Friday, April 10, 2020

Sparrowhawk: Atanga Kouna Ready to repay part of the money he stole

The former Director General of Cameroon water utilities (Camwater) intends to return part of the stolen amount to the Treasury, for which he is on trial before the Special Criminal Court (TCS).

Debates in the case between Basile Atangana Kouna and the State of Cameroon are still ongoing at the TCS. We must still wait for the position of the public prosecutor on the offer of restitution of the sum of 1.2 billion francs to the Public Treasury made by Basile Atangana, former Minister of Water and Energy and former D of Camwater, according to the Kalara newspaper, which is following this case very closely. 

And for good reason: on March 24, the representative of the package once again announced that his "requisitions are not ready", informs Kalara, the weekly of the political and legal world which specifies that the hearing was postponed on the 5th and you next May 6. 

Me Ayissi Atangana and her fellow counsel for Basile Atangana Kouna have, we always learn from Kalara, insisted that their client wants and wants to restore the body of the crime. They even handed over to the Court, the document containing the account numbers, concerning the methods of payment, which were deposited at the secretariat of the prosecution by them.

Only, writes Kalara, in addition to the refusal of the State, Cameroon water utilities (Camwater) through the voice of its counsel also opposed the request of the former Minee. Camwater wants it to be rejected outright. The reason being that it is on the fringes of the law. Me Tchankou, lawyer for Camwater, pointed out that these assets no longer belong to the accused, once they have been seized by the competent courts. 

Through the voice of his lawyers, the former minister had already asked the judges to order "the partial unblocking of his bank accounts", which had been blocked by the investigating judge, lord of judicial information. 

Basile Atangana Kouna would hope "to deduct the sum of 1.2 billion FCFA which will be directly transferred to the public coffers, representing the restitution of the body of the crime", notes the journal of Christophe Bobiokono.