Tuesday, April 14, 2020

These are what Cameroonian youth need to know before judging Paul Biya

Africans left Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire, Liberia to come and look for work in Cameroon. This country was a model of industrial development, if Paul Biya had simply stayed the course, the country would be as industrialized as Taiwan. "Declares a former manager to SOCAR.

By liberalizing the private sector, Cameroon produced practically everything it consumed, with the Batoula, Fotso group, Kadji, the Koloko empire (BTP), factories for manufacturing bicycles, motorcycles, manufacturing screws, etc. of 100 private companies closed under the Biya era. 

The list of companies created by Ahidjo and closed by Biya 

SOCAPALM sold by Paul Biya to the Socfin and Bolloré group, these buyers have made this structure a path of modern slavery denounced by the national and international media. Hevea-Cameroon (HEVECAM) sold by Paul Biya to Socfin The Yagoua Rice Expansion and Modernization Company (SEMRY) saved several times from bankruptcy, it now lives on a drip from the state budget. Sugar Company of Cameroon (SOSUCAM) sold by Paul Biya (SODEBLE) Wheat Development Company of Cameroon destroyed and closed by Paul Biya The Company of Tanneries and Peausseries of Cameroon (STPC) destroyed by the Biya regime. 

The Cameroonian Fertilizer Company (SOCAME) destroyed by President Biya Ateliers Graphiques du Cameroun (AGRACAM). Jacques FAME NDONGO Journalist, university professor, Minister was in 1972 Head of the national section at the Cameroon Press Agency (ACAP) .It will remain there until its dissolution by being responsible for the coordination of the French editorial office of Cameroon Tribune…, Cameroon Airlines (CAMAIR), (CAMSHIP) Cameroon Shipping Lines, Cameroon Sugar Company - CAMSUCO, National Assistance Center for Small and medium-sized enterprises (CAPME), Cellulose du Cameroun (CELLUCAM), (CEP) Postal savings bank, Directorate General of Major Works (DGTC).

Food Crops Development Mission (MIDEVIV) National Office for the Marketing of Basic Products (ONCPB) National Office for Participation in Development (ONPD) Régie Nationale des Chemins de Fer du Cameroun (REGIFERCAM). With Regifercam, Cameroonians living in Bassa could go to work peacefully in Bonaberi. The populations of Moungo could move by train for Douala. Societe Camerounaise des Sacheries (SACHERIE) Cameroonian Society of Publication (SCP) Society of Studies for the Development of Africa (SEDA) Cameroon Waters (SNEC) sold by Paul Biya in a country where each department bears the name of a watercourse, Société Camerounaise Du Droit d'Auteur (SOCADRA) SODERIM (Société de Développement de la Riziculture dans la plaine des M ''Bo) SONAPOST - Société Nationale des PostesSociété des Transports Urbains du Cameroun (SOTUC) afrinews.pro

(FODIC) National Fund for the Development of the Cinematographic Industry, National Fund for Rural Development (Fonader), The Guarantee Fund for Small Business (Fogape), The Cameroonian Development Bank (BCD) The Crédit Agricole du Cameroun (CAC) , (FONDECAM-PME) Fund for the development and financing of the activities of Small and medium enterprises.

Journalist: Albin Michel Njilo