Thursday, April 16, 2020

URGENT: Ambazonia fighters planing to hit Yaoundé and Douala in the coming days

The alert of this serious threat reached us during this day of Thursday. An alert given by a former actor of the Ambazonian forces who continues to have sources inside the movement. They appear to have been sufficiently prepared and the attacks are imminent.

It is not the first time that an announcement of threats of incursions by Ambazian militias on the soil of political and economic capitals has been made. We remember that the last edition of the parade on May 20 on the eponymous Boulevard took place under very high voltage, following these threats of terrorist attacks in the form of a bomb attack or through a Kamikaze. But it has not happened. But does this mean that the danger no longer exists? Que neni.

Here we deliver the full alert to us as received: "Greetings bro, just to inform you that separatists have a plan to destabilize Yaounde and Douala plus every other Francophone cities in a couple of days the civilians will be victims because it shall be insdiscriminate shootings, usage of explosives etc. They will equally kill everyone involved in the reconstruction of NOSO. They are purchasing heavy weapons now in Nigeria. Please know how you can alert our people. Its a reliable information from a reliable insider source. Thanks ” 

It is clear that this time, the Ambazonian militias are determined to mark their presence by carrying the war towards the English-speaking areas. A situation that sounds like a call for vigilance from Cameroonian intelligence agencies.

For some time, the liberation forces of Ambazonia have been cornered in their entrenchment by the Cameroonian army. To the point where they are increasingly lacking in supplies and weapons. This is what, among other things, causes the abuses caused in the villages of Menoua and sometimes in the Noun. Sporadic outings which illustrate how these forces are at the end of their breath. On the other hand, they have many soldiers who leave the forests, frustrated and deceived by the war generals who transformed the quest for liberation into a war of personal enrichment. Sometimes targeting the populations they are supposed to protect. 

However, it should not be forgotten that it is when it is near death that an animal is most dangerous. Let us redouble our vigilance.