Sunday, April 5, 2020

URGENT: Paul Biya will not be in Bordeaux in June

The 28th Africa – France Summit which was to be held in Bordeaux from June 4 to 6 will no longer take place on the dates initially scheduled. 53 heads of state and 100 entrepreneurs were African guests.

This major political event orchestrated by Emmanuel Macron was to provide an opportunity for African leaders, including Paul Biya from Cameroon, to commit to the sustainable city of tomorrow. 

Visiting Cameroon from March 2 to 4, Secretary General of the Africa-France summit Stéphanie Rivoal had indicated that, like the 53 other African countries invited, Cameroonian companies are eagerly awaited to share their know-how and seize funding opportunities, from June 4 to 6, 2020 in Bordeaux. 

The secretary general had above all announced that a hundred Cameroonians are expected to attend this summit, including thirty companies. 

As a reminder, the Franco-Cameroonian Pierre de Gaëtan Njikam Mouliom, 3rd Deputy Mayor of Bordeaux is the Co-Chairman of the National Organizing Committee for the Africa-France 2020 Summit.

Njikam Mouliom, close to the French politician Alain Juppé indicated before the announcement of the report that by hosting the 28th Africa-France 2020 Summit on the theme of the "Sustainable City", Bordeaux assumes its dual vocation of being the territory benchmark in France for a privileged, innovative and forward-looking relationship with Africa and to be an exemplary metropolis in terms of sustainable cities. 

The Coronavirus fault 

Announced by Emmanuel Macron in Ouagadougou in 2017, the Africa-France summit in Bordeaux is based on the theme of Sustainable Cities and Territories. 

In view of the progress of the situation linked to the Covid-19 epidemic, several international events planned for France in June and July next and calling for the participation of many heads of state as well as of civil society will be postponed.