Friday, May 22, 2020

Charles Ndongo, an intelligence crushed by the violent Biya regime

The Director of the CRTV made enemies after commenting on the national television, the speech of the President of the Republic Paul Biya. Since then, he has received attacks from all sides. After Valsero who called him a contemptuous little villager, it is the turn of Mr. Christian Bomo to tell him 'his truths'.

Me Christian seems disappointed by the editorial of the director general of the Crtv. In his gallery, he praised the talents of the journalist who are now used to praise the Biya regime. 

"You must immediately recognize in this outing, the mark of a proven and recognized speaking talent, set with a particularly chastised, pure, watched and melodically brought language. It was very beautiful to listen to. 

Your qualities as a great journalist in this exercise, are undeniable. 
You are therefore a reference of the large French-speaking journalistic space ", declared the lawyer hostile to the Biya regime before attacking the latter.

"The regime that you serve today as Director General of CRTV, has never allowed you to release everything that you could have given as letters of nobility to Cameroonian journalism. 

It has rather distorted and formatted you in praise of 'a man: Paul BIYA 
This is why you can say without blinking, one of the biggest inconsistencies in a republic, namely that a public, national media is the "Tam-tam of the President of the Republic".

Source: Christian NTIMBANE BOMO