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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Messanga Nyamding: "President Paul Biya is alive ... he takes care of his little family"

On the set of the weekly program “La Cour des grands“ Messanga Nyamding made revelations. The political science teacher at IRIC reviewed political news.

He notably mentioned the question of the ultimatum that Maurice Kamto had set for Paul Biya. Messanga Nyamding assured that Paul Biya was alive.

“President Paul Biya is alive. I would like to officially reassure the Cameroonians that the president is vague about his concerns, he is taking care of his little family. And through this opportunity that Radio Artists gives us, I would like to reassure all Cameroonians by telling them, do not be afraid, Paul Biya, certainly is not eternal, but in the meantime, with the grace of God almighty , hand on heart, I assure you that Paul Biya is working, and very soon, you will hear from him, ”said Messanga Nyamding.

Furthermore, he deplores the silence noted within the CPDM on this issue. “I am a member of the CPDM central committee committee. Many colleagues did not react to the announcement outside of the head of government communications, ”he said.

In addition, he accuses Western media of plotting around the "supposed" death of Paul Biya. “If the president were to die, I, Messanga Nyamding, would be the first to say that we are affected. At the time when this rumor is being conveyed, at the moment when the Kamto threat is pending, we saw again this morning, RFI saying that President Paul Biya has not yet left, and that he has not yet communicated. Radio France Internationale points out that we have waited for several heads of state, except Paul Biya. Do you think it's chance? ", He accuses.

Actu Cameroun

Latest: The attack on police stations and gendarmeries in Douala

The watchword is given by the "Fighters" pro MRC. Cameroonian youth must take to the streets of Douala to attack the police and gendarmerie posts in the city. This is the announcement that was made today by a gathering of pro Kamto activists.

"If we take the 100 police multiplied by 5 police stations, that makes 500. Let's double that, that makes 1000. Let's take the gendarmerie, I'm not sure they are 100. Let's put 200. If each district in Douala goes out with 1500 people , they can't do anything. Because at some point they too are afraid for their lives. So I draw the attention of those who listen to us in Cameroon, do not be afraid of anything. Those who take a weapon, even if it is loaded anyway, at one point you will shoot one and the others will turn to you and you will flee. They will not even go out in uniform, " 

said the fighter Henri in a video conference in which Kamoua La Panthère, the Cameroonian activist who announced in Mondovision the death of Paul Biya, the President of the Republic, participated. 

For the moment, no details are given on the exact date on which the attacks will take place. One of the participants in the video conference announced for April 06, the demonstration of motorcycle taxi drivers. 

Many Cameroonians are waiting for the result of the ultimatum given by the president of Mr Maurice Maurice to the president of the Republic. As a reminder, last Friday, Kamto had given Paul Biya 7 days so that he could comment on the current health crisis in Cameroon.

Indeed, according to the latest figures announced by the Minister of Health Malachie Manauda, ​​Cameroon now has 509 cases of Covid-19. Cameroon thus becomes one of the most affected countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Despite the gravity of the situation, the President of the Republic refuses to address the nation. Sources close to the presidency reveal Paul Biya's poor state of health. He would be evacuated urgently to Switzerland where he died according to other sources. 

A war of succession has also been open in Etoudi for a few days. 


URGENT: Paul Biya will not be in Bordeaux in June

The 28th Africa – France Summit which was to be held in Bordeaux from June 4 to 6 will no longer take place on the dates initially scheduled. 53 heads of state and 100 entrepreneurs were African guests.

This major political event orchestrated by Emmanuel Macron was to provide an opportunity for African leaders, including Paul Biya from Cameroon, to commit to the sustainable city of tomorrow. 

Visiting Cameroon from March 2 to 4, Secretary General of the Africa-France summit Stéphanie Rivoal had indicated that, like the 53 other African countries invited, Cameroonian companies are eagerly awaited to share their know-how and seize funding opportunities, from June 4 to 6, 2020 in Bordeaux. 

The secretary general had above all announced that a hundred Cameroonians are expected to attend this summit, including thirty companies. 

As a reminder, the Franco-Cameroonian Pierre de Gaëtan Njikam Mouliom, 3rd Deputy Mayor of Bordeaux is the Co-Chairman of the National Organizing Committee for the Africa-France 2020 Summit.

Njikam Mouliom, close to the French politician Alain Juppé indicated before the announcement of the report that by hosting the 28th Africa-France 2020 Summit on the theme of the "Sustainable City", Bordeaux assumes its dual vocation of being the territory benchmark in France for a privileged, innovative and forward-looking relationship with Africa and to be an exemplary metropolis in terms of sustainable cities. 

The Coronavirus fault 

Announced by Emmanuel Macron in Ouagadougou in 2017, the Africa-France summit in Bordeaux is based on the theme of Sustainable Cities and Territories. 

In view of the progress of the situation linked to the Covid-19 epidemic, several international events planned for France in June and July next and calling for the participation of many heads of state as well as of civil society will be postponed.


Disturbing testimonies of nurses facing Coronavirus

Mireille is afraid of being infected with the coronavirus. Nurse at the central hospital of Yaoundé, one of the centers where the patients of Covid-19 are treated in Cameroon, this mother of five does not work at the isolation unit where the patients of this training are confined hospitable. However, like her colleagues, she received many patients who came for consultations for fever, diarrhea, etc. So many signs related to the coronavirus.

“My children ask me not to go to the hospital any more. They say to me "Mum, you're going to go and get infected there". If the cases continue to flow, we will give up. You can't have this love of work to go to death and abandon your children, ”admits Mireille. The nurse is all the more anxious because the decontamination solutions, masks and other protective equipment are insufficient. Cameroon counts, on Friday April 3, 306 cases of contamination and 7 deaths. 

More serious, she continues, the hospital faces water cuts. “At the weekend, we didn't have water. When I leave my house, I take my bottle and put it in my bag, I have my soap to wash my hands. We are really exposed, ”she repeats tirelessly. Like Mireille, many healthcare workers, on the front line in the fight against the coronavirus, have lived in anxiety since the confirmed cases of Covid-19 are increasing in Cameroon. Many fear being infected. According to various sources, at least five of them have been contaminated. 

"Losing soldiers" 

A situation that creates panic. “At the start of a battle like this, we must not afford the luxury of losing soldiers. We must protect the caregivers, "proclaimed on the private television channel Equinoxe Professor Eugène Sobngwi, medical advisor at the central hospital in Yaoundé, adding that two caregivers of this hospital training were kicked out of their house by their spouse, for fear of contamination and are now accommodated in the hospital rooms of the hospital. 

According to unions and associations of caregivers contacted by Le Monde Afrique, many nurses have expressed their desire to give up the “fight against the coronavirus” most often under pressure from their family or because of their bad work conditions. For many years, health workers have been on strike in Cameroonian public hospitals to denounce the lack of equipment and faulty or nonexistent technical platforms, abusive exploitation, non-payment of premiums…

“We lack everything, everywhere. Whether in public or private hospitals, "says Sylvain Nga Onana, president of the National Union of Staff of Establishments and Companies in the Cameroonian health sector, one of the main unions in the sector. "The pandemic surprised us and the staff were not quite prepared," said Balla Balla. The national president of the Syndicate of medical and health personnel of Cameroon (Sympens) confides that "the concern is growing" among the thousands of members of his organization. 

" I am scared " 

At Laquintinie hospital in Douala, which houses the Covid-19 patient treatment center in the economic capital, Nadia * 's phone rings constantly, to the point where she is sometimes forced to switch it off to work. Her husband, mother, brothers and sisters are worried. The young woman, however, does not “yet” work in the isolation unit: “They always ask me why I am still there. They fear that I will be infected and that I will contaminate them afterwards. I am scared. The increase in patients will force all the staff to mobilize and I do not know if I will treat these patients. " 

To limit desertions, Joseph Nkwain, president of the Cameroonian Nurses Association, is raising awareness among its members. However, this director of a training institute for laboratory technicians, who is also a primary nurse at the regional hospital in Bamenda in the English-speaking North-West, is like other people afraid of infections. “My biggest concern is the rapid spread and the condition of our hospitals. They lack equipment and personnel. The nurses' workload will surely increase with little motivation. We recommend massive recruitment of nurses, ”he said. 

In March, the Minister of Health, Doctor Manaouda Malachie, invited all of the "health personnel in the process of integration" to appear without delay in the regional delegations of their choice, with a view to their immediate mobilization As part of the response to covid-19. “This is an unprecedented situation. Our generation has never known that. It is true that people have not been trained, but all the doctors have been trained in virology. This is the basis, ”says World Africa, Guy Sandjon.

"Do not leave the front" 

For the president of the National Order of Doctors of Cameroon (ONMC), "the salvation" of the country lies in prevention. According to him, if the situation currently experienced by Westerners is reproduced here, “it will be terrible, because we have a less efficient system. It is a highly contagious disease that saturates the health system wherever it goes. " 

To encourage caregivers working in isolation centers and hospitals, Doctor Guy Sandjon explains that the Order will offer at least a thousand masks, cartons of soap, bleach and hydroalcoholic gel to caregivers , " To protect them ". "It is a symbolic gesture, a gesture of encouragement and solidarity which I hope will appeal to others. The government cannot do everything alone, ”he says. 

At the regional hospital in Bafoussam, in the west of the country, Sophie, whom she met in October 2019 during our visit, did not "change her dream". "I chose medicine for that. I wanted to heal. Heal the sick. Soothe the suffering, ”says the nurse on the phone. On the Internet, she read the stories of doctors, nurses and other caregivers who became infected or died from the coronavirus. “Today in Cameroon, we are like soldiers. It is true that we do not have enough weapons. But we must not leave the war front. The thirty-something promises to continue her studies and to specialize in virology or epidemiology, if "I survive corona".


Coronavirus: Patrick Mboma speaks once again about the death of his uncle

The former striker of the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon regretted the attitude of the Cameroonian authorities who, tried to hide the true origin of the death of his parent while pretending to be a mythomaniac.

In the early hours of Monday morning, March 23, 2020, Patrick Mboma announced on his twitter account, the death of his uncle Achille Essome Moukouri, first victim of the Covid-19 on Cameroonian soil. 

"Awful news!" A call from my mother this morning to tell me that I have just lost my uncle Achille Essome Moukouri. Thank you Covid-19. To all those who think in Cameroon that these are only stories, I beg you, stay confined. It's the only thing to do, ”he announced. 

If the information relayed by the sports consultant was fully proven, the Cameroonian authorities immediately contradicted him, claiming that the deceased had rather succumbed to heart failure and diabetes, pathologies they had been dragging on for a long time. 

Government co-pedaling

A few days after the denial, the Minister of Public Health Manaouda Malachie changed his mind, acknowledging during a press conference that Achille Essome Moukouri had indeed died from the consequences of Coronavirus. 

This communication cacophony more saddened Patrick Mboma who was already suffering from the departure of his uncle. 

"For my uncle, it was difficult, I do not know why the authorities wanted to hide it but in reality, he was the first patient who should have been declared", he indicated Monday during the 'Talents d'Afrique' program on Canal + Afrique. The bad news then followed for the ex-player of Paris-Saint Germain who was also marked by the death of Pape Diouf on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday. 

"It was a very difficult week at first," he said.


Saturday, April 4, 2020

Vacancy in power: Maurice Kamto refuses to be trapped by Biya's game

While he gave a 7-day ultimatum to Paul Biya to speak to the Cameroonian since March 27 relative to the Covid-19, the perpetual silence of the latter prompted President Maurice Kamto to make concrete proposals for health Cameroonians, not without indicating that very soon he will initiate a legal process to make note of the vacancy in Cameroon.

The opportunists 

Maurice Kamto opened his address with a note of sadness. He is sorry for the numerous damages due to the Coronavirus in Cameroon with the evocation of the death of the legend Manu Dibango and many other Cameroonians on the native land or beyond the borders. It is with definite interest that he wishes to highlight the global threat that this pandemic represents for Cameroon. Accused of having seized this opportunity to satisfy his political desires, Maurice Kamto points out that it is his right to question a commander-in-chief when his team is in crisis, that he is only asking that adequate measures be taken for the salvation of the people. 

He indicates that those who want to exploit the health distress of Cameroonians for political ends are those who: “hide behind a phantom head of state to take measures below the gravity of the pandemic and the legitimate expectations of Cameroonians; open the country to the prospect of a health catastrophe with many victims to hope for a “sacred union” which would divert attention from the Ngarbuh massacres; impose a political silence that would allow them to quietly tinker with an over-the-counter succession for which they flood social networks with false information in order to distract or test the reaction of opinion; expose Cameroon to an economic crisis without comparison with other African countries of the same level affected by the pandemic, but whose heads of state have taken energetic measures commensurate with the situation." 

Paul Biya, the defaulter 

Paul Biya was called on March 27, 2020 by President Maurice Kamto as provided for in the constitution to "address the Cameroonians, himself, to tell them what his response is against COVID-19 and above all, to mobilize his compatriots in this war against the invisible enemy, by announcing, among other things, the means of financing the confinement that are necessary, as well as support for households and businesses in order to avoid an economic and social collapse of the country. The silence of Paul Biya is well maintained as well as the slightest public appearance in relation to this major health crisis seven days after the ultimatum. “We do not force anyone to assume functions, especially not those of President of the Republic. But when we decide to assume them, as a result of a democratic choice or even by an institutional or other coup, the consenting or undergoing people have legitimate expectations vis-à-vis the government and the right to question them on their conduct of public affairs. He notes, adding that no army can win a war with the effigies of a commander-in-chief only that the troop neither sees nor hears.

To get out of it, without going out 

Before the silence of Yaoundé; Maurice Kamto continues his outpouring of generosity with his compatriots. He invites his compatriots to mobilize to face this pandemic by joining a popular initiative called "SURVIE-CAMEROON-SURVIVAL INITIATIVE" whose objectives are to help cope with the health emergency; provide a response to the social and economic impact of the pandemic; and to prepare the battle for the reconstruction of communities and the survival of our nation. He invited his compatriots from Cameroon and the diaspora to put themselves in confinement and that the initiative will make arrangements for the accompaniment of patients, nursing staff and households. 

Vacancy of power 

If Maurice Kamto suspects that Paul Biya is making fun of Cameroonians "I cannot exclude that Mr. BIYA is attempting a political maneuver of which he is customary: let spread the rumor of his own death to try to test the reaction of Cameroonians in order to return to display his physical form and taunt his compatriots; except that it would be a very serious casualness with regard to the imperative of its presence in the dramatic situation in which the country finds itself. "Declared Maurice Kamto who warns" But if, within 7 days of the publication of this declaration, the de facto President of Cameroon had not given physical proof that it is he who is in charge of the 'State; we would be obliged to initiate adequate legal procedures to obtain the statement, by the competent authorities, the presidential vacancy and its constitutional consequences; I reserve the right to call for more drastic measures. », Indicates the leader who has several times launched for the Cameroonians« Let us work to take our destiny in hand. "

Human scandal: the real plans of Biya and the RDPC against Corona finally exposed

The West, through the American ambassador to Cameroon, Peter Henry Barlerin, has taken decisive action and warned the young Paul Biya, 87, of the dangers that the coronavirus represents for people of his age. He advised the Yaoundé regime to adopt a firmer and more rigid response to the pandemic. Biya was immediately dispatched to Mvomeka'a and since then, we have not heard from the French head of state in Cameroon.

Minister of Biya, Grégoire Owona, and high-ranking members of parliament are said to have mixed with the President of the National Assembly, Cavaye Djibril, whose well-placed source revealed that he had contracted the coronavirus in a hospital in France . Cameroon Intelligence Report understands that many ruling CPDM deputies who met with the Honorable Cavaye Djibril have isolated themselves to raise questions about President Biya's health statement after a meeting with Minister Grégoire Owona who had met the President of the National Assembly, Cavaye Djibril, in front of the cameras after his re-election. 

Parliamentarians and members of the so-called Senate Chamber met in Yaoundé but it was President Biya, from his isolated fortress of Mvomeka'a, who announced the government's solidarity fund to fight the spread of the virus. The CPDM plan made public by Prime Minister Dion Ngute did not take into account Cameroonians forced to quit their jobs and livelihoods because of the virus. 

The Cameroonian government plan also does not provide means to intensify social distancing strategies to fight the virus. Thousands of people are busy with their daily activities and in rural areas; large gatherings are still on the agenda, which makes the coronavirus pandemic pass for a joke and especially for a sino-american and european affair. 

While the total number of confirmed cases in Cameroon stands at 509, the CPDM regime, without an aggressive plan and with a failing public health system, has brought its hat to the World Health Organization. Biya and his crime syndicate RDPC do not want anything, not even the measure of social distancing which has been very successful in European countries such as Ireland and Germany. We of the Cameroon Concord News Group can now reveal that Biya-CPDM's strategy is no longer to contain the spread of the coronavirus but to spread its spread in Cameroon and collect millions of US dollars from the World Organization for health and other Cameroonian donors. 

So far, the Minister of Communication, who is not himself in the inner circle of President Biya, has carefully regulated the flow of information on Biya's health to the Cameroonian public. People across the country are now focusing on what could happen if Biya dies rather than the deadly coronavirus. The situation in Cameroon was made more difficult by the arrival of French soldiers from Gabon.

Cameroon Intelligence Report has not yet confirmed this latest French deployment to Cameroon, but what we do know is that the Prime Minister and Head of Government is still pursuing a French-speaking policy in southern Cameroon and recently appointed Minister Paul Tasong and Njong Donatus as national coordinator and deputy national coordinator of the presidential plan for the reconstruction and development of the North West and South West regions. 

Cameroonian government officials avoided any situation highlighting the health of President Biya and the coronavirus, and continued to exercise discretion over the dangers of Biya's death for eternity. Biya cannot fly abroad and does not plan to be tested by a Cameroonian doctor. He is very frail and it seems that those who claim to be the guards of power in Yaoundé are taking steps in advance to ensure a smooth transition and continuity with the status quo. 

Today, however, some Cameroonian political commentators are calling on the regime's barons to change course - from begging and borrowing to support the regime and contain the coronavirus when meeting the Ambazonian leader, President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe in a forum transparent and to discuss the future of British and French Cameroon.. But the alarm has been palpable in Etoudi since Biya began its process of self-isolation in Mvomeka'a. The coronavirus is already having a significant impact on the Cameroonian economy, which is now without support from the oil and gas sector. For 37 years at the head of the State, Biya has done nothing to keep Cameroon and its people in good health and financial security. 

As a result, the coronavirus is slowly but surely signaling the end of Mr. Biya - a monstrous responsibility of a head of state and a political disaster that has lasted for decades.

Etoudi: A priest compares the silence of Biya to that of Jesus before his death

The silence of the President of the Republic Paul Biya in this health crisis period worries all actors in the socio-political life of Cameroon.

After the leader of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC), Prof Maurice Kamto, it is Father Ludovic Lado (Jesuit) 's turn to break the silence. 

In a reflection published on social networks, "the man of God" compares and silence Paul Biya to that of Jesus in this Easter period. 

"There is an hour to come into the world, we do not choose it. There is an hour to leave, and often we do not choose it either. It is on the side of passion." he says. ENTIRETY. 

“Where has President Paul Biya been since the start of the health crisis? Why is he hiding? "

An hour ago to come into the world, we don't choose it. There is an hour to leave, and often we do not choose it either. It's on the side of passion. 

At the moment when our media are saturated on a daily basis with the counting of the dead and contaminated, but also of the healed, of the coronavirus, we enter providentially on the liturgical level in the time of the passion of Jesus Christ. 

Now who says passion says suffering and death! Like what in all life, there is a time for action and there is a time for passion where we suffer and experience the painful helplessness of the forces of death. It is everyone's path, without exception. So it makes no sense to live as if you were never going to die. 


If Jesus triumphantly entered the city of Jerusalem where his highest ranking detractors are concentrated, it was to courageously face the inevitable, the hour of his death. After several failed attempts to get rid of him, failed because "his hour had not arrived" (a phrase commonly used in the Gospel of John), the time has come for him to leave. He himself senses it: "It is near at hand, the hour when the Son of man is delivered into the hands of sinners. "Yes, at this hour, the sky is silent and we lament:" My God my God, why did you abandon me". 

Abandoned ? God does not abandon anyone. He is only silent! To avoid negotiations. Everyone has their time! When she arrives, you have to leave. For many, especially the older ones, coronavirus sounds the departure time. And we have to go. They did nothing to be targeted. It's just time to leave. 

There is a time to live and it must be used correctly. There is a time to suffer and die. This is indeed the universal human condition. Death is an anthropological universal. This is why the excessive fear of death translates an inauthentic relationship to life. Because death can be the dung, the humus, of life. This is what nature teaches us every day when a rotten strain feeds the life of the offspring. 


Coronavirus wrests loved ones from our daily lives, and we are right to cry because of the emotional charge. Ironically, it targets older people, as if to invite us to give meaningful content to our life while we are still young. When the time comes to leave, you have to leave to make room for the youngest and thus become for them the humus that makes them green and bloom. 

If the rulers of Central Africa could understand this lesson of coronavirus which targets mainly the oldest, we would no longer have old men over 80 years in power. Where has President Paul Biya been since the start of the health crisis? Why is he hiding? 

Why does he not pass the hand to a younger, still vigorous, to continue the path. When you have had your time, you must have the wisdom to withdraw and prepare to leave. Jesus was only 33 years old when his time arrived, but in thirty-three years he had accomplished his mission on earth. In the 33 years, he had only three years of active life. And more than two thousand years later it continues to positively influence lives. 

The quality of a life is not measured by its length or the way in which one dies. We can live long but for nothing. Just as one can have a short but rich life. Many want to live long, but what for? That is the question!

It doesn't matter how you die. Jesus who spent his life on earth doing good and so often surrounded by crowds died excruciatingly alone with only four people (his mother, his aunt, a friend and a friend) at the foot of his cross, symbol of infamy . He has been quietly buried much like the coronavirus victims for several months. 

We have our hands regularly, besides Pilate does it so well in the story of passion that we are going to meditate these days, but above all we often have our hearts to always be ready to leave when the time of each will arrive. 

Finally, do not experience the confinement during Holy Week too badly, it is passion itself in action, which stings us alive. Let us live it in communion with all those affected and infected by coronavirus. 

Have a good week of passion.


Paul Biya's failure: Maurice Kamto commits a pustch

While browsing my Facebook news feed, I came across a text so implausible that I can hardly believe that the real author is really the character mentioned. Hence my reservation: would it be Professor Kamto who wrote this?

You will remember that a week ago, a text of the same, addressing "the Cameroonian people" of which each of us is a part, put in residence the President of the Republic, accused of having perpetrated a "heist "... 

To effectively assume its functions in the fight against covid-19. Otherwise, the signatory Sieur (hereinafter "President-Elect", on the document bearing the logo of a political party), would assume his responsibilities. 

At the end of the deadline, another text came to follow him, more ubiquitous than the first, with at least the good taste of no longer engaging in training by using his logo. Even if the signatory is apparently the president. 

This second letter is long. Here are just the main ideas. 

1) The author notes the failure of the Head of State 

2) He calls on the country to "self-organize" 

3) He creates a personalized struggle initiative with a fund. 

4) He decides on remedial measures which are very similar to acts of defiance of authority. All this, the author commits them to his good faith and his unwavering love for his Nation. Good: let's see what it gives ... 

First, I comment on love. This word means absolutely nothing. We know people who kill for love. It is not up to you to express your love for the Nation. It is this one, which notes it from an evaluation of your actions.

I. Failure of the Head of State 

The failure of the President of the Republic is something possible, since it is enshrined in the constitution. But who has the power to note it, if the case were to fail? A party leader (even self-proclaimed President-Elect)? 

The President of the Constitutional Court? That of the Supreme Court? Or some other institution? We have 300 parties. Imagine that everyone puts the President on notice and immediately afterwards, notices his incapacity! 

Professor Kamto is said to be a lawyer. What does the constitution say in this case? In his mind, obviously, the State of Cameroon boils down to two actors: the one he appoints the President de facto (whom he decrees incapacity because he refuses to answer him) and him ... 

The rest does not exist. There is no Constitutional Council, (one wonders before whom he went to make the cinema of the post-electoral litigation which he moreover lost. That even raises the question: who authorized him to compete? 

All the institutions empowered to note the ineffectiveness of the President function and are silent on this case. The government which relays and prolongs its action is hard at work. It alone finds fault with it! 

Even if it had persuaded a party of "Opposition to espouse his theses, one would have spoken of a sling of the opposition against the central power. But there nothing. Don Quixote is desperately alone against his windmills. 

If the administration had taken no action, it would have been said to be ineffective. Of course, we can criticize aspects of it and suggest improvements. But there is nothing in this pandemic to create a state crisis. Nothing. 

It would have been desirable for the Head of State to speak on the matter. Some have suggested it. It is not excluded that it will do so if the matter exceeds the assessment of specialists. But speaking out - which we know is rare - is not a must. As long as measures are applied ... And they are!

II. Self-organization of the country 

When someone calls the country to self-organize, he commits a pustch. There is no other word to say it. Auto means yourself. But the initiative of oneself always starts from a head which launches the watchword. 

By way of comparison, the NOSO rebel movement had used self-defense as a pretext. It started from a state whose authority was challenged. It became an armed rebellion that destabilized and impoverished these regions. 

There are 300 political parties in Cameroon. Imagine that everyone calls for self-organization, following a model that each leader would define. And the basic question: the police would obey who? 

The preservation measures that the authorities have prescribed alone have established how unruly the people are, the need for unique coordination and the need for the police to implement respect for them. 

Did we need an anarchist to come and kick the anthill? The word self-organize is an intellectual lie. He actually hides this idea: line up under my organization. 

Which means in other words: I'm taking power with covid-19. Prof. Kamto did not believe for a moment that Mr. Biya (with a rare voice) takes the trouble to answer him when politically, he no longer exists. 

He only has the passage in force, thanks to incidents likely to create buzz. He is cerebral and used to complex and twisted patterns. This aspect is a living demonstration of this. 

III. The personalized wrestling initiative

In his skimpy scheme where the whole of Cameroon boils down to the pack of public prosecutors of "where Kamto says goes, I go", it creates an embolism that will undermine government action by duplicating it. 

The mechanism for responding to a danger on a national scale calls on a strong organization which has branches to the local level: an administration in short. 

It is not insulting the MRC which is still being set up at the national level, (it could not even have tellers in all the polling stations), than to tell it that it cannot pretend an administration. 

Even the CPDM cannot. Only our administration can. It must be joined by decentralized communities, civil society and others. The initiative of Prof. Kamto is a terrible discordant bell. 

IV. Acts of distrust of authority 

In a critical situation like that caused by covid-19, the State which coordinates the struggle is led to take tough measures which will impact sectors of activity. In this regard, it must take mitigating measures. 

Some countries took them right away. Ours - along with others - proceeds gradually by evaluating gradually. It is possible - even probable - that we will come to block exemption measures. 

But never, never will it be incumbent on an ordinary citizen - he believed himself to be President-Elect - or even if he was the leader of a political party, to decree acts of governance and exemption which fall under the authority of the State or duly mandated communities. 

It is all the more aggravating that the perpetrator of this act of disobedience is a lawyer whose trace is seen in our penal code and in the constitution. And that he publicly refused to compete in local elections.

Without a duly mandated representative at any level: local or national, this one has not only no vocation to speak of governance matters, but only of pretension if he ventured to do so. 

The pretension is sister of pride. Both are the parents of vanity, having themselves been engendered by stupidity. It is knowing such an atavism that, seeing such actions, I question their link with Pr. Kamto. Could it be that he made this stupidity? 

What characterizes authority is precisely its awareness of knowing what it is and its strong propensity to use it. Yesterday, social networks had relayed the image of an individual molesting a soldier by exclaiming: 

Kamto opened our eyes. He is now somewhere where he enjoys his rediscovered sight. If it is this same Kamto who signed this document of which I speak, I fear that it will not be long in finding it. 

It is the case to say: they will see ... 

We others prefer blindness!

Journalist: Édouard Bokagné

Supposed death of Biya: the first lady Chantal Biya and her sect determined to keep power

It is an open secret: the usurper BIYA BI MVONDO, the last great African dictator and genocidal before the Lord, is no longer in command of the Cameroon ship. Already illegitimate, it is in the best of cases currently bedridden and senile.

Even in the event of serious illness, which prevents him from assuming his functions, the vacancy must be noted. For this, do not rely on parliament or "justice". The separation of powers has NEVER existed in Cameroon. 

Let us therefore take our responsibilities, and say no to any attempt at political transition over the counter. The thuriferous of the genocidal regime must be neutralized by all means, starting with the potential dolphins of the tyrant. 

Chantal Biya and her sect do everything to keep power. The money that they do not want to make available to the people to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, they certainly use it to corrupt their external allies, and in the event of a fall, to go into exile with it. Francophones, let us stand up as one man. 

There is no doubt that the illegitimate government has left us to our fate. You will notice that, private initiatives, as small as they are, are the real response to the pandemic: the authorities are only trying to improve their image, smeared with incompetence and forfeiture. Do not be fooled: the people can starve and #Coronavirus, their priority is after Biya they will defend like little devils.

We are certainly between the hammer and the anvil: the Covid-19 pandemic and the continuity of the dictatorship. Personally, I prefer to die at the Central Post office rather than at the central hospital. I prefer to die with bullets than with Coronavirus. 

The release of Rosange Jimegni and his companions is only a distraction. The regime is in dire straits. Duty and patriotism demand that we give it the final blow. Let everyone take care of their own as best they can. Resistant, let's help each other and watch over each other. At the same time, let's increase our nuisance capacity at all levels. Let us be vigilant and organized, because as Noomane Raboudi said, "In a dictatorship, everything is fine until the last quarter of an hour". 

Above all, let's not forget that,

Journalist: Nyëbë Edoa

Coronavirus: here is the reason why Patrice Nganang refuses to give out money

Writer Patrice Nganang will not be raising funds to finance the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Invited to make his contribution to the solidarity fund created by Paul Biya, the writer replied in the negative and explained it in a new exit on his facebook page this April 04.

"It is a question of not adding patients, yourself therefore, to the medical structures already overloaded by the pandemic" wrote Patrice Nganang who estimates that the priority is the respect of the preventive measures. 

Here is the full statement 


I receive this request in inbox from the country and abroad, and have not really answered it yet. My answer, here it is, when you are sick, you go to the doctor, doctor, it is a well defined profession which has its rules, and the first thing to do is to follow the rules issued by this doctor . The same is true for a pandemic, which is obviously larger and moreover transcontinental. I don't think that multiple sole proprietorships, even more when run by people who are not doctors, do anything, quite the opposite, they endanger people by exposing them to the disease, and this is even more the case when it is a pandemic. So it's the most irresponsible thing that can be done. If for example the Minsante did not test, we would not even know that there are 509 people who are infected in Cameroon! This is where we have to start - Minsante, which is the guardianship of doctors, pharmacists, nursing assistants and other health technicians. Do not weaken them, so strengthen the work of doctors, but for each of us, this is done in one thing which is essential while waiting for the arrival of the anti-Covid 19 vaccine - not to fall ill yourself is say follow the five things on which I have already made several videos since March 15. It involves washing your hands, covering your mouth when you go out, coughing in your elbow, keeping a distance of 1/2 put from your neighbor, and when you feel the signs of the disease, get tested and go to the doctor so. You see, we keep coming back to the doctor. I repeat, at the base it is above all a question of not falling sick already yourself, and therefore, it is a question of not adding sick people, yourself therefore, to medical structures already overloaded by the pandemic. I am for total containment, and if people are unable to confine themselves, let the army force them to do so. Let the state compel them. Now, if, and this is the case here, if the state is absolutely failing, we do not help people by getting started when we are not a doctor, to distribute bottles or anything by taking the opportunity to advertise his party or his product, to catch the virus, fall ill and die, on the contrary, when the state fails, we decapitate the state itself, and that, here again, the Ambazonians do this work - so, 1) stay with us, or 2) finance the armed struggle against the Cameroonian state to destroy it entirely, get rid of Biya which is cancer in the fastest his heart, and quickly set in motion a state that will help us, and rescue our people in these terrible moments of his abandonment. It is either one or the other, no middle. There is no medium. This is biopolitics. One or the other. It is therefore useless for me to raise funds to fight Corona. and quickly set in motion a state that will help us, and rescue our people in these terrible moments of its abandonment. It is either one or the other, no middle. There is no medium. This is biopolitics. One or the other. It is therefore useless for me to raise funds to fight Corona. and quickly set in motion a state that will help us, and rescue our people in these terrible moments of its abandonment. It is either one or the other, no middle. There is no medium. This is biopolitics. One or the other. It is therefore useless for me to raise funds to fight Corona. 

Concierge of the Republic


CONFIDENTIAL: the political situation in Cameroon after Covid 19 makes France Uncertain

According to serious data in our possession, all the chancelleries of the great powers of the world are in turmoil, before the entry on the scene of the pandemic of Covid 19 in Africa, because they fear four serious consequences:

1) The risk of a high number of deaths due to the weakness or even the inexistence of the health systems of many African States, in particular French-speaking. Failed states, as Serge Michailof so aptly named them in his book "Africanistan". 

2) The risk of shortages of essential products due to the progressive paralysis of economies and the withdrawal of many executives of multinationals from a terrain undermined by the pandemic, in an African context where teleworking is a marginal practice and impossible in the areas of extraction of raw materials 

3) The risk of significant human losses at the heart of the political elites in power, with chaotic political transitions or successions which will not fail to be linked, 

4) The risk of definitive discrediting the institutional voice of African governments, especially autocratic, supplanted by the new masters of global political communication, social networks, new channels where African governments are dominated by opinion leaders, artists, religious guides, media intellectuals, Internet associations, and many charismatic opposition leaders. 

These four serious risks weighing on African countries under the Covid trigger 4 pairs of reactions: 

a) African dictatorial governments are tempted to lie as much as possible about the death toll of Covid 19, while political opposition will tend to overestimate it. A funeral quarrel has started on the whole continent, and it risks demobilizing a lot of energy, and worsening the number of human lives lost.

b) The shortage of basic necessities and the lack of money among the populations should turn around, in the very short term, in the form of popular angers unmanageable against incapable governments. It will be difficult for political opposition to control and capitalize on this anger, which raises fears of a real implosion of African countries. 

c) If the Covid 19 beheads many states from their old chiefs and other presidents of decrepit institutions, the inheritance battle risks drifting back to power by military chiefs, once the conventional constitutional mechanisms have been rendered inoperative: any French-speaking Africa is about to enter a period of unpredictable political revolutions. Will democracy and the rule of law finally triumph in Cameroon, Gabon, Congo, Ivory Coast, Togo, Chad, among other critical cases of persistent autocracies? French geostrategic diplomacy in Africa trembles with fright, if we judge by a diplomatic note of 24/03/2020, of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs ... (It circulates on the net) 

d) The Covid pandemic opens an accelerated era of reorganization of political personnel in French-speaking Africa, since the confinement of the elderly who hold entire countries hostage risks being favorable to their imminent replacement by new political forces, which are in the process of to organize, sometimes with the benevolence of the great powers informed of the inevitable mutations which are necessary, if we want to avoid the world, the greatest humanitarian disaster it has known since the 2nd World War ... 

Finally, note the tremendous outcry from African opinions against attempts to guinea pig the African populations by certain industrial lobbies in the vaccine trade, blindly interested in Covid 19 Business. Far from being part of a conspiracy theory sometimes agitated by the communicants of the powers as a foil to put to sleep legitimate susceptibilities, the distrust of African opinions towards the global lobbies of vaccination should benefit from the objective contribution of competent African intellectuals, African experts in all fields, to make room for the laxity and collusion often proven of the autocratic regimes of Africa with the shameless multinationals of the money-king. 

The fight against the Covid 19 must be delivered within the framework of a citizen debate, public, transparent, uncompromising and without taboos. The salvation of the oldest continent of man is at this price.

Vacancy of power in Cameroon: here are the legal details of Maurice Kamto

Maurice Kamto goes on outings about the Coronavirus pandemic and the silence of the President of the Republic Paul Biya. After giving the latter a first 7-day ultimatum to speak on the Covid-19 threat, he is now asking him to provide evidence that he performs the presidential office, still in a one week delay.

Ultimatum number 2 

"If, within 7 days of the publication of this declaration, the de facto President of Cameroon had not given? physical proof that it is he who is in charge of the State, we would be obliged to initiate adequate legal procedures to obtain the finding, by the competent bodies, of the presidential vacancy and its constitutional suites I reserve the right to call a? more drastic measures, ”said the law professor in his statement.

Kamto against the Covid-19 

Beyond this other ultimatum, Kamto has taken accompanying measures in the context of the fight against the Coronavirus in Cameroon. Among other things, it indicates that for a period of 3 months; populations will no longer have to pay water and electricity bills, payment of licenses by carriers is suspended as are market rights paid by food vendors commonly known as bayam-salam.


Experimental: the DRC no longer wants to test the Covid vaccine on its citizens as pronounced earlier

While he suggested on a video that the Democratic Republic of Congo is in favor of clinical trials of the Covid-19 vaccine on the Congolese, Professor Muyembe has just indicated that it will not be so, after having noticed a strong indignation of the African community towards this practice.

In an article published on April 3 on Cameroonvoice, it appears that the DRC is a voluntary guinea pig for the Coronavirus vaccine. No doubt hangs over the veracity of the news revealed by Professor Jean-Jacques Muyembe. The great Congolese virologist has indeed affirmed that "The vaccine will be produced either in Canada or in the United States or in China. We are candidates to do clinical trials here with us. " He has just returned to his position with the scale of the publications critical to his announcement. The specialist joined the proud Africa train which does not want to serve as a guinea pig by apologizing to the African community. 

This is a strong message to certain Westerners who, wrongly, continue to consider Africa as the negligible canteen or the least continent where life is worth nothing. They have only to behave well, Africa is standing up and intends to enjoy all its rights without interference.


End of Biya: Maurice Kamto made known of his 'government'

For Maurice Kamto, Paul Biya is a phantom and failing president. This is also the reason why the president of the MRC creates an organization parallel to the government of Dion Ngute to manage the health crisis caused by the Covid-19 in Cameroon.

In his address to the nation of April 03, 2020 Maurice Kamto put himself in the posture of the President of the Republic taking important decisions that involve the life of the nation. Indeed the unsuccessful presidential candidate of 2018 orders the free of water and electricity for the next three months in Cameroon. It also suspends the payment of several taxes. Kamto thus arrogates the prerogatives of the President of the Republic paving the way for a new political crisis in Cameroon. 

To mobilize the necessary funds for the implementation of his strategy to fight the Covid-19, Maurice Kamto has unveiled an organization that looks like a parallel government. 

Organizational arrangements 

Survie-Cameroon-Survival Initiative (SCSI) is a gigantic popular organization of Cameroonians from Cameroon and the Diaspora, which transcends all divisions, be they political, ethnic, religious, philosophical, etc. It therefore does not belong to? no political party, nor a? no group. It includes two main levels of organization and a Fund: the Committee? of Sponsorship, the Committee? Management and the Cameroon Survival Fund. 

- The committee? of Sponsorship is composed? Cameroonian and foreign personalities of all stripes, who by their notoriety? their expertise or their social commitment can give great visibility? national and international a? this Citizen Initiative, and foster the support of States, national and foreign personalities, businesses and organizations in the non-governmental sector in the survival struggle engaged by the Cameroonian people against COVID-19.

- The committee? management gives strategic impetus and ensures? the execution of the  operational 
activities of the fund. It ensures the collection of funds and the management of the Initiative a? through the effective implementation of health, social and other measures adopted within the framework of the SCSI. 

It includes: 

. The Sub-Committee? Health? . The Sub-Committee? Social 

- Fonds Survie-Cameroon-Survival Fund

In the concern politician to cut us the grass under the feet, the Government seized? of our idea of ​​mobilizing solidarity? Cameroonians to help finance the national response to the Coronavirus. Acting in a rush, he created? a National Solidarity Fund? with an endowment of one billion FCFA. It is a mockery vis-à-vis the Cameroonian people, compared to the real needs of the country in this health war, and to the efforts of African countries of comparable level such as Senegal and Ivory Coast, incidentally less affected than Cameroon by COVID-19. It is also an indicator of the Cameroonian state's financial bankruptcy. 

It is strong of this observation that I call you, dear compatriots of Cameroon and the Diaspora, a? an unprecedented collective effort to contribute to the SURVIE- CAMEROON-SURVIVAL FUND FUND which I am launching today as part of the Survie- Cameroon-Survival Initiative. 

The composition of the bodies of Survie-Cameroon-Survival Initiative (SCSI) will be the subject of a separate communication. 

The website is as follows:


Friday, April 3, 2020

Speedy ALERT: Cameroon Covid-19 case exceeds 500 as recorded

The spread of the coronavirus is taking a worrying shape in Cameroon. In less than 24 hours, the number of infected people has almost doubled, exceeding 500 cases. 509 people are precisely infected with the disease.

The Minister of Health has unveiled the strategy of the Cameroonian government to deal with Covid-19. Malachi Manaouda announces for the first time, massive and generalized tests in Cameroon. We will also proceed to the immediate treatment of cases. The Minister also announces the active surveillance of suspect cases and finally the awareness of the populations (hygiene, distance, etc.). It recalls, among other things, the control of borders and the development of reliable local expertise for the response. 

Victims among healthcare workers 

According to information received by our editorial staff, a second doctor is currently in very serious condition in Yaoundé. "He was transferred to an intensive care unit in Yaoundé after being infected with the coronavirus," reports our source.

According to Pr Anne Njom Nlend, director of the Essos medical center, the doctor in question has difficulty breathing. A symptom that corresponds to stage four of the coronavirus. 

This morning already, a first Cameroonian doctor died of the coronavirus. This is Dr Tchouamo Michel from the Douala Laquintinie hospital.


Confusion in Etoudi: a letter requesting an early presidential election on Biya's desk

A group of citizens wanting a peaceful and democratic transition beyond tribes and parties for the good of the country, calling themselves the Anti-Division Brigade, has just tabled a letter of request to the presidency this morning.

They express concern about the political situation and the fact that the people of the North West and South West find it difficult to endure a war which would continue until the normal end of the presidential mandate. They address to the one they consider to have the power to resolve the crisis by an early departure a kind and respectful letter in which they inform him of the following requests: 

kindly announce his early departure in advance, just to calm the spirits 

to release the various political prisoners: 

the English-speaking prisoners, Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe, Mancho Bibixy and company. 

MRC activists, Mamadou Mota and company.

activists detained at SED 

journalists arrested, Paul Chouta and company. 

ask all opposition parties (with or without elected representatives) to submit a joint request for reform of the electoral code and to commit themselves as head of state and president of the party which has the parliamentary majority in pass it through the national assembly to guarantee the fairness and transparency of the ballot to restore faith in the ballot box and thus remove the risk of using other more dangerous ways for the country to call all citizens to register for Elecam and vote on polling day to ask the Ambazonian fighters to agree to lay down their arms so as not to endure the situation to the population of the North West and the South West unnecessarily, while telling them that the way to the polls is not closed to them, that c is the only legitimate way to put forward their ideas by asking them to have faith in the election of a successor capable of reaching a solution that achieves consensus.

They appeal to the President's attachment to presenting himself as the one who offered democracy to the country and as the man of peace, to put these two important values ​​that his democracy and peace above all will of stay in power. 

This group of citizens recalls that all citizens are affected by the situation in the country and that a transition is gained in unity with all regardless of tribe or partisan preferences and not in a spirit of division and of quarrels which only serves to maintain the party in power and calls on everyone to be kind and open to each other to win this fight in peace. 

Source: Tgv of info

LAST MINUTE: so weak, Paul Biya fled

Not found since the start of the coronavirus crisis, Paul Biya should not resurface anytime soon. In any case, not before the end of the pandemic which is seriously affecting Cameroon.

While the Cameroonians are mostly waiting for a public release from their president to reassure them about the management of the pandemic, Paul Biya, 85 years old and very weak, preferred to protect himself from possible contamination. The Cameroonian president would have fled even more to our colleagues from Jeune Afrique. "He withdrew to Mvomeka'a, his home village, located 180 km south of Yaoundé," reports the Pan-African newspaper. While the rumor announced the contamination of several of his collaborators in particular Cavaye Yeguié, very sick and just returned from France before the borders were closed, as well as Grégroire Owana, one of his ministers, Paul Biya simply withdrew from his entourage, "to avoid any contamination", specifies JA. 


In his residence, the "caulked" president would have restricted his visits to a very closed circle of his relatives. "He hardly grants work-related hearings and sees only a handful of people," says JA. "He speaks to his faithful special adviser, Admiral Joseph Fouda. He also receives the director of civilian cabinet Samuel Mvondi Ayolo, while his aide-de-camp Davy Ottou Meka is at his disposal" specifies the newspaper. Strict measures taken to preserve the life of Paul Biya aware that the coronavirus kills the majority of the elderly, according to specialists. 

At the forefront of the battle against the coronavirus pandemic, the very lonely Malachie Manaouda no longer has access to the president and must therefore act alone, with the support of his Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute. "When in government, he awaits the high instructions to act" writes JA. A situation which explains the multiple trial and error of the government in its effort to manage the pandemic.

Kamto's ultimatum 

Faced with this silence from Paul Biya who was even given up for death earlier this week, the opponent Maurice Kamto in a statement a few days ago had given the president a 7-day ultimatum to speak. He threatened to "take responsibility" at the end of the ultimatum (this Friday), if Paul Biya does not come out of his silence. 

According to a final report from the Ministry of Health, Cameroon now has 306 confirmed cases of coronavirus.


URGENT: another doctor reported in critical condition in Yaoundé

According to information received by our editorial staff, a second doctor is currently in very serious condition in Yaoundé. "He was transferred to an intensive care unit in Yaoundé after being infected with the coronavirus," reports our source.

According to Pr Anne Njom Nlend, director of the Essos medical center, the doctor in question has difficulty breathing. A symptom that corresponds to stage four of the coronavirus.

This morning already, a first Cameroonian doctor died of the coronavirus. This is Dr Tchouamo Michel from the Douala Laquintinie hospital.


CONFIDENTIAL: 'France' publicly exposed Biya's successor

The secrets are out there. "I tell you from you to me." It is confidential, and no one should know that I told you that the Cameroonian president told me that… ”. Would the language have so itched it to the confidential diplomat known for his proximity to President Biya so that he does not know how to keep for himself the almost testamentary secrets of his illustrious friend? We could answer by the affirmation with regard to the crisp details of the indiscretions attributed to Gilles Thibault, (the former Supervisor General of the French perpetual colony of Cameroon) that our colleague J. Rémy Ngono listed on the site. Read only to know what to expect from France and Biya, in full preparation of an over-the-counter succession.

All joyful, sparkling eyes, the former French ambassador to Cameroon Gilles Thibault, specialist in the small perimeter of the secrets of Paul Biya, with his position of height of view of Paris which dictates the decisions of Yaoundé, has confided in the succession of Paul Biya which is currently playing behind the scenes of the Elysée Palace and the Quai d'Orsay. 

For him, Maurice Kamto is automatically excluded from the race. The second choice will come neither from the opposition, nor from the virtuous circle of ministers of Paul Biya who are considered as the unshakable galactics of the regime and close to the First Lady. The French ambassador, straight bust, master on board, has rather confided in an authorized ear that the Secretary General for the Presidency of the Republic Ngoh Ngoh, in the front lines for the chaotic management of the CAN markets, will be arrested soon and nut. And not only him! 

Considered the son of Paul Biya and the first in the class of ministers in a state of grace, Minister Louis Paul Motazé, is also placed at the foot of the scaffold, according to the confidences of the senior French diplomat. Pierre Ismaël Bidoung Mpwatt alias Mini Pam Pam Chaud Gars, brother-in-law of the president, Minister of Sports assigned to the Department of Culture, will finally disembark to go hang out with Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo'o at the central prison of Yaoundé. Nganou Djoumessi, the minister who drew all the lights on him in the fictitious and overbilled markets, should also join his son who has already been detained by the Special Criminal Court. 

And finally who will remain in pole position for the succession after this interminable series of arrests? "Franck Biya will succeed his father," replied the French ambassador with conviction. We didn't see it coming!

Far from excessive starization, different from the kind of spoiled child, a little smooth image, cut from the quarrels of succession between the Nnanga tribe from which the First Lady comes and the Bulu tribe from which the head of state, the son of Paul Biya appears as the pawn of future times for France. After throwing the opposition into all the torments and eliminating all the strong links of the regime, Paul Biya will leave a boulevard for Franck Biya carefully hidden by the security arsenal. 

Architect of the construction of this estate, Paris wants to short-circuit the American military intervention and orchestrate a transfer of power in Cameroon as in Gabon between Omar Bongo and his son Ali Bongo, or in Togo between Ggnassingbe Eyadema and Faure Ggnassingbe. However, unlike Obiang Nguema who has already appointed his son vice-president or Omar Bongo who had entrusted the big ministries to Ali Bongo, Franck Biya has no political experience and ignores the power traps. 

France, which does not want to cut itself off from its roots and its nourishing udders through its multiple interests, has therefore validated the upcoming arrests of bulky dolphins to allow Paul Biya, on his last line, to drive political mechanics of high precision. A wide ministerial handling is announced. Will Franck Biya be in government?

ALERT: fake disinfectant gel for Coronavirus circulating in the North West

The Covid-19 pandemic is gaining ground, and dishonest citizens have found a new way to rub their hands. To achieve their ends, the author (s), whose identity (s) are still unknown, place counterfeit hydro-alcoholic gel on the market. To fight this evil, the Governor of the region, Adolphe Lele Lafrique and his team took to the streets of the city of Bamenda, capital of this region. It was this Thursday, April 02, 2020. Some samples of the fake product have been seized and will be examined. “There are fakes that people have started to make. They are not allowed to do this. Only manufacturers of drugs have been authorized by the Minister of manufactured, "says the governor.

The Covid-19 pandemic is gaining ground, and dishonest citizens have found a new way to rub their hands. To achieve their ends, the author (s), whose identity (s) are still unknown, place counterfeit hydro-alcoholic gel on the market. To fight this evil, the Governor of the region, Adolphe Lele Lafrique and his team took to the streets of the city of Bamenda, capital of this region. It was this Thursday, April 02, 2020. Some samples of the fake product have been seized and will be examined. “There are fakes that people have started to make. They are not allowed to do this. Only manufacturers of drugs have been authorized by the Minister of manufactured, "says the governor. Awareness is also on the agenda, the boss of the region did not hesitate to remind merchants of the food market of the importance of hand washing. Since the danger has already reached the neighboring eastern region. In support, the mayor of Bamenda plans to close the markets, from April 3, 2020, for a general disinfection. At the regional hospital, the admission of users is subject to a test. Proof that vigilance is required in the North West region.


Succession of Biya by Franck: the joke goes wrong!

Some denounce a desire to harm the son of the current Head of State while others think it is a test balloon.

"The next President of the Republic of Cameroon"! This is the title displayed by a large Une attributed to the bi-weekly Sud Info Plus, on April 1, 2020. The title is accompanied by a photo of Franck Biya, the eldest son of President Paul Biya. After cross-checking, everything suggests that it is an "April Fool". Besides, the newspaper's boss published a disclaimer to this effect. 

“A false front page of our Sud Info Plus newspaper, fabricated by cybercriminals, has been in circulation on social media since that day, with Franck Biya in the big picture. To this end, the publication director of this tabloid, Honoré Ze Akono, declines all responsibility for these criminal acts perpetrated by individuals without faith or law. And reassures public opinion that such a front page never existed in the central editors of said newspaper. Here is the last one of our newspaper published on April 01, 2020. Thank you for your good understanding, ”we read.

The problem is that the hoax goes wrong. Some see it as a test balloon. The case of Éric Chinje. On his Facebook page, the former CRTV journalist had the following reaction: 

“A local newspaper in Cameroon has published information suggesting that President Paul Biya has died and that his son Frank is in pole position to succeed him. I do not give any credibility to any of the information, but my reaction is based on the fact that it may be a test balloon. The newspaper, "Sud Info Plus", has access to some authorities in the South region, and should not be rejected quickly. So, if it is a test balloon, know that Cameroonians will accept nothing less than the provisions of the Constitution to replace a President who is incapacitated or deceased. I hope that other voices will be raised across the country to send this message to all those who seek to destroy Cameroon. ” 

A reaction that caused an uproar on the web. Internet users believe that the joke on the son of the Head of State aims to destabilize the presidential family and targets a Franck Biya who has always been distant vis-à-vis the management of public affairs.

Etoudi: 'here is the evidence which confirms the death of Paul Biya'

Given for dead for a few days, the skates of Paul Biya have been taken by means of frail and inappropriate outings without concealing the resounding silence and the sustained allegations which have everything to convince that the President of the Republic has passed from life to death .

Tomb silence 

For almost 5 days, the activist Kamaoua the Panther has announced on his official Facebook page "the death of Paul Biya". The news quickly spread around the world, relayed by several international media. Unexpected, the announcement raised a slew of questions among Cameroonians, but the most surprising remains the disturbing if not approving silence of the one who would have passed from life to death. Paul Biya had hitherto been silent despite the serious health crisis in which the world is plunged, this news appeared with a double stake for him. As Head of State, Paul Biya had an opportunity to address a people who say they have been let go by someone who claims to be their leader in the face of a severe ordeal, a people who are about to mourn their President. It is that before an announcement whose charge is no longer to be demonstrated, Paul Biya is illustrated by a silence which has nothing to reassure; an incomprehensible silence which more suggests that it is not able to show its white leg. 

Pulled by the hair, messages of denial followed one another to act as a response in favor of Paul Biya. The first, the most laughable is that of Charles Atangana Manda (Director of the media observatory at Mincom) who said he denied the news launched by the activist on behalf and by order of the Minister of Communication. It is by a message written on the social network Whatsapps all in bold, transferred to different forums that we would have liked to make Cameroonians believe that Paul Biya is alive. Really too easy! The second, more formal denial, is surprisingly from the same ministerial department and bears the signature of René Sadi, who had nevertheless mandated Charles Atangana to respond as spokesperson for Paul Biya. 

No need to be internal to the entity to guess that it is in embarrassment, panic, even fear of an unwrapped secret that they took the news that leaked on Facebook. This is all the more true when we are looking at the same situation in a country close to us; The gabon. Suffering and hospitalized in Saudi Arabia in the year 2018, President Ali Bongo Odimba had been declared dead on Vision 4 television. The seriousness of the unfounded statement had caused the media to be suspended by the Gabonese authorities for a duration of 6 months across the territory; this because there was no doubt about the life of the Gabonese president. The response of the "agents" of Biya was richer in insults, verbs than in facts. We really did not have the impression that they know or want to exactly shed light on this mystery. We only retain verbose and flat press releases. 

Fact book

It should be remembered, Paul Biya is over 87 years old to date. And like all elderly people, his health is fragile; we will not say the opposite to her outfit, especially her recently mocked gait on the canvas. Even if a thick mystery is maintained about his state of health and that his agents did not make case of it as usual, Cameroonvoice recently learned that Paul Biya is in a bad state and that he was evacuated from 'emergency for health care. The Cameroonian authorities have made it a secret for the Cameroonian people. One has to wonder if a greater secret, namely the death of Paul Biya, is not hidden from Cameroonians. This thesis is supported by publications and other evidence as likely as each other. 

A surfer has just published a photo on his Tweeter account on which we can see a body lying that he presents like that of Paul Biya; there is only Paul Biya himself to deny such a publication. One of the most plausible proofs is the succession of personalities who, having felt the end of the regime in place, are apparently taking steps to request exile in foreign countries. According to Dr. Jacques Noumsi, 4 ministers have already tried in vain to join the United States of America to benefit from their protection. "1. Mbarga Manga 2. Hélé Pierre 3. Elung Che 4. Nganou Djoumessi" He specifies. 

It also comes back to us that Jacques Fame Ndongo (Minister of Higher Education) and many other ministers have applied for a visa for neighboring Chad in order to flee. In all likelihood, Cabral Libii is in the directory of these personalities who apply for the visa for foreigners. Arrived in Cameroon in mid-March, Franck Biya, the son of Paul Biya, given as his potential successor, would have been prepared by France for this eventuality, to take the place of his father. The death of Paul Biya would therefore be hidden from Cameroonians until the new outburst is prepared to enslave the Cameroonians and that some take the dust to avoid any reprisals. The saying goes so well, anything that is said without evidence can be denied without evidence; to say that Paul Biya is alive without real proof is to say nothing at all. So if the president is alive, let him silence the rumor by showing his white paw.


BREAKING: Dr Tchouamo is Dead, he is the first Cameroonian doctor to die from covid-19

The editorial staff of camerounweb has just learned of the death of Doctor Tchouamo Michel (ENT), on duty at the Douala general hospital.

According to our information, his death was due to Coronavirus. 

He is the first Cameroonian doctor to die from covid-19. 

According to the Minister of Public Health, Cameroon registers on April 2, 2020, 306 cases of people tested positive for Covid-19. Cameroon registers this April 2 306 cases in total. We learn that after one of the recent analyzes carried out by the health authorities, 22 new positive cases have been confirmed across the country. Three four regions of the country are currently affected. The Center, the Coast, the Southwest and the West. Cameroon thus becomes the third country the country most affected by the pandemic behind South Africa and Burkina Faso. The country counts 7 dead out of the 221 people who have already succumbed to Covid-19 on the continent. 

Results of the latest analyzes: 

Yaoundé: 20 positive / 63 (15 travelers) 

Bafoussam: 2 positive / 7

Dschang: 0 positive / 1 

Limbus: 0 positive / 1 

Or 22 positive this evening and a total of 306 positive cases in Cameroon. 

Let’s protect ourselves and protect others. 

Paul Biya is surprisingly the only president who has not yet personally addressed an address to his people since the onset of this serious global crisis. He is given for dead in Cameroonian opinion; and this grave silence has everything to approve that he is either insensitive to the suffering of his people, or dead.