Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Serious revelations on a secret deal, planned between Chris Anu and Minister Paul Tasong

Many residents of Lebialem County were surprised to learn that French Cameroonian Minister Paul Tasong and former Ambazonia Communication Secretary Chris Anu agreed to work together for Lebialem to secure the post of Prime Minister and Chief of the government. This is not the first time that rival elites in southern Cameroon have struck a political pact to work together. Achidi Achu and Ni John Fru Ndi had already made pacts.

The Chris Anu-Minister Paul Tasong deal is surprising, however, as the two men, judging by the events of the past three years, have shown they are bitter towards each other and the two have continued to hold on. stubbornly their positions with Chris Anu fighting for the restoration of the south. The independence of Cameroon while Minister Paul Tasong remains faithful to the unique and indivisible philosophy of Cameroon. 

Chris Anu and his relatives of the Marshal were at the origin of the armed resistance to reject the administrative and military presence of French Cameroon in Lebialem County. However, a simple change in the head of the interim Ambazonian government has now seen Mr. Chris Anu endorse a Yaoundé framework designed to address the governance challenges that had contributed to the political divide and ethnic antagonism of Cameroon and most importantly , who will eventually see Minister Paul Tasong was appointed Prime Minister and Head of Government. 

Chris Anu has become relevant in helping Minister Tasong resolve kidnapping issues in Lebialem County and Chris Anu has also been involved in high-level negotiations to release French officials held by Ambazonia Restoration Forces in Lebialem. 

Why did the main rivals easily come together and agree to see each other as one person? 

The cooperation between Minister Paul Tasong and Chris Anu can be better understood by recognizing that Lebialem's policy is fundamentally shaped by competition between and among the political elites of the ruling CPDM crime syndicate and its auxiliary party, the Social Front- democrat.

The crisis in southern Cameroon has simply provided an opportunity for men like Mr. Chris Anu to advance their economic and political interests in Lebialem as well as to negotiate the distribution of power. The victorious practice takes all politics by Peter Mafany Musonge, Chief Inoni Ephraim and now Chief Dr Dion Ngute has always resulted in the exclusion of Lebialem's elites from power arrangements. Minister Paul Tasong, as the new Wilfred Mbelem, wants to remove Lebialem from the position of loser to that of winner. 

Many in southern Cameroon's interim government, including Vice President Dabney Yerima, have quietly interpreted the Chris Anu-Minister Paul Tasong deal as undermining President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe's control and authority over Lebialem County . 

In addition, Yaoundé handed billions of CFA francs to Minister Paul Tasong for the so-called reconstruction of southern Cameroon and with the increasing levels of corruption in the Biya regime, there are indications that Mr. Chris Anu could join. the CPDM billionaires club for wealth accumulation. 

Minister Paul Tasong is said to have turned to Chris Anu for the pact to cut the influence of the interim Ambazonia government in Lebialem and end the armed resistance that calls into question President Biya's legacy. 

Although Chris Anu still masquerades as the communications secretary of the interim government of Ambazonia, he lacks the legitimacy and authority to speak on behalf of the people of southern Cameroon. Without access to My Trip To Buea funds and control of SCBC TV, Chris Anu cannot give benefits to his subscribers both in the US and at Ground Zero, with many of them thinking the revolution would be. of short duration and hoped to benefit from it if they arrived in Buea.