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Electoral campaign: Paul Biya celebrated in Adamaoua

The official launch of the campaign for the presidential elections of October 7, 2018 was marked by several meetings in the region. The ruling party is deploying its ambassadors to the region to maintain power on the evening of October 7, 2018.

The region of Adamaoua, "eldest daughter of renewal," according to regional representatives of the party of Paul Biya, has experienced a strong mobilization on September 22, 2018. At the Ngaoundéré party's permanence, the various speakers who followed one another at the podium reaffirmed with one voice their unwavering commitment to support the candidature of the candidate president.

For the head of the CPDR regional permanent delegation in the region, there is no doubt, the whole region is behind President Biya. "Thanks to President Paul Biya, Adamaoua has its industrial and refrigerated slaughterhouse. The construction of the Bini dam at Warak, the hemodialysis center and social housing are the palpable achievements of the man of November 6th. We guarantee him a 100% vote, "says Alhaji Mohamadou Ousmanou.

In Dir, in Mbéré, the populations, under the leadership of Elhaj Nana Bouba, the president of the departmental coordination of the CPDM campaign, went out en masse to signify their adherence to the ideals incarnated by President Paul Biya. The achievements of their champion in this department - which include roads, hospitals and peace - plead in his favor for a 100% vote.

"People must vote Paul Biya, because he is the man of peace, unity, the man of development", said Elhaj Nana Bouba.

In the Mbéré, the door-to-door strategy was adopted for a great mobilization. In this department, the launch of the campaign was done simultaneously in all districts. This deployment was done with the representatives of the allied parties, the FSNC, the UNDP and the MDR.

In the city of Ngaoundéré, another meeting of the CPDM is announced for Sunday, September 23rd in the 3rd district, and will be coupled with the final of the championship holidays and the presentation of donations to deserving students.


Election campaign: Six activist's of CPDM party kidnapped in Bamenda this Saturday

Secessionist fighters put their threats into action this Saturday in the North West region.

Local sources contacted by the editorial team of CameroonWeb reveal, indeed, that six militants of the Democratic Rally of the People of Cameroon (CPDM) were kidnapped this Saturday in Bamenda by fighters of the secessionist group Ambazonia Defense Forces (ADF).

Three of the six victims were Francophones and came from Yaounde, according to our source. These CPDM militants were reportedly kidnapped while on their way to their hotel after a CPDM meeting.

A few days before the start of the election campaign, the secessionist leaders had already threatened to attack anyone taking part in the public events organized as part of the campaign.

A threat that hangs not only on the cities of the English-speaking regions but also on the Cameroonian capitals (Douala and Yaounde) where security measures have already been announced to guarantee the serenity of the electoral process.


Presidential 2018: the outcome of the first day of the election campaign

In Cameroon, the election campaign for the presidential election of October 7 opened on Saturday, September 22.Among the 9 candidates in the running, 4 distinguished themselves, between meeting and various public events while the others remain globally absent. A short tour between Yaounde, Douala and Bamenda this first day of campaign.

On this first day of campaign, only the posters of the candidate Biya were visible on the arteries and major intersections of the capital Yaoundé.

On these, the candidate president displays a big smile on a blue background, with for campaign slogan "Paul Biya, the strength of experience", declined in French and English. In the field, his ministers held countless rallies across the country, which was the most notorious of the Bamenda party house where the Prime Minister and the Minister of Territorial Administration were seen, among other personalities present.

In Douala, Maurice Kamto defied the ban that his campaign launch meeting was struck in the district of Douala 4. His followers estimated between three and five thousand people came to listen to him unfold his program of change in a particular atmosphere. euphoric.

Joshua Osih, the torchbearer of the SDF, for his part chose a soft start through a caravan that led him through various localities in the coastal region.

Akere Muna, the PFD candidate, paid for the comfort of the 1,500-seat auditorium at the Yaounde Convention Center. Facing supporters and supporters, he presented his program for a "New Republic".


Election 2018: the Sub-prefect of Douala 4th forbids the meeting of Maurice Kamto

The opening meeting of the electoral campaign of the MRC in view of the presidential election of October 7, scheduled on September 22, 2018 "in front of the Bilingual School of Bonabéri" from 10am to 12pm will no longer take place there.

Indeed, in a note addressed to the Regional Secretary of the MRC Littoral this Friday, September 21, 2018, the sub-prefect of Douala 4e, Ekoa Mbarga Jean-Marc, said "that there is at the indicated place no space likely to to welcome a crowd without inevitably interrupting the traffic".

And, writes the administrative authority, "in accordance with the provisions of Article 95 Al. 1 of the Electoral Code, I can not accede any special authorization to hold meetings on public roads in a district where spaces dedicated to this type of meeting abound.

Maurice Kamto, whose share has obviously not taken steps to choose a suitable place, will have to choose another place in Douala for the launch of his campaign.

Below is the note of the Sub-Prefect of Douala 4th


Presidential 2018: Another opposition leader announces his support for Biya

The opponent Antoine De Padoue Ndemmanu has just launched a vibrant CALL to all the members of his party, its activists and supporters to VOTE for the Candidate PAUL BIYA on October 07, 2018.

"The Rdpf_kumzse supports SEM PAUL BIYA and launches a vibrant CALL to all its members, its activists and its sympathizers to VOTE for the Candidate SEM PAUL BIYA the 07 October 2018 .. "it is the message of the President of Rdpf_kumzse, Dr. Antoine De Padoue Ndemmanu, unhappy candidate to the election of October 1997.

For him the book "PAUL BIYA: For Community Liberalism" whose new version has just been presented in Yaoundé, is a "socio-economic, sociocultural and socio-political bible" which "must be the reason for doing politics, in other words in a globalizing vision of our common political history".

Antoine De Padoue Ndemmanu thinks that "the Cameroon of SEM PAUL BIYA wants to be different". In opposition to other ideals existing under the prisms of capitalism, socialism, communism and liberalism.

"Together for a Vote without Appeal for the Candidate His Excellency Mr. PAUL BIYA, CPDM. A voice! A vote! A victory! Says Dr. Antoine De Padoue Ndemmanu.

It should be noted that other opposition parties, the MP and the UPC have also just given voting instructions in favor of the President-candidate, Paul Biya.


Electoral campaign: CPDM defies secessionists in Bamenda

The activists of the Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian People (CPDM) in the North-West Region, met this Saturday, September 22, 2018 at the home of the party of Bamenda to launch the electoral campaign of their champion, Paul Biya.

Prime Minister Philemon Yang is in Bamenda. In his capacity as regional coordinator for the North-West of the election campaign of Paul Biya, outgoing head of state and candidate for his own succession, he presided this Saturday, September 22, 2018 at the home of the party of Bamenda, the ceremony launching of the campaign of the CPDM candidate, the ruling party, for the presidential election of 07 October 2018.

Philemon Yang had at his side Paul Atanga Nji, Minister of Territorial Administration, Simon Achidi Achu, former Prime Minister Senator. All from the North West and DPRK dignitaries. They had talks with the Flame Party militants about the strategy to deploy in order to carry out their champion's election campaign against a backdrop of insecurity.

"There will be voting throughout Cameroon. So, there is no reason for the North West to be absent. We have invited our activists to go door-to-door during this campaign to make people understand that it is only with Paul Biya in power that peace will totally return to their region. The government has also taken the necessary steps to ensure that the campaign and the election take place without disruption on the entire national territory, "said Paul Atanga Nji.

"We asked our activists and the people of the Northwest to go to the polls overwhelmingly to vote Paul Biya. It's a vote for progress, a vote for democracy.The Prime Minister said that by voting for President Paul Biya, we are voting for the consolidation of national unity, "added the Minister of Territorial Administration, chairman of the Mezam 1 section of the CPDM.

Thus, the party in power braved the secessionist threats by launching its election campaign in Bamenda, in a festive atmosphere. However, this ceremony was placed under high security. She was surrounded by an impressive deployment of law enforcement. And for good reason, the secessionist fighters have promised to make this election campaign, a period of misfortune for all those who support the central government.


Cameroon opposition fails to unite ahead of presidential poll

Eight candidates will be competing against the 85-year-old incumbent, Paul Biya in the upcoming presidential elections slated for October 7. Cameroon’s opposition again failed to present a single presidential candidate which to many was the best way to challenge Biya’s 35-year-rule and bring his reign to an end.

Maurice Kamto, former Biya loyalist and leader of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (MRC) had once initiated a coalition process with Akere Muna and the main opposition political party the SDF to discuss the possibility of a single candidate.

Kamto indicated that all parties had generally consented to a coalition, but none of them was ready to cede power to the other.

However, Akere had earlier stated that he was ready to support any candidate whose ideas and vision was superior to his given that the ultimate goal is to end decades of rule of Paul Biya. The SDF leaders on their part consider the party the only political force which stands a better chance defeat Biya.

With the failure of a coalition, pundits have it that these political “novices” will need more than an apt strategy if they want to beat Biya who has been in the race since 1992.

Akere, Kamto and six other candidates, Joshua Osih of Social Democratic Front (SDF); Cabral Libii of the National Union for Integration Towards Solidarity (UNIVERS); Ndifor Frankline of the Cameroon National Citizen Movement (CNCM); and Serge Espoir Matomba of the United People for Social Renovation (UPSR), are facing Biya for the very first time in this race, leaving many in doubt as to whether any of them stand a chance to top the race.

Source: Africa News

Cameroon opposition fails to unite ahead of presidential poll

Eight candidates will be competing against the 85-year-old incumbent, Paul Biya in the upcoming presidential elections slated for October 7. Cameroon’s opposition again failed to present a single presidential candidate which to many was the best way to challenge Biya’s 35-year-rule and bring his reign to an end.

Maurice Kamto, former Biya loyalist and leader of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (MRC) had once initiated a coalition process with Akere Muna and the main opposition political party the SDF to discuss the possibility of a single candidate.

Kamto indicated that all parties had generally consented to a coalition, but none of them was ready to cede power to the other.

However, Akere had earlier stated that he was ready to support any candidate whose ideas and vision was superior to his given that the ultimate goal is to end decades of rule of Paul Biya. The SDF leaders on their part consider the party the only political force which stands a better chance defeat Biya.

With the failure of a coalition, pundits have it that these political “novices” will need more than an apt strategy if they want to beat Biya who has been in the race since 1992.

Akere, Kamto and six other candidates, Joshua Osih of Social Democratic Front (SDF); Cabral Libii of the National Union for Integration Towards Solidarity (UNIVERS); Ndifor Frankline of the Cameroon National Citizen Movement (CNCM); and Serge Espoir Matomba of the United People for Social Renovation (UPSR), are facing Biya for the very first time in this race, leaving many in doubt as to whether any of them stand a chance to top the race.

Source: Africa News

Can elections be held in Southern Cameroons?

Armed separatists in the Anglophone northwest and neigboring southwest regions have vowed they will not allow a “foreign election.”

Paul Biya, Cameroon’s president since 1982, is seeking re-election. Vying to oust the 85-year-old leader are eight candidates representing a string of opposition parties. The election campaigning starts nationwide on Saturday.

The incumbent himself is not expected to show up in the Anglophone regions, where only one candidate has ventured in the run-up to the vote and the escalating conflict has prompted an exodus of people – including voters.

Nearly 400 people have been reported killed since long-running tensions turned violent in October 2017 and separatists declared self-rule in the region they call Ambazonia.

At the Mile 17 Motor Park in Buea, region’s capital, the governor of the region, Bernard Okalia Bilai, is pleading with hundreds of commuters to go back to their homes. “There is fake news that the army will launch an attack. No, the army is not launching attacks. The army is there to protect the population and their property and the army is there to neutralize those attacks,” Bilai says.

Thousands have left

“Those who are abandoning their homes, you can see here, the luggage, we have beds, furniture. No, where are they going? No, we want them to stay at home.”

Bilai has been visiting the park almost daily to try and stop the exodus of residents from the worst-affected regions.

Teacher John Nlom, who is leaving with his wife and five children, says he does not trust the governor’s assurances that their security is guaranteed.

“The governor himself, who is saying that people should stay back, that they are protected, is moving around with soldiers protecting him. Will the soldiers protect all the people? That is the reason I cannot stay. I have to leave,” Nlom says.

Over the past three weeks, thousands of residents have packed up and left, according to authorities. They don’t care much about voting in an election that won’t be free and fair, says Prince Ekosso, president of the United Socialist Democratic Party (USDP).

Credible elections “impossible”

“It is impossible for credible elections to take place in the northwest and the southwest. As a matter of fact, the towns and cities of the northwest and the southwest have been deserted,” Ekosso says.

“It’s already late now for anything to be done for free and fair elections to take place in the two regions.”

Presidential candidates across the country have been encouraging voters to cast their ballots on October 7. Prophet Frank Ndifor Afanui, a candidate for the opposition Cameroon National Citizenship Movement, is the only one to travel to the southwest region so far, with a visit to Mutengene.

In Cameroon’s capital Yaounde, opposition Cameroon Renaissance Movement (MRC) candidate Maurice Kamto suggests the separatists should allow people to vote as the only way to change the system they have been fighting.

“They will not win the war, so why continue fighting that war? Is it a solution for a country in crisis just to split into two parts just because we have may be a government which is not listening to them? Go and vote because it is the only solution. We do not have to sacrifice our people,” Kamto says.

Ballots on the way

Social Democratic Front (SDF) candidate Joshua Osih says he sees a solution to the conflict.

“The problem is not the secession. The problem is the marginalization and injustices that lead to that secession. The secession will not necessarily solve that problem,” says Osih.

“When you have a president of the republic who understands these issues, the first thing that has to happen is to solve the problem of marginalization. I have absolutely no problem that as soon as I am elected, one of the first decisions I take is to recognize that it is a political problem.”

Cameroon’s election commission, ELECAM, has been meeting with political parties to find out what can be done for elections to take place peacefully in the sub-regions. Its board chair, Enow Abrams Egbe, says that although voters are leaving the areas, the commission will ensure an election is held for those who remain.

“In terms of security measures, after much discussion with our partners on the ground, we felt that it was necessary to regroup the polling stations into polling centers and a lot of considerations were taken,” Egbe says.

“There are two levels of distribution of material. The first material we call light electoral materials, I can say almost 100 percent are already on the ground. The heavy material concerning ballot papers and campaign materials are already on the way.”

EU observers won’t be there

Many Cameroonians believe the election is merely a charade to rubberstamp the Biya’s stay in power. The government in Yaounde says more than 100 countries and institutions have applied to send election observers, but it is not known which have been accredited.

The European Union will not deploy observers to Cameroon for the election, as it has with all polls since the country adopted a multi-party system in 1990.

“Election observation has not been scheduled or prepared. But of course we are watching what happens,” says Hans-Peter Schadek, the head of the EU delegation in Cameroon. The 28-member bloc, Schadek says, is working with civil society in Cameroon – and in particular, a non-governmental initiative to promote more participation of women in politics.

Emile Bindzi, a spokesman for Universe party candidate Cabral Libii says the EU’s failure to send election observers “raises a lot of questions in Cameroonian society.” There are some who believe that the EU would like to leave Cameroonians to their sad fate.

Culled from Deutsch Welle

In secret, Philemon Yang launches the Biya campaign in Bamenda

Prime Minister and Head of Government Philemon Yang leads a delegation of the Democratic Rally of Cameroonian People (CPDM) in Bamenda on Saturday to launch candidate Paul Biya's presidential campaign.

The leader of the North West RDPC regional campaign, Philemon Yang, and the permanent secretary of coordination of the CPDM Mezam Division, Paul Atanga Nji, are in Bamenda to defend the candidature of Paul Biya for a 7th term.

Speaking to CPDM activists at the Bamenda Convention Center, Premier Yang advised them to avoid public gatherings and carry out a door-to-door campaign.

Prime Minister Yang described other candidates as novelists and the outgoing candidate as the most experienced candidate capable of advancing the nation.

Although the kickoff unfolded smoothly, the dead city operation was observed in several parts of the city of Bamenda while locals chose to stay indoors.

The chiefs of the departmental campaigns were also installed by HE Philemon Yang:

- Waingeh Ndim Albert, Boyo

- Fai Yengo Francis, Bui

- Shey Yembe, Donga Mantung


- Wallang Richard, Menchum

- Mbayu Felix - Mezam

- Mbah Acha Rose - Momo

- Uphie Melo Chinje - Ngoketunjia

They are responsible for carrying out the campaigns with the population of each of the seven departments of the North-West region. In the meantime, the CPDM campaigns in the South West region should be launched in Buea tomorrow at Mountain Hotel by former Prime Minister Peter Mafany Musonge.


Election 2018: human sacrifices have already begun at Etoudi

After having declared his candidacy for the presidential election in October 2018, Paul Biya officially opened the parade of the great masters of satanic lodges at the presidential palace. It is a ritual on the eve of each presidential election, the Cameroonian head of state calls on wizards and occult mages of the West to celebrate black masses to captivate and sacrifice the lives of Cameroonians.

It is not a surprise to see a gurious ball in the middle of the presidential palace at a time when Cameroon is experiencing a deep political, economic and social crisis. The only solution that Paul Biya always finds to get out is to appeal to white magic and witchcraft.

Ebale Angounou, the adopted son of Paul Biya through an iconic book titled "The Truth About Paul Biya", was already drawing attention to the satanic practices of the Cameroonian head of state to conserve power ad vitam aeternam.

He quoted pell-mell:

1-live dogs buried in the cemeteries of Mvolye in Yaounde to transform the Cameronians into thoughtless zombies.

2-the practice of zoophilia by Paul Biya on virgin bitches to have the gift of clairvoyance, allowing him to read the intentions of his own collaborators.

3-the practice of homosexuality by Paul Biya to draw the vital energy of his prey.

4-ritual, sacrificial, etc.

Titus Edzoa, former secretary-general to the presidency of the Republic and minister of state, close collaborator of Paul biya and adept of the white magic, fallen in disgrace, swayed everything in a work published during his long detention whose title is "Meditations Some crispy details and confessions of which here is the menu served to the general public in bookstores and internet:

1-Paul Biya and I practiced witchcraft via nocturnal astral trips to neutralize dangerous opponents.

2-We indulged in all kinds of orgies in the palace during black masses:

- tasting of blood and human flesh.

-sexual orgies with women and men at very wet evenings.

3-We sacrifice our first children as Abraham wanted to do in the Old Testament. And this, to please Satan and strengthen our power ...

Rebelote, Paul biya, son of catechist and former seminarian, who made a donation of 4 billion CFA francs to the Rose Cross a few years ago again appealed to his fraters of esoteric, mystical and satanic circles to "close the eyes "to Cameroonians. From where the hunted crossed current to know:

the arrival of two Satanists, the Grand Master of the Order of Malta and the Grand Master of the Rose Cross. What are they doing on Cameroon soil? What are they for in a country where the official religions are Catholicism, Islam and Protestantism? What do they bring to the people?

Go and understand why? Just arrived, the blood has already begun to flow with road accidents with many victims.

Be careful my dear compatriots! The Devil and His Priest Paul Biya prowl at your door.

Reporter: Junior Zogo

Arrest of Ayuk Tabe: Biya and Buhari face New Threat

An international lawyer, member of the Association of Lawyers for the International Criminal Court accuses the Cameroonian army to the orders of Cameroonian President Paul Biya of genocide in Southern Cameroon.According to Mr. Charles Taku, Muhammadu Buhari, his counterpart from Nigeria, is at great risk for having Nigerian refugees arrested by the Nigerian police last January.

Is the grip of the International Criminal Court (ICC) tightening around Paul Biya? In a video currently circulating, Mr. Charles Taku, an international lawyer of Cameroonian descent and a member of the ICC Bar Association, said that what is happening in Southern Cameroon is genocide: "Civilians were killed, they have destroyed the palace of the traditional chiefs as well as more than 130 villages, the Anglophones do nothing but defend themselves ", explains the lawyer who invites the ICC to intervene.

Mr. Charles Taku also talks about the kidnapping of pro-independence leaders of Southern Cameroon including leader Sisiku Ayuk Tabe on January 5 at a hotel in Abuja, Nigeria, and their deportation to Cameroon.

According to Taku, this operation conducted by the Nigerian police goes against the international conventions on the protection of refugees and asylum seekers.

Suffice to say that Nigerian President Muhamadu Buhari may also be the subject of a complaint to the ICC. Especially since Nigeria, unlike Cameroon, is party to the Treaty of Rome, says Me Charles Taku.The arrest of Sisisu Ayuk Tabe et Cie has been piloted in Nigeria by the Cameroonian authorities, so it is difficult for the latter, according to the lawyer, to mention the non-ratification of the Rome Treaty on the ICC.

The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, which entered into force on 17 July 2002, in Article 7 (e), considers as a crime against humanity "imprisonment or other form of serious deprivation of physical liberty in violation of fundamental provisions". international law ".

Since Cameroon is not a party to the Statute and has not accepted the jurisdiction of the ICC either, only the United Nations Security Council can, within the meaning of Article 13 (b) of the Statute, refer a resolution to the Court.

Reporter: Michel Biem Tong

Amazonia: An innocent young man drastically murdered by soldiers

The moment Paul Biya soldiers capture an innocent Southern Cameronian, asked him to look into the Cameroon, then shot him dead.

This is the report we received late last night, an innocent young man was captured and murdered in a drastic manner.

" PaulBiya Hitler's forces captured him, tied him up and asked him to look into the Cameroon.Then shot him dead. That is the life of English speaking Cameroonians
These forces are trained and equipped by the USA "

Amazonians took to street as Election campaign kick start

Recently Amazonians took to the street in one of the southern Cameroon village demanding stop to genocide in Anglophone regions. Watch video below

Video: Amazonians took to street as Election campaign kick start

Recently Amazonians took to the street in one of the southern Cameroon village demanding stop to genocide in Anglophone regions. Watch video below

Presidential 2018: Paul Biya begins his election campaign by explaining why he is committed to a new septennat

Always absent on the ground, Paul Biya launched the election campaign for the 2018 presidential election by revealing on a dedicated website, his profession of faith.

Cin | On the night of Friday, September 21 to Saturday, September 22, 2018, precisely at midnight. Paul Biya, the outgoing Head of State and candidate for his own succession, officially launched his campaign through social networks and a dedicated website, with the slogan "The Force of Experience"

On this occasion, the national president of the ruling political party, the CPR, unveiled his profession of faith.

From the outset, he welcomes the 36 years of his governance. Then, he undertakes to further improve the living conditions of his compatriots and make Cameroon a haven of peace.

Below, the entirety of the profession of faith of Paul Biya, favorite candidate for the poll of October 07, 2018

Electricians, Electors, My dear compatriots,

We have, so far, garnered beautiful and great victories that make Cameroon a country loved by its people and respected by others. It is a haven of peace and prosperity that arouses many greed and jealousy sometimes resulting in destabilizing surges. But thanks to our patriotic fervor, we have always been able to cope with the attacks that our country is sometimes victim of.

I propose that together, in peace and unity, we continue the fight we have been waging for years for a modern and democratic Cameroon.

Conscious of my responsibilities and the magnitude of the challenges ahead of us, I am seeking your votes on the basis of ten key commitments that will guide our joint action over the next seven years.

I request your votes


Improving the living conditions of Cameroonian women and men will be my main objective.

For this purpose,

I pledge to ensure equitable access for all to basic social services, in particular health, water, electricity and education;
I pledge to accelerate the implementation of universal health insurance;
I pledge to increase the purchasing power;
I pledge to multiply initiatives and actions for the reduction of poverty;
I pledge to ensure a fair distribution of the fruits of the national development effort;
I pledge to take into account population growth in the development of public policies and in the construction of infrastructures.
I request your votes


Peace is the first term of our country's motto. It is also one of our main challenges. In the face of recurring threats to peace, we must do everything we can to preserve it.

For it,

I pledge to maintain peace throughout the national territory;
I pledge to ensure freedom of movement for everyone throughout the national territory;
I pledge to make peace one of the values ​​of our national identity;
I pledge to consolidate peace in people's hearts and minds by creating conditions for the development of the culture of peace at school and in families;
I pledge to ensure the smooth functioning of public institutions in order to contribute to the proper exercise of democracy in our country;
I pledge to fight terrorism in all its forms;
I pledge to consolidate peace by respecting the general interest, by intensifying the opportunities for the political, economic, social and cultural development of all;
I pledge to strengthen the fight against intolerance, injustices and all forms of discrimination;
I pledge to institute various actions of national recognition for our compatriots who work, in a particular way, for peace in Cameroon.
I request your votes


My candidacy is that of the affirmation of national unity in diversity.

For this reason,

I pledge to ensure the continued implementation of decentralization in a united and indivisible Cameroon;
I pledge to further promote knowledge and respect for national emblems;
I pledge to continue to guarantee cultural, ethnic, linguistic and confessional diversity, while respecting national unity;
I pledge to ensure that the fundamental balances of our national unity are taken into account;
I pledge to continue to jealously guard our national borders and preserve them.
I request your votes


We must achieve emergence by stimulating our economic and social development to enable our compatriots to live in a prosperous and stable country that current and future generations will be proud of.

In this regard,

I pledge to strengthen the fight against corruption and the misappropriation of public goods, as well as the moralization of behavior;
I pledge to continue the structural transformation of our economy as well as its diversification and increased productivity;
I commit myself to accelerate the realization of second-generation structuring projects;
I pledge to accelerate the advent of second-generation agriculture through the facilitation of access to credit and the development of agricultural value chains;
I pledge to protect subsistence agriculture;
I commit myself to develop the rational and sustainable exploitation of the resources of our soil and subsoil;
I am committed to developing local processing industries of our raw materials while respecting the environment;
I pledge to promote livestock farming and to ensure a rational organization of the "blue economy" through better control of fishing and appropriate exploitation of fisheries resources;
I pledge to promote land development to facilitate agricultural and industrial development;
I pledge to make access to credit more fluid in order to strengthen the development of production activities;
I pledge to continue, by accelerating it, the development of terrestrial, rail, air and river infrastructures in a complementary approach;
I pledge to improve the incentive for domestic and foreign private investment;
I pledge to provide greater support to SMEs and SMIs in various and efficient ways;
I pledge to seek innovative solutions tailored to the contribution of the private sector to the national development effort for emergence;
I am committed to strengthening the professionalisation of training in the education system.
I request your votes


Innovation is at the heart of our access to emergence project, because it generates growth and increases competitiveness.

That is why,

I pledge to make Cameroon an African pole of reference in the digital economy;
I pledge to support research in both public institutions and the private sector;
I pledge to ensure the equitable connection of all regions to information and communication technologies;
I pledge to put digital technology at the service of the major sectors that provide jobs, as well as all sectors of activity;
I pledge to accelerate the integration of ICTs throughout the education system;
I pledge to accelerate the appropriation of ICT by public institutions to improve governance;
I pledge to strengthen the protection of the ecosystem by promoting the green economy.
I request your votes


Better than in the past, we must give women and young people a proper place in society, not only in terms of their demographic weight, but also in terms of the energy they carry.

For this purpose,

I pledge to accelerate the process of institutionalizing gender parity;
I pledge to strengthen the consideration of the needs of women and youth in sectoral public policies;
I pledge to improve the level of participation of women and young people in political, economic, social and cultural life;
I pledge to ensure better planning for education and learning, taking into account the needs of the changing world;
I am committed to creating the category "needs of future generations" in the development and implementation of public policies.
I request your votes


Despite the efforts made to make the fight against exclusion an imperative for public action, the performance achieved is still perfectible.

For it,

I pledge to ensure that vulnerable categories are systematically taken into account in the implementation of public policies and in the functioning of institutions;
I pledge to strengthen the support of public authorities for private initiatives to assist the most disadvantaged groups and the fringes of the population with disabilities;
I pledge to strengthen the fight against the abandonment of children and the supervision of those in the street;
I pledge to ensure the stability of the income of the most disadvantaged;
I pledge to further strengthen equality of opportunity for all without discrimination on the grounds of sex, religion, language or ethnicity;
I pledge to strengthen the resources of the ministerial department in charge of social affairs for more efficiency in its action;
I pledge to facilitate access to medical care for patients with rare medical conditions;
I am committed to improving the technical platforms of the many health facilities in our country and to promoting easier access for all social categories to quality care.
I pledge to reduce territorial imbalances, in particular by enhancing opportunities for development in rural and peripheral areas, by systematically implementing a national policy, by accelerating the creation of optimal conditions for exploiting the development potential of each region. resort.
I request your votes


Arts, sports and culture are essential factors in affirming national identity and achieving our living together. They also constitute a significant pole of wealth production.

That is why,

I pledge to strengthen the role of sport, art and culture in the outreach of Cameroon;
I am committed to improving conditions for the consolidation of national sport competitiveness;
I pledge to continue the construction and maintenance of infrastructures for the practice of high level sport and sport for all;
I commit myself to put in place a status of high level athlete;
I commit myself to systematically valorize material and immaterial cultures;
I pledge to put ICT at the service of arts and culture;
I am committed to promoting local cultural industries;
I pledge to strengthen support for the promotion and enhancement of local cultures;
I pledge to strengthen the defense and protection of artists' works and rights;
I am committed to improving the social condition of artists;
I pledge to ensure the affirmation of Cameroon's cultural identity in the world.
I request your votes


Cameroon is a full member of the international community. We will continue to act responsibly for the advent of a more just and inclusive world.

For this reason,

I pledge to increase Cameroon's participation in carrying out the missions of the African Union;
I pledge to respect all the commitments made by our country in Africa and in the world;
I pledge to take innovative initiatives by Cameroon in the fight against terrorism, the fight against climate change, the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals;
I pledge to defend the interests of Cameroon in consideration of the constraints of globalization;
I pledge to continue the efforts of our country for the advent of globalization with a human face.
I request your votes


By the will of the Cameroonian people, many times expressed, the homeland has always been at the center of my concerns and my action. Also, I will continue to stand firmly in his service.

For this purpose,

I pledge to continue to serve my country without sparing anything, for the good of everyone, everyone and everyone;
I pledge to promote the duty of solidarity and the pride of being Cameroonians;
I pledge to promote the citizenship of all our compatriots in the interior and the diaspora;
I pledge to interest and involve our compatriots abroad more in the national construction effort;
I pledge to work for the patriotic gathering of all our compatriots, wherever they are, around our flag, our national anthem and the motto of our country.
Electricians, Electors,
My dear compatriots,
Such is my profession of faith.
These are my main commitments for the next seven years.

On October 7, 2018, I am counting on your massive vote to give me the legitimacy to continue the exhilarating work of national construction that we have started so well and are leading together, courageously, methodically, with, I believe, undeniable successes. .

To vote Paul Biya is to vote for the emergence of Cameroon!
To vote Paul Biya is to vote for the continuation of the realization of major structuring projects!
To vote Paul Biya is to vote for peace and national security!
To vote for Paul Biya is to vote for national unity and harmony!
To vote for Paul Biya is to vote for a prosperous Cameroon, fair and equitable!

Anglophone Crisis: Secessionists Paralyze movement in the North West as they destroyed the bridge linking Bamali and Ndop and blocked several roads making it impossible for the users of the region to travel

Cin | The secessionists once again struck Friday night in Bamali, striking a blow to the road infrastructure that connects this part of the country to other cities.

The locality of Bamali in the district of Ndop, in the Ngo-Ketunjia department (North West region), has been cut off from the rest of the region since the night of 21-22 September 2018, according to security sources from Ndop.

The same sources report that another group of secessionists has cut tree trunks in the same night and blocked the roads leading to Ndu, Njilah, Njipnkang and Mbongong in the north-west.

It must be remembered that on Sunday, September 9, the secessionists had taken position at Akum (about 10 km from Bamenda) to prevent the entry and exit of travelers. They had used a bulldozer to cut the road. The machine had been destroyed by the bus company Travel Love Mezam.

More seriously, this act of vandalism secessionists had unfortunately suffered. According to reports, a dead driver, several seriously wounded and abductees, are on the record of this villainous attack.

Ambazonia: testimony on the murder of a maths teacher

CPC's math teacher in Bali, Blaise Nde, was murdered by LRC soldiers for no reason.   

If you listen to this eulogy given by the director of the Bali CCP and you still feel sympathy for those bloodthirsty demons of LRC, these barbarians in military uniform, then something is wrong with you.   Put yourself in Blaise Nde's shoes and think about your current situation.Consider Blaise Nde as your close brother, your son or father, and imagine the pain.  

Yes, hundreds, if not thousands, of others have died in the same way and from the hands of those killers who roam our neighborhoods and our communities.  

Collaborating with them so that more of our people are killed is a crime, and before you, think about Blaise Nde and many others, so imagine yourself, your brother, your uncle clinging to this wall as ordered to Blaise, while you're sprayed with bullets.

If you still do not feel the pain, then let God alone be the judge of your conscience.This is a struggle for survival as a people under a real threat and a well-designed plot to exterminate them.  


1. further improve the living conditions of our compatriots. Improving the living conditions of Cameroonian women and men will be my main objective.

2. continue to consolidate peace. Peace is the first term of our country's motto. It is also one of our main challenges. In the face of recurring threats to peace, we must do everything we can to preserve it.

3. safeguard the national unity and territorial integrity of our country. My candidacy is that of the affirmation of national unity in diversity.

4. accelerate our march towards the emergence of Cameroon. We must achieve emergence by stimulating our economic and social development to enable our compatriots to live in a prosperous and stable country that current and future generations will be proud of.

5. strengthen innovation. Innovation is at the heart of our access to emergence project, because it generates growth and increases competitiveness.

6 . increase the role of women and youth. Better than in the past, we must give women and young people a proper place in society, not only in terms of their demographic weight, but also in terms of the energy they carry.

7. strengthen the fight against exclusion.Despite the efforts made to make the fight against exclusion an imperative for public action, the performance achieved is still perfectible.

8. provide increased support for the arts, sports and culture. Arts, sports and culture are essential factors in affirming national identity and achieving our living together. They also constitute a significant pole of wealth production.

9. To consolidate the place of Cameroon in Africa and in the world. Cameroon is a full member of the international community. We will continue to act responsibly for the advent of a more just and inclusive world.

10 . to ensure the defense and progress of our country. By the will of the Cameroonian people, many times expressed, the homeland has always been at the center of my concerns and my action. Also, I will continue to stand firmly in his service.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Presidential 2018: Risk of confrontation between the police and the militants of the MRC of the candidate Maurice Kamto

Cin | At the origin of the confusion that reigns since the morning of this Saturday, September 22, 2018, a decision of the Sub-Prefect of the district of Douala 4th which prohibits the meeting of the candidate of the MRC in the presidential election of October 07, 2018.

This Saturday, September 22, 2018, is the date set for the kickoff of the electoral campaign for the 2018 presidential election. This companion starts in difficulty for Maurice Kamto, the candidate of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC ). Its launching meeting scheduled for the morning of Saturday at the esplanade of Bilingual High School Bonaberi, was banned the day before by the Sub-Prefect of Douala 4th.

"By taking note of your statement, I have the respectful honor to let you know that there is no space at the site indicated above that could accommodate a crowd without inevitably interrupting the traffic," explains the chef de terre in an interview. correspondence addressed to Maurice Kamto's campaign team.

In response, the organizers of the meeting decided to keep the date, place and time of the meeting. An attitude that led the Sub-Prefect to deploy a squad of gendarmes and policemen with anti-riot cars on the disputed site. Not enough to intimidate the supporters of Maurice Kamto. They invaded in number the place of the meeting.

"The reason advanced by the sub-prefect, does not hold water. Here in Bonaberi there is the old road and the new road. If the old road is blocked by the meeting of Kamto, one can well deviate the vehicles on the new road which is very wide. We have seen the CPDM often block some roads without deviation in this city. In any case, we are not moving here, we are ready for the confrontation even as we have no weapons "declares Jean Kio, who presents himself as a fan of Maurice Kamto.

The confusion persists. At the time of putting this article online, confusion reigns and Maurice Kamto has not yet appeared for the start of the meeting scheduled at 10am.

Presidential 2018: Speech of candidate Garga Amman Adji

At 74, the candidate of the Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) remains one of the few ministers of Paul Biya to have chosen to resign.

Holder of the portfolio of the Public Service and higher control of the State in 1988, Garga Haman Adji had embarked on a policy of rigor and moralization, tracking the bad practices in the economy. His commitment to the moralization of public life has earned him the nickname "the whale hunter". This is the third time that Garga Haman Adji has been running for the highest office since 2004 and 2011.

RFI: You are close to President Paul Biya and yet you run against him. Why ?

Garga Haman Adji: I do not know what meaning you give to the word near. We know each other perfectly. We are all senior officials. We rub shoulders. When he was in the chair, I was at the DST, which is the secret service. It turned out that we have crooked atoms. But we are both sporting, that is to say, we take democracy as it is, that is to say that everyone shows their good side and we see who is the best experienced, the best equipped to ensure a long management, then a modern management especially because, when you were born in 1933, even if it is said that he tweeted for his candidacy, I think it is someone next door who did because age sometimes makes fingers lose their dexterity. We have no problem. Sometimes he jokes with me. As for the last presidential elections, when I had allowed myself to arrive first among Cameroonian voters

In Egypt, he had teased me saying, "The man who beat me in Cairo," in public. Then he trusted me. When there was the Anglophone crisis, while sending the Prime Minister and members of the government [on the spot], at the same time he stated in public, in the grand hall of the Unity Palace, aloud: " Garga, you have to go to the North-West and the South-West, do everything to know the root of the evil, and bring me back the people from Bamenda to Cameroon. " So that's the paradox of our relationship. We do not have enmity against each other. Then democracy, for me, I take it as a kind of game. When you are in two opposing teams like PSG and Barcelona, ​​tomorrow you can find yourself in one or the other team. I take politics and democracy in that sense.

Paul Biya even brought in last May a medical plane from Paris to treat you. Does that mean that you and Paul Biya are very close, and that you may be a power submarine to better divide the opposition?

I heard that ... When he evacuated me, it was a right in chapter 65 of the budget of the Ministry of Finance, there are health evacuations that are not done only for Garga. And we could not not evacuate since person was competent among our doctors. For that, it was necessary to go to [the hospital] Salpêtrière [in Paris]. Then when I came back to thank him, he said to me, "Mr. Garga, you are very important to the country. You do not have to thank me. You are very important to the country.

So your candidacy was raised by the power to better divide the opposition?

No. People are surprised that, despite the visible relationships, the hooked atoms that I have with Biya, they are surprised that I am a candidate. For me, democracy only makes sense if everyone can afford to be a candidate. Otherwise, we could have maintained the single party until today.

In your eyes, is Paul Biya a good president or a bad president?

I would have liked him to retire because he does not have to assign himself as a mission to die in power. Is it a mistake on the part of the activists? In reality, he is being held hostage. And I wish he'd give up, and he'll regain his dignity. We, his collaborators, we his friends, are able to maintain his honor until the end of his life. But I do not want him to end his life by clinging to a plane ramp when he comes back from abroad. So he was worthy, he must remain dignified. And he must withdraw his candidacy for him to carry out his rest, which I would say well deserved.

Paul Biya Rewards The Policeman Who Shot Dead Two Armed Men And Saved The Life Of Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh

The inspector of police shot dead two armed thugs in the night of August 10 to 11 at the home of the Sgpr.

He was promoted exceptionally to the rank of officer. The first-rate police inspector Salomon Désiré Mbeleg has been promoted since 12 September 2018, in exceptional circumstances to the rank of police officer by a decree of the President of the Republic.

His new epaulets and decoration were presented to him on 19 September at the Yaoundé National Police College, during a ceremony chaired by Martin Mbarga Nguele, the Delegate General for National Security.

The ceremony was attended by Cécile Ngoh Ngoh wife of the Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic and several administrative authorities. It is this official of the national security which foiled the attack perpetrated during the night of 10 to 11 August 2018 at the residence of Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, the Secretary General to the Presidency of the Republic.

The information is clear and clear. That night from 10 to 11 August, the police inspector was guarding at the Sgpr when he was alerted by the sounds of suspicious steps, while he had just closed the portal after the last exit of the elements of security.

When he went to the gate level to inquire about the situation, the police inspector was repulsed by three individuals armed with pistols and white weapons. There followed a fight in which the assault rifle of the police inspector will be ripped off by thugs. The policeman then seized his automatic pistol to shoot down two of the three malefactors, the first of whom held the assault rifle torn off and the second a homemade rifle.

Aged 36, the one who was until 12 September last police inspector 1st rank has been seconded since 2012 to the office of the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic.

. This son of the arrondissement of Ndom, Department of Sanaga Maritime, Littoral Region joined the police in October 2002 after his admission to the direct competition of students guardian of the peace.

That same 19 September 2018 at the National Police Academy, another official of this body who performed an act of bravery was also rewarded. This is the first grade peacekeeper Nganso Dihou, 30, also promoted exceptionally to the rank of inspector of police.

This young lady was attacked in the evening of March 15, 2018 around 9 pm in a taxi occupied by three bandits that she had borrowed with the service to return to her home in the Ngoa-Ekéllé district.

Under the threat of the aggressors who brandished a pistol and a dagger brandished by the robbers sitting on these sides, the guardian of the peace who, not being armed, will succeed in tearing the pistol and the dagger which the aggressors held despite the wounds she had received from her attackers.

She then grabbed the taxi and forced the bandit driver out of the way and into the fence of the National Assembly. With the help of passersby, the thugs have been mastered. The thugs in question were brought before the Yaoundé Military Court. Martin Mbarga hailed the courage of these two valiant police officers who, through their acts of bravery, enhance the image of the National Security Corps.

The day

Presidential 2018: Word of the candidate Ndifor Afanwi Franklin

It was in his Pentecostal church in the Bonaberi district of Douala that he announced that he had received a call from God for this presidential term.

Ndifor Afanwi Franklin is 39 years old and has no political experience, but he has no doubts about his victory. His supporters also believe in it since they made the trip to Yaounde, the capital, to attend the announcement of successful candidates and cheer their guide. The pastor of the Kingship International Ministry considers that politics is the cause of the ills of Cameroon and is ready to "deliver the country". He is the guest of Christophe Boisbouvier.

RFI: You are a pastor, a religious. Why are you getting into politics?

Ndifor Afanwi Franklin: Firstly, it is not me who launches into politics, it is God who sent me to help this Cameroonian population. Since there are many problems in Cameroon, people are suffering. So God sent me to help this Cameroonian population who is suffering right now.

What do you see as the main problem in your country?

First, there is unemployment and there is also the issue of education that is not really standard.

And what to do against corruption?
I did engineering before being a man of God, and we will install a digitalization system in Cameroon. This will really digitize the entire financial system in Cameroon to track down all financial transactions in Cameroon.

Has Paul Biya been a good president or a bad president?

I can say as a man of God that everyone makes mistakes. Paul Biya did his turn, he did his management. It can happen that at a given level, it has not really been to the taste of Cameroonians, but I will tell you, his entourage is a problem.

And you who were born in the English-speaking North West. Do you think Paul Biya is managing the crisis in the English-speaking West well or badly?

For example, as soon as this crisis started, I think that as president, we had to move, we had to talk with the population. So he would have handled the situation better if he had moved to go there. He could manage otherwise, that's what I think.

And what is the solution to end the crisis?

People, they started complaining about a certain standard of living that is notnot the standard, the education system, roads, infrastructure. Because the taxes that are paid there are coming out of the area and not coming back to give them the life they need. That's it.

You are for the unitary state or for federalism?

I am for the federalist state because the unitary state has not really satisfied the Cameroonians. Not just the English side, but almost all parts of the country. Because the administration was not close to the Cameroonians.

There are already many candidates in the opposition. By adding your application, do not you weaken that opposition a bit more?

I already want to tell you that this opposition, people do not really trust her.Because it was liars, people who really lied in Cameroon. There are some opponents who have been in their thirties and who have not brought anything. So people are fed up. They are really on my side. I even have images where I go out and where there is a crowd that is out and who really wants someone who says truth to really make the change that Cameroonians are waiting for.

2018 Presidential election: the words of UDC candidate Adamou Ndam Njoya

Adamou Ndam Njoya is once again the party after the presidential elections of 1992, 2004 and 2011.

The mayor of Foumban, in the West, is 76 years old today and still remains the first option of the Democratic Union of Cameroon (UDC), the party he created in 1991. In the past, he has held many important positions when Amadou Ahidjo was in power. He has never been able to worry Paul Biya during his three presidential appearances. In addition, Adamou Ndam Njoya faces a mistrust of his own cousin, the influential King Bamoun Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya, who is a member of the CPDM political bureau and a close associate of the President of the Republic. His number two Cyrille Sam Mbaka is the guest of Christophe Boisbouvier.

This is the fourth time Adamou Ndam Njoya has appeared. Is not he won over by lassitude?

Cyrille Sam Mbaka: No. Adamou Ndam Njoya is not just a political party president.He is a facilitator in crises, in wars. He did it in the Balkans, he did it in South Africa, he did it everywhere. So the situation that crosses Cameroon is particularly challenging.

You think of the crisis in the English-speaking West?
Absolutely. It begins to last. And then, there is an escalation. So I think he's caught in this crisis.

As the mayor of Foumban, and as a traditional authority in Cameroon, has Adam Ndam Njoya already done something to solve this Anglophone crisis?

Yes. He did not do it only at the level of the Anglophone crisis. He even went for the Far North problem with Boko Haram.he

went to set up a sector of interreligious dialogue that allows people to talk to each other.

And for the English-speaking West, what has he already done?

The Anglophone crisis was born because of the non-respect of the agreements of the tripartite meeting which took place in 1991 and which consecrated Cameroon as a federation of the regions. Until today, this has not been done. And Adamou Ndam Njoya today is working on this subject. There is not only peace, there is reconciliation, there is forgiveness. And we do not stop working in this direction.

The tripartite agreement of 1991 was in favor of regionalization?

Absolutely. It was in favor of regionalization. This regionalization is slow to be put in place and, in my opinion, the consequences are there because we can no longer manage the country in the Jacobin way. And then, we grew up. So you have to decentralize, you have to regionalize. We think of the SVP, that it is from the municipalities that we will have a good impetus for our development.

Both candidates Joshua Osih and Akere Muna propose a return to federalism before 1972.
No. I do not think we have to copy what's happening elsewhere. We do according to our customs, our uses, and how do we want to project our country. So it's the federalism of the regions.

But concretely, are you for or against the return to the federal state before 1972?

I must say that the federalism of two states does not solve the problem of Cameroonians,do not solve the fait accompli which was unity already. So we have to move towards a federalism of the regions.

A federalism of the regions, that is to say a regionalism in reality?

That is to say, a regionalism where we have an elected Regional Executive, where we have a House of Traditional Leaders because we have to preserve our customs and customs, and where we have a regional Parliament dealing with the problems of region.

Unlike the other eight, your candidate Adamou Ndam Njoya is very discreet. For a month, we do not see it, we do not hear it. Why ?

Yes. In fact, Ndam Njoya is doing a very important job for five years. Each month, we made Republican days of exchanges that brought together around themes civil society, political parties. All of this is being digitized and it is he who is overseeing this work. What is certain is that he is also the oldest of these elections [born in 1942]. He is among the oldest of these elections. He has already toured Cameroon more than twenty times. He is known by the Cameroonians and the campaign, it will be in a few days, he will go out to go to the Cameroonians. But with a solid record.

But frankly, he is much less present than his opponents. So is he a candidate to win or just to testify?

We can not do politics show because the situation in Cameroon is a very serious situation. And we are working for the end of the crisis.

2018 Presidential election: word of the candidate Akere Muna

In Cameroon, he is the gentleman Anti-Corruption ... The former president of the Bar of Cameroon enters politics and stands in the presidential election of October 7.

At the approach of the 2019 football CAN, Master Akere Muna explains how corruption has become systemic in his country.

RFI: There are many candidates in the opposition, what is the Akere Muna difference?
Akere Muna: The Akere Muna difference is my vast experience in the sector in which the country suffers the most. I did 23 years in governance, I worked with institutions IMF, World Bank, the African Development Bank in the same sector, I was among the ten experts who audited the Union Africa on the important financial flows of Africa. I have been a lawyer for 40 years, but also a lawyer who is considered to be the bridge in two cultures and I think these are assets that other candidates will have problems to match.

So it's true that at the direction of Transparency International, you've fought a lot of corruption in recent years, but did not the Paul Biya regime do its part against corruption, with the Operation Sparrowhawk and putting in jail and lawsuits against a number of executives of the scheme?
As for the fact that people are in prison, that makes me laugh. If you are told that those who claim to fight against corruption are themselves corrupt, then for those who are put in prison, I wonder. I always tell myself that people like Marafa Hamidou Yaya, Urban Olanguena Awono, Jean-Marie Atangana Mebara, I would even say Zacchaeus Mungwe Forjindam, people like that really, I do not know what they are doing there. Moreover, even Yves-Michel Fotso, who is a businessman, is very complicated these stories and I will proceed by another form of civil investigation before starting to lock people up. And the money they took, where was it put? Why until that date, there is no declaration of property? I was 9 years Vice President at Transparency International, we have a problem of systemic corruption.

So behind the arrest of Marafa or Fotso you think that there is more settlement than bribery?

Settling the account, I do not know, but I do not know how it contributes to the fight against corruption so precisely, since this corruption is systemic as you say, how can you put down this system if you are elected?
That's why I advocate the new Republic, and that's what we're going to introduce.I'll give you an example. For two years, South Korea has helped us set up an e-tendering system, but we have not had a single call for tenders yet, because people still have to manipulate public markets. If you take the CAN or CAN women, instead of renting these cars used to broadcast games, we buy them for two weeks or a month of activity, it is gear that cost 3 billion.

Are you talking about TV transmission cars when you just rent them for the time of the football tournament?
Exactly, and digitization, dragging, ID cards, driver's licenses, land titles, it's amazing everything is about the theft of money, as simple as that.

And what will you do if you are elected for the repatriation of funds that have been placed abroad?
First thing, identify these funds. Second, try to pool with other African countries.We go in scattered rows if 15 or 20 African countries identify Switzerland or Austria or a third country as hosting funds belonging, it would be necessary to quickly pool, because in the report Thabo Mbeki it was proposed that African countries could together to request the repatriation of funds, so it would take this escrow account system that protects these sums while litigation is taking place.

You are the son of the largest Anglophone figure in the history of Cameroon, Salomon Tandeng Muna. Today, the government announces that, despite the crisis in the English-speaking West, the elections will be peaceful, do you believe it?
I am sure that even the government does not believe that these elections will be appeased, but that is all they can say. As I speak, there are 200,000 displaced people50,000 refugees in Nigeria.

And the solution for you, what is it?
It's dialogue, you have to talk to each other, two men arguing, two men who have not discussed.

Dialogue, but beyond, should the unitary state or the return to federalism before 1972?
The autonomy of the regions has failed because the state is completely centralized, so federalism helps to protect the diversity of our country. That's a solution.

In the opposition, you are the one who advocates the most for everyone to agree on a single candidacy, we can not do it, is not it a failure for you?
It is rather something that asks me to redouble the efforts, I have at least more than ten parties which are with me, today, among which the name of least the UPC which is the oldest party of Cameroon .Yesterday, I went to see the widows of Ruben Um Nyobe, it was a moment of communion and intense emotion.

For the 60th anniversary of the assassination of Ruben Um Nyobe?
Exactly, and I am convinced that with their blessing, the country will be able to really have this independence. Is it a failure? I do not think so, because not everything is lost. I work there, it is not excluded that even 3-4 days before, each others understand each other to go together.

What do you say to those who say in the opposition, I think, for example, to the SDF candidate Joshua Osih, that you are one of those candidates who have worked for Paul Biya's government for a long time and that suddenly undermines your credibility?
I do not know what Mr Joshua Osih is talking about, I am the only candidate who was activist in civil society for the fight against corruption. I am the only one, none of these candidates has been an activist in human rights, in democracy, and in the fight against corruption, I happen to be a lawyer, I had four or five files during 40 years on behalf of the state. I am sure that the other candidates in their trades have had to serve the state one way or another.

2018 Presidential election: speech by candidate Maurice Kamto of the MRC

To preside over the fate of Cameroon, they are nine contenders and, for a few days, they speak on RFI. This morning, the floor is one of the favorites.

Maurice Kamto introduces himself for the first time, but he attracts crowds in the hundreds of meetings he has been running for several months. Can we have been Paul Biya's minister and be a real opponent today? Online from Yaoundé, the candidate of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon, the RCM, answers questions from Christophe Boisbouvier.

RFI: Paul Biya presents himself as a calm and balanced man who brings Cameroonians stability for 36 years. Is not it a good campaign argument?
Maurice Kamto: If he perceives himself as weighted, so much the better. But I think there are responsibilities that must be assumed as head of state. I am thinking in particular of the management of what we call here in Cameroon "the Anglophone crisis". I do not think it can be said that the head of state managed or managed this crisis in the best interests of the Cameroonian people. As much as I have been extremely clear that we will never accept secession, the partition of Cameroon; as much as I believe and I think, it is also the expectation of the majority of Cameroonians, that one must listen to Cameroonians wherever they are when they feel they have a problem. And from this point of view, the head of the Cameroonian state let things go, and unfortunately go wrong.

Paul Biya and one of his spokespersons, Jacques Fame Ndongo, say that in the West, there is no Anglophone crisis, there is just one English "question" and that it is in the process of to be resolved through the regime's peace initiatives.
Call it "crisis" or "question," no matter what the terminology. The facts are there.It is undeniable that there are losses in human life, whether on the side of secessionists or, alas, on the side of the national forces, the defense forces who pay a heavy price for the preservation of the territorial integrity of our country. I take this opportunity to pay tribute to them for their bravery and courage. But listening to people, talking to them does not mean giving them everything they ask for. We try to listen to each other's point of view.

And if you are elected, what will be the first step you take for English-speaking West? 
My first official outing would be in the Northwest and Southwestern regions, the English-speaking regions, to bring a message of peace and brotherhood, to tell the innocent people who are not secessionists , which are often caught between two fires, between the criminal fire of secessionists and the fire of national defense, the fire of the state, the republican fire of the forces defending the territorial integrity of our country. To tell these people, "You are our brothers and sisters, get out of the forests. I will go find those who are in the refugee camps.Then, in a second step, I will put in place the inclusive dialogue framework that will allow us to put our hearts together to find the solution. I have never concealed that my personal preference was for regionalism with special skills or a special status for the North West and South West regions to take into account their historical specificity. With a real transfer of skills and resources, we could find a solution to the crisis. But if the national dialogue that I will put in place opts for another form of the state, the majority of Cameroonians because I intend to submit to the referendum the result of the dialogue, if the preference of Cameroonians is for the form of the State that will come out of this discussion, these dialogues, then I will take note of the choice of Cameroonians.

If elected, your competitor Joshua Osih promises to multiply by five the minimum wage of Cameroonians over a period of five years. What do you think ? 
I will refrain from commenting on the program and the proposals of the opposition candidates because they are not the adversary. The opponent is the CPDM candidate, that is, the outgoing president, Mr. Biya. Me, I will not indulge in a game of massacres between Cameroonians. It is much too easy because we will create a rat race between the opposition candidates while the one who is in reality the adversary, which the Cameroonians would like to see replaced, will revel in this show and count dots. No.I will not engage in this exercise.

I will ask the question differently: if you are elected, will you leave the minimum wage at 36,000 CFA francs (54.88 euros) or will you increase it? 
No. We will raise it to 55 000 CFA [83.84 euros]. We chose this amount after calculations and exchanges with trade unions. Some wanted a much larger revaluation, but we must not forget that if we suddenly abruptly raise the SMIC, first there will be an impact on all wages;therefore there will necessarily be a revaluation of cascading wages. And secondly, we must avoid raising all salaries suddenly because you will create inflation and create burdens that some SMEs will not be able to bear if the SMIC was very high.

Between Akere Muna and you, we do not see much ideological difference. You areboth against the systemic corruption plaguing Cameroon. And yet you can not agree on a joint application. Is it a battle between two egos? 
(laughs) No. I hear a lot about oversized ego. First, I always said, it was not the most appropriate word because you have to have a little ego to do anything. Master Akere Muna and I do indeed have convergences. We have not stopped keeping in touch. Even at two weeks of elections, can we still hope for something? I do not despair. And so we are open. We can create a real synergy, create the conditions for a certainty of victory.

You have been Paul Biya's minister for seven years. When Joshua Osih denounces the candidates who change clothes, do not you feel targeted? 
No. I do not feel targeted by anything at all. I fully assume a life trajectory and a political trajectory. Some people lose sight of the fact that I was in government seven years ago, that is, seven years ago, I'm no longer in government. We want to make Cameroon believe that we are the only country where experience becomes a weakness. In a country like Senegal, the current President of the Republic, then current President Macky Sall, has held the position of Minister, Prime Minister and then President of the National Assembly. Then he resigned from the government of President Abdoulaye Wade and he was elected. Nobody finds fault with it. It is only in Cameroon that one wants to create a false controversy around the question. And I could also mention in West Africa always, the example of the current president of Burkina Faso [Roch Marc Christian Kaboré] who has not only been minister several times, perhaps if I am not mistaken Prime Minister, and especially headed the party of President Blaise
Of course. The fraud is in the DNA of the CPDM. And it would take a miracle for them to get rid of it. But all I can say is that they know that they will find the Cameroonians in front of them because more than ever, our people are mobilized.So the Cameroonians will be there, they will vote, they will monitor the vote, they will defend it if necessary. As for the cuts in the internet, yes it is a perspective that should not be ruled out. We saw the internet cuts in the English-speaking area.Why would not they be tempted to do it in the next election? But we'll be there one way or another. We will make sure that we have results out of the polls.

Presidential 2018: Official Launch of the Electoral Campaign on September 22

It is this Saturday, September 22, the electoral campaign for the presidential election of October 7, 2018 is officially launched in Cameroon.

The president in power, Paul Biya, invested by the Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian People (CPDM), will face eight opposition competitors.

These are Garga Haman Adji (The Alliance for Democracy and Development), Adamou Ndam Njoya, (The Democratic Union of Cameroon), Akéré Muna (Popular Front for Development); Mauritius Kamto (Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon), Joshua Osih (Social Democratic Front), Cabral Libii (UNIVERSE), Serge Espoir Matomba (PURS) and Ndifor Afanwi Franklin (Cameroon National Citizen Movement)
After two weeks of electoral campaign (until October 6 at midnight), voters will be convened on Sunday, October 7, 2018, to proceed to the election of the Presidentof the Republic. Polling stations will be open at eight o'clock and closed at 18:00.

If all goes well, the electoral code provides for the proclamation of results within a maximum period of 15 days, starting from the closing date of the poll.We will be around October 22, 2018.


Election 2018: Paul Biya, the sacrificial lamb of the RDPC

We are in Cameroon in the Eastern region, Joseph Le told Mondovision that this region, very proud of the governance of Biya, had contributed tens of millions for its re-election.

From its architecture dating from colonial times according to some Cameroonian media, the Eastern region, and more precisely the city of Bertoua today houses the administrative authorities in buildings 70 years old. This region, isolated by the lack of passable roads, will lead the television France Television to realize a whole documentary entitled: "The road of the impossible".

After 36 years of Biya governance and the indifference of his regime towards the suffering of the populations of Eastern Cameroon, what can justify the media outlet of Minister Joseph Le passing the head of state for the one that the people adopted as savior?

Recall that President Biya is 86, at this age, biologically we sleep 5 times a day, and asks the same question several times. And so, this is more Paul Biya who governs the country, but those who consider it as said Councilor Penda Ekoka, their sacrificial lamb, scapegoat for their own interests.

They are billionaires, and consider the state of Cameroon as their legacies, which is why they will never enforce Article 66 on the declaration of property in a country twice a world champion of corruption.


Presidential 2018: Cabral Libii paid tribute to Amadou AHIDJO in Dakar, Senegal

Candidate Cabral Libii had paid respect to the memory of His Excellency Amadou Ahidjo, first President of Republic of Cameroon who died in Senegal and was buried in Yoff Cemetery in Dakar.

Cabral Libii who took a good move to Senegal and offers prayer while standing on the tomb of AHIDJO dressed in pure white, seeking peace to mother Cameroon.

Libii visited Senegal on Thursday, 20th September 2018.

Presidential 2018: Paul Biya unveil campaign social media platforms, begs Cameroonians to follow

The president of republic of Cameroon, Paul Biya has unveiled his official campaign platform's, begs Cameroonians to support him by following all his campaign media handles.

Biya made this appeal as the week runs up while preparing for Saturday 22nd, September 2018 campaign Flagg off in Cameroon.

" Do not miss my campaign for the 2018 Presidential election" .
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See you on September 22, 2018.

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