Saturday, April 4, 2020

Vacancy in power: Maurice Kamto refuses to be trapped by Biya's game

While he gave a 7-day ultimatum to Paul Biya to speak to the Cameroonian since March 27 relative to the Covid-19, the perpetual silence of the latter prompted President Maurice Kamto to make concrete proposals for health Cameroonians, not without indicating that very soon he will initiate a legal process to make note of the vacancy in Cameroon.

The opportunists 

Maurice Kamto opened his address with a note of sadness. He is sorry for the numerous damages due to the Coronavirus in Cameroon with the evocation of the death of the legend Manu Dibango and many other Cameroonians on the native land or beyond the borders. It is with definite interest that he wishes to highlight the global threat that this pandemic represents for Cameroon. Accused of having seized this opportunity to satisfy his political desires, Maurice Kamto points out that it is his right to question a commander-in-chief when his team is in crisis, that he is only asking that adequate measures be taken for the salvation of the people. 

He indicates that those who want to exploit the health distress of Cameroonians for political ends are those who: “hide behind a phantom head of state to take measures below the gravity of the pandemic and the legitimate expectations of Cameroonians; open the country to the prospect of a health catastrophe with many victims to hope for a “sacred union” which would divert attention from the Ngarbuh massacres; impose a political silence that would allow them to quietly tinker with an over-the-counter succession for which they flood social networks with false information in order to distract or test the reaction of opinion; expose Cameroon to an economic crisis without comparison with other African countries of the same level affected by the pandemic, but whose heads of state have taken energetic measures commensurate with the situation." 

Paul Biya, the defaulter 

Paul Biya was called on March 27, 2020 by President Maurice Kamto as provided for in the constitution to "address the Cameroonians, himself, to tell them what his response is against COVID-19 and above all, to mobilize his compatriots in this war against the invisible enemy, by announcing, among other things, the means of financing the confinement that are necessary, as well as support for households and businesses in order to avoid an economic and social collapse of the country. The silence of Paul Biya is well maintained as well as the slightest public appearance in relation to this major health crisis seven days after the ultimatum. “We do not force anyone to assume functions, especially not those of President of the Republic. But when we decide to assume them, as a result of a democratic choice or even by an institutional or other coup, the consenting or undergoing people have legitimate expectations vis-√†-vis the government and the right to question them on their conduct of public affairs. He notes, adding that no army can win a war with the effigies of a commander-in-chief only that the troop neither sees nor hears.

To get out of it, without going out 

Before the silence of Yaound√©; Maurice Kamto continues his outpouring of generosity with his compatriots. He invites his compatriots to mobilize to face this pandemic by joining a popular initiative called "SURVIE-CAMEROON-SURVIVAL INITIATIVE" whose objectives are to help cope with the health emergency; provide a response to the social and economic impact of the pandemic; and to prepare the battle for the reconstruction of communities and the survival of our nation. He invited his compatriots from Cameroon and the diaspora to put themselves in confinement and that the initiative will make arrangements for the accompaniment of patients, nursing staff and households. 

Vacancy of power 

If Maurice Kamto suspects that Paul Biya is making fun of Cameroonians "I cannot exclude that Mr. BIYA is attempting a political maneuver of which he is customary: let spread the rumor of his own death to try to test the reaction of Cameroonians in order to return to display his physical form and taunt his compatriots; except that it would be a very serious casualness with regard to the imperative of its presence in the dramatic situation in which the country finds itself. "Declared Maurice Kamto who warns" But if, within 7 days of the publication of this declaration, the de facto President of Cameroon had not given physical proof that it is he who is in charge of the 'State; we would be obliged to initiate adequate legal procedures to obtain the statement, by the competent authorities, the presidential vacancy and its constitutional consequences; I reserve the right to call for more drastic measures. », Indicates the leader who has several times launched for the Cameroonians« Let us work to take our destiny in hand. "