Saturday, October 3, 2020

Justice: the ORCA company announced the team is ready to do battle with Boris Bertolt

The journalist published a report which reports ill-treatment inflicted on Cameroonian employees by the managers of the chain of stores. ORCA denies and threatens to take legal action.

The tea towel burns between the company ORCA and Boris Bertolt. Originally, a publication made by the journalist-blogger on his Facebook page on October 2, 2020. 

“ORCA Douala: Lebanese who despise Cameroonians” is the title of this text through which our colleague denounces the treatment inflicted on Cameroonian employees by the managers of the chain of stores, specializing in furniture. 

“The Lebanese who run this company show all the colors to the employees under the eyes of the authorities and the unions. The employees of ORCA Douala are paid less than those of Yaoundé. The salary is 70,000 FCFA and unfair dismissals are recurrent. A certain Mr. Tarek sows terror in this store, not hesitating to dismiss anyone who does not want to submit to his authority so the employees have given him the title of "head of the family", "wrote Boris Bertolt.


This publication sparked a protest reaction from ORCA. The company seized the journalist through correspondence from his lawyer, Mr. Charles Tchuente. The group urges Boris Bertolt to delete its publication. Otherwise, we read, ORCA threatens to take legal action against him. 

This threat did not make the journalist back down. Quite the contrary! “… As of Monday, I will publish all the testimonies of employees and former employees of ORCA mistreated by these Lebanese slaves who think because we are black we are slaves. After that we will reflect on a campaign to boycott ORCA, ”he promises.

Source: Cameroon Info