Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Kamto assassination attempt case resuscitated: some MRC activists on their way to Kondengui

We thought this case closed in the archives, but abracadabra, it resurfaces with very specific objectives.

According to information which reached the editorial staff of Camerounweb, we learn that some militants of the MRC are summoned by the northern gendarmerie. 

'They are Doctor Apollinaire Oko, Darling Nguevo, Jean Bonheur Tchouafa and Guy Laurent KOUAM ... Are all summoned by Colonel NYONG DAVID FRY, commander of the legion of the northern gendarmerie on 09/15/2020 at 9 am very precise. They are accused of having tied and humiliating a man in thin, lying accusing him of having attempted the life of Maurice KAMTO, the president of their party ', informs a source.

'They are warned by the commander that after the deadline of 15/09/20, they will be arrested,' adds the latter.