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Cameroon Crisis: Sweden reacts to the ongoing Southern Cameroon crisis at the just concluded UNSC council

The Representative of the Swedish Government to the United Nations, Ambassador Olof Skoong expressed deep concern over the ongoing Anglophone crisis in Southern Cameroons.

Meeting at the just concluded UNSC, the Ambassador said regional peace and security at risk in the country.

" UN office in Central Africa key tool for preventive diplomacy. Situation in Cameroon of deep concern with grave violence, Human Right violations, massive displacement, distrust and humanitarian crisis. Fight against Boko Haram and regional peace and security at risk in the country".  Ambassador Olof Skoong

UN envoy remains concerned about Southern Cameroons violence

The UN envoy for Central Africa on Thursday said he remained concerned with the situation in the northwest and southwest regions of Cameroon and reaffirmed the UN’s commitment to the territorial integrity and unity of the country.

In recent months, fighting between the separatists and Cameroon’s forces has sent hundreds of thousands of people fleeing, with hundreds of people killed in the two English-speaking regions in the largely Francophone country.

“Violence has not diminished, and allegations of human rights violations by all sides continue to be reported,” Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Central Africa Francois Lounceny Fall told the Security Council.

“Several schools remain closed in the southwest and northwest regions. I am particularly conceded with the effect of the crisis on women and children,” he said.

Fall recalled his visit to Cameroon in late November where he had met with key government officials and stressed to all actors the necessity for inclusive dialogue as a constructive and sustainable way forward for a peaceful resolution of the crisis.

In this regard, he appealed to the Cameroonian government to continue to safeguard access by humanitarian partners to the populations in need and to ensure that all human rights violations are addressed.

Fall said he was encouraged by the government’s commitment to putting in place plans to address the root causes of the crisis, including through accelerated decentralization and the activities of the National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism.

Cameroon’s Anglophone separatists sprang up last year from peaceful protests against the alleged marginalization of English-speakers in the country.

Since November, government forces have been clashing with the separatists who want the two regions to secede from the nation and to form a new country called “Ambazonia.”

Source: Xinhuanet

Serail: how Chantal Biya delivered Ngoh Ngoh to Paul Biya

During the CoMipcam chaired by the Prime Minister a few days ago to take stock of what has not worked in the preparations for the CAN 2019, Bidoung Mkpatt alias Mini Pam has made a real indictment against the organizers.

What is written in the letter that you can see opposite has nothing to do with the virulent words he addressed during the meeting at the Primature. Unusual facts, he attacked and attacked as rarely a minister did in the presence of the PM, Philemon Yang.

Behind this offensive, Mini Pam PAM was doing her job: posting the SGPR, Ferdinand NGOH NGOH with the permission of the First Lady.

For several months, it is she who serves as a transmission belt between him and Paul Biya. After each inspection of the CAF, the native of Nanga Eboko secretly sent a report to the head of state via the first lady.

More seriously, being from the same village as Ngoh Ngoh, he had managed to infiltrate his closest entourage to the point of knowing everything that was happening at the general secretariat.

It is in this logic that the text read and distributed to participants in the meeting of the CoMipcam has previously obtained the presidential approval. Become public enemy number 1, the SGPR tried somehow to neutralize it. The last attempt was the visit of Ahmad and Eto'o to the Head of State. The SGPR had ensured the shelving of Mini Pam who paradoxically did not attend the hearing.

Following the debacle suffered by the non-organization of the CAN in 2019, we now understand the great confidence felt by the actor in the face of threats of reshuffle cabinet. Convinced to have alerted the presidential couple in time on the excesses of the gang Ngoh Ngoh, Mini Pam knows himself untouchable.

What about Seraphin Magloire Fouda and Ayem Monger NGOH NGOH companions who have not yet said their last words. The next hours are succulent.

Tomorrow: Revelations on the purchase of CAN material for CRTV. Or how Tchiroma, Seraphin Fouda and NGOH NGOH have tried to collect more than 3 billion FCFA retro commissions.

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Reporter: Boris Bertolt

Obituary: another CPDM clan passes on

After the death of the CPDM Mayor of Yaounde 2, Luc ASSAMBA, the death comes again to hit the party in power.

This time it is about the Mayor of the commune of FIGUIL and Lamido de LAM, SINGAÏ KANGOU Celestin died last night at the hospital of his commune.

savage letter from a Cameroonian to Martin Camus Mind This former Director of CES FIGUIL goes away leaving behind a grieving family.


Etoudi: Paul Biya dismissed and appoints 5 chief executive officers of state-owned companies

In total, these are six decrees published in the early evening of Friday, December 14, 2018.

The first decree appointed Mohamadou Saoudi as Chairman of the Board of CAMTEL.

The second decree nominates Judith Ya'a Soundey, Achidi's wife, as CAMTEL's Director General.

The third presidential decree appoints

Olé Daniel Bertrand as DGA CAMTEL.

Elsewhere, Paul Biya also appointed Soumbou Angoula Bertrand Pierre, as Director General of ENAM.

He will have for DGA Arouna

The Head of State has also changed to head the North West development mission. This public structure now has as Managing Director Matoya Cletus.


War in Ambazonia: the heavy secret of Biya and his ministers finally reveals

In its latest report, published on December 10, 2018, Amnesty International raises alarm bells on the human rights situation in Cameroon. 

Franklin Mowha, national president of Frontline Fighters for Citizens' Interests (FFCI) and member of the Network of Human Rights Defenders in Central Africa (Redhac) has been missing since 6 August 2018, when he had his last exchanges telephone with his wife and colleagues from the Azim Hotel, located in Kumba, in the Southwest Region. Franklin Mowha traveled to Kumba on 2 August 2018 to carry out a mission to document cases of human rights violations in the context of the socio-political crisis in the North West and South West regions.

In Amnesty International's annual report, published on Monday (December 10th), the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) reports that Mowha's case is emblematic of "the violent crackdown by the government, which does not want to let anything leak. persistent clashes between the army and armed separatist organizations in the English-speaking regions ".

In a previous report published on November 29, 2018, the NGO noted that restrictions on freedom of expression mark "a worrying signal" of President Paul Biya's new term. According to the report, "at least six journalists" have been arrested across the country in recent weeks "mainly following the publication of critical information to the Cameroonian authorities" regarding the management of the so-called Anglophone crisis.

"Because of the arrests, it is becoming increasingly difficult for independent journalists and members of civil society to play their role safely while in the current context the information, dialogue and participation of all components of society are essential, "said Emilie Leroux, Cameroon Project Manager (CCFD-Terre Solidaire).


Bamenda: Here are the first beneficiaries of Paul Biya's amnesty

They are 49 to benefit from the release announced by the power of Yaounde.

These 49 English-speaking prisoners are all from Bamenda Prison. President Paul Biya has decided to stop the military prosecutions of 289 people arrested in connection with the crisis in the North West and South West regions.

Detainees passed at the Bamenda Military Court and were released.


Operation Sparrowhawk: NKotto Émane and Issa Tchiroma soon to Kondengui

This is a question that teases the spirits in the entourage of the current CEO of CAMTEL who does not miss the opportunity to recall that he has done much for the family of the head of state and the regime's pundits offering employment to their wives or recruiting their children. Moreover, one of the sons of Martin Belinga Eboutou, former director of the civil cabinet, was in his direct cabinet, in charge of his security and used this position to take money from young Cameroonians, promising to be recruited at CAMTEL. Some paid and were never recruited. Beyond the silver suitcases one can understand the close bond that bound him to TOM DOLLAR.

But an interesting fact seems to have happened today. Paul Biya visited the Chinese company Huawei strongly committed to telecommunications in Cameroon in the absence of David NKotto Emane, the boss of CAMTEL where Huawei has invested money and works closely with the government. Is not it surprising?

For, at the same time, Paul Biya visited the headquarters of startimes engaged in the rehabilitation of the Crtv and the TNT project in the presence of Charles Ndongo without Issa Tchiroma. Recall nevertheless about Chiroma that during one of his returns from China after a visit to the headquarters of Startimes, Chinese airport police had discovered huge amounts of currency in the gandouras of the Minister of Communication.

It is important to note, however, that David NKOTTO Émane is currently banned from leaving the country, as well as 7 other people at CAMTEL. CAMTEL's Dg currently relies on MVONDO Ayolo, whom he nevertheless called lazy. He recently had his sister named. As to say even to men we are charming.

However Biya can not stop NKOTTO Emane without relieving him of his duties as General Manager.

Columnist: Boris Bertolt

Friday, December 14, 2018

Etoudi no longer affraid of Paul Biya, Says Messanga Nyamding

Professor Messanga Nyamding is an academic, a member of the CPDM's ruling party, the ruling party, he is one of the early activists and "biysist" engaged. He says to total more than 30 years of fidelity to the regime of renewal.

In another exit on Facebook, the politician again draws red ball on his comrades of the party, the "plotters of inside", "Gangsters who plunder Cameroon , and are no longer afraid of President Biya »

Since the beginning of the year 2004 I have constantly denounced the state conspiracy in Cameroon in the form of a scientific coup d'etat. This strategy of mafia clans is to trivialize the multiple frustrations that are the victims of Cameroon by reducing their standard of living to incite them to revolt against the Renewal regime.

Clientism and ambush governance are the pillars of this state conspiracy that I have demonstrated and denounced.  This one is maintained by the direct collaborators of the Head of the State who have only one objective: to leave SE Paul BIYA of the power by the small door evacuating the rigor and the moralization in the management of the affairs of State.

To reach this macabre objective, they do not skimp on any means for proof, many structuring projects are sempiternellement at the half-mast, diversions multiply with the great contempt of the presidential announcements, their henchmen occupy all the public and private administrations: the markets of the CAN is the ninth living proof that President Paul BIYA no longer scares them.

We went from an internalized scientific coup d'état to an outsourced scientific coup d'état, that is to say turned towards the international.

These gangsters with no heart for business, but certainly powerists who have taken over the administration and the ruling party, the CPDM, are consistent in their strategy: to convince the International Opinion that President Paul BIYA is the "pilot of a boat in turmoil "unable to take things in hand in Cameroon.

These irresponsible people who shame us by bringing discredit to us are in fact delivering the biyaists with reason to the popular vindictiveness.

The failure and embezzlement inherent in the CAN 2019 is undoubtedly the scandal of the century in Cameroon. The mobsters and the obscurantists, masters of the great networks of all kinds who occupy functions of power and decision destroyed the State and do not intend to stop in this good way: they control the power, and it is no longer a legend, they want effective power without Paul BIYA and a few honest people who still believe in him.

How to understand that these masters singing networks go to jail for the past ten years but the misappropriation of funds and the kleptomania state does not stop?Are the networks more powerful than the intelligence of the Cameroonians? How to understand that concerning CAN 2019, 690 billion public markets were carried out by mutual agreement?

Is this true what we mean here? In the mirror of these serious and unforgivable facts, I invite Cameroonians all sensibilities combined; political, ethnic, religious and intergenerational to remain united and mobilized for the good cause: say no to prevarication.

It is only at this price that we will overcome beyond our partisan quarrels, the thugs and acrobats who play with our state.

We will have thus proved that Cameroon is not the property of certain individuals, but on the contrary a common heritage of sharing and redistribution of resources to all the children of this country.

The management of the CAN markets is an indelible historical opportunity providing tangible proof that some compatriots have lost all human sense, respect for others, modesty and responsibility.

As for us biaisists, shame and humiliating frustration have taken hold of us, because the drop of water really broke the camel's back.


BREAKING - Ambazonia: The United States has Called on Reconciliatory Dialogue Between the Cameroon Government and Separatists

At the end of UNSC council that held hours ago, The United States called for an immediate and broad-based reconciliatory dialogue, without pre-conditions, between the Government of Cameroon and separatists in the Northwest and Southwest Regions.

Remarks at a UN Security Council Briefing on the Central African Region

Ambassador Jonathan Cohen

U.S. Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations

U.S. Mission to the United Nations

New York City

December 14, 2018


Merci, Monsieur Le Président.

Special Representative Fall and Director Ghelani, thank you for your briefings today. Your work is vital to a region facing a wide range of political, economic, and social challenges, particularly in Cameroon, on which I will focus my remarks.

The security and humanitarian conditions in Cameroon’s northwest and southwest regions have significantly deteriorated since the last UNOCA briefing to the Security Council in June. Violence continues to escalate, obstructing vital humanitarian aid delivery to over 430,000 IDPs and blocking health and education services to rural children.

Mr. President, October was the most violent month on record in Cameroon in recent years, and judging from anecdotal reports, we fear that November will surpass October as the bloodiest month on record. We don’t want to see that horrible trend continue again this month, December. The violence must stop now.

Violence between government and Anglophone separatists has resulted in killings and abductions of civilians, including a U.S. missionary who was killed on October 30. Faced with mounting insecurity, tens of thousands of Cameroonians have fled to neighboring Nigeria, as we’ve heard, while hundreds of thousands have been internally displaced and need humanitarian assistance.

The stakes in Cameroon are too high for this crisis to continue unaddressed. Cameroon remains an essential security partner in the fight against Boko Haram and the Islamic State in West Africa, including as a member of the Multi National Joint Task Force. The continuing crisis threatens to detract from our mutual security objectives in the Lake Chad Basin.

Mr. President, the United States calls for an immediate and broad-based reconciliatory dialogue, without pre-conditions, between the Government of Cameroon and separatists in the Northwest and Southwest Regions. We urge all sides to forswear violence, to restore peace, and to resolve their grievances through political dialogue.

We note that in his inaugural address on November 6, President Biya expressed confidence that “there is an honorable way out in everyone’s interest.” We encourage President Biya to make good on his commitment to accelerate the decentralization process and adopt the recommendations of the Cameroonian Commission on Bilingualism and Multiculturalism.

The creation of a government-led humanitarian assistance coordination center is a promising development. However, the government has done little to address concerns over its own lack of respect for humanitarian principles of neutrality and impartiality and the guarantees of unhindered access to conflict-affected populations. We urge the Government of Cameroon to prioritize respect for humanitarian principles and to ensure unobstructed access for UN agencies and humanitarian NGOs assisting conflict-affected populations.

Mr. President, the United States believes that UNOCA – through the good offices of Special Representative Fall – could provide technical assistance and mediation support to facilitate a broad-based reconciliatory dialogue without pre-conditions. We hope that ECCAS, the AU’s Peace and Security Council, and the AU Commission will enhance their efforts to support the peace process, and we encourage them to coordinate with UNOCA in this effort.

A peaceful and stable Cameroon is critical to regional stability in Central Africa and both deserves and requires the continued and close attention of this Council. As noted by our Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs last week, the last thing we need, given the challenges in the region, is for a disproportionate response by security forces to result in the growing radicalization and hardening of separatist groups.

Mr. President, in our August PRST, the Security Council called for a strategic review of UNOCA’s mandate by August 1, 2019. We look forward in the coming months to further discussions to make sure that UNOCA’s mandate is appropriately focused on the most pressing political challenges in the central African region and well-coordinated with the four UN missions operating in the same geographic area to ensure that our efforts have maximum impact and maximum efficiency.

Thank you, Mr. President.

BIR discovers a Nigerian village in the Far West Cameroon

Yeme! It is a place that says nothing to anyone and for good reason it does not exist. It is the soldiers of Operation Alpha du Bir who made the revelation earlier this week. During a search mission, commandos in the central area of ​​Operation Alpha came across a curious gathering. They were about 30km from Kossa and were only concerned about meeting Boko Haram fighters or ferocious animals escaped from the nearby Waza National Park.

Only, it was not the case. In a cautious approach, they observed that it was a peaceful hamlet of visibly unarmed people. A village that, however, does not appear on their highly-staffed staff cards.After information to authorized sources, the village does not appear either in the registers of the territorial administration.They are very cautiously approached the boxes. They discovered a whole world.Men and women of all ages, children, well-groomed herds, freshly harvested fields. They interviewed in Kanuri the inhabitants. The portal of the Cameroonian diaspora of Belgium. They had arrived at Yeme. The village is organized. They have a leader who has introduced himself meekly to the military. He made the conversation with Lieutenant Colonel Ndikum Azieh, the commander of the central area of ​​Operation Alpha. The chief explained that the village is called Yeme. He said they are Nigerian nationals from the city of Bama and its surroundings.

It was in 2014. They were reported to have fled Boko Haram fighters. In August of that year, the sect seized Bama. They chased the military. The populations were in disarray. The terrorists multiplied exactions and monstrosities to provoke the absolute terror, the amazement.  The local populations that the jihadists invaded had little choice: to rally to the cause, to be slaughtered in front of his family, to be buried alive or to flee. Many chose to flee.It was every man for himself, but we ended up finding each other, finding each other and recognizing each other. The info clear and sharp. Affinity was organized to organize the escape more effectively. They wanted to go inside Nigeria first, but Boko Haram cut their way. They decided to go west to Cameroon. They walked for a long time with the animals they were able to gather and the things they could take away. They arrived in Kossa, in the district of Mora.

Kossa's lamido, to whom they would have sought refuge, would have indicated to them a corner far from the village where they could settle until security came back.They began to settle and remained quite discreet. In more than four years, Yeme has never been officially reported. Life went on peacefully. They sell their crops at the Djabire market. The military carried out a count of the inhabitants: more than 800 men, women and children populate Yeme.The raking of the weekend is not fortuitous. Boko Haram has a revival of activities since the end of the rainy season. Fighters with a firepower believed to be lost attacked the Nigerian military bases of Rann, Zari, Kumshe, Gambaru.

They put routed the Nigerian army and killed several soldiers and civilians. In Cameroon, they trapped the Gouzda Vreket road by planting a mine on which an Operation Alpha patrol jumped. They also sent kamikazes who failed to Boudoua near Limani last week. They mostly have predatory activity along the border. They loot isolated hamlets in search of food and medicine. However, a more dangerous activity has been reported to the Cameroonian authorities. Boko Haram buys ammunition in Chad and routes it across Cameroon to Waza. The military therefore decided to clear the border areas where residual forces of the sect hang.

They want to dismantle hamlets like Yeme, Madina, Njamina.. populated by Nigerian nationals illegally installed in Cameroon. It is feared that in the long run, Nigerians will settle down and claim the fields they work and declare them their own, as was the case with the Bakassi Peninsula.


Cameroon Crisis: secessionists reject Paul Biya's amnesty

File photo

The president of the Southern Cameroons Congress of the People, Milan ATAM and the spokesperson of the Ambazonia Defense Forces (ADF) of his, TAPANG Ivo TANKU reject the decision of Paul BIYA 289 English-speaking amnesty.

These first Ambazonian officials say that the latter and his army must lay down their arms or they will put these "terrorists" in the body bags.

More details in the press releases below reached the CameroonWeb editorial office.


Jean Michel Nintcheu promises hell to Paul Biya in January 2019

The SDF parliamentary wants this time to push the plug very far, he announces a "great movement from January 20", which will lead to a collective resignation of the government, followed by the arrest of President Paul Biya.

"Great citizen movement from January 20, 2019.

Non stop protest, dead city, strike and civil disobedience until the collective resignation of the government followed by the arrest of Biya.


- massive embezzlement

- aggravated corruption

- looting in an organized gang

- hostility to the fatherland

- high treason

- crime against humanity

- massacre of Cameroonians in the Far North

- massacre of Cameroonians in the SO / NO

- hold up electoral

- etc.

Paul Biya must clear now or be chased by force.

Cameroonian, Cameroonian prepare yourself.

JM Nitcheu.


Sparrowhawk: Paul Biya now wants to audit mobile operators

It is the quintessence of a correspondence of the Minister Secretary General of the Presidency addressed to the Minister in charge of the Superior State Control.

The signed letter of Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, dated December 10, 2018. It is addressed to the Minister Delegate to the Presidency in charge of the Superior State Control, Rose Mbah Acha. In the subject we can read "Audit of concessions made to Orange Cameroon, MTN Cameroon and NEXTELL".

The Secretary-General of the Presidency informs his colleague of the CONSUPE of the "high directives of the Head of State ... to set up an inter-ministerial team in order to to audit the mobile telephony operators indicated in the subject".

The team will be composed of representatives of several administrations (Justice, Finance, Posts and Telecommunications, General Delegation for National Security, State Secretariat for Defense in charge of the Gendarmerie and the Telecommunications Regulatory Agency). Each of the parties of the said administrations has received a copy of the correspondence.

Paul Biya instructs an audit at the moment the mobile network is experiencing major disruptions. Mobile phone subscribers are experiencing an increasing deterioration in the quality of communication: when it is not a question of call interruption, it is access that is limited to social networks or the phenomenon of disappearance of credit that takes place.

The general director of the ART Philémon Zoo Zame explained recently that "the degradation of the communications is related to the works of the civil engineering which cause incidents on the optical fiber from which the operators are interconnected ". The regulator says that disillusioned subscribers can register their complaints at 1515.


Tribalism: the founder of the Marie Albert College declares war on the Bamileke

In an audio, EZE Marie Albert, founder of the school group that bears her name, indicates that the Bamileke are destabilizing Cameroon and have no right to quote in Yaounde, his hometown. Before we started recording her statements, she claimed that the Bamileke people are "boko haram" and that they must all be driven out of Yaounde. What she forgets is that her main customers are from this tribe that she claims to fight with the last energy. Starting today, we are launching a campaign against the Marie Albert institutions. Until she apologizes publicly for this behavior bordering on hatred and division.


Last Friday, our colleague Zephirin KOLOKO, director of the publication of the newspaper "L'Avenir" went to the College Marie Albert located in Ekounou district in Yaoundé. He was accompanied by one of his medical friends at the Yaoundé emergency center. It was for an appointment at the request of the founder of this establishment who wanted to give his version of the facts in relation to the complaints of parents and teachers of his school group. This before the publication of the article. Indeed, the writing of the newspaper was seized by parents who lament the beatings coupled with the degrading and inhuman treatment of their children by the staff of this school. Teachers accuse the founder of hitting them often by hand and cutting their pay without justification. "As soon as we arrived at his establishment, we were identified by his secretary who announced us.

The founder receives us and is available to answer our questions. She said she was waiting for us at the office. She normally answers our first question, but from the second question, she says that the journalist is not a judge. I told him who my name was KOLOKO, a journalist including the one who asks the questions. Elle tells me that in addition I am Bamileke. She says that she is at home in Yaoundé and that she has relations with the authorities and money too. And that she hates the Bamileke who invaded their capital and we have to go home. I ask her to call who she wants and that I will see who will stop me because I came to ask for his version of the facts or because I am Bamileke.

She calls one of her "friends" magistrate who would have asked her to answer just our questions. Humiliated, she asks me to be identified again. I oppose his request categorically because I got identified when I arrived at the scene. That's when she breaks the phone of my friend's doctor and threatens to slap me like his teachers. I ask him to do it. She reminds me again that she has money. And she will call the commissioner. I ask her to call who she still wants. She contacts the commissioner. The latter arrives. The founder explains that I refuse to introduce myself. The commissioner asks her for the identification register of the visitors she could not present. This register does not exist in passing.

Faced with my categorical refusal to be identified again in front of this woman sulphurous, the Commissioner wished that we go to do it in his office at the police station of the 14th district. At the police station, they wanted us to target a PV whose object is trading influence. I refused to do so because no one has ever lodged a complaint against me. To my surprise, two school officials came to "see" the commissioner as we were preparing to leave the school. So goes Cameroon, "said our colleague zephirin KOLOKO

Source: The Future

Cameroon Crisis: Nso Clan Fawn evacuated to Kumbo

The Fon of the Nso clan, Bui division of the North West region of Cameroon, His Royal Highness Semh Mbinglo II was transported Tuesday by plane for a medical visit.

Sources in Kumbo say he was evacuated for proper medical care following a series of events in his palace that left many victims.

Other sources say he was evacuated by the army for his own safety following a series of events at the palace. The palace itself has not yet decided on the issue.

The Fon has been kidnapped by armed separatists at least three times in recent weeks, while her two sons were shot dead by unidentified armed men. last week.

Many villagers described the series of events in the area as a desecration of their clan and called for an immediate cessation.


Ayuk Tabe and Co. case: military court judges embarrassed

Secessionists' lawyers contend that the constitution of the State Counsel of Cameroon and the late submission of the list of witnesses for the prosecution at the opening of the proceedings are, in their view, in violation of the legal provisions in force. The court opted to postpone the case to relax the atmosphere.

The public lawsuit brought to Sisuku Ayuk Tabe who presents himself as the president of the State of the Ambazonia "as well as the nine members of his government" finally opened before the Military Court of Yaoundé on December 6, 2018, under background of heated debates that sometimes embarrassed the panel of judges led by Mrs. Eko Eko, the president of this jurisdiction. Now incarcerated in the main prison of Yaounde, since November 26, the self-proclaimed president and his companions were all in front of the bar. They answer of ten counts of accusations: acts of terrorism, apologie of terrorism, insurrection, armed bands, attack on the integrity of the fatherland, secession, rebellion, propagation of false news and lack of presentation of the national identity card .

This first hearing resulted in a warm reunion between the defendants and their family members, after a long secret service of 8 months in the Secretariat of State of Defense (SED) in charge of the gendarmerie. The court, which feared possible overflows or excesses during this first hearing, took an arsenal of security measures inside and outside the courtroom. In particular, the systematic filtering of entries in the court and the confiscation of telephone and photographic devices, which were not given to their owners until the end of the hearing. From the beginning of the hearing, at around 11:30, the Government Commissioner (Procurator) took special requisitions "at which he asked the parties to the trial to avoid turning the bar into a forum of personal passions. He invited everyone to courtesy and mutual respect in order to have a calm trial. It is as a result of this clarification that the president of the court called each of the accused before identifying them, according to the ritual of the criminal trial.

Me Ndocki Michele By taking the floor to present themselves in turn, the defendants all declared to be citizens of the Republic of the Ambazonia ", residents of the Federal State of Nigeria at the time of their arrest. The presentation of the accused reveals, moreover, that Mr. Sisuku Ayuk Tabe, is a computer engineer Nfor Ngola Nfor, the dean of the group, is a farmer Tassang Wilfried Fombang, the youngest of the incriminated, is a high school teacher. For their part, Henri Kimeng, Cornelius Njikimbi Kwanga, Fidelis Che, Che Augustine Awasum and Egbe Ogork are university professors, while Eyambe Elias Ebea and Shufai Blaise Sevidzena Berinyuy are, on the other hand, lawyers registered at the bar of Cameroon.

For the defense of the ten defendants, about forty law firms formed. The court needed no less than thirty minutes to record each. In this list, the presence of Mr. Fru John Asuh, designated president of the group of defense lawyers, that of Mr. Ndoki Michele of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC), Me Morfaw, the new president of the General Assembly of the order of the lawyers of Cameroon, and of course, Me Assira and Me Simh, customary of the trials related to the anglophone crisis, which were constituted by the president of the bar for the defense of their confreres involved in this affair.

To defend the interests of the State alongside the government commissioner, Mr. Duclair Mangoua pointed out. But the announcement of his constitution raised a small shield on the defense bench. Mr. Fru John Asuh, assisted by his young French-speaking colleagues, has indeed spoken out to make two reservations: the first is a relative point concerning the constitution of Me Mangoua as a state attorney, whereas he has not still received the prior authorization of the president in a case where two of his colleagues are incriminated. A reservation that the court welcomed, the college of judges removed the word from the lawyer Mindef until he regularizes its constitution.

The second reservation issued by the group of defense lawyers concerns the conduct of the trial. The defense, by its spokesman, accuses the prosecutor of the military court of having violated the legal provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure which require that the list of witnesses be communicated to the parties at least 5 days before the opening of the debates. The list of Crown witnesses was made available to the accused on the eve of the December 6th hearing. For these lawyers, this list must be declared inadmissible then-no legal reason can explain this breach which is prejudicial to the rights of the defense, they argued.Numerous interventions have gone in this direction, notably that of the new President of the General Assembly of the Bar, who maintains that there has already been opening of the proceedings in this case and that in this respect, the list of witnesses who have been transmitted with a delay, this one must be purely and simply rejected. The government commissioner will explain that the prosecution has had great difficulty in identifying its witnesses.But, he immediately said, the list of witnesses of the public prosecutor's office can not be rejected because his communication was made and will be done on time, since the hearing of December 6 n According to him, it was only a preliminary hearing and not the opening of the hearings.

Possible visits

In the face of the defense lawyers' insistence on this issue, the panel of magistrates was forced to suspend the hearing for a long consultation which lasted nearly two hours. At the resumption of the hearing, the court noted that the proceedings have not yet been opened. As a result, the public prosecutor was out of his embarrassment. He therefore has the widest deadline for submitting his list of witnesses to all defense lawyers before the next hearing, scheduled for January 10, 2019. The court thus granted the request of lawyers who want a little more time to read the elements of the case file.

A defense lawyer took advantage of the start of the public trial to raise the issue of the accused's access to their families, particularly through visits. which are prohibited until now. Mrs Eko Eko's answer: relatives wishing to visit the defendants, but also regularly constituted lawyers, can obtain a permit to communicate, which has a validity of two months renewable. The information clear and clear. This information constitutes another easing of the situation of the ten Ambazonnians, since they lived far from any contact with the outside world, until their transfer to the main prison of Yaoundé, which is a relatively ordinary penitentiary.

Before being sentenced to trial before the Military Court of Yaoundé, Mr. Sisuku Ayuk Tabe and his co-defendants appeared in turn before the Mfoundi District Court and the Central Appellate Court. They had asked for their immediate release as part of Habeas Corpus' motion for immediate release, finding that their detention was arbitrary.

Although their appeal has not been successful, it appears to have influenced the speedy enrollment of their case before the Yaoundé Military Court. As a reminder, since 2016, the regions of North-West and South-West of Cameroon face corporatist claims that have turned into secessionist movements, accompanied in some cases by terrorist acts. A fraction led by Sisuku Ayuk Tabe proclaims the creation of a state called "Ambazonia". It was these leaders of this movement who were arrested at the Nora hotel in Nigeria on January 5, 2018 and held in SED cells for 8 months before being transferred to Yaounde's main prison. In February 2018, the day after their extradition to Cameroon, the Minister of Communication indicated, in his role of spokesman for the government, that the band at Sisuku Ayuk Tabe had been made available to the Ju


Cameroon Crisis: UNSC plans action at the last council held hours ago

"Words alone will not improve things." If action is not taken Cameroon will become a more prominent issue for this Council.

Ambassador Allen prompt the conflict in Cameroon to the council during last Congress that took place hours ago.

Speaking at UNSC, Ambassador Allen said action needs to be taken otherwise Cameroon crisis will likely become a prominent issue for the Council.

"Unless action is taken swiftly, Cameroon is likely to become a more prominent issue for this Council".

UNSC council has just been concluded and the Cameroon crisis was well discussed as plans underway for action to stop the conflict in Cameroon.

Stayed turned for more updates from today's UNSC council.

Ambassador Allen at UNSC 

Ambazonia: South Yemenis demand independence vote at UN talks

A small group of southern Yemenis staged a protest outside the venue of UN peace talks in Sweden on Wednesday demanding a referendum to restore independence. Waving the flag of former south Yemen — featuring a bright blue triangle with a red star — some 30 southerners called for freedom under the watchful eye of Swedish police.

Southern Yemen was an independent country until the 1990 unification under president Ali Abdullah Saleh, a northerner who ruled for more than three decades and was killed by his rebel allies in 2017.

The south has long complained of neglect and marginalisation — grievances which did not disappear under current President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi, who is himself a southerner and leads the country during a time of devastating war.

Multiple protesters told AFP they were seeking a referendum on southern independence and shouted “Free, free South Arabia” with a loudspeaker.

“We are here to demand our right, as original inhabitants, just like in Scotland, for a referendum,” Abedelfattah Haddad, who hails from the southern city of Daleh, told AFP. “If the UN talks of democracy and pluralism, why not hold a referendum?”

Nearly four years into a war that has pushed 14 million Yemenis to the brink of starvation, the Saudi-backed government of Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi and Huthi rebels, linked to Riyadh’s arch-rival Iran, have been in UN-brokered talks since Thursday in the rural town of Rimbo in Sweden.

Southerners had complained of under-representation in the run-up to the Sweden talks. The government and rebel delegations include one southerner each, allied with the respective party.

“We are the children of the south,” Hend Omairan, a southern Yemeni activist, told AFP. “We are here today to send a message to the government and the UN special envoy: why is the south not represented in this conversation, in these consultations?”


Yaounde: UN experts concerned by crackdown on protests after October election

UN human rights experts have expressed concerns over a crackdown against protesters in Cameroon following President Paul Biya’s re-election, and called for the protection of freedom of expression, peaceful assembly and association.

International human rights standards establish the right of everyone to participate in peaceful demonstrations, the experts said. Any restriction to the freedoms of peaceful assembly and expression must be provided by the law and be necessary and proportional.

“The restrictions imposed lately by the Cameroonian authorities on the rights to peaceful assembly and expression appear to ignore such criteria, provided for by the international instruments to which Cameroon is a party,” they said. In particular, the experts underline that the country’s 2014 anti-terrorism law should not be used to curtail peaceful assembly, marches or demonstrations organised by political parties during an electoral process. Under this law, police custody can be extended from 48 hours to 15 days, and jurisdiction transferred to military courts.

Independent experts appointed by the Human Rights Council have previously expressed concerns to the authorities of Cameroon that a broad definition of terrorism, such as “disruption of the normal functioning of public services”, could be misused to ban peaceful assembly.

These worries had still not been addressed, the experts said. The authorities should respect the national legal framework for demonstrations, which requires organisers to notify local authorities seven days prior to a demonstration.

The experts acknowledged as a positive step the dropping of charges against 52 militants of the Mouvement de la Renaissance du Cameroun on 4 December, at the request of the Attorney General at the Littoral Court of Appeal, under the instructions of the Minister of Justice.

“The allegations received last month seem to indicate the establishment of a repressive climate towards civil society, political parties, and people critical of the outcome of the elections, whether it concerns their right to express their views or to manifest freely,” the experts said.

The experts repeated their calls for a review of the 2014 antiterrorism law to ensure it is not used to restrict fundamental freedoms, such as the rights to freedom of expression, peaceful assembly and association. They also urged the Government to ensure a wider democratic space is guaranteed before, during and after the forthcoming legislative and municipal elections scheduled in 2019.

Culled from Reliefweb

“Biya Beti Ewondo regime too weak to wage new war with the Bamilekes”

The President of a Bamileke group in Belgium says the Biya regime and its Beti Bulu Francophone soldiers are too weak to wage a new war with the Bamilekes of the West. The French Cameroonian who spoke to our Brussels correspondent and sued for anonymity because of his chain of businesses in Douala and Yaoundé made the remarks late yesterday during a meeting to rally support for Prof Maurice Kamto, the leader of the MRC party widely believed to have won the October 7 elections.

The business tycoon added that Ambazonians are no longer scared of a potential war with the Beti Bulu dominated Cameroon army. “No one in Yaoundé can threaten Anglophones with war and no one again can scare them by war… Ambazonians are not scared or worried about war and they are ready for it and the creation of the so-called disarmament commission signals fear of Anglophones being victorious.”

The French Cameroun citizen warned Biya and his tribal military junta against starting a new war in La Republique du Cameroun and vowed that the Bamilekes will use every available means to bring the Biya regime to its end.

The Southern Cameroons resistance today without possession of sophisticated weapons and equipment and capabilities and members and cadres and ability and expertise and experience has faith and determination and courage and will and is stronger ever since the formation of the Interim Government and proclamation of independence by President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe.

By Chi Prudence Asong

You will regret invading Southern Cameroons: Restoration Forces warns Yaounde

The Southern Cameroons Restoration Forces under the direct supervision of the Ambazonia Self-Defense Council have issued a serious warning to troops loyal to the Biya regime in Yaoundé, saying that the regime will regret invading Southern Cameroons. In a statement which was released on Monday, the Ambazonia restoration fighters noted that various strategic locations in French Cameroun will be targeted soonest.

The document that was sent to our regional office in Buea further stated that there will be a response to every French Cameroun attack in Southern Cameroons. Earlier this week, the 85 year old President Biya appointed members to the so-called disarmament commission arguing them to facilitate an end to the crisis in Southern Cameroons.

The Ambazonia Self-Defense Council was formed following President Biya’s declaration of war and subsequent invasion of Southern Cameroons and the inter-state use of terror, abduction and rendition of His Excellency Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and members of the Ambazonian Interim Government to French Cameroun.

Since then, the movement has helped the Southern Cameroons Interim Government retake control of some Southern Cameroons counties from the Yaoundé regime and it is thwarting numerous French Cameroun acts of aggression.

Ever since the war started in Southern Cameroons, Francophone soldiers have not been able to distinguish between Amba fighters and the Southern Cameroons civilian population. Cameroon government troops are hitting Southern Cameroons and destroying its infrastructure.

By Sessekou Asu Isong with files from Sama Ernest

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Breaking News: Paul Biya Ordered The Release Of 289 Anglophone Detainees With Immediate Effect

President Paul Biya has ordered the release of 289 people arrested in connection with the crisis in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon.

The release was signed this evening, 13th December 2018 by president of Republic of Cameroon.

All 289 detainees who's names are not given will be released with immediate effect. See decree below

disarmament Committee: This is what really happened to the coordinator

Unidentified individuals fired on Wednesday at the headquarters of the North West Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Committee, Gabsa Nyagha Sixtus.

The residence of Gabsa Nyagha Sixtus in Balikumbat (Ngo-Ketunjia Department, North West Region) was completely razed in a fire Wednesday evening by unidentified individuals. The latter had stormed the town before committing their crime.

It is not yet possible to say exactly why the attackers were motivated but it could well be an act of reprisal because of the collaboration between the victim and the Yaoundé regime as part of the project to disarm the secessionist fighters. Gabsa Nyagha Sixtus has been appointed to coordinate related operations in the North West Region. He was appointed Friday, December 7, by the Prime Minister.


Anglophone Crisis: UK aid provides £2.5m to Anglophones caught up in Cameroon conflict, £2m to be disbursed immediately

The UK is to supply new emergency aid to help tackle a humanitarian crisis in Cameroon, as the Minister for Africa, Harriett Baldwin calls for full humanitarian access to save thousands of children’s lives.

Fighting between Anglophone separatists and Cameroon security forces has displaced almost half a million people since tensions flared more than a year ago in the North-West and South-West regions of the country. The humanitarian situation on the ground is deteriorating, food supplies are critical and thousands of children are at risk of severe acute malnutrition.

The much-needed new UK aid funding, delivered through UNICEF, will:

treat 1,300 children who are most at risk of dying from severe acute malnutritionprovide essential drugs to treat 5,700 children for deadly diseases such as malaria, diarrhoea, and acute respiratory infectionsdeliver water and sanitation kits, non-food items and dignity kits to 10,000 peopleprovide 2,000 mosquito-nets to prevent malariavaccinate 3,500 children against measlesidentify and support many unaccompanied children.

Minister of State for Africa, Harriett Baldwin said:

Hundreds of thousands of people are living in desperate conditions in Cameroon. We call on all parties to provide full humanitarian access to ensure more lives are not put at risk.

It is the most vulnerable, particularly young children, who find themselves on the front line of this humanitarian crisis.

UK aid will make sure the most vulnerable can get the medical treatment, food, water and support they so desperately need.

The new funding will go towards a $15 million (£11.9m) emergency appeal launched earlier this year by the UN.

Notes to editors

UK aid will be providing a £2.5m contribution to the UN’s response to the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon, with £2m to be disbursed immediately through UNICEF. The remainder will be allocated in 2019 to support the coordination of the international response through the Conflict Humanitarian and Security Department (CHASE). The total number of Internally Displaced People (IDPs) has now reached 437,000. 30,000 refugees have been registered by UNHCR in Nigeria and an unknown number of people have been forced to migrate to other regions of Cameroon. More than 10% of the population of the Anglophone regions has been uprooted.


Serail: a diversion network close to Biya dismantled

Have you ever heard of the rehabilitation work of the Cameroon Embassy in Washington? ! Certainly yes or no. But what you Cameroonians do not have information is that the work of repairing the jewels bought by former President Ahmadou Ahidjo and located in the heart of Washington and the pride of our country goes at one time after remaining in the total abandonment to benefit from a budget of 09 billion CFA francs for all of its work.

Everything had been released financially to start the repair work of the Embassy of Cameroon in Washington whose building had become obsolete and 09 billion CFA Francs released to successfully conduct the said work but only, more Yaounde unblocked the money, more this money took destinations totally unknown to the chagrin of the Cameroonian treasure.

The case had begun to murmur and she had reached its peak with the formal denunciation made at the time by the former Police Commissioner seconded to the Embassy of Cameroon in Washington, named Mvondo Effemba Carson. had seized the president of the republic proof in support to denounce the embezzlement of funds for the rehabilitation of the embassy through the mafia good care of the former ambassador Foe Atangana Welcome then and especially the named Ngoubene François then preceptor to the embassy.

Whether it was Ngoubené François or even Foe Atangana, these two finance rats were only the visible face of a vast network of embezzlement that took its source from the civil cabinet of the presidency of Cameroon through the general secretariat of the Presidency to the Ministry of Finance.

This powerful network of diversion with its head Pierre Meba one of the active members of this network of Mafiosi and brother of Biya Paul, had thus put the hand over the correspondence of Police Commissioner Mvondo Effemba Carson and immediately goes to war against a Machiavellian plan against him thus causing the President of the Republic to relieve him of his duties as attaché at the embassy and returned manu militari to the country before compel him to a forced retirement. It is precisely then that the CCT will seize this file and will give a particular echo through numerous denunciations by publications, audio and video messages and even through correspondence directly addressed to the Head of State.

In this series of actions of denunciation carried out by us, we will lead in his time in particular in 2014 a concerted meeting with the minister in charge of mission to the presidency of the republic of the time, Atanga Nji so that all the information relative to this financial scandal be handed over to the president of the republic. At that time, we will even be questioned by the American authorities who suspected in these embezzlements money laundering operations on the ground to explain themselves. On this occasion, we brought them all the information, including the names of the dignitaries, both at the embassy and in Cameroon, who were involved until the blow in this financial scandal.

It is after that that the US government will seize the Cameroonian President to inform him of the information in their possession on this issue.Paul Biya will respond by raising François Ngoubene the mafia collector of his duties in Washington with immediate return to Cameroon.In the meantime, despite the ouster of Ngoubené, no one at the general secretariat or the civil cabinet of the presidency has moved and therefore, there will always be free course in the Billing and other false financial arrangements to take control of the rest of the $ 9 billion available without the restoration work of the embassy have always started.

It is in this atmosphere of widespread misappropriation that the President of the Republic will appoint a young tax collector recognized for his rigor and efficiency in the management of public finances named Balla Astride who will be the one who will finally implement the start of work of the embassy successfully by ensuring that every cent spent is actually spent in its place. Today in the finishing stage, Cameroonian diplomats should join this embassy in a few days especially after the summons of the owner of the building housing the current embassy asking to release the place because wanting to make a private university. It is besides the law firm representing the embassy which could obtain a prolongation of a few days for the Cameroonian diplomats before returning definitively the new embassy covered with its new boubou thanks to the young preceptor.

In the meantime, how does the different financial networks and the different mafia clans work at the Cameroon Embassy in Washington? ! But also, what will become of the young preceptor Astrid Balla after having prevented the old hawks from continuing the misappropriation of public funds and what will these hawks reserve for the young preceptor?  Everything in the next acts.... To follow!!!

Journalist: Patrice Nouma

Etoudi: zoom on the man who validates the economic agreements before Biya

These are called "men of the shadows".Invisible at the limit, but very influential within the state apparatus. Ayem Monger, professor of economics in Soa has been for several years economic advisor to the presidency of the Republic and attached to the general secretariat held by Ferdinand NGOH NGOH, the current vice-god.

This very discreet man is the one who currently validates the economic files.Since the departure of Seraphin Magloire Fouda from the Presidency of the Republic, he is the alpha and omega of the financial decisions to the presidency of the Republic. 95% of the files are approved.

It is therefore not surprising that he was chosen by Paul Biya as a member of the TASK FORCE to organize the CAN 2019. The Task Force validated the 51 markets of the CAN 2019 of which 41 were by mutual agreement. A Task Force consisting of Ferdinand NGOH NGOH, Seraphin Magloire Fouda, Secretary General of the Services of the Prime Minister and Ayem Monger.

Nothing surprising that the scandals of CAN 2019 mainly associate these three individuals who know each other well and work together for years.

What is important to know is that Ayem Monger is first and foremost a great friend of Seraphin Magloire Fouda. They know each other since the current MOSP was dean of the economic faculty of the University of Yaoundé II. When he is minister of higher education, Jean Marie Atangana Mebara brings Ayem Monger to MINESUP as a researcher. Then when Atangana Mebara rises general secretary of the presidency of the Republic he is called and will be named in charge of mission. he feeds the project of "pulling" his friend. Thus, under the pretext of lightening his workload and for the sake of efficiency, he will have Paul Biya validate the arrival of Seraphin Magloire Fouda as President of the Republic. When NGOH NGOH is named SGPR the three bind a friendship that is consolidating to this day.

The gang of three was formed to take control of the finances of the Republic, markets but also the administration. For this purpose, Ferdinand NGOH NGOH undertakes to place their men in the administrations.

Former students of Ayem Monger soiled besides that he had escaped a caning at the university for having decided to give 03/20 to a whole amphitheater. He was saved only by the magnanimity of a group of students. It is not surprising that he has exported this malice to the presidency of the Republic to the point of failing the organization of CAN 2019 because of their financial gluttony.

To follow: Documents showing that the Son of NGOH NGOH, Constant Moukoko, Ferdinand NGOH NGOH and Ayem Monger have trafficked the market of 6 billion initially granted to the French company ALCOR. Tell Grégoire OWONA that the coins with convictions about his involvement in CAN 2019 are being collected.

Reporter: Boris Bertolt

Withdrawal from the CAN: the guilty parties around Biya already pay for the broken pots

Successful title of a feature film that requires patience to decipher the undercuts of a government crime, unfortunately badly tied up by neophyte followers in Cameroon's socio-political environment in full mutation. They thought they would forbid Cameroonians to accept each other and in fervor, to learn to live under the sign of tolerance and fair play. Is it possible ?

No crime is perfect ", this popular maxim fits perfectly in the national sporting sphere of Cameroon; since the blow of blows assaulted by the African Confederation of Football that directs with tact and precisions, the Madagascan Ahmad Ahmad, well maintained by endogenous forces which abound with Paul Biya, reelected president of the Republic of Cameroon at the end of the polls The words of the Cameroonian military putschists from 04 to 06 April 1984 are confirmed on a daily basis: "they behave as if they had to fill their pockets as quickly as possible before it was too late".

Yes, those in charge of the seraglio, some of whom were charged with the heavy task of diligently carrying out the governmental prescriptions; those responsible for shame have finally spread their greedy appetites for the siphoning of public assets, are at bay and do not know which saints to devote themselves to; After having cleverly broken the hearts of Cameroonians, sealed the dawn of the rebirth of a jewel around which the Cameroonians in their full majority finally had to move, in a common passion, to offer intense moments of pleasure under a sun radiant. They come by their sordid, Machiavellian designs to deprive an entire nation of play, spectacle, cries, the most lively outbursts, jubilation, joy and ecstasy.

Our new and rehabilitated stadiums already looked great; if the predispositions taken "Cameroon will be ready the day said" Paul Biya, not to mention the harmful entry on the stage of a group of renegades, were to be places of animation, emulation and not death antechambers as prescribed by certain pundits of the regime to the gluttony proved and without shame drunk. They provoked in us disgusting, disgusting and cries of disarray, distress, remorse under a hatred on the back burner of all Cameroon, bowels under the throes of the boko haram terrorist sect, jolts and vindictive behaviors of Ambazonians in quest for occasional legitimacy.

A crime punishable by public beatings followed by life imprisonment

There is no more criminal than the one who snatches our last hope. To condemn this crime on earth would open wide the doors of salvation up there and we will have endorsed this dance macabre for some peccadilloes; capped for the occasion with crowns of thorns. The clumsy exit of the accomplices of the nation's defenders who dare to argue about the withdrawal of the organization of the Africa Cup of Nations is evidence of a blatant immorality to attack this unifying project of all Cameroonians. They pretend to forget that to inflict upon a whole nation such humiliation, driven by immoral aims requires the partition and the establishment of a special tribunal. Any form of violence, no matter how small, should be reprimanded without remorse, and it is time for President Paul Biya to take action without further trial. The future of a whole people is at stake and in inexpert hands. The sooner the better.

We are more worried about this new form of fraud, of institutional prevaricators that should be described as sports violence that inexorably gains our arena. Yes, it is and becomes omnipresent under the ironwork of a clique of officials to whom the devolute had been thrown and the unction of fidelity reaffirmed by the first sportsman. Unable to meander the various sites, streets, accommodation centers or sanitary structures mirrored on some communications media, on the smooth progress. By the virility of acts of destabilization of a country well orchestrated posed, resentment born of these hooligans should be the appropriate sanctions to wash the international affront of a country whose only evocation made thrill any opponent to the point of forfeiting Social and pecuniary sanctions are not enough and legal action should be taken to eradicate this unhealthy gangrene. They are assimilated negatively to the corrupt and corrupt arbitrators who are far away from these excesses that are looming on the horizon because of the whistles that frustrate, and are not spared, because of their failed actions.

Despite the unpleasant comfort of our different homes, offices, workshops, markets and transport vehicles, roads, hospitals, public places and public institutions; our stages in gestations should be meeting places for men, different from each other, who, by a common passion, would succeed in making common cause, at least in dialogue; To accept each other and in fervor, to learn to live under the sign of tolerance and fair play. But unfortunately !

Source: The Pelican No. 239

Here is the powerful man of the shadow of Biya for 40 years who finances 'these delusions'

Discreet until the obsession, Adolphe Moudiki directs the SNH since twenty-five years. Portrait of a man as faithful as powerful, whose head of state refuses to separate. 

This is a case that will bounce back on May 24 before the Paris Court of Appeal. It opposes the National Hydrocarbons Company (SNH) to the founders of International Business Corporation (IBC), an industrial steel distribution company."From the day of the entry of the SNH into the capital of this company that I built with my hands, his intention was to dispossess me," complains the businessman Leopold Ekwa Ngalle, sued for embezzlement public funds and exile in the United States.

Terminated and replaced in April 2014 by a SNH executive following a capital increase, he was expelled manu militari from his offices. Repudiated by the banks, leaded by losses, IBC was finally placed in liquidation on August 23, 2017, and the episode speaks volumes about the methods and power of the financial arm of the Cameroonian regime.

Moreover, the questions addressed to the SNH remain generally unanswered. "I report only to the President of the Republic," retorted Jean Assoumou Mvé, the former boss of the company, a journalist he found too curious. It was in the late 1980s, but nothing has changed since. From this cult of discretion, Adolphe Moudiki has also made a precept.

The art of moving under the radar

General Director of the SNH Since 1993, Moudiki has let it appear even less than his predecessor. He does not give an interview.  Sheltered out of sight in a building far from the city center, the company's muffled structure is beyond the control of Parliament, while its importance is vital for public finances. When the SNH declares - on its website - to have transferred to the Treasury nearly 4528 billion CFA francs between 2008 and 2017, no one knows on the basis of which equation.

Even the multilateral partners have not managed to dispel the heavy fog that surrounds its activities. Since the 1990s, the IMF has urged the state to "stop using SNH as an off-budget expenditure mechanism in advance". In its 2017-2020 triennial plan, signed on June 26, it obtained from Cameroon that it undertakes to limit this recourse. Did he obey? Nothing is less sure. Under the leadership of this remarkable boss for his obsessive discretion, the SNH has learned to move under radars.

A 79-year-old man fighting the disease, Moudiki told several people that he wanted to retire. But in the Biya system, the retreat is left to the discretionary discretion of the leader, who shows little eagerness to let go of this faithful collaborator who has dedicated to him forty years of his life.

As soon as he was appointed Prime Minister, in 1975, Paul Biya called the young fresh magistrate from the National School of Administration and Magistracy (Enam) to his cabinet as technical advisor before promoting him as secretary-general. In 1982, Biya succeeded Ahidjo and moved with his protégé to Etoudi. In 1988, Moudiki inherited the strategic post of director of the civil cabinet of the presidency. After a stint at the head of the National Railways, he passed the Minister of Justice before the keys of the SNH were entrusted to him, on the death of Assoumou Mvé. Moudiki has the profile.Of a reserved nature, he leaves little.Coming from the administrative middle class of Yaounde, he does not despise this class populated by upstarts.

It abhors effusions and familiarities. At the height of condescendence among the Bantu, he may be able to drive a member of his family cheeky enough to go see him without an appointment. This did not settle his unpopularity in his native fief of Bonamouti, a district in the north-east of Douala. But "Mr. Oil" cares as a guinea: he does not make politics and let rumors flourish, like the extravagant one that lends to this Franco-Cameroonian often seen at the polling station. the French Embassy in Yaoundé during the French presidential elections the desire to be buried in Herault, near Montpellier.

Sometimes loneliness weighs on him, says Léopold Ekwa Ngalle, the partner who became a friend before the IBC dispute arose: "When he is confident, he appreciates the intellectual argument and can even pour out. "On the other hand, he has the chic to scramble with his friends, such as Samuel Kondo, the former president of the Trade Union of Industrialists of Cameroon (Syndustricam), with whom he is cold.

Deadly blow

It is not easy for Biya to find a new great money-maker, mentally strong enough not to give in to the power of the base metal. Assoumou Mvé had built a sumptuous residence with a golden faucet (his family has turned into an inn, unable to maintain it), but Moudiki does not like the noisy luxury. When he stays in Paris, he carefully avoids palaces, preferring rented apartments in the beautiful neighborhoods. On Sunday, this connoisseur of fine food is happy to eat at the Auberge Dab, next to Porte Maillot.

A few years ago, according to an established tradition, the SNH's austere and his wife, Nathalie, invited to dinner, every December 31, at the restaurant Le Safoutier Hilton Yaoundé, a couple of their very few friends, the husband Casalegno.Jacqueline, born Chanas, settled in Cameroon since 1953, was the manager of Chanas & Privat, a general insurance agent who became in 1999 - unpublished! - a full insurance company.

Boosted by very large contracts, including that of SNH and its affiliates encouraged to do the same, the Company had emerged at the head of its branch at the national level. The success story lasted until the arrival of dozens of employees or executives of the SNH to its capital, up to 20%. There followed a quarrel between Moudiki and Casalegno, and a ruthless war of attrition. Wearing the fatal blow, the boss of the SNH refused to renew his juicy insurance policy. It was asphyxiation.Jacqueline Casalegno resigned in November 2014. The dinners were over on New Year's Eve.

Paul Biya wants to keep it, but the departure of this peculiar character will not make many unfortunate, except perhaps among those which he has sometimes indirectly allowed the nomination at the head of large companies controlled by the SNH. Léopold Ekwa Ngalle describes "a strategy of equity participation in companies in the productive sector implemented by its main collaborators": "Entering the capital allows them to preempt a board of directors here, a general direction there" . "

Thus of Antoine Bikoro Alo'o. Technical adviser grinding black after twenty years of SNH, it is imposed in 2008 at the head of shipyards and industrial Cameroon (CNIC). He will be disembarked two years later - following a strike strike of employees - to rebound in April 2014 as managing director of IBC, including Bernard Bayiha, another technical adviser gnawing its brakes in the shadow of Moudiki , will chair the board of directors.Once a flourishing company, the CNIC fired 270 employees last January.

He reads everything, annotates and corrects

Moudiki is not appreciated by the bosses of the private sector, not only because his interventions have put companies in difficulty, but also because under his "reign" not a Cameroonian operator has emerged in the exploration -exploitation.

The country's first fortune, Baba Ahmadou Danpullo is at the head of an empire estimated at more than 940 million dollars. He owns assets in the crude in Angola, but is asked to curb his ardor in his own country. While Nigeria's oil billionaires are jostling for the ranking of large fortunes, Cameroonian private actors remain excluded from upstream oil.

"The Cameroonian oil adventure is purring.Ahidjo had taken her out of sight, Biya had asleep with Moudiki, sighs a Parisian trader. When one writes to him, he does not answer! "However, assure former collaborators, he reads all, annotates and corrects ... Cashier of the" expenses of sovereignty ", which are often of a character of urgency, this cautious jurist likes to take his time. Trained in the Biya method, he never acts under the pressure of immediacy. "Some secretaries general of the presidency were rebuffed when they called him at his home to settle a pressing case. The master of the house made them answer that he was at the table, therefore unavailable, "said one of his relatives.

At the height of the IBC case, on May 30, 2014, an interministerial committee was convened by the Prime Minister's office.But, at the appointed hour, Moudiki's point, yet of a Swiss watch punctuality. His collaborators were also absent. They did not come to the meeting, however, chaired by the head of government, Philemon Yang, in the presence of at least four ministers and a representative of the presidency of the Republic. The message had the merit of being clear: in Yaoundé, few can summon Moudiki.


Nathalie Engamba Ada

Very influential in the SNH, the wife of Adolphe Moudiki is assistant head of the legal division of the company. She is also a confidante of Chantal Biya.

Christian Franck Nsom Engamba

Moudiki's brother-in-law is one of the key elements of the family system installed at the head of the SNH. Business executive, he is the eyes and ears of the boss.

Perrial Nyodog

This SNH alumni has always built and runs Tradex, a fuel distribution company that has developed in the sub-region. It achieved a net profit of 7.92 billion CFA francs at December 31, 2016.

Oscar Matip

The Deputy Director General of Addax Petroleum Cameroon, previously at the General Directorate of Mines and Geology at the Ministry of Mines, is one of Moudiki's protégés.


The case has hit the headlines and has earned Adolphe Moudiki, one of its protagonists, some inconvenience. When, on August 21, 2001, the government asked the SNH for a $ 31 million advance to finance the purchase, unbeknownst to the IMF, of a presidential Boeing Business Jet (the famous Albatross), Moudiki runs without asking questions.

The episode nevertheless returns to him like a boomerang when the central agency of the BNP, in Paris, requires justifications on the "economic justification" of a payment of 13 million dollars made on August 22, 2001 in favor of GIA , the company responsible for negotiating the purchase of the device. To calm the BNP and avoid closing accounts, Moudiki is obliged to come to Paris himself with the order of the Minister of Finance.

But the fire is declared: Cameroon has not received the plane, Moudiki is heard November 18, 2008 by an investigating judge in its offices of the SNH. The case is the culmination of the imprisonment of Marafa Hamidou Yaya and Jean-Marie Atangana Mebara, two former secretaries-general of the presidency, and former Prime Minister Ephraim Inoni. Moudiki has never been called to the bar. In the interest of all, it is better for him to stay in the shadows.


The Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR), an elite unit that is the pride of the Cameroonian army and has distinguished itself in the fight against Boko Haram, does not emanate from the budget. of the Ministry of Defense, but benefits from special funds that he allocates ... the SNH!An endowment that makes envious: the Directorate General for external research (the Cameroonian intelligence service) has long been fought to benefit too.