Thursday, April 9, 2020

WHO warns Paul Biya: 'don't politicize this virus'

While the Coronavirus is used in Cameroon by the authorities of Yaoundé to settle their political accounts, the Director General of the World Health Organization has just reminded all States to unite to confront the Coronavirus.

Thedos Adhanom Unit , from the top of his career as a politician, has just reminded the politicians of the world to show maturity in the face of the threat of the new Coronavirus. He stressed the need for all political sides, for all religions and others to unite to defeat Covid-19. A difficult but timely task as "the people belong to all political parties ... The objective of all political parties should be to save their people". 

To believe Thedos Adhanom, the Coronavirus can only find fertile ground in our differences and particularities to reach us and strike us. This is why unity is the best weapon at the moment to respond effectively to the pandemic. Alarmed by the large number of Covid-19 cases in his country and the silence of President Paul Biya, Maurice Kamto initiated a popular fund intended to be accompanied by the State; an initiative badly digested by the regime in place, because of its political edge. 

Apostle of the division

The release of Paul Atanga Nji on April 7, 2020 is undoubtedly the completed illustration of the follies that some executives allow themselves with the threat of the new Coronavirus. The Minister of Territorial Administration and many other Cameroonian authorities had been seized to want the smooth running of the popular initiative called "SURVIE-CAMEROON-SURVIVAL INITIATIVE" launched by Maurice Kamto in response to the health crisis in the country. world and Cameroon and especially before the contemptuous silence of Paul Biya. 

Power party engaged in similar actions without being worried 

This plan, which has the specific objective of helping to deal with the health emergency; second, to respond to the social and economic impact of the pandemic; and, thirdly, to prepare the battle for the reconstruction of the communities and the survival of the Cameroonian nation, has simply been rejected because it did not have the prior approval of the regime in place; but it is mainly because he is from an opponent who assents the Cameroonian people. This is demonstrated by the outpouring of solidarity that followed this call. We are at April 9 at more than 400 thousand euros in contributions. 

Paul Atanga Nji is undoubtedly not aware of the gravity of the crisis which is wreaking havoc in the world. While all countries are currently fighting to effectively confront the coronavirus, it is rather trying to show its muscles, as usual, its big eyes to people who are not won over to its cause. Anything that will not slow down the annoying race that is aptly named coronavirus.

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