Tuesday, April 14, 2020

URGENT: Army Colonel suspected to have kidnapped Pastor Obogo in Edea

For two weeks, the family and the faithful of Reverend Pasteur OBOGO have been looking for the latter without success.

From the mouth of his own daughter and the testimony of a few people, he was allegedly kidnapped by a certain COLONEL MAHI JEAN. 

Everything started a while ago from an earthly dispute between the Reverend Pasteur and the colonel. The Pastor has acquired land for many years on the outskirts of Edea. Lack of means to build a space there, he cultivated his fields until then to raise his many children until an army colonel occupying the space surrounding his land begins to abuse his authority to snatch a part from the poor pastor's land. 

Intimidated and abused repeatedly, the Reverend Pasteur OBOGO will seize the Courts and in 2017, justice will give him full reason by prohibiting the famous colonel to no longer make sprains on the land of Reverend Pasteur OBOGO or even approach it again . 

Despite this, the colonel will continue to threaten the pastor to the point where one day he will come with elements of the army, kidnap the Pastor in his field before taking him away to go and keep him at the Edea brigade. 

Released later after much pressure, the colonel returned to the charge two weeks ago. He went with plainclothes to the field of the Reverend Pastor who was there with his daughter and, after removing his phone, will again take him this time to an unknown destination.

Two weeks later, no trace of the Reverend Pastor OBOGO. He is neither in the brigade nor in a police station. The children of the Reverend Pastor who succeeded in demanding a descent into the field with the elements of the Edea brigade will be stopped dead yesterday when the latter had come for a general search in the colonel's work sites and his camp located on the outskirts of Edea. It only took a call from the colonel to the commander already on the scene for the mission to be canceled. afrinews.pro

What then is the fate of the Reverend Pastor to this day? What did he become ? Especially since the colonel said he did not recognize this kidnapping despite the testimony of several people including the pastor's own daughter. 

Really ! The things of this country are beyond me !! 

Send this publication to the Minister of Defense, Joseph Beti ASSOMO so that he intervenes in this file and demands from this colonel to release the father of others. What is that story ?! Don't push the poor people to the limit! 

Journalist: David Eboutou