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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Douala: Six Cameroonian Police Officers Involved In Fraud

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These lawless policemen had just sold computers and cell phones recovered from the hands of a group of bandits.

According to the newspaper Kalara, one of the six policemen, has just seized the Administrative Court of Douala for his reinstatement. This is Inspector Essoumbo Philippe. The latter considers that their removal is tainted by irregularities.

But, it is dismissed by the justice on October 15, 2019. The facts go back to May 2012. That night 6 police of the special teams of rapid intervention (Esir) fall on a group of thugs. The scene takes place in Douala while they are on patrol.

160,000 F CFA

At the approach of the police, the bandits flee. At once, they abandon the objects they carry. We are talking about computers and mobile phones. They recover all these objects, and resell them to 160,000 FCFA. They are helped in this company by a seventh policeman who facilitates the flow of the '' merchandise ''.

The case is complicated when another police officer complains of having been robbed at his home. It is then that the investigation allows to get hold of the seven policemen involved in the case. Among them are Alain Engono Engono, Jonathan Esaka Mothna, Felix Olinga Tina, Paul Ndjom, Essoumbo Philippe and two others whose names do not appear in the article.

They are arrested and imprisoned in the central prison of Douala. On August 2, 2016, they are sentenced for concealment by the Wouri District Court. They each receive a ten-year prison sentence suspended for a period of three years.

But before, the General Delegation to the National Security (DGSN) initiates a disciplinary procedure against them for indelicacy and compromise. They are dismissed on April 28, 2017. Inspector Essoumbo considers that their removal is premature because the court decision is not yet final.


Anglophone Crisis: Cameroonian Security Forces In The North West Region Received Emergency Order From Paul Biya

Self-defense groups in the northwestern region have received security devices sent by the head of state, Paul Biya, to strengthen the protection of people and property in this troubled region of the country. 

The guns, which include safety vests, megaphones, helmets, motorcycles, sunlamps, protective jackets and boots, were handed over to self-defense groups in the Nkambe Central and Misaje districts of Donga Mantung County, North Korea. Northwest Cameroon by Governor Adolphe Lele Lafrique.

This gesture by the Head of State reinforces the activities of self-defense groups in this troubled region for more than three years. 

Speaking on this occasion, Governor Adolphe Lele Lafrique encouraged the people of Donga Mantung to collaborate with local self-defense groups to guarantee their safety.


Anglophone Crisis: Paul Biya's Regime To Buy Russia’s Panstir-S1 Anti-Aircraft System

Biya regime is eyeing a Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft system purchase from Russia, said Mahamat Paba Sale, Ambassador of the African Republic, on Tuesday.

“We are hoping to sign a contract. We are interested, and I believe this will be done. Russian equipment are of very high quality,” the diplomat said, during an interview with RIA Novosti.

The Central African nation also wants to buy armored personnel carriers and military transport and combat helicopters from Russia, he said.

The Pantsir-S1 is a self-propelled air defense system designed to provide protection from small military, administrative and industrial facilities from all means of air attack in an adverse radio-electronic situation. Its missiles and artillery shells can hit all types of manned aircraft and drones.


Anglophone Crisis: deaths recoded in Ntanka military raid

The soldiers raided the town of Ntankah in search of separatist fighters. According to information received by CameroonWeb editors during their raid, the military used explosives and set fire to houses.

The toll is heavy, two people lost their lives, three houses burned and people fleeing in Ntanka located in the sub-prefecture of Bamenda 2. According to some residents, men in uniform took advantage of the situation to loot property of their victims.

Bamenda has been under tension for a few days already with the assassination and beheading of men in uniform. And this raid is part of several regular raids by Cameroonian armed forces in villages and communities in troubled areas of the northwest and southwest, in their battle against separatist fighters.

Several human rights groups have condemned the multiple abuses that they believe are being carried out by both state and separatist fighters. They called on the government to engage in inclusive dialogue to end the conflict.


Anglophone Crisis: Paul Biya's Regime To Buy Russia’s Panstir-S1 Anti-Aircraft System

Biya regime is eyeing a Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft system purchase from Russia, said Mahamat Paba Sale, Ambassador of the African Republic, on Tuesday.

“We are hoping to sign a contract. We are interested, and I believe this will be done. Russian equipment are of very high quality,” the diplomat said, during an interview with RIA Novosti.

The Central African nation also wants to buy armored personnel carriers and military transport and combat helicopters from Russia, he said.

The Pantsir-S1 is a self-propelled air defense system designed to provide protection from small military, administrative and industrial facilities from all means of air attack in an adverse radio-electronic situation. Its missiles and artillery shells can hit all types of manned aircraft and drones.


Paul Biya is represented in Russia

Forced to remain in Cameroon in spite of himself for the pleasure of the French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian expected today, Paul Biya was represented in Sochi in Russia by the Minister of Economy, Planning and Development. planning Alamine Ousmane Mey. The Cameroonian president was invited several months earlier by Vladimir Putin to the first Russia-Africa summit.

The Elysee sees with a bad eye the rapprochement of Cameroon with Putin and the subject would have been discussed during the last one-on-one between Emmanuel Macron and Paul Biya. "Cooperation with Russia does not exclude that with France, which is old and historical," the Cameroonian president reportedly told his French counterpart.

France is worried about Russia's increasingly pronounced presence in Africa, especially in Central Africa, a region rich in natural resources. The visit of Jean-Yves Le Drian aims to cut the grass under the feet of Russia.

According to the newspaper Mutation, except last minute change, Paul Biya will not go to Sochi. A mission consisting of Minister of State, Minister of Higher Education Fame Ndongo and Minister of Mines of Industry and Technological Development, Gabriel Dodo Ndoke supposedly preceded President Paul Biya was canceled.

Paul Biya is also expected from November 11 to 13 in Paris to take part in a forum on peace.


Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Under 17 World Cup: Cameroon prepares for 'international disgrace'

The younger national team lack adequate equipment and materials for their training.

After the departure of the binational, the Cubs of Cameroon face new difficulties. According to Gazeti237, the national U-17 team is preparing in appalling conditions in King Pelé's country where she has been on a stint for three weeks.

The same source indicates the Lions have not found real opponents for their evaluation matches. Teams from Japan and Haiti, also qualified for the next World Cup and announced by Fecafoot for friendly matches, have refused to play against Cameroon.

The younger national team would also lack adequate equipment and materials for their training. Players are already demanding a revaluation of their premiums. For now, the sports ministry has not followed up on its demands.


Sangmélima Violence: Louis Paul Motaze will escape the anger of Paul Biya

While we have just finished the great national dialogue, the intercommunity clashes that took place in this city have even managed to eclipse, for a moment, the Anglophone crisis. While the head of state has never ceased to attack the attacks against national unity, here in his region, in his city, we found ourselves with tribal attacks against communities bamoun , Bamileke and North. Aware of the seriousness of the events, he will send on the spot the Minister of State Jacques Fame Ndongo, to try to bring calm. We are all aware of the meeting that took place last Friday in Sangmélima, and which gave the opportunity to all stakeholders in this crisis to dump their bile to bring the situation back to normal.

The challenge of Motaze 

If there is a man who tried to pour into the political recovery during these events, it is indeed Louis Paul Motaze, the current Minister of Finance. Indeed, when the events break out, he is on mission in Paris. Without referring to the head of state, he will then abandon his mission to return to Cameroon and take the direction of Sangmélima.

While Fame Ndongo and the others had already deployed their efforts to get everything back in order, Motaze will also believe he has the same mission. He will invite the press that is favorable to him to cover his stay in Sangmélima. He will shake some hands and indulge in a kind of Motaze show, well below the meeting organized by the real emissaries of the head of state last Friday.

The goal, to reap the title of savior of the nation and to believe that it is thanks to him that the bomb of Sangmélima was defused. That's why "his" press has made him a hero of the crisis. Not that in this kind of situation, the peacemaking work of everyone is not welcome, but to attempt political recovery while taunting a minister of state commissioned by the President of the Republic is perverse. Because, it is a kind of disavowal of the initiative which was carried by the government of which Paul Biya is the guarantor, to put around the table the belligerents, with like pivotal personality Jacques Fame Ndongo. Motaze, going to organize a meeting sui generis next to the one dubbed by Nnom Ngui, may not know that it is a mess. Much more,

In wanting to reap what he did not sow, through promises such as to support the victims of the events, Motaze slapped Paul Biya's attorneys during the Sangmélima meeting, who had rather promised to submit the grievances of the affected population to the President of the Republic. He has since promised to do something. This is why Paul Biya is particularly angry with his finance minister who, after his show, flew back to France at taxpayer expense.

This type of unipersonal action raises the question of what is the background of this man who has as many pots as a mafia godfather.


A manhunt launched after the brutall murder of a police officer in Bamenda

Disturbing gunshots continue in the Bamenda after the murder of a police officer, beheaded on Sunday, 20th October 2019, in Bamenda, North West Region of Cameroon.

 A police officer was beheaded on Sunday, October 20 in Bamenda

A police officer was reportedly beheaded on Sunday, October 20th, 2019 in Bamenda, in the North West region of Cameroon.

The policeman was arrested on Sunday night at Ngeng locality in Bamenda by two armed men.

According to local sources, many injuries were recorded at the victim's head, indicating that the officer was severely tortured before being beheaded.

Twenty-four hours after the discovery of the head of a security man, search is launched by the defense forces to recover the rest of the body. Until Monday night, searches remained negative. Meanwhile, investigations are still on going.


Presidents Biya and Obiang have lost their 'mighty' councilman

Presidents Paul Biya and Teodoro Obiang

Two days apart, far from their country because hospitalized for a long illness, the Cameroonian Martin Belinga Eboutou and the Equatorial Guinean Antonio Mba Nguema Mikue died carrying with them the secrets of the long governance of Paul Biya (36). years) for the first and Teodoro Obiang Mbasogo (39 years), for the second.

These two shadowy servants, little known internationally, that were Martin Belinga Eboutou and Antonio Mba Nguema Mikue had many points in common.

The Cameroonian Richelieu 

Martin Belinga Eboutou (79 years old) died in Geneva on May 8, 2019, after a year of hospitalization that ended, on March 2, 2018, his important duties as director of the civil cabinet of the Cameroonian president. This clever and fine diplomat had become the right arm of Paul Biya for a decade. The quasi-mandatary of his former confrere of the Akono Catholic Seminary had implemented, without blinking and with uncompromising firmness, the Reason of State which was notably translated by Operation Sparrowhawk, officially intended to fight against diversions. and corruption but more concretely to consolidate the power of Paul Biya. Due to his ecclesiastical formation and his political sense, Martin Belinga Eboutou was in the lineage of Cardinal Richelieu who, in France,

The guardian angel of President Obiang

Antonio Mba Nguema Mikue (68) died on May 6, 2019 in South Africa where he was hospitalized. President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo's half-brother, the Armed Forces General Captain - the highest rank in the Equatorial Guinean army - was the Minister of State for the Presidency in charge of presidential security, having been successively since 1992, Director General of National Security and Minister of Defense. He had control over the army, the police and the intelligence services. Full of loyalty to the head of state, he was the instigator of the main purges within the ruling party, the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea, and the harsh repressions of opponents of President Obiang. Antonio Mba Nguema Mikue had the best relations with Martin Belinga Eboutou.

Two Fangs, Men of the Shadow 

Like Paul Biya and Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, their two closest collaborators were from the same settlement area. Paul Biya and Martin Belinga Eboutou were born in the department of Dja-et-Lobo, near the border with Equatorial Guinea. Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo and Antonio Mba Nguema Mikue were born near Mongomo in the northern mainland of Rio Muni, about 300 km away from the birth places of their Cameroonian counterparts. Belonging to the Fang ethnic group, the two heads of state and their eminence grise could express themselves with full understanding in their regional language, with the same linguistic roots: Bulu for both Cameroonians and Ntumu for both Equato-Guineans.

Beyond the same shared cultural values, the two heads of state and the two recent deceased were raised in the Catholic religion. If Paul Biya has moved away from the Catholic Church, it is not the same for President Obiang who has remained a practicing Catholic, even though his practice of power takes liberties with the Gospel. His half-brother and Martin Belinga Eboutou remained attached to the Catholic faith. Martin Belinga Eboutou, a graduate in canon law, maintained special relations with the Cameroonian hierarchy of episcopal, as evidenced by the tribute of Cardinal Tumi, the announcement of his death.

The disappearance of Martin Belinga Eboutou, even if he was no longer in business in Yaounde, and Antonio Mba Nguema Mikue will mark the two heads of state at the twilight of their autocratic power. On the other hand, the first two ladies, Cameroon's Chantal Biya and Equatorial Guinea's Constancia Mangue Nsue Okomo will be able to increase their hold on the state apparatus and invest more in the succession of their husband, 86 years old for Paul Biya and 77 for Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo. Nevertheless, they will have to remember the same ambition that Grace Mugabe had had, with the resounding failure that we know.


Joseph Antoine Bell accuses Samuel Eto'o of coping him without given credit to him

Former Indomitable Lions goaltender Joseph-Antoine Bell in an interview with Stad'Afric television revealed that Samuel Eto'o, former captain of the Indomitable Lions, copied him without quoting him. to have declared: "it is easier to become a doctor than a footballer".

"I said, a long time ago, when I played in Saint-Etienne, during a meeting organized by the town hall with young people and their parents, that they must know that it is easier to become a doctor as a footballer. This is not a comparison of curriculum, difficulty. These are probabilities (there are far fewer professional footballers than doctors, ed). The purpose was to specifically tell these parents and these young people that it is more interesting to go to school first, to say how important the school is to succeed in life compared to the dream. to become a footballer, "argued Bell.

The former presidential candidate of the Fecafoot later justifies the attitude of his younger son, Samuel Eto'o: "He did as in football. In football, you are allowed to copy the gesture of your direct competitor, he has no patent. You make the same dribble and if you do it better than him, we applaud you more ... He repeated the sentence of someone else without citing it because it's like that in football. It would be intellectually more correct if people were quoted ... ", concluded the former Olympique de Marseille goalkeeper.


Nicki Minaj tied the knot with boyfriend, Kenneth Petty

American rapper and singer, Nicki Minaj can finally refer to Kenneth “Zoo” Petty as her “husband” without confusing everybody.

After using the nickname to describe him in the past, the “Super Bass” rapper, 36, has finally married Petty, 41, and she took to her official Instagram to share the good news.

Minaj announced the exciting news on Monday with a video on Instagram, showing matching “Mr. and Mrs.” mugs and black and white baseball caps that had “Bride” and “Groom” written across the front.

American rapper and singer, Nicki Minaj can finally refer to Kenneth “Zoo” Petty as her “husband” without confusing everybody.

After using the nickname to describe him in the past, the “Super Bass” rapper, 36, has finally married Petty, 41, and she took to her official Instagram to share the good news.
Minaj announced the exciting news on Monday with a video on Instagram, showing matching “Mr. and Mrs.” mugs and black and white baseball caps that had “Bride” and “Groom” written across the front.

Gunshots in Bambili, Bamenda this morning

The locality of Bambili in Bamenda, North West region of Cameroon is reported to have deserted this morning as gunshots from unknown gunmen continued to put locals in fear.

The Bambili is very close to the campus of the University of Bamenda. However, the students of the Faculties of Arts, and Laws and Political Science who are to resume classes today are now scared to go to campus.

No casualties were reported as at the time of writing this report. Update soon..


Cameroonian Government invites Maurice Kamto to negotiate

Réné Sadi in a statement addressed to the president of the MRC, Maurice Kamto.

The Cameroonian government has invited Maurice Kamto, national president of the MRC party, to put aside his political interests and to work in the best interest of the nation.

The Minister of Communication, René Emmanuel Sadi, reacted to the interview given to Radio France Internationale (RFI) by the professor. He urged the leader of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement to abandon his post-election demand and focus on the opportunities available to him.

It is President Biya, the only real elected representative of the nation ... We think that our compatriot, Professor Maurice Kamto, whose intellectual qualities and genius are indisputable, should stop sailing in such a distant and unknown space ... but Let's return to earth to realize that the claim of an imaginary holdup is an illusion ... "reads a statement by René Emmanuel Sadi.

Encouraging Maurice Kamto to move on, Minister René Emmanuel Sadi revealed that the presidential election had become a thing of the past, forgotten by a vast majority of Cameroonians.

"There are opportunities as exciting as himself and anyone else can exploit and contribute to the building of the nation." 

For its part, the leader of the MRC has promised in an interview with RFI that he will pursue his post-electoral fight.


Biya’s plan of francophonising Southern Cameroons won’t materialize, VP Yerima

The Ambazonia Vice President Dabney Yerima says the successful launch of the Amba Bonds Project will stifle French Cameroun’s plan of francophonising the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

The exiled leader made the comments in Holland late on Sunday observing that the “plans to give Ambazonian the so-called special status will fail, and Southern Cameroonians will never allow French Cameroun occupation forces to implement Biya’s plots and change the character of British Southern Cameroons.”

The top Ambazanian official also emphasised the necessity for every Southern Cameroonian to stick to the wise and courageous Amba Bonds Project to confront French Cameroun atrocities in Ambazonia which he described as the core of the Southern Cameroons conflict.

Comrade Dabney Yerima further pointed out that despite all the challenges within the Ambazonia Interim Government, Southern Cameroonians were heading toward victory. He saluted all Southern Cameroons Restoration forces for standing in the face of French Cameroun occupation.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai in Holland

Monday, October 21, 2019

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in the US

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Ambazonia: two secessionist fighters reportedly arrested in Limbe

They are these two reported young men in Livanda, a village in Limbe, for several months now they were reported to have allegedly attack and obtain valuables from people.

This weekend, they still made a muscular descent, racket the inhabitants and claim that they are Ambazonian fighters. Frightened, the inhabitants do not know which saint to turn to.  They return to the situation after the alarm of a victim of the mafia group that reveals they are usurpers.

"After harassing a man has a funeral and seizing his identity card," said a source said.

The two young people were noted, arrested and detained in the palace of the chiefs, according to a source.

Since the beginning of the armed conflict in the English-speaking area, the number of robberies has increased, many crimes and violations of authors' rights are attributed to the Ambazonian fighters.


Ambazonia: A Nigerian priest who has just returned from Nigeria kidnapped in Manyu

Suspected secessionists have struck again this weekend. In Manyu Department, Nigerien priest was kidnapped by armed individuals. According to sources, he was abducted after Sunday in the village of Mbakang.

No secessionist armed group claim the action yet. According to the information received by CameroonWeb, he was reportedly kidnapped because secessionists were unhappy with some of his comments and his church preaching about their activities.

He had even been threatened several times by secessionists, revealed a faithful fellows. Bishop Andrew Nkea, Bishop of the Diocese of Mamfe, has not published any official statement concerning the abduction of one of his priests.

Father Felix Ezeaka, who has been in Cameroon for two years, returned to the parish last Saturday after spending weeks in his home country of Nigeria.


Revelations: Edgar Mebe Ngo'o behind Sangmélima violence

The bloodshed of the young Bulu de Sangmelima could have been the legitimate and natural expression of the resentment that the populations of the South in general and those of the Dja and Lobo in particular have for many years faced with an anthology of humiliations and frustrations.

Unfortunately, this resentment has quickly become, after secret meetings and night meetings, the very sign of this blackmail, of which certain political elites of the Dja and Lobo are the main sources charged with bending the back of the government, in order to obtain the release of Edgard Alain Mebe Ngo'o and Gervais Mendo Ze in the current stride of the presidential magnanimity with regard to Maurice Kamto and the 333 defendants of the case of the Anglophone crisis. And that is what is more symbolically painful after the riots of Thursday, when the President of the Republic, son of Dja and Lobo, pancake the bun to bring back, by all the sacrifices, peace in Cameroon.

Nothing more theatrical or more romantic than the political thing: the amateurs know it all, there is inside a matter which made the most beautiful pages of the duke of Saint-Simon, Victor Hugo or William Shakespeare. Since last Wednesday, all Cameroon follows with amazement what is happening in Sangmelima, between young Bulu and Bamoun settled in the capital of Dja and Lobo for decades. Only, by observing very closely the chronology of the facts, the concomitance of certain dates and above all the acting of actors, everything returns to think immediately of a gigantic staging of a film or a polar, both the ingredients are there: the director, the actors, the extras, the shooting field, the spectacular stagings and the pernicious game of the blowers behind the scenes etc.

A true horror movie

Moreover, it seems that to set the scene, colleagues sorted the shutter had a role a few days before warming up an opinion waiting, longing for thrills. An assumption that we do not exclude any more in the circles of the security and intelligence forces by remembering the one of these newspapers which did not hesitate, from the beginning of last week, to claim, in an amalgam outrageous, the widening of some prisoners incarcerated for reasons of embezzlement of public funds in the context of Operation Sparrowhawk. This echoing the release of those responsible for Mrc and defendants "ambazoniens".

But above all, let's summarize the plot: suddenly out of their silence after the lifeless body of Junior Benjamin Assam Belinga was found in Nyaranga village by members of his family, young Bulu Sangmelima put on their clothes croquemitaines for to avenge their brother. Only what amazes the most in this case, it is especially that the suspect arrested in Sangmelima, in the locality market and who was carrying the phone and slippers of the young assassinated Assam Belinga, is rather native of Djoum.

Therefore: nothing to do with Bamoun. Moreover, according to the confession of Engamba Beribeau, the uncle of the deceased, the suspect named Wilfried Mefoua, born on April 16, 1998, promised to fight with the victim. Unfortunately, as luck would have it, a motorcycle thief named Amidou Djoutamboui, a Bamoun, was arrested in the act at the Sangmelima Square 2000 by the elements of the central police station in that city. . This is the trigger of the hunt Bamoun last Wednesday in the capital of Dja and Lobo.

What arguments do the directors of the shadow and other directors of the horror film brandish as a pretext to arouse the wrath of these young people who descend spontaneously into the streets of the city, as we will see by subsequently, at the beginning of the filming of the film? Still, this day, under the cheers of men and women who believe that the crime of Assam Belinga is the crime too, we must finish with the Bamoun, indexed as the proponents of trafficking in human bones.

"White wood" traffic

It is already observed that at this level, the scrambling of landmarks is not to displease those who decided to take advantage of this news that revolves around the Great National Dialogue and the return to peace, to obtain the release of their mentors today incarcerated in Kondengui. They know, moreover, that in Sangmelima, silent revolts have been incubating under the ashes for years. Those for example Bayamsallam who refuse to integrate the new market.

They estimate that the number of places in the market is limited: 162 against 500 places in the old market. Just like the silent reprimands of the populations of Mepho and Avebe-Yekombo having lost, a few years ago, their children whose bodies had been found without the genitals.

Indeed, beyond the film reality, everyone is now convinced in Sangmelima that after Ebolowa, KyeOssi and Kribi, these traffickers of human bones have chosen their city as a target for their macabre business.

In the jargon of the middle, this is called the "white wood" traffic. As is also the case with the anger of young people abandoned to themselves.

This is a pernicious cocktail of frustrations and reproaches that can ignite the powder at any time in this cosmopolitan city. Those who maneuver in the shadows know it very well by making the casting of the actors of the film under construction.

Moreover, we could stop there and be tempted as many analysts, to draw hasty conclusions. But let's continue watching the movie..

Here, some indiscretions that are worth their weight in gold today, indicate that after the political and administrative authorities managed to restore calm to Sangmelima in the day of Wednesday, some people would have undertaken to hold, once the night fallen, secret meetings with youth groups. True or false? Still, we remember for the record that during the meeting with young people during the day, the terms of André Joël Essiane and Bonivan Mvondo Assam directly calling young people to calm and respect for the law and the institutions, have been sufficiently unequivocal. Here are some excerpts: "Only the judicial institution does justice. Any other action is a crime. A murderer does not operate in the name of his tribe, but exposes his nature of antisocial.

We have always been a welcoming place for the rest of Cameroonians and foreigners. We hope that this remains in the respect of our locality and its inhabitants. Go home and let the authorities find those who killed your brother.

"Be te'e ya"

However, we learn that at the end of a meeting held in Sangmelima in the residence of a high profile personality in the department and which would have recently manifested great political ambitions, the leitmotiv would have been very quickly retained. To know: to go down in the street Thursday the next day to claim this time the release of Edgard Alain Mebe Ngo'o and Gervais Mendo Ze. What would have given, according to our sources, to many witnesses present in the room, real cold sweats and what to yawn of astonishment to unhook the language. For these bewildered witnesses, the hypocrisy of such a claim was all the more rude as they found absolutely no connection between the suspicious death of Benjamin Junior Assam Belinga and the release required of Edgard Alain Mebe Ngo'o and from Gervais Mendo Ze.

Despite these contrary opinions, the next day Thursday, in the streets of Sangmelima, the mobilization will be not only stronger, but more resolute. To the point of requiring a reinforcement of hundreds of gendarmes came from Yaoundé. To be the fruit of chance, all this can not be otherwise.

For, naturally gripped by a tenacious concern for gratitude to their mentors now incarcerated, the shady laborers, real directors and directors of the film of horror, would have determined to fire any wood. That's why it was necessary to play the va-all to move the lines. Especially in the wake of the current release of Maurice Kamto and his associates. Besides, you should not have a special little manual to subodore it. It is enough only to remember at first this editorial frenzy with which the titles had blocked, just a few days before, the front page of some confreres.

And in a second, to listen with what murderous projections, these young people have, in an unprecedented violence, undertaken last Thursday to demand the release of these two sons of the Dja and Lobo currently incarcerated, in their operation of sacking the shops of the Bamoun and Bamiléké market Sangmelima, to quickly realize that these young people in the streets, are only the tip of the iceberg in this horror film shot by some politicians dubious Dja and Lobo. And the title of the film? "Be te'e ya". Translation: "We are tired." A title which, on its own, summarizes the degree of determination of the populations to manifest their ras-lebol in the face of the abandonment of the political elite of Dja and Lobo. And that also manœuvriers of the shade ready to pull the chestnuts of the fire.


Cameroon: here are the surprises that Paul Biya reserves for Cameroonians before the legislative elections

As he has allowed Emmanuel Macron, October 10 in Lyon, Paul Biya wants to quickly find a solution to the Anglophone crisis. In the next parliamentary session, traditionally devoted to the examination of the finance law, his government should introduce a bill providing for increased decentralization and the granting of a special status to the North West and South regions. -Where is. At the time of going to press, the Cameroonian head of state still refused to release the secessionist Sisiku Ayuk Tabe.

He hopes to appease the diaspora, in which opponent Maurice Kamto has many supporters. According to our sources, Biya would have accepted to follow the recommendations of the "Great National Dialogue" with regard to the establishment of dual nationality and the creation of constituencies for Cameroonians abroad before the legislative elections of February 2020;

A government reshuffle is expected after the elections. On this file, Biya advance in minefield, some in his own camp, seeing a bad eye a possible opening to the opposition. Gathered around Ferdinand Ngo Ngoh, the Secretary General of the Presidency.

Allied parties in the ruling (in power) DRC, such as the UNDP of Bello Bouba Maigari (Minister of Tourism) and Issa Tchilora's Fsnc (Minister of Employment), have on their side made sure to obtain pledges as to their maintenance the government.

Finally, Paul Biya is confronted with rising tensions in the South, his region of origin, including Sangmelima, where ethnic riots broke out on 09 October. His nephew, Louis-Paul Motaze, who was to attend the meeting of finance ministers of the franc zone on October 10 and 11 in Paris, returned urgently to Cameroon: he did not want to let André Noel Essiane, the mayor Sangmelima (who aspires to enter the government) gain ground in his stronghold.

Source: Jeune Afrique N ° 3057

RFI Interview: Issa Tchiroma advises Maurice Kamto

The exit of Maurice Kamko on RFI, where he attacks the Biya regime and indicates that the national resistance will continue continues to provoke the ire of the members of the government.

They do not intend to be demolished by this opponent. A few days after the intervention of the national president of the MRC on the antennas of this French international radio, the members of the government, anxious to please the prince, multiply outings to cast off Maurice Maurice Kamto.

After Rene Emmanuel Sadi, Jaques Fame Ndongo, or Jean Kuete, now is the time for Issa Tchiroma Bakary to step up to deconstruct the speech of the lawyer-politician.

The government member was yesterday on "Sunday Noon", national post. He wanted to return to his past as a former prisoner to send a message to Maurice Kamto, that of returning to the "right way".

"I was an actor of fierce violence on the street during the hot days. We have immobilized the country for seven months, putting the economy on its knees ", remembers the former detainee of Yoko prison, from his years when he was still a great defender of the regime he defends today.

The railway engineer, who became a minister, had been imprisoned for 7 years, and without trial, after the April 1984 coup attempt. As soon as he left priests, Tchiroma would become a virulent opponent of President Biya, then Minister, then again opponent, then minister again, until today. He is one of the great "vuvuzelateurs" of the regime.


Policeman beheaded: district Nkwen in Bamenda is under high tension

Name on the identity card found next to the policeman's head is Nwana Polycap.

The head of the police officer is placed at the entrance of GBHS Bamenda in Ngeng Junction by unidentified gunmen on motorcycle in the day of October 20th.

An identity card placed next to the head. According to sources at the Ngeng crossroads, the soldiers carried off their heads after firing in the air. Since Sunday, the district Nkwen in Bamenda is squared by police.

The sources said that the identity card next to the corpse's head is named Nwana Polycap, OP1 (police officer), who works with Bamenda III District 2 police station.


North West governor, Adolphe Lele Lafrique escaped secessionist attack

Mr. Lanyuy Harry Ngwanyi, newly appointed Prefect of the Bui Department in the North West Region, was installed this Friday, October 18th.

 According to reports, North West Adolphe Lele Lafrique invited for the ceremony on Friday.

 "After many battles, they finally arrived in Kumbo," said a source.

Moreover, since the end of yesterday, calm has returned to this locality in the Northwest region.  The authorities reported to have escaped a terrorist invasion.


Anglophone Crisis: Amba fighters reportedly slice the head of a police officer in Bamenda

An abject crime. It would have been the work of the separatists. The horrible crime took place in the city of Bamenda. A police officer was horribly killed. He was beheaded.

The body of police officer Paul Wane was found, his head separated from the body.  The macabre discovery took place this Sunday, October 20 in Bamenda. It is indeed the main city of the North West region of Cameroon.

It was at the police station of the 3rd district of Bamenda that the victim was on duty.  Authorized sources indicate that the atrocious murder of this officer took place on the evening of Sunday, October 20th.  And he would thus bear the signature of the separatists. These are known to commit such barbarities.

The execution of this policeman reminds us of another crime. Indeed Florence Ayafor, prison guard in Bamenda, savagely killed twenty days ago. This crime isunclear. But secessionist fighters are accused of being perpetrators.

To shed light on the Ayafor affair, his family has decided to file a complaint. This procedure should actually help to change the investigation.


The current battle between Maurice Kamto and René Sadi

After his comrades of the party in power (Jean Kuete, Secretary General of the Central Committee of the Rdpc and Jacques Fame Ndongo, National Secretary for Communication of the same party) it was the turn of the Minister of Communication (MINCOM), René Sadi  Friday morning at the exit of Maurice Kamto, Wednesday, on French radio RFI.

The President of the Republic, Paul Biya, President of the Republic, who has recently taken a measure of abandonment of the prosecution against  Some activists and officials of the MRC, thus making possible the release of its opponent and its milliters and allies, with the claim to have been made.

Indeed, in his interview with RFI journalist Carine Frenck, Maurice Kalto, and his friends, even though he notices that Paul Biya might not have decided to abandon the prosecution.  In other words, he argues that their freedom was due to them, since their arrest and imprisonment were arbitrarily and unfairly, respectively.

Moreover, the leader of the MRC has reiterated the conclusions of the Grand National Dialogue, which he has considered to be late and has also solved the problem of the multiple crises gripping Cameroon.  And the answer to the question of the election of 2018, just 24 hours after the election, asked for a reform of the electoral system and announced the continuation of the Plan of "National Resistance" Which led to  his arrest and that of more than 600 people between January and June.

Even if many of his supporters judge the tone of the Law Clerk rather moderate, see timorous, compared to their expectations and their willingness to fight the possible with the regime of President Biya, the words of Professor Kamto, not visibly removed from the positions of  Minister Sadi to the highest degree, hence the scathing reaction on Friday, the government member on the antennas of the government radio and television, CRTV.

Biya's minister warns the "president-elect" against "This timeless posture of proud with arms and borders on impudence and boasting"

Mr Sadi thus denounced "the reactions of the other beneficiaries, in this case those of certain Mrc officials", which "seemed to us somewhat ambiguous," as was first noticed by their statements, especially the recent one of Mr. Maurice Kamto in an interview  with Radio France Internationale. "

"But that's not enough," he said, "we were not surprised by this issue." It is clearly part of a logic that is his own and that of supporters, perhaps not all, since the proclamation of the presidential election.  A logic of extremeism, of the radicalism advocated on the claim of an alleged victory, a miracle, a miracle,  obviously did not happen, but we do not regret this stubbornness.  of our fellow citizens. "

Stop the "ingratitude"

The spokesman of the government asserts that "it is true that it is true that the following measures are taken by the President of the United States of America.  a little bit a sovereign and magnanimous act of the head of the State, which participates in a permanent approach to a permanent peace and stability in Cameroon. "

And Rene Sadi, moralizing, to conclude that "Seen from this angle, it seems to me that Kamto and some go-to-war among his supporters did not know how to take the full measure and the meaning of presidential clemency,  However, the opinion and the opinion of the international community are rightly hailed, and what is important is that this clamor for this satisfaction has been both internally and externally before and after the great national dialogue.


Sangmélima: Christian Penda Ekoka denounced 'infirmity' of the State

More than two weeks after the tragic events of Sangmelima, the reactions of the policies flock and all, against the State.

President of the movement Agir, Christian Penda Ekoka also pronounces on the events of Sangmélima. And for him, the only responsible is the state. "The events of Sangmelima reflect the infirmity of our political institutions, which do not promote an inclusive development of populations. They generate multifaceted frustrations that are not conducive to the emergence of a fraternal and supportive society, "says Christian Penda Ekoka.


Sex scandals at Yaoundé II University: vice-rector speak out

Invited in the program "Dare to say" ABK, the DRC activist and vice-rector of the University Yaoundé II, Edmond BILOA deny any fraud around the awarding of grades in his university. 

"Graduate students in our universities deserve their degrees. There are no Sexually Transmitted Notes at the University of Yaounde 2 ... "he said. 

Indeed, Yaoundé University has regularly been cited in note traffic cases. In 2012, Jean Tabi Manga was fired from his position as Rector of the University of Soa for similar facts.

Edmond BILOA has also seized the opportunity offered by the program "Dare to say it" to once again make his declaration of love to the presidential party. 

"I'm proud to belong to the CPDM, it's the only party I know, it's like a part of me. Even my mother has been there, it's like a family affair. It's hard for me to be objective because the CPDM is my party? "He added.


Sex scandals at Yaoundé II University: vice-rector speak out

Invited in the program "Dare to say" ABK, the DRC activist and vice-rector of the University Yaoundé II, Edmond BILOA deny any fraud around the awarding of grades in his university.

"Graduate students in our universities deserve their degrees. There are no Sexually Transmitted Notes at the University of Yaounde 2 ... "he said.

Indeed, Yaoundé University has regularly been cited in note traffic cases. In 2012, Jean Tabi Manga was fired from his position as Rector of the University of Soa for similar facts.

Edmond BILOA has also seized the opportunity offered by the program "Dare to say it" to once again make his declaration of love to the presidential party.

"I'm proud to belong to the CPDM, it's the only party I know, it's like a part of me. Even my mother has been there, it's like a family affair. It's hard for me to be objective because the CPDM is my party? "He said.


A snake " spirit" that caused the collapse of Bafang-Bandja stretch finally caught by strong wizards as two of the snakes escaped

The surrealist scene occurred this Sunday morning at a place called Batcho between Bandja and Bafang.

Following an advanced degradation visible for several months, the road has finally yielded and bitumen cut in two this Friday. The populations of two affected villages have embarked on occult practices to identify the real cause of the phenomenon.

CameroonWeb offers the testimony of Fabrice Fokou 

This Sunday morning at a place called Batcho between Bandja and Bafang, precisely where the National Highway No. 5 has cut. A bizarre spectacle is offered to users of this section between Bafang and the capital of the western region of Bafoussam.

The Chinese engineers who came to see the situation can not work. For good reason, a team of wizards from the two villages whose natural border between them is exactly where the two buoys that served a few days ago bridge have dropped under the weight of age and age. wear leaving the pavement collapsing.

The people gathered to attend the boa hunt, which wizards have named as the cause of the collapse.

When I arrived at the scene, the atmosphere is electric, the tension is palpable in the crowd, a smell like that of burnt pepper mixed in the rather heavy air this Sunday. People cough their eyes tearing, so the products used for loud incantations are so stifled.

At one point two wizards come out of the water with a horned snake, it is one of the three reptiles that are causing the problems that undermine the two villages. Two others escaped.

An old canary containing evil objects is also extracted under youyous from a crowd in a trance, I'll have to leave the premises, scare it at the same time I loop this little report by leaving you to judge yourselves of the nature of this thing.

                               Video story


Father Paul Njokikang arrested in Bamenda after Sunday service

In April, Father Paul Njokikang presented the details of the armed conflict to United Nations Security Council.

Our colleagues at camerounweb reported that The director of humanitarian affairs of the Catholic Church in the archdiocese of Bamenda, Rev. Paul Njokikang was arrested this Sunday morning at the end of the Mass he himself celebrated Mbinfibe.

According to the first information received by the editor, the prelate is believed to be held in the Cameroonian army camp at Bafut airport near Bamenda.

For now, the reasons for this arrest are not known.

But it must be remembered that the Rev. Paul Njokikang presented a detailed and precise report on the armed conflict in progress last April before the United Nations Security Council.

Father Paul Njokikang is considered in the community as a 'descendant of Mother Teresia' for his good works of charity towards the poor and vulnerable people resulting from the ongoing conflict.

In a statement issued late this morning, the humanitarian community condemned the arrest as an abduction and arbitrary detention. It calls on the international and national humanitarian communities to put pressure on the Cameroonian government for the immediate release of the man of God.


Sunday, October 20, 2019

Sangmelima Crisis: Atanga Nji accuses Bulu

For the boss of the Territorial Administration, it is a family quarrel that is at the origin of this tragedy. 

A few days after the unfortunate incident, from Sangmelima, Atanga Nji made a descent on the ground. He reassures that the perpetrator of the crime is in the hands of justice. According to the minister, it is an amalgam which is at the origin of the riots recorded on October 9th and 10th.

"There has never been a murder perpetrated by a Bamoun in Sangmelima. It's a Bulu who murdered a Bulu. I would even say that it is a cousin who killed his brother. He has also confessed. This alleged assassin is called Mefoua Wilfried. He kills his cousin because he resisted when he came to tear off his motorcycle. It is the misinformation that is at the origin of the overflows ". Stresses the member of the government.

The facts 

On October 9, 2019, we discover the lifeless body of young Belinga Benjamin Junior. That ignites the powders. Soon, a rumor circulates in the city. One points a native of the west, to be the author of the crime. This causes breaks, with bonuses of other looting scenes.

The members of a community are targeted. The incidents resulted in 5 injuries and several property damage. Have estimated losses at several million CFA Francs. The victims are waiting for a gesture from the Head of State. The latter has just instructed a census of merchants victims of this tragedy.


Removed from selection, Etienne Eto'o writes heartfelt massage to Cameroonians and his mother

Rejected after the decision of the President of the Republic Paul Biya favoring young players playing in Cameroon for the Under-17 World Cup, the son of the emblematic captain of the indomitable Lions Samuel Eto'o sent a moving letter in which he traces his career during these two weeks in selection. Étienne Eto'o took this opportunity to thank all those who contributed to the success of this adventure, especially his mother for "all she did for" him.


Last month was one of the best of my life because of the unique opportunity I had to compete in a World Cup. This dream, with which almost all children dream, came earlier than expected. Many of you think that coming here has been easy and we are wrong because it is complicated: many rapid and rapid medical tests, express trips to obtain my Cameroonian passport, the ROGAR, the almost SUPLICATE of the authorization to renew my Spanish passport and That would allow me to enter Brazil, the specific training to 100%, the fear of being hurt and that preventing me from traveling and playing, a lot of nerves and psychological stress to finally be ready and to be able to play this world cup. 

                         Video story

Last day 6, my journey to a new stage of my life seemed to begin. I flew from Majorca to Paris and Brazil. I met new colleagues who traveled with the same enthusiasm. We arrived at our destination, started training, and shortly thereafter played the first friendly game where I had the opportunity to score a goal as soon as I entered the competition. The feelings were very good, I was convinced that this opportunity could be very important in my life after 13 years of football.

But what we did not know, my five European colleagues and myself, is that it is because of a presidential decree (which I respect but do not prefer to say) that we would miss the World Cup. I will not deny that it was very hard, but thanks to the support we gave ourselves, we managed to start turning the page. 

I want to thank my mother mainly for all she did for me and for all the support she gave me, my family in general, my friends and all the anonymous people who have invested a few minutes to send me support messages. It is an honor for me to represent Cameroon throughout these two weeks. A big thank you to the federation for calling me and the technical team for experiences like this.


BIR is for Peace not for War: BIR officers said as they do good in Kumba - Muyuka

The health campaign served 214 people of both sexes at all ages. The common pathologies (malaria, typhoid fever, gastrointestinal infection, skin infection, pulmonary infection, osteoarticular pathologies, etc.) were the most frequent cases.

A distribution of food immediately followed the consultations.

The medical team after taking care of the patients of Mile 40, went to the orphanage * MOTHER'S HOUSE ORPHANAGE * to take care of the residents who are there. 08 patients were evaluated and treated, including 03 special cases:

- * OKWA ZEBENU * 17 years old, presumed bilateral blindness secondary to bilateral cataract.

- * MALO SOUVENIR * 12-year-old girl with bilateral blindness of congenital origin.

- * NKENG Stella *, a 17-year-old girl with paralysis of the lower limbs caused by a neurological pathology presented at the age of 02 years. Sick sentenced to live on the spot for lack of means of travel (Wheelchair).

We took advantage of this opportunity to replenish the orphanage's pharmacy box that was almost empty and we brought them food.

All in all, Mile 40 populations, previously in favor of SDS, appreciated our actions. This action has strengthened the ties between the two parties and motivated these people more to get rid of secessionist ideologies advocated by separatist terrorists.

Source: Cameroonian Army

At least five soldiers killed in Bamenda

About 5 officers of the Cameroonian army were killed in Bamenda by fighters suspected independence. According to information gathered by the editorial staff of camerounWeb, it was during intense fighting that took place this Saturday around Metah Quarters that these soldiers were shot dead.

According to the same sources, elements of the Cameroonian army stormed a camp of secessionists Ambazonians to release hostages, mainly students, who are there.

The fighting reportedly killed several people in both camps. No information is yet to filter the fate of the hostages.

This week is marked by several clashes between secessionists and police on the occasion of the installation ceremonies of the prefects newly appointed by the President of the Republic Paul Biya.

The convoy of North West Governor Adolph Lele Lafrique has been targeted repeatedly.


Ambazonia: Interim Government vows to work for complete independence

Exiled Southern Cameroons leader, Dabney Yerima pledged on Wednesday to push for a new resistance strategy with the Ambazonia Self-Defense Force on secession after the fallout from the failed so-called Major National Dialogue which recently opted to grant a kind of “Special Status” to the people of Ambazonia.

The Ambazonia Vice President told our chief correspondent in London, Asu Isong that the sentencing of President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and his top aides will not go unanswered. “The life sentence given to our leaders abducted in Nigeria for standing for self-determination is a wakeup call to every Southern Cameroonian that we must change the tactics by investing in the struggle.”

Comrade Dabney Yerima was referring to the Amba Bonds Project launched this week by the treasury department of the Ambazonia Interim Government which involves Southern Cameroonians investing their money in the resistance.

Announced late on Sunday, the Amba Bonds is a more flexible and transparent scheme by the Interim Government which has pushed increasingly skeptic Southern Cameroonians to once again engage in the Ambazonian revolution.

Dabney Yerima said “the fact that the idea of a special status for Southern Cameroonians came from former finance minister Akame Mfoumou who is a cousin to French Cameroun head of state Paul Biya was indeed an insult to the Ambazonian nation.  I will advocate for Southern Cameroonians to exercise the right to self-determination throughout my term as Vice President.”

“Southern Cameroonians in the diaspora are very much aware of the difficulties our people in Ground Zero are facing through repression and fear. But I want to assure Ambazonians that we of the Interim Government are pushing forward to get supplies to Ground Zero!  I am therefore calling on all our self-defense forces not to allow themselves to be intimidated by threats and deceits,” noted the Ambazonia Vice President.

Dabney Yerima reiterated his condemnation of the violence that he blamed on Minister Paul Atanga Nji militias and misguided Amba Boys whom he said should be isolated and kept away from the ongoing well organized Southern Cameroons struggle.

By Chi Prudence Asong and Asu Isong

First photo of Davido's baby, Chioma and the baby doing just fine

Davide Adeleke is the latest dad in town now. The boo spent hours with his wife in the delivery room when she went into labour last night.
 "The baby is a boy" as announced by Davido.

"OMOBA TI DE!!! DAVID ADEDEJI ADELEKE Jr I !! D PRINCE IS HERE!!!! 20 - 10 - 2019 !!! Love you my STRONG WIFE!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!! ❤️💕 " 

Devido had his first labour experience last night and was totally confused, asked fans for prayers.

Welcome to the world Adeleke Junior.

Crimes, kidnapping and ransoms: Atanga Nji's well-skilled plan to raise the population against Amba Fighters

This is information that reveals the journalist and activist Michel Biem Tong. The exiled journalist confirms through revelations that Ataga Nji would be well behind all the incessant crimes and kidnappings that Anglophone regions are experiencing.

In his revelations, Michel Biem Tong said that the Minister of Territorial Administration has mounted all these events to win the sympathy of the English-speaking population and the international community. "Kidnapper is for me the best way to mount populations against 'Amba Fighters'," said Atanga Nji at a secret meeting held last July 25 in Yaounde.

Below, all the revelations of Michel Biem Tong 


According to a YouTube video, dated July 29th, of our colleague John Mbah Akuroh, an English journalist previously in service to the state-owned Cameroon Radio and Television (CRTV) and now pro-independence activist exiled in the US, the current Minister of Territorial Administration and intelligence agent, Paul Atanga Nji, made terrible announcements during a secret meeting of the North West Elite Association (NOWELA), an elite group of northwestern Anglophones (of which he is a member). The meeting was held on the evening of July 25 in Yaounde at the residence of former Prime Minister Philemon Yang.

According to a participant in this secret meeting who leaked the information by transmitting it to John Mbah Akuroh, Atanga Nji said that to return the local population against the English-speaking independence forces and win the sympathy of the international community, crimes must be committed and kidnappings against ransoms intensified to show the world that separatist armed groups are in fact only small groups of bandits and terrorists specializing in kidnappings: "kidnapping is for me the best way to mount the against the "Amba Fighters" fighting to secure the independence of Southern Cameroons, "said the Interior Minister during the meeting, according to the rendering of his informant made by Mbah Akuroh in his YouTube video.

According to one of the participants in this secret meeting, Atanga Nji said priests, pastors, co-workers, UN officials who provide assistance to IDPs in the bush of English-speaking Cameroon should be targeted by these kidnappings against ransoms which, according to the minister, must be made in complicity with Cameroonian soldiers in civilian clothes. Recall that the secret meeting at which Atanga Nji made all these chilling announcements came a few days after a US Congress resolution suggesting negotiations without preconditions between the Cameroonian government and the separatists in view of a way out of the crisis.

Through all these announcements made by Atanga Nji (confirmed by several other sources who took part in this meeting) during this secret meeting, it is easy to understand who are the sponsors of all these kidnappings against ransoms, these murders with mutilations the bodies we observe in English-speaking Cameroon, and above all what are its objectives: to gain the sympathy of international opinion and to educate the English-speaking population against armed separatists. It is easy to understand why a teacher was beheaded in Bamenda last May after the killing of a 4-month-old baby in Muyuka (south-west Anglophone) by Cameroonian soldiers. It is easy to understand where the staging of the living burial of a young girl from Guzang (north-west Anglophone) came about on September 16th (she reappeared a few weeks later in Yaounde during the great national dialogue ). It is easy to understand who ordered the assassination with the beheading and mutilation of prison warden Florence Ayafor. It is easy to understand where the horrific images of mutilated bodies projected in Yaounde during the great national dialogue came from senior officers of the Cameroonian army. It is easy to understand the origin of all the kidnappings against ransoms and other assassinations that will intensify in the coming days and weeks. It is easy to understand who ordered the assassination with the beheading and mutilation of prison warden Florence Ayafor. It is easy to understand where the horrific images of mutilated bodies projected in Yaounde during the great national dialogue came from senior officers of the Cameroonian army. It is easy to understand the origin of all the kidnappings against ransoms and other assassinations that will intensify in the coming days and weeks. It is easy to understand who ordered the assassination with the beheading and mutilation of prison warden Florence Ayafor. It is easy to understand where the horrific images of mutilated bodies projected in Yaounde during the great national dialogue came from senior officers of the Cameroonian army. It is easy to understand the origin of all the kidnappings against ransoms and other assassinations that will intensify in the coming days and weeks.

Human rights organizations such as the Network of Human Rights Defenders in Central Africa, Amnesty International, Human Right Watch, International Federation of Human Rights Leagues (FIDH) must understand that all kidnappings against ransoms, killings, kidnappings and other crimes committed by armed groups in the Southern Cameroons are not always due to the separatists. Indeed, in order to win the battle of international opinion and to win the sympathy of the English-speaking populations for armed separatist groups, the Yaoundé authorities have established in these areas a veritable industry of delinquency, crime and terrorism with the aim of discrediting the camp opposite.

The tragedy is that even the Cameroonian soldiers are put to contribution for this dirty work. Indeed - and it is not Atanga Nji that we learn it - it comes back to us from several local sources that plainclothes soldiers carry out kidnappings against ransoms in certain localities of English-speaking Cameroon. Once the kidnapping is committed, the families of the kidnapped are contacted to transfer huge amounts of money via Orange Money or MTN Mobile Money mobile accounts. All these crimes sponsored by the power of Yaoundé are filmed and sent by these gangs of thugs to counter-revolutionary activists (against the struggle of Anglophones for the restoration of the Southern Cameroons) such Genesys Kenelly, Nkonda Titus aka My Kontri Pipo Dem (MKPD ) to publish these images on their Facebook page, Whatsapp.

Recall that the day after Yaoundé's activists close the video of a young girl buried alive by individuals portrayed as armed separatists, the Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji, in a correspondence dated September 17, asked the governor of the North-West region, Adolphe Lele Lafrique, to encourage the actions of the vigilance committees. Go and find out which committees of vigilance are involved if they are not these government and counter-revolutionary militias.

By Michel Biem Tong, exiled web journalist

Source: camerounweb / Michel Biem Tong

"CONFIDENTIAL" Paul Biya expected again in Paris

Decidedly since he liberated Maurice KAMTO, the baker of Yaoundé seems to have become more frequent. 

After having met Emmanuel Macron recently in Lyon as part of the major conference on AIDS, Paul Biya is again expected in Paris to take part in the second Paris conference on peace and security from 11 to 13 November 2019. Paul Biya was absent last year at the first conference for post-election protest.

In order for Paul Biya's new visit to France to be a success, Luc Sindjoun, his special adviser, was sent on an advanced mission to Paris to adjust and prepare Paul Biya's agenda during these four days.

After Russia where he is also expected from 23 to 24 October 2019 in the framework of the economic forum Russia - Paris, Paul Biya should return to France. Not to mention the visit in preparation of Jean Yves Le Drian in Cameroon. An international agenda decidedly overloaded.


BREAKING: Singer Davido, Chioma Welcome Baby Boy

Nigerian afropop singer, David Adeleke, who is also known as Davido and girlfriend, Chioma on Sunday gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, who has already clinched his first endorsement deal.

While in labour room with his wife, Chioma, Davido wrote " it is not easy to be a woman" the singer probably had his first labour experience last night.

Davido, before the arrival of his son, has stated that he clinched the endorsement deal from a diaper-manufacturing Nigerian brand, for his unborn child.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

After hanging up boots, Samuel Eto'o lunches own sports betting business

Samuel Eto'o

On 07 September 2019 in Kinshasa, Cameroonian goleador Samuel Eto'o officially announced his retirement from football stadiums after more than 20 years at the highest level of world football.  The most successful African footballer in history and triple winner of the European Champions League with FC Barcelona and Inter Milan made a splash in 2011 by signing up with the Russian club Anzhi Makhachkala becoming at that time 30 years the most paid footballer in the world.

At the announcement of his withdrawal from the stadiums as a player, many questions were asked about his future after football.  The speculation of the political leaders, others as a coach, the football administration and the business world were also part of the prognosis.  It is here that the top scorer in the history of the African Cup of Nations began his conversion.  On October 15, 2019, on his official social media pages, he unveiled his Betoo sports betting platform.

Samuel Eto'o has always been passionate about business.  Several entrepreneurial initiatives are to be put to his credit, the most resounding remains set'mobile which ended in failure.  Now the Cameroonian champion has plenty of time to follow the path of success and success.


Anglophone Crisis: European Union and the United States discredited Biya's National dialogue

 'The use of violence in these regions will not provide a solution'

This is another stabbing that just received the Great National Dialogue (GDN) since its end on October 4 last. Admittedly, the Council of the European Union has welcomed the appeasement measures taken by Paul Biya in the context of the Anglophone crisis and the post-electoral dispute of October 7, 2018. But the resolution No. 646/19 of October 14, 2019 Neither  "The EU reaffirms the need for all Cameroonian actors to respect the rule of law and to resolve this crisis peacefully, within the framework of an inclusive dialogue."

In other words, for her what happened from September 30 to October 4 was really not one.  For her, "the recent holding in Yaounde of a national dialogue offered a first opportunity to open prospects for a durable exit from the crisis".  So it was only a first step, not the final solution to the crisis. This is why it calls for "the continuation of this process to the expectations of the people, while reinforcing the inclusivity of all concerned actors both inside and outside the diaspora, including women, young people and civil society".

This is why "the EU is committed to the cause of all Cameroonian actors to respect the rule of law and to resolve this crisis peacefully, within the framework of an inclusive dialogue".

This means that the dialogue table, there must be at the same time the government, the secessionists (the real ones) and the diaspora hostile or not to the Yaounde regime.  A nod has been made to the opposition on the subject: "The EU calls for the entire Cameroonian opposition to be able to express itself freely, in accordance with the law, and to participate in the national dialogue process".  So that is the coloring that a real national dialogue should have, according to the European Union, which has understood, it is in its communiqué, that despite the GDN, the situation in the NoSo is more than ever borrowed violence.  What has the GDN solved?  "The use of violence in these regions will not provide a solution," says the statement of the Council of the EU.

 In the wake of the United States

This position of the Council of the European Union is similar to that of the United States, which expressed itself through its plenipotentiary in Cameroon.  It was through the communiqué of October 11th.  It also follows the savage murder of the aforementioned prison warden.  For Peter Henry Barlerin, "more violence is not the answer".

Moreover, "we call on all parties to the conflict in the north-west and south-west regions to renounce further violence and open dialogue without preconditions".  In other words, for Uncle Sam, there has never been a dialogue.  We are therefore waiting for the dialogue, the real one, which will put around the table the real actors of the crisis.

Of the two reactions, we note that the Council of the European Union and the United States are in the odor of sanctity.

Why are the European Union and the United States discrediting the great national dialogue, and are they right to do so when we know that we are waiting for the implementation of the recommendations, particularly on the Anglophone crisis?  What can be the international impact of such a rejection of the great national dialogue?  Obviously, the Gdn divides internationally, because it is worth remembering that this initiative has been hailed by the UN.  Can this be enough to play in favor of Gdn with Biya sauce?

 Source: Emergence N ° 1556