Saturday, April 11, 2020

Senegalese media also requesting the where about of Paul Biya, one of the most famous online media in Senegal, devoted an article to the silence of Paul Biya in front of the Covid-19. Entitled "Coronavirus: in Cameroon, the silence of Paul Biya, faced with the epidemic, makes people talk", the text indicates that Paul Biya used to leave his compatriots without news.

President Paul Biya's silence in the face of the coronavirus crisis is causing controversy in Cameroon. It was his Prime Minister who announced the measures to fight the epidemic. He has not yet spoken, unlike his counterparts in neighboring countries. And that reacts to the point of provoking a verbal pass of arms between several figures of the ruling party and the opponent Maurice Kamto, who issued an ultimatum to the head of state so that he gets involved "personally" in managing this health crisis. 

Silence, Paul Biya is used to it. It is even "one of the main axes of its strategy for 40 years," said an observer of Cameroonian political life. But in the midst of a coronavirus epidemic and while all of its counterparts in neighboring countries are on the front line, the fact that Paul Biya delegates announcements concerning the response to Covid-19 to his Prime Minister is causing controversy. 
"Where's Paul Biya?" Is the country governed? Asks Maurice Kamto. Last Friday, the opponent issued an ultimatum to the Head of State: "7 days to address Cameroonians" and "announce funding" for "households" and "businesses", failing which, warns the opponent, "the Cameroonian people will have to acknowledge their failure and draw all the political consequences". 

The replica of the close guard ... 

Since then, the heavyweights of the party in power succeed one another to fight back. "Shameful" comments, writes GrĂ©goire Owona, assistant general secretary of the CPDM on Facebook, accusing Maurice Kamto of using "coronavirus as political ammunition".

"Paul Biya is not an autocrat, he knows how to delegate and has given precise instructions", explains for his part, Jacques Fame Ndongo, secretary of communication of the party in a six-page argument where he also recalls that Paul Biya s 'is expressed on the pandemic on his twitter account on March 17. "He (Biya) uses modern means of communication with virtuosity," continues Fame Ndongo. 

Monday evening, according to the Ministry of Health, 142 confirmed cases of Covid-19 were identified in Cameroon, including a dozen cured and 6 deaths. The Minister of Health announces the imminent launch of a coronavirus test campaign in the city of Douala. Dedicated teams will go door-to-door in the economic capital from April 2 to 6, says the minister. The operation could be extended to other regions depending 

on the evolution of the situation.