Thursday, April 16, 2020

Succesion: the hidden deal between Chantal Biya and the Bamiléké

It is true that in politics, all blows are allowed but beyond what we can blame him, I am very bad fan of it.

Here is a very beautiful young woman, an iron lady who gives Bulu a hard time... She gives them no gifts for those who are not aware of it. 

She is putting them in systematic confinement in order to isolate them from the spheres of power.. All the nationals of the South who occupied important positions are being swept one by one and thrown in prison even the most untouchables. 

All its foundations and buisness are managed officially and informally by the Bamilekes. 

Her daughter's best friends are Bamileke and others from Moungo, and her grandmother's grave is in the West. 

It is the hatred, the tribalism, the pride, the contempt the wickedness and the jealousy of the Bulu which make the cause of all the misfortunes of this cursed community good for the crematorium.

The Bulu have for a long time hijacked all the projects intended for the central region by bad times... Even to asphalt a simple road in the village of Chantou, the Nanga had to cry cry, demonstrate so that the super lords decide. Even until then, go see what the small localities of the center look like and how the populations suffer... Beautiful region which nevertheless shelters the seat of the institutions. 

Have you ever seen a Bulu successfully buy land in the center? 

But the Bulu want to make it their private domain through the institutions... In any case na last time be time, it is at the end of the film that we understand it better. 

I am with all my heart with this brave lady and all those who lead this noble fight. 

I urge the Bamilekes to confine this breed of forest plague on the social, cultural and economic level.

LORDS MUST TASTE SLAVERY AND DIRT LIKE PIGS FOR NOW HAVE TO EAT WHAT TO EAT because the wheel turns and everything that goes up must go down 

Otherwise, they will naturally and effortlessly take the path of their disappearance. 

Courage mama Chantou