Saturday, June 20, 2020

Official: MRC reacts to the arrest of Ernest Obama

The dirty weather experienced by the former director of Vision 4 television since Thursday, June 18, 2020, continues to arouse declarations within the media and now political Landerneau with the exit of the movement for the renaissance of Cameroon on this subject.

During the day of Thursday, June 18, 2020, information on the arrest of Dieudonné Ernest Obama Nana spread on the canvas like wildfire. Until then and despite the images in circulation, several Internet users did not believe it. It was the report of his arrest in the 8 p.m. newspaper on the TV channel Vision 4 that dispelled doubts among skeptics. In this report by his colleague Salamatou Badiang, we see the former editor of the newspaper Anecdote left the premises of the tower of Nsam with socks on foot and without shoes for the direction of the gendarmerie of Efoulan. 

This report aroused numerous reactions from his colleagues and several actors from civil society. Some sympathizing with his situation while denouncing the humiliation he suffered and others savoring the difficult moments that the former decryption presenter and Club of elites meet.

In a press release released on Friday June 19, 2020, Maurice Kamto's spokesperson reporting on the meeting with artist Longué Longué at the initiative of Maurice Kamto seized the opportunity to condemn the embastissement of Sir Ernest Obama. “It should be remembered that the tortures of which the artist Longue Longue testified that they were the object, are now commonplace today in the context of the savage industrial repression that the illegitimate regime of Yaoundé is leading against the freedom of opinion, thought, and expression, applied to the unquenchable desire for change in Cameroon, or simply in favor of the triumph of truth and law. The Samuel Wazizi case, for which justice must necessarily be done, is a sad illustration of this, as is the news related to a former media worker whose setbacks are in the headlines these days. », Writes Olivier Bibou Nissack. Journalist Ernest Obama has not always been kind to Maurice Kamto's political party during the aerials he hosted, but the party in its republican humanist posture still deplores the situation in which it finds itself. 

The MRC is the first political party to rule on the Ernest Obama affair. The journalist spent his second night yesterday in the gendarmerie jails.