Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Vacancy in power: high tension hits the CPDM

On the presidential silences and the fight against the coronavirus, the CPDM activist Eloi Bonaventure Bidoung addressed the president of the republic, to invite Paul Biya to come out of his confinement and to bring accompanying measures to the people.

The municipal councilor of the Yaoundé 6 arrondissement speaks of the need for the Head of State to speak out to stop the government cacophony in the management of the fight against Covid-19. “Excellency President of the Republic, the people feel by your silence abandoned to themselves. By my voice. You launch a real appeal from the people. The ambient cacophony in government is not reassuring. 13+ 7 government measures have nothing incentive, preventive, participative, but more repressive. What is the counterpart of all these measures? Where are the support measures? As the mvog atemengue say "nnam wa yi dzé"? "Bidi aé megnou" translation: the people need what? : To drink and to eat. Mister President, the people claim you, say a single word and .... I am sure that you will go out very soon with your hands full of measures water, electricity, taxes, fuel, customs, rents, transport ... thus, you will have conquered the people who made you the elect of hearts and urns. This is also the greatness of a politician, ”wrote the critical activist and rebellious of the flame party. afrinews.pro

This exit from Saint Eloi Bidoung suggests to internet users who have read its publication that the battles of succession within the Rdpc are becoming clearer. And that even in the seraglio, some lay of the regime do not know what is the health of the head of state.

Source: Lebledparle.com