it do the Republic his private property, where coexist wherever possible, Cameroonian homeowners (his own - of course from all regions-) and squatters (the others - belonging to the majority of the left behind the country).

Below, the statement of the deputies CPDM South



Ignored for CAN, player makes heartbreaking revelations on Eto'o

It is Pétrus Boumal, convened for the CAN Egypt 2019, then recaled after the preparation course in Spain, which makes upsetting statements on the role played by Samuel Eto'o in the choices of Clarence Seedorf.

Indeed, in a private telephone conversation that has leaked on social networks, Pétrus Boumal who evolves at FK Ural, club of Russian first division, reveals a mediocre atmosphere in the national team, the incompetence of Seedorf, and especially the of Samuel Eto'o.




Sunday, July 7, 2019

Cameroonian Biya's stay in Geneva: site narrates how Switzerland pushed President Paul Biya to the leave their country

According to the French website, demonstrations by opponents and incidents related to the presence of the Cameroonian head of state in Geneva are behind the precipitous departure of the presidential couple of the Confederation.

The President of the Republic, Paul Biya and his wife Chantal Biya returned to Cameroon on Friday, July 5, 2019, after a tumultuous stay of nearly two weeks in Switzerland.

In an article published on his website July 6, 2019, the claims that President Paul Biya was pushed to the exit. Because, " they had arrived on the shores of Lake Geneva on the evening of Sunday, June 23, and wished to stay several weeks at the Intercontinental Hotel, where they usually reserve an entire floor ."

At the origin of this hasty departure, " political opponents have not stopped disrupting their stay. And members of President Biya's security service have been so violent towards a journalist on Swiss radio that the Geneva courts have sentenced six of them to suspended prison sentences.. "

"While a new event was scheduled for Saturday, July 6, Bern strongly encouraged this foreign host a little too cumbersome to shorten his stay. In diplomatic terms, the spokesman of the Federal Department (Ministry) of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) explains to the Tribune de Genève : "The FDFA is aware of this departure. He has not been absent from this debate during the last days, "reads.

According to the site, " the assault of a journalist of the French-speaking Swiss radio was undoubtedly the drop of water too much". The Swiss Foreign Ministry summoned the Cameroonian ambassador to Berne to remind him that " such incidents were unacceptable and the freedom of the press is protected and must be respected ".

In addition to these incidents, the dispersal by the police of a demonstration of the opponents of President Paul Biya, on the Place des Nations (a few steps from the Intercontinental Hotel) on June 29, 2019, using water and gas lances tear gas, which provoked " the indignation of the Swiss press " and " the support of a large part of the Swiss population to the opponents", pushed the Swiss authorities to encourage President Paul Biya to leave the city of Geneva.

For, this hasty departure could cause damage to the luxury hotel. " The Intercontinental risks losing one of its best customers. Since coming to power, Paul Biya has been staying, according to the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, no less than four and a half years in this palace. Leaving a bill of $ 182 million ! Very scalded, the Cameroonian president should not go back there before long.


Anglophone Crisis: CDC Workers narrate to Agricultural Minister on how crisis affected their operation, during his visit to Limbe

With the growing fragility of the social peace among the large labour force of the Cameroon Development Corporation, CDC, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Gabriel Mbairobe was in Limbe Friday, July 5, 2019 to see for himself the extent to which the crisis in the North West and South West Regions has affected the agro-industrial company.

Mbairobe used his visit to assure the over 20,000 workers of the CDC that government is committed to see them effectively return to work in all estates of the corporation.

The Minister's maiden outing to the CDC took him to the Oil Palm Plantation in Bota Limbe, the Banana Packing House in Mapanja I, and the Tiko  Rubber Factory.

The story of the CDC and the Anglophone Crisis was then presented to the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development by the Chairman of the company's Board of Directors  Benjamin Itoe, its General Manager Franklin Njie and a representative of the workers Hon. Efite Andrew.

They revealed that most of the Palm, Banana and Rubber estates have been shut down completely as a result of the Anglophone crisis. While few of the factories are operating timidly, production remains staggering.

Hon. Efite Andrew, on behalf of the workers, appealed that the pending FCFA 9.3 Billion state subvention for the payment of salary arrears be disbursed and the atmosphere made conducive for work to resume in earnest.

Minister Mbairobe congratulated the workers for their commitment and discipline in the face of the current challenges. He assured them that the Head of State President Paul Biya is aware of their plight.

His words: "I want to appreciate the willingness of all the workers to resume work and to express their attachment to our main value which is peace-work-fatherland. I can assure them that the government will not spare any effort to pay their salary arrears and to give money so that the plantations and the factories will be back in activity."

The CDC is among the hardest hit by the sociopolitical crisis in the North West and South West regions. The Banana sector is totally shutdown, workers are owed between seven to 12 months of salary, many of them have been assaulted, maimed and tortured.

Some vehicles and installations of the corporation have been burnt. About 16  workers of the CDC are said to have been killed while about nine others suffered from gun-related injuries.

The CDC has about twenty thousand contracts of employment and a related monthly wage bill of about FCFA 2.5 billion. No fewer than eleven thousand jobs are threatened as at now.


Anglophone Crisis: Photo Of The Soldier Killed In The Presence Of His Family In Bamenda

According to our information, the junior officer, Nsangou Salim of the Rapid Intervention Battalion (Bir), the largest elite corps of the Cameroonian Army, was killed yesterday, in the presence of his family.

Your newspaper has learned with dismay, the assassination on Thursday, July 04, 2019, of an officer of the Cameroonian Army.

The officer of Bir Nsangou Salim, was killed by alleged separatists, in the presence of his wife (see photo of the couple), and his children, and this, in Bamenda, in the North-West region of Cameroon.

For the moment, the circumstances of this tragic and shocking end of the officer's life are still veiled.

No communication has yet been made on this subject by the Cameroonian Government.

Socio-Political Crisis: The Forum of African Heads of State and Government to hold a conference on Cameroon

The latter should be held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, or in any other country with the agreement of the Forum.

The international community is not breaking down. Despite the many convictions waved by the Cameroonian government to try to limit its involvement in the process of resolving the various security and socio-political crises that Cameroon is going through, it is still the responsibility. After the European Parliament, the American Congress, or the Swiss Federal Government, it is the turn of the Forum of African Heads of State and Government to provide an outline solution to the problems that Cameroon is going through at the moment. In this perspective, said forum announced through a manifesto dated 02 July 2019, the forthcoming organization of a special colloquium on Cameroon, to be held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, or in any other country with the acord of the Forum.

The Forum of African Heads of State and Government, whose actions are in the wake of the African Union, intends to learn more about the socio-political and security situation prevailing in Cameroon, and to strengthen a little more at the same time, its field of action to be able to accompany more consistently and efficiently the Government and the people of Cameroon. For the occasion, "The forum intends to contact a wide range of Cameroonian citizens, he will invite to participate in this meeting which must be the place of an inclusive and open dialogue" could read in the manifesto that announces the next meeting of this symposium on Cameroon.

As a reminder, Cameroon has for some years gone through one of the most turbulent periods in its history. The name of a haven of peace that was associated with his name every time it was mentioned, has shattered because of many security and socio-political crises that persist. The war against Boko Haram in the far north, the Anglophone crisis in the northwestern and southwestern regions, and the corporate social climate that has prevailed since Paul Biya's reelection to the highest office, have tainted this status, which Cameroon regularly prided itself on.


The Rise, Fall, and Fall Again of President Paul Biya

The giant of Sub Saharan Africa, currently considered Africa’s most resilient economy, has, in the Far North of the country, been under sustained attack by a radical movement in Nigeria known as Boko Haram. It now faces a more intractable problem from Southern Cameroonians and armed incursions in the East region from rebels fighting the government in the Central African Republic.

The leader is President Paul Biya who is also the chairman of the ruling CPDM party-a popular name for the Francophone Community for the Propagation of Biya’s corrupt and immoral teachings.  The birth and growth of the Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia nationalism was—and has been—shaped by a combination of covert foreign interference from France, poor governance, corruption, infrastructure neglect, extreme poverty, and the rapid rise of a new generation of Francophone and Anglophone political elites.

However, the Southern Cameroons Diaspora has exploited the loss of hope to influence and bolster its forces on ground zero. Slowly but surely, the Ambazonia Interim Government is now showing interest in actually governing the Southern Cameroons territory with a well-research plan of developing the economy and improving the standard of living of Southern Cameroonians.

The world is watching meticulously and will soon be accepting the birth of a new nation-the Federal Republic of Ambazonia. Claiming that he is fighting to maintain the territorial integrity of Cameroon, President Biya and his gang of Francophone political elites are either committing the same errors or falling into spectacular new ones. Biya has imposed his own brand of martial law on every Southern Cameroonian with no exception and he has overtaken Idi Amin Dada and Mobutu of Zaire as the world’s bloodiest and most vicious leader, spreading his military campaign across borders into Nigeria and the Central African Republic.

Southern Cameroonians and their leaders are currently being hunted by a six-country coalition consisting of Nigeria, France, French Cameroun, Chad, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon, which is supposedly supported by the African Union headed by a corrupt Chadian diplomat who had served in Yaoundé. However, this has not deterred Southern Cameroonians from carrying out self-defense actions aimed at protecting Ambazonians from mass kidnappings and massacres against the local populace in British Southern Cameroons.

Today, with the dust now settled, we ofCameroon Intelligence Report can now reveal that the road to Buea is on sight. The reasons are in a multiple: Administrative documents some of which are classified “Confidential”, by the Biya admin are found on social networks and users share them with ease.

Documents detailing presidential directives including the 2016 end-of-year speech by the 85 year-old dictator found itself fully on the web. Shortly after 6pm on the 31st of December 2016, Cameroonians shared Biya’s speech on Twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp. Interestingly, the same speech was delivered two hours later by President Biya.

Correspondingly, a security note from the presidency of the republic giving instructions to CPDM parliamentarians on the adoption of the budget found itself on social media hours before the parliamentary session.

Recently, messages from the presidency to the security and defense services, as well as military strategies set up by the Biya regime to possibly counter the Southern Cameroons revolution are found on the web even before they get to their respective destinations.

2018 ending have been particularly rich in leaks involving ministers who were dropped from the cabinet and wanted by the regime’s so-called Special Criminal Court. The Leaks are signaling the end of the Biya era and the emergence of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

By  Chi Prudence Asong in London

Disgraced president Biya leaves Geneva after spate of protests

Cameroon president Paul Biya, whose presence in a luxury Geneva hotel caused protests and some diplomatic upheaval, has left the city.

The Federal Department of Foreign Affairsexternal link (FDFA), which instigated diplomatic contact with Cameroon over a reported attack on a Swiss journalist, said it was aware of the departure. It pointed to Geneva-based Tribune de Genèveexternal link, which first announced that a plane carrying the presidential couple had flown off at 12:30.

On Thursday six members of Biya’s staff were convicted by Swiss judges investigating a reported attack on a Swiss public television journalist in Geneva last week. Geneva prosecutors found the individuals (five men and one woman) guilty of coercion, damage to property, and illegal appropriation.

A journalist from public broadcaster RTS filed the complaint following an incident on June 26 outside the InterContinental hotel in the city. The journalist says he was assaulted by members of Biya’s security team who took his bag containing a mobile phone and wallet. The seized items were later returned.

Ambassador summoned

The incident took place during a demonstration outside the hotel, where Biya was staying. The alleged assault prompted Switzerland to summon the ambassador of Cameroon to Bern, where he was told that “such incidents are unacceptable, and that freedom of the press is protected and must be respected.”

At around the same time, the Swiss foreign ministry announced that Switzerland was acting as a facilitator in the crisis in north-western and south-western Cameroon.

Some 250 anti-Biya protesters returned to the hotel last Saturday and were dispersed by tear gas and water cannons after some tried to break through police lines.

A 2018 report by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) accused Biya of spending a considerable amount of his time abroad since coming to power in Cameroon in 1982, much of it at luxury hotels in Geneva.

Source: Swissinfo

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Return of Paul Biya: Canal 2 and Équinoxe TV boycott the event

This Friday in their edition of the news of 19:50 and 20h, the green and blue chain have chosen not to mention the return of President Paul Biya in Cameroon after his hectic stay in Switzerland, said Médiatude.

If the CRTV, Vision 4 and STV among others, opened their evening news by this news, Canal 2 preferred to mention in opening, the death of a third student who killed himself in Kongsamba after his failure PEBC. For its part, Equinoxe opened its 20h with the 7th session of the Cameroon-Nigeria cross-border security commission.

The Crtv and Vision 4 in their file of nearly 8 mins are back on the mobilization in the city of Yaounde during the return of the president. The two channels also gave the floor to political actors who condemned the protesters of Geneva. STV, for its part, believes that these demonstrators "provoked the abrupt return of Etoudi's partron".

Source: Media

Succession of Biya: Franck Biya the sacrificial lamb

For some months now, some recalcitrant Zealots and ethno-fascist hooligans circulate on social networks, including Facebook, misinformation about the pseudo heirs of the President of the Republic. In recent days, their targets are now Mr FRANCK BIYA son of Patriarch Biya Paul and Mr Oswald Baboké Director of the Deputy Civil Cabinet of the Presidency of the Republic (DCCA). Both are young Cameroonians, not suffering from any eligibility under the laws of our country Cameroon. Except that there is no question for these apprentices wizards to inform Cameroonians, but it is for them to cause some general discontent of the Cameroonian people in this sensitive period of our country. They do not skimp on any occasion to sow chaos at all prices in our country.

In order to bring certain emotional opponents back to reality, it was important for us who strive to remain objective to make the following clear:

With respect to the presidential office, any Cameroonian citizen fulfilling the legally prescribed conditions has the right and the latitude to compete for the seat of President of the Republic, without ethnic or religious differentiation.

So, throwing Mr. FRANCK BIYA and / or Mr. Oswald Baboké to the popular vengeance to testify a supposed support to some of your opposition leaders will not be of any use to you because, it contributes more to demonstrate to the face of the world your immaturity coupled with an incomparable populism. This once again brings to light the bad faith that lives every day a little more.

Moreover, the presidential elections have passed since October 07, 2018, Cameroon has a President of the Republic and, waiting for another mandate of 07 years, you have the moral obligation, citizen and republican to leave those who have not yet declared themselves candidates for anything to quietly go about their business as is the case for all Cameroonian citizens.

At no time do we remember either Adam's or Eve's candidacy, or even a simple wish expressed by these two (02) Cameroonians for a presidential office.

Doing politics differently does not mean digging up corpses, but working to earn the trust and credibility of Cameroonian women and men.

NB: "Do you want change?" Yes, we also want this change of all our wishes, so let's all start preparing for the legislative and municipal elections, or even Senate elections to make things change and move the lines. is like this in all major democracies, when we say we are democrats, we do not access change through dictatorship, intolerance, political violence, weapons or identity controversy to sow chaos and desolation. pretends not to love a people by carrying out acts of terrorism whose only objectives are to kill the same people "

Reporter: Ménard Hervé Mbapou


Intercontinental Hotel: Despite departure of Paul Biya, the BAS activists maintain the demonstration of this Saturday in Geneva

In order to keep the flame of the opposition alive against the costly stays of the Cameroonian President at the Intercontinental Hotel, the Directorate of the Anti-Sardinard Brigade issued in the early afternoon of Friday, July 5, 2019, a new appeal to to demonstrate this Saturday, July 6 in Geneva, notwithstanding the forced departure of the presidential couple.

In a new publication in social networks, the anti-sardinards Brigade does not let go. This group of Cameroonian opponents who campaign against the practices of the government, call compatriots to demonstrate this Saturday, July 6 in Geneva, despite the fact that President Paul Biya returned to Yaounde after only 12 days in Switzerland.

"We will be in Geneva not only to take stock of the situation, but above all to make a strong appeal to the international institutions, so that they demand the execution without delay of the decisions taken last month by the European Union. Among the articles of this decision, it was questioned that an inclusive dialogue process should be put in place and above all that the elected President Maurice Kamto and his allies and all political prisoners be released unconditionally "explains the BAS in his statement.

Called "Act 2 of the general mobilization for Geneva", the protesters are invited to gather at the place called "Place des Nations" this Saturday from 13h. It will be the second time in the space of a week that Cameroonian opponents in the European and American diaspora demonstrate in the city seat of the United Nations Office against the stay of Paul Biya at the intercontinental his favorite hotel during his many private stays in Europe. Thus, after having succeeded in bringing the Cameroonian head of state has shortened his holidays in Geneva, the Bas wants to take advantage of the media coup of its first demonstration of June 29, 2019, to put more pressure on the international community, especially the Cameroon's international partners, so that they encourage the change of governance in Yaoundé.


Revelation: Swiss journalist narrates how Paul and Chantal Biya embarked from Geneva to Yaoundé

"On the tarmac (Geneva-Cointrin airport, ed) the police took care to hide the Boeing 767-200 in view, placing several vehicles to prevent photographers to immortalize the president and the first lady. But, between two vehicles, Chantal's famous haircut and her orange-red dress immediately betrayed her, "said Richard Etienne, reporter at the Tribune de Genève.

Since the evening of Friday, July 5, 2019, the head of state Paul Biya and the first lady, Chantal Biya are in their official residence located in the grounds of the Palace of Unity in Etoudi, a district of Yaounde. The presidential couple spent their first night there after 12 days of absence. This first night was probably peaceful compared to those spent at the Intercontinental hotel in Geneva, which were not relaxing.

Reached a private stay in Switzerland, Paul and Chantal Biya had a nightmarish retreat because of protests by activists in the Cameroonian diaspora, opposed to the presidential couple's stay at the Intercontinental, a five-star hotel.

Forced to leave their paradise, the head of state and the first lady hastily left Geneva in the circumstances described by our colleague Etienne Richard

"The Cameroonian presidential couple, made up of Chantal and Paul Biya, left Geneva just after noon on Friday. A procession of black cars with tinted windows left the Intercontinental Hotel, largely surrounded by Geneva police forces.

On the tarmac, the police were careful to hide the Boeing 767-200 from view, placing several vehicles, including a bus normally made available to air passengers, to prevent photographers to immortalize the president and the first lady.

But, between two vehicles, Chantal's famous haircut and her orange-red dress immediately betrayed her. Her husband was at his side while boarding. The plane took off around 12:30, "writes our colleague in the Tribune de Genève.

This Swiss newspaper takes the opportunity to recall the long-standing relationship between Paul Biya and the Intercontinental Hotel, not without questioning the future of this relationship that would have cost several billion CFA francs to the public treasury of Cameroon. "Sources say the Federal Bern has put pressure on Paul Biya to leave Switzerland. Contacted, the spokesperson of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs is content to say, in pure diplomatic language, that "the FDFA is aware of this departure. He has not been absent from this debate during the last days, "without commenting further. Still, it may be the end of an era for the Intercontinental Hotel. "Paul Biya is by far the most loyal head of state in the hotel," says Herbert Schott, its director from 1981 to 2002. The former executive recalls that "he always paid his bills, usually cash before to leave is an exceptional character, quiet, who came to rest, "recalls the former executive. Paul Biya generally rented the 16th floor, with two apartments and twenty rooms, for his personal care and his relatives. Formerly, he would go for a jog in the park of Bude or bike tours, until Versoix "writes the Swiss newspaper.

In his 37 years in office, Paul Biya has always hitherto taken holidays in Geneva, Switzerland, or Mvomeka'a, his native village in the Southern Region.


Anglophone Crisis: Sasse College Have Relocated To Mutengene For 2019/2020 Academic Year

After the main campus in Buea was shut down in March 2019 following rising insecurity, Saint Joseph's College (SJC) Sasse will from the 2019/2020 academic year run in the campus of the Regina Pacis College (REPACOL) Mutengene.

Rev. Fr. Kevin Sakwe, Principal of SJC Sasse announced on Friday, July 5 that the school was relocating to a new site.

"The Principal of St. Joseph's College Sasse announces that next academic year 2019/2020, St. Joseph's College Sasse will occupy, and operate in, the campus of Regina Pacis College (REPACOL) Mutengene," a statement from the school said.

This new relocation comes after SJC Sasse was earlier this year forced to move its students to Christ the King College (CKC) Tiko.

The Bishop of the Diocese of Buea, His Lordship Immanuel Bushu had on Sunday, March 3, 2019 said Saint Joseph's College Sasse had to shut its doors because of growing insecurity.

At the time, he said regular clashes between security forces and separatist fighters around the school environment made learning difficult and put the lives of the students at risk, forcing them to shut down the school.

No fewer than 200 students of the school were  transferred to Tiko where they camped at Christ the King College to prepare for the General Certificate of Education (GCE) Exams.

Rev. Fr. Kevin Sakwe in a letter addressed to parents said as at now, the environment makes St. Joseph's College Sasse unsafe for learners.

“Dear parents, for reasons not foreign to us, the surroundings of our legendary campus at Sasse is still not friendly to receive our students. We would not want to repeat the experience we had last year in Tiko. So we shall run in Mutengene as an independent boys' college,” read the letter addressed to parents.

The principal of the school says they look forward to what the future holds for their  students and teachers as they move to their new location.

Armed men fighting for the independence of a country they call Ambazonia are believed to have kidnapped some students of SJC Sasse in September last year. On February 24, 2019, they are said to have ordered that the school be shut down.


Paul and Chantal Biya first night in Cameroon after Geneva Nightmares

Switzerland government send them home

After severally embarrassed in Geneva, president Paul Biya arrived Cameroon on Friday afternoon in the company of his dear wife, Chantal Biya.

The whole drama engulfed on Saturday, 29th of June 2019 in Geneva where the group BAS nearly send Biya to his grave as they invaded the hotel he lodged. It was with the help of the Swiss police forces that the saga was control.

Hence, the Swiss deputies signed petition to the government top authorities, demanding the immediate departure of the Cameroonian president and his wife out of Switzerland.

"We have never experienced such in our Country" Swiss deputies.

Meanwhile, the BAS had earlier promised another massive engagement today in Geneva if Biya continues his stays in the country.

The Reward of every sin begins on Earth

"It has started for the first couple of Cameroon, in the middle month of year 20019", more to come.

This is a sign that judgment has just begun, for atrocities, killings of innocent citizens of Ambazonia, and many more. Even if Paul Biya eventually died, his family members will pay on his behalf. Say no to evil.

By guest 

Paul Biya covers up shame as he bagged triumphal return to Yaoundé

They came out many, on Friday, July 5, 2019, the Cameroonian people to reserve a warm welcome to the Head of State and the First Lady, Mrs. Chantal BIYA, back from a private stay in Europe. Activists of the CPDM, political parties of the presidential majority, like the UNDP, the FSNC, the UPC, ordinary citizens., mobilized strongly, from the international airport of Yaounde-Nsimalen to the Palace of Unit.

It was a question of showing once again to the face of the world, the immense capital of sympathy and esteem enjoyed by the President of the Republic, HE Paul BIYA, with his people. These populations came from different localities of the country to join those of the capital city. This patriotic impetus was also observed among the Cameroonian youth through its remarkable presence in the various crossroads of the city of Yaoundé and the esplanade of the Presidency of the Republic.

The return of the Head of State and his wife to Cameroon has given rise to a true communion of hearts and minds around the ideals of peace, unity, cohesion and living together that continues to preach Paul Biya. A lesson of patriotism administered to some lost compatriots of the diaspora who tarnished the image of Cameroon in recent days in Europe.

It was around 5 pm that the plane carrying the Presidential Couple from Geneva, Switzerland landed at Yaoundé-Nsimalen International Airport, under the ovations of an impressive crowd massed at the esplanade and to the rhythm of the songs and sounds of drums. The Head of State and his wife were greeted at the foot of the bridge by the President of the Senate, Marcel Niat Njifenji, the Speaker of the National Assembly, Cavaye Yeguie Djibril, the Prime Minister, Head of Government, Joseph Dion Ngute Minister of State, Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh. Relaxed, the Presidential Couple marked a halt at the pavilion of honor where the President of the Republic met with the personalities who welcomed him, question no doubt to take the pulse of the country. A country well held despite the security challenges of the hour.

Before leaving the airport, the Head of State and his wife were offered a bath of crowds among the many proud people to see their President. The messages of signs and banners brandished by these populations expressed their indignation at the antipatriotic excesses of some Cameroonians from inside and outside, followers of violence as a mode of political expression. An undemocratic behavior rejected by the Cameroonians overwhelmingly. They preach respect for the republican institutions and the one who embodies them at the top of the state, HE Paul BIYA.



Nabila invites fans to her first EP 'Mon Univers'

After scouring the auditory limbs of music lovers with singles, Nabila Rodriguez returns to the front of the stage with her very first EP "My Universe"

What is the Universe of Nabila? What is it made of? these are the questions that will be satisfied on July 20, 2019 in Douala and on July 26 in Yaoundé in the French Institutes of Cameroon on the occasion of the presentation of the EP of the beautiful artist with languorous and captivating voice.

Indeed an EP or an Extended play is a musical format longer than that of the single but shorter than an album

An album contains at least eight audio tracks (30 to 80 minutes in length) and a single contains two tracks, for a total duration of less than 10 minutes. An EP usually contains four tracks, for 10 to 15 minutes of music. Between five and seven titles.

For now, we ignore the titles of this EP.

For reminder Nabila was born on July 8, 1996 in Bamenda in North-West Cameroon. From a Hispano - Moroccan father and a Cameroonian mother. She is discovered on social media with Locko's cover of Sawa Romance.



Friday, July 5, 2019

Anglophone Crisis: Nigeria upgrade its trust in Paul Biya

Brigadier General EA Ngadi, Director of Defense Affairs at the Office of the National Security Advisor in Nigeria, said the ongoing socio-political upheavals in the northwestern and southwestern regions of Cameroon would not affect relations between the two countries.

He was speaking at the conference room in Yaoundé on Thursday 4 July 2019 during the opening ceremony of the 7th session of the Cameroon-Nigeria cross-border security committee.

"I emphasize that we will continue to monitor activities in the north-west and south-west regions of Cameroon and encourage the Cameroonian authorities to continue to involve all the injured parties in a constructive manner in order to defuse tensions in the region. English speaking regions.

"This will facilitate the return of Cameroonian refugees who crossed the border into Nigerian territory because of increased tension and apprehension.

" Nevertheless, I assure you that the current political upheavals in this region will not be allowed to affect our cordial relations, as we will continue to support your efforts to achieve lasting peace in the regions.

"We hope and believe that Cameroon will emerge from this challenge and other security challenges as a united country where peace, justice and prosperity will prevail."

Brigadier General EA Ngadi said Nigeria would continue to support the Republic of Cameroon's commitment to strengthen stability along its common borders with a view to putting in place effective monitoring and response mechanisms.

"It is also instructive that I appreciate the support of the Cameroonian authorities for the ongoing transnational counter-terrorism campaign as part of the multinational task force.

" We look forward to strengthening this collaboration as well as between our relevant agencies. in managing the difficulties of providing relief and humanitarian assistance to refugees and observing their human rights in cross-border security operations.

"Allow me to reassure you by making sure that we will focus more on creating a favorable economic environment and building infrastructure that will facilitate the creative potential of our people living in border communities."

The Director of Defense Affairs of the Office of the National Security Adviser in Nigeria stated that the two countries should therefore seek viable solutions to reduce the vulnerability inherent in their contiguous borders, which were exploited for organized cross-border crime, including terrorism. terrorism, the proliferation of small arms and terrorism.small arms and piracy.

"We must, in particular, seek to reduce the vulnerabilities inherent in our porous Boko Haram-ridden borders and the insurgency of the West African province under ISIS to perpetrate insecurity in the north. is Nigeria, on the border with Cameroon, so literally southeast of the states of our countries.

As part of the measures to alleviate the difficulties identified, we must invest in common capacities to address these similar concerns, "he said,

adding:" We need to encourage the sharing of information and intelligence for to successfully combat the threat of terrorism and other insurrections in order to ensure peace and security in our respective countries.

"I stress the need for us to continue to strengthen collective security and to further expand trade and investment, which is very important for creating a more stable economic environment for our two countries.

" The peoples of Nigeria and Cameroon must always bear in mind that we are not only neighbors, but that historically we are one family and are determined to deepen our peaceful coexistence and partnership. "