Friday, May 29, 2020

Panic inside Etoudi: here is the emergency message from Brenda Biya to Cameroonians

The moving of Brenda Biya in relation to the deterioration of her state of health revives the debate on the supposed death of the President of the Republic Paul Biya despite his address to the nation on the eve of the celebration of the feast of Unity national.

In fact, in a short video posted on her Facebook page, Chantal Biya's eldest daughter raised an alarm cry against those who prevent her from receiving treatment by blocking her medical records. She suffers from "Basedow" disease which dangerously affects her eyes which continue to grow abnormally large.

Watch the video below;

In response to the release of the first daughter from Cameroon, Prof Franklin Nyamsi believes that this new episode confirms the plan put in place by the Biya clan.

According to him, Brenda Biya is now taken hostage by her father's close collaborators who fear that she will reveal everything that is currently going on at Etoudi palace. The academic specifies that this cry of alarm reveals four indisputable information, namely:

- she is kidnapped and forbidden to go out

- she has people around her organized to kidnap her

- the pathology from which Brenda Biya suffers

- she informs that the coronavirus has reached them.

Below the full analysis of Prof Franklin Nyamsi