Monday, April 13, 2020

URGENT: riot is taking place right now in Kondengui after 4 detainees died of Coronavirus

The information is given by the TGV whistleblowers of the news. At least 4 detainees died in the Kossovo district of Yaoundé central prison, probably as a result of the coronavirus. One died the day before yesterday and 3 others last night. Angered, the other prisoners demonstrate to demand clarification of the deaths. The authorities affirm that they did not die from the covid19 but a few days ago we indicate here that the central prison of Kondengui is already affected by this pandemic and since the beginning of this week the prisoners are no longer taken to court .

Recall that the UN, civil society, WHO etc. have asked Cameroon to decongest prisons, but the Cameroonian government shines with its indifference. 

We will come back ...