Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Scandal: Cameroonian ambassador to France freezes wages over girlfriend

The Cameroonian embassy in France experienced a most lousy situation last week.

Indeed, the embarker of the embassy, ​​Ketchankeu indicates that there is no money in the coffers to pay salaries.  With the Coronavirus crisis, the embassy is no longer making financial returns.

Cameroon’s ambassador to Paris, Alfred NGUINI will go with Amidou the first counselor to the Ketchankeu home to order him to pay the salaries.  The collector decides to comply.

However, he doesn’t have enough money to pay everyone in cash.  This is how he decides to pay small wages in Cash and large wages in checks.  Among the embassy's important salaries is that of the secretary of the ambassador, the Ivorian Inalgo Da Silva.

This is how Ketchankeu asked embassy staff to come and collect their salaries at the counter.  He decides to start by paying those who have low wages and must receive cash.

As payment transactions go smoothly, Alfred Nguini comes down violently from his desk, jostles the aligned employees and blocks the entrance to the counter.  He says: "if we don't pay everyone in cash we don't pay anyone".

Embassy officials try to reason with him, nothing helps.  Inalgo, the Ivorian woman who rains and the good weather at the embassy smiles.  Alfred Nguini goes so far as to openly threaten Ketchankeu by saying in Ewondo: "I will personally write to Paul Biya and ask him to choose between you and me".

Ketchankeu will have to stop paying wages and look for cash because Alfred Nguini's little one has to be paid.  The ambassador met Inalgo Da Silva when he was Cameroon’s ambassador to Côte d'Ivoire.

 Journalist: Boris Bertolt