Friday, April 17, 2020

The Cabal: what has happened in Etoudi in the past 42 days?

The analysis of the video images shows us that it is indeed Mr. Barthélemy Mvondo. Although the light has been dimmed to let nothing show through, it is trivial that the octogenarian has significantly lost several pounds. The communications department is not very adept at deception.

Instead of leaving the People in a blissful or even criminal silence in the middle of the pandemic of the century, their advisers had better instigate them to speak to Cameroonians to reassure them and present the overall strategy of struggle and jugular actions against dirt from CoViD- 19. There is no shame in being ill. It happens to all of us and not everyone has the chance to live that long. It is even a grace.

My personal opinion remains faithful and unchanged. You have to know how to leave with your head held high. I note with great sadness that the man is exhausted by 63 years of very high administration. But the indefatigable thirsty and bulimic courtiers, who are still not satisfied after 38 consecutive years of fattening, will ask for more again and again in defiance of human health. There is a time for everything. That's life. Although my political opponent, I wish you well.

Journalist: Brice Rodrigue?