Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Secessionists allegedly executed Imam and the village chief of Kingomen

Imam Aliyu Bongmbah and traditional chief Ta Nformi were reportedly killed by Ambazonian fighters in what has been described as revenge on the community on Easter Sunday.

While government forces were busy burning houses and looting in Tadu, fighters were on a mission to avenge the killing of one of their commanders by villagers two days earlier. Several of those injured in the Sunday incident are in Shisong Catholic Hospital. 

Kingomen is a village in the division of Bui in the North West region. Recently, the village suffered enormous damage during clashes between soldiers and Ambazonian fighters. 

Recently, relations between the villagers and the combatants who had set up camp there have deteriorated due to alleged harassment and torture of the villagers by the latter. 

Why was the secessionist "General" killed by villagers?

Sources close to the villagers say that the presence of these fighters in the village had become a nightmare for them. They are accused of kidnapping for ransom, torture and intimidation. afrinews.pro

Two days before his assassination, after having severely tortured and arrested the village boys in their camp, the villagers led by one of their chiefs seeking to know the reasons for this treatment were attacked. 

First, they fired shots in the air, ordering them to withdraw, and then attempted to shoot the village chief. A commander was then seized by the Mafia and severely beaten. He died later that day from wounds. 

And to avenge his death, his elements raided the village.

Source: camerounweb.com