Friday, April 3, 2020

Speedy ALERT: Cameroon Covid-19 case exceeds 500 as recorded

The spread of the coronavirus is taking a worrying shape in Cameroon. In less than 24 hours, the number of infected people has almost doubled, exceeding 500 cases. 509 people are precisely infected with the disease.

The Minister of Health has unveiled the strategy of the Cameroonian government to deal with Covid-19. Malachi Manaouda announces for the first time, massive and generalized tests in Cameroon. We will also proceed to the immediate treatment of cases. The Minister also announces the active surveillance of suspect cases and finally the awareness of the populations (hygiene, distance, etc.). It recalls, among other things, the control of borders and the development of reliable local expertise for the response. 

Victims among healthcare workers 

According to information received by our editorial staff, a second doctor is currently in very serious condition in Yaoundé. "He was transferred to an intensive care unit in Yaoundé after being infected with the coronavirus," reports our source.

According to Pr Anne Njom Nlend, director of the Essos medical center, the doctor in question has difficulty breathing. A symptom that corresponds to stage four of the coronavirus. 

This morning already, a first Cameroonian doctor died of the coronavirus. This is Dr Tchouamo Michel from the Douala Laquintinie hospital.