Saturday, April 4, 2020

Supposed death of Biya: the first lady Chantal Biya and her sect determined to keep power

It is an open secret: the usurper BIYA BI MVONDO, the last great African dictator and genocidal before the Lord, is no longer in command of the Cameroon ship. Already illegitimate, it is in the best of cases currently bedridden and senile.

Even in the event of serious illness, which prevents him from assuming his functions, the vacancy must be noted. For this, do not rely on parliament or "justice". The separation of powers has NEVER existed in Cameroon. 

Let us therefore take our responsibilities, and say no to any attempt at political transition over the counter. The thuriferous of the genocidal regime must be neutralized by all means, starting with the potential dolphins of the tyrant. 

Chantal Biya and her sect do everything to keep power. The money that they do not want to make available to the people to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, they certainly use it to corrupt their external allies, and in the event of a fall, to go into exile with it. Francophones, let us stand up as one man. 

There is no doubt that the illegitimate government has left us to our fate. You will notice that, private initiatives, as small as they are, are the real response to the pandemic: the authorities are only trying to improve their image, smeared with incompetence and forfeiture. Do not be fooled: the people can starve and #Coronavirus, their priority is after Biya they will defend like little devils.

We are certainly between the hammer and the anvil: the Covid-19 pandemic and the continuity of the dictatorship. Personally, I prefer to die at the Central Post office rather than at the central hospital. I prefer to die with bullets than with Coronavirus. 

The release of Rosange Jimegni and his companions is only a distraction. The regime is in dire straits. Duty and patriotism demand that we give it the final blow. Let everyone take care of their own as best they can. Resistant, let's help each other and watch over each other. At the same time, let's increase our nuisance capacity at all levels. Let us be vigilant and organized, because as Noomane Raboudi said, "In a dictatorship, everything is fine until the last quarter of an hour". 

Above all, let's not forget that,

Journalist: Nyëbë Edoa