Friday, April 10, 2020

'Saint Corona will not make any sort; he will touch whoever he wants'


To justify the increasingly worrying disappearance of Paul Biya from the radars, his supporters retort - without laughing - that "In the countries where the president spoke, there are more deaths and more cases of Covid- 19 ” 

And it is fathers of families, adults, people with brains who write this. (Do they really have one?)

Only VIM (Mutton Immunodeficience Virus) can make a human being reason in this way. The worst part is that they are serious in their "argument". 

Are you at least aware that all the other leaders of Black Africa have spoken, and that Cameroon (where we do not even know if the Nkukuma is alive) is already the 2nd country most affected? What is your explanation there?

How is that possible considering that in your bewitched theory, it is enough that the president hides in the Sissongho for an indefinite period, and the Covid-19 disappears from the territory? 

France had mobilized the whole world for the 12 deaths of Charlie in January 2015. Five years later, the country of Shrimps tries to explain that the one they claim to have elected at 71% is not present when these 71% have most need him. In Cameroon, we tell you "We only have 12 dead" 

It must be admitted that the level of vampirism is still high. 

You have been made to accept that ransacking embassies is more serious than shooting women; you were made to burn motorcycle thieves while you cheered the thieves of the billions by calling them "Excellence"; we have even pushed witchcraft to the point of making you rejoice that a surge of financial solidarity supposed to protect your life in this period of health crisis is prevented; tomorrow we will make you accept that the body of Paul Biya will be present at the next elections. Nothing is impossible with such a degree of carelessness. 

Since the people are led by a mummy, they are themselves mummified alive every day. Fortunately, Saint Corona will not make any sort; he will touch whoever he wants, according to his current regulations.

Question (optional): If your friend collects 400,000 euros (300 million CFA) in just 72 hours, are you also not going to put out your big eyes and try to make everything collapse, by simple jealousy? 

The trial ends when Paul Biya comes out of his sarcophagus 


Journalist: Wilfried Ekanga