Tuesday, July 21, 2020

All you need to know about Sarah Itambi, Amougou Belinga's wife

The name of Sarah, one of the women was mentioned in the series of revelations made by Bashiro Mamuda, the ex-partner. She allegedly made advances to the young Bashiro who refused, which fueled the anger of the lady who had been mired since her youth in other carnal stories before her marriage to her current man Amougou Belinga. She had two children with a first husband Churchill Ewumbue Monono, Technical Advisor to the Presidency of the Republic. But she is also known for her jealousy which she finds it difficult to control.

Sarah, one of Amougou Belinga's wives throws a Cameroonian in prison for a Kongossa case, signed Patrice Nouma 

Madame Limunga Sarah Itambi marries Amougou Belinga, 4th grade magistrate and vice-president of the Court of Appeal of the Center, former wife of Monono Ewumbue Churchill, a technical advisor to the civil cabinet of the Presidency of the Republic of which Amougou Belinga was a close friend, has just arrested and then thrown in Kondengui prison a Cameroonian, Sophie Atangana, for a kongossa affair of women. (ABUSE OF POWER ON THE MENU) 

The famous feyman Amougou Belinga, protégé of the Minister of Justice Laurent Esso, has two wives: the first, Elizabeth, and the second, Limunga Sarah Itambi, former Madame Monono. 

Sophie Atangana was a friend of Mrs. Sarah Amougou the magistrate. But Sophie had the bad luck that magistrate Sarah confided in her about her quarrels with her co-wife.

Mrs. Sarah Amougou Belinga told Sophie Atangana that she is doing everything she can to get Amougou Belinga to chase his first wife Elizabeth, and that their husband is a womanizer. Sophie is also close to Elizabeth and she told the latter that "your co-wife sees the marabouts to drive you out of marriage". 

Amougou Belinga is informed and organizes a family reunion at his home in Mvan with the three women: Elizabeth, Sarah and Sophie, other witnesses. Sophie Atangana confirms what Sarah confided in her and that she revealed to Elizabeth. But Sarah declares that she does not admit having said this to Sophie. 

The case becomes complicated. The head of the family, Amougou Belinga, an illiterate who only knows feymania, is unable to calm the spirits and establish peace between the three women. Sarah starts from there furious with rage. 

Once Sarah returns to her office, Limunga Sarah Itambi marries Amougou Belinga, former wife Monono, puts on her magistrate's robe, takes revenge and files a complaint against Sophie Atangana. And as always under the reign of Laurent Esso, Sophie Atangana was arrested on Monday August 15 at 8 am by elements of the gendarmerie colonel Essama headed by the investigator Bouba. Without having received a summons as required by law, Sophie Atangana is locked up.

Text which perfectly sums up the life of Sarah Amougou Belinga, signed Boris Bertolt 

Churchill Ewumbue Monono, Technical Advisor to the Presidency of the Republic must certainly thank Jesus, Mary and Joseph for having left Sarah, the one who became the wife of Amougou Belinga. 

Indeed, Sarah, who is a twin, was married for several years to Monono and the couple had children. Before her meeting with Churchill Monono, Sarah, magistrate was already considered ambitious. A woman capable of anything to achieve her goals. 

To find her way into High society, she doesn't skimp on seduction. Thus, Benjamin Itoue, former Minister of Justice will fall without slipping. In his hunting table, would also appear the current Prime Minister, Dion Ngute alias Nyanga Boy when he was still at MINREX in charge of relations with the Commonwealth. At this time Sarah was not married.

Then she will meet her future husband Churchill Monono whom she has known since the age of 17. They fall in love with each other, and from this love will be born two children. 

Everything changed when Monono diplomat was posted to Russia at Putin's. Sarah will indeed refuse to follow her companion arguing that she wants to pursue his career in Cameroon. She has the confidence of her husband who then believes to be her only love. 

However, in the hushed salons of Yaoundé, we know that another man whom Monono shares more and more his days and nights: the ZOMLOA of the ZOMLOA, Jean Pierre Amougou Belinga. Doesn't nature hate a vacuum? 

Between this new relationship and Monono's stays in the country, Sarah becomes pregnant. Her husband is obviously proud that he will be a father again. When she was eight months pregnant, Sarah told her that she had a miscarriage and that the child was gone. How sad isn't it ... the rest is tempting.

Churchill Ewumbue, back a few years in Cameroon, discovers disappointed that someone else is sharing his bed, he files for divorce. For the moment he does not suspect anything. The divorce will be pronounced by the judge. But to punish her husband, Sarah who will become Sarah Amougou Belinga after having married into a fair marriage decides to continue to bear the name of Ewumbue Monono. She refuses to remove the name of her former husband "from their thing" Without continuation. 

After her separation and her marriage to Amougou Belinga, Sarah curiously is still in the company of a young child whom she claims to be that of Jean Pierre Amougou Belinga whom she adopted. 

Problem: the child at the age of Monono's, whom she claimed to have lost. 

But, there is only one mother who knows the father of her child ... But, Sarah seems happy and her career in the firmament. Didn't she become General Counsel ... A deserved promotion? Besides, her husband does not tell anyone who wants to hear that he is the Minister of Justice.