Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Supposed death of Biya: Maurice Kamto is the new strong man from Yaoundé

Maurice is one of the most intelligent and powerful men on the planet.

When he sets foot in a Country, the Presidency of that country knows that Boy has come. 

The Pombia regime wanted to destroy it but after swallowing it, vomited it because its Divine Ora made him a poisoned package for old dictatorships which date from 40 years of age. 

It is the new strongman of Central Africa which is the most stagnant area of ​​the solar system in terms of economy, development, politics, alternation and democracy. 

No head of state in Africa would like to have Pa'a Kamto as their main opponent. 

The pombia regime finds itself obliged to spend billions a month to face the omnipotence of the rights pope ... By corrupting newspapers, the media, politicians, lobbying, NGOs, actors civil society, opinion leaders etc...

Here is Cameroon going through a health crisis that will mark with its borrowing the cruelty of the failures and neglect of the Biya system with its CPDM ... The country needs this money more than ever 

We have no water but we are supporting 

We have no current but we are supporting 

We live on less than a euro a day but we are supporting .. 

But Paul Biya without health we cannot support.

You only know how to say that you have the means to send tellers to all the polling stations in Cameroon 

You only know how to build the Stade Paul Biya, and the Stade Chantal Biya in Noso ... Now the state coffers are empty and you couldn't wipe out Kamto. 

Aware that there is no more money to fight President Kamto, you are forced to resort to tribalism by going against each other. 

When Kamto speaks, you send the bulu beti to insult the Bamilekes, however it is the same Bamileke who finances the party of Paul Biya .... just to distract 

You are forced to send the police to prevent the media like Equinox from talking about Kamto since there is no more money for Corrupt people, you use violence and intimidation because you do not want to lose alone and set the country on fire than accepting others to lead.

Here came boy. 

Kamto took power but how? 

He is the only Cameroonian who is unanimous in the 10 regions without being in Etoudi.

Journalist :? Fifil Anissa