Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Top Commander, the Biya regime's military campaign in Ambazonia has failed

A senior French-speaking army official told the Cameroon Concord News Group that the Biya regime's military campaign against the people of southern Cameroon did not achieve any of the goals set by Yaoundé.

The official who spoke to our journalist from the city of Yaoundé but continued for anonymity observed that President Biya and the French-speaking army declared a senseless war against the people of southern Cameroon four years ago. years when he arrived from a France-Africa summit in Côte d'Ivoire targeting even rural communities with his toughest military might ever. 

However, Biya's genocidal campaign not only failed in its goals, but also unwittingly strengthened the resolve of restaurateurs and the interim Ambazonia government now led by Vice President Dabney Yerima. 

Our source pointed out that the statement by the Roman Catholic Archbishop of the Diocese of Yaoundé Jean Mbarga and the Metropolitan Archbishop of Bamenda Andrew Nkea confirming that the Biya regime officials have indeed met the ruler of Ambazonia, President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and his main collaborators is another powerful blow for the 87-year-old Monarch. 

The Biya regime's confrontational and confrontational approach to the crisis in southern Cameroon, including its refusal to hold talks with imprisoned Ambazonia leaders in Yaoundé, has given the southern Cameroon diaspora little power. encouragement to cooperate with the geopolitical priorities of French Cameroon.

On the contrary, added our source in Yaoundé, the Cameroonians of the South, including the thousands of people who still share the unique and indivisible Cameroonian dream, now think that Biya is unfit to keep the two Cameroon together in a health and economic crisis. international. 

"The people of southern Cameroon would gain more by showing unity as their brothers and sisters at home would be immune to military actions and campaigns ordered by Yaoundé," he said. 

“Biya is wrong if he still believes that the army can win this war in English-speaking Cameroon. The war does not lead to the capitulation or collapse of Ambazonia, but to the intensification of hostilities between Cameroon and southern Cameroon and makes the streets of Douala and Yaoundé very dangerous, ”he noted.