Sunday, April 5, 2020

URGENT - Obituary: Léopold Clovis Noudjeu is dead!

We learn with regret, the death this morning of Sunday 05 April 2020, of our colleague Léopold Clovis Noudjeu. He was the publication director (DP) of the daily "L'Epervier". A newspaper created in 2010, which appears in Yaoundé the political capital of Cameroon.

Léopold Clovis Noudjeu gave his last sigh this Sunday, at the Cnps hospital in Yaoundé where he had been interned for nine days. We had known he was very sick for several months. The DP was operated on one foot last November. According to his relatives, he suffered from kidney failure. 

At the hour of his death, the moment seems to have come for meditation, for the respect of his memory. We therefore protest against any controversy relating to the editorial line of his press group acquired under the Yaoundé regime. It was a choice he assumed. We say that any action is of interest, and that there is no neutral choice in life. Any editorial line is motivated by an interest. 

Traditional 2nd degree chief of the Grand Messa block in Yaoundé, Léopold Clovis Noudjeu dies at 50. A national of the West Cameroon region, he was however one of those rare Cameroonians who are totally foreign to tribalism and the withdrawal of identity. He is a great champion of the mixing of peoples and of real living together who unfortunately leaves the scene, with hasty and constrained steps.

As you leave the land of the living, Leopold, our thoughts are with your wives, your grieving children. A thought for the entire editorial staff of the daily newspaper L'Epervier. 

The editor of sends your most saddened condolences to your family, which has been so hard hit. 

Farewell DP, Majesty!