Thursday, April 16, 2020

Tribalism: a Cameroonian proposed solutions to Paul Biya

Faced with the upsurge of tribal remarks and the rise in verbal violence to which some guides, however, of international renown, lend themselves with much relentlessness, it seemed to me necessary to throw a paving stone in the sea hoping to captivate the attention of those in charge of the unity so dear to our country.

Tribalism can only be fought with strong actions and not with words. Many prejudices arise from ignorance which can be combated by simple educational measures. 

Here are two (02) solutions that seem inclusive and effective. 

1 - Institute a national language for all Cameroonians who will be taught in all our schools. The Pidgin, the Fulfulde, the Douala seem to be on the way to being chosen. 

2 - Establish a National cultural week which will take place in the form of a festival. Balls, cultural evenings, educational debates to demystify traditions. 

During the festival, groups of pupils and students chosen independently of their ethnicities will have to wear traditional outfits of a specific ethnic group. The choice of ethnicity will be made by the local government, which will harmonize the selections. And every year we will do a rotation. 

For example. In 2020, pupils and students of a classroom whose names start from A to N will wear traditional outfit (s) from East Cameroon will learn the history and culture of East Cameroon on which they will exhibit and make theatrical plays in front of a guesthouse. While those whose names go from M to Z will wear the traditional outfits of the peoples of the Far North and learn the history and culture of the peoples of Maroua, Mora, Dabanga and Kousserie etc ... to do the same. 

In 2021 during the festival, the same groups will rather wear outfits from the West, North West Cameroon or Sanaga Maritime, while the latter will wear those from the South, the Coast or the South West and the same for learning to their 

respective stories and cultures and presentations. 

Also during the festival, tourist guides will organize excursions to 

visit the mythical corners of the cultures celebrated, open to schools and local and foreign tourists who will also wear the tunics of Circumstances.

Some positive points of these measures 

* The National festival 

- Job creation in the textile and sewing sector. 

- Discovery, Demonstration of our cultures, demystification and 

perpetuation of these (many prejudices come from ignorance, case of skulls in the West). 

- Enrichment of our knowledge of our children

- Development of the tourism and hotel industry. 

* A single language 

- Decrease of tribalism (you will not be asked anymore where you are from? You will speak the language of your opposite. 

- Recruitments will be done more and more on a skills basis. 

- Integration will not will no longer be an empty word, language being the factor of integration par excellence 

- True National Unity, because the cleavages will tend to disappear in 10 years.

- Abroad, Cameroonians will be more united and will be able to talk to each other in complete privacy, as do the Arabs. 

I leave it to you to continue with the points that seem 

positive to you . 

We only have ONE COUNTRY. 


Journalist: David Eboutou