Saturday, April 18, 2020

Succesion of Biya: here are the 02 men who prepare the arrival of Franck Biya in Etoudi

If President-Monarque Biya were to disappear today, which, moreover, many Cameroonians nurture every day, openly or not, as wishes for a delivery guarantee of alternation in power, 2 men would be decisive.

1 - Jean NKuété the Secretary General of the CPDM He would then be responsible for bringing Franck Biya to the head of the Party-State as National President and therefore natural candidate of the CPDM in the presidential election ... This would be done through the organization of an internal front election and thereafter, it would ensure the national mobilization of members of the flame party, throughout the national territory, with billions of FCFA drawn from the coffers of the State. . 2 - Marcel niat Senate President

He would be responsible for organizing rapid surprise and destabilizing delays for the opposition, tailor-made presidential elections for the Crown Prince, who would obviously emerge victorious, therefore President of the Republic of Cameroon ... for 50 years to come ... 

This is the project and this is the reason why, these 2 personalities, now without great personal ambition, aged and not always in good health, are kept in precise strategic positions. 

Both are flanked by assistants who are committed to the cause and ready to replace them in the event of an accident. 

You will also understand why, on reading this, some "INTELLOS" have very ambiguous attitudes and which leave perplexed numbers of unsuspecting observers. In fact, they are preparing the ground by doing low-level intellectual patronage, hoping to be invited to Franck Biya's table soon.

Yes, the Cameroonians want change at the head of the state, they want new blood, but many ignore that BIYA the strategist has already planned all this for them ... Pfff, poor Cabral ... 

And all the old men still in activity find their own account there, since their offspring are intended to replace them by faithfully bringing their support and their contribution to the heir and future young President-ROI Franck Biya. 

You therefore understand why any desire for change for good governance, which could upset this project, will be crushed mercilessly, even in blood rather than in a dialogue that could abort secret projects ...: English-speaking area ...