Thursday, April 2, 2020

Rumored death of Paul Biya: towards a difficult tomorrow for Cameroon

For the past few weeks, Paul Biya's silence in the face of the coronavirus pandemic in Cameroon has been controversial and the buzz of social media.

Rumors wrapped in an April Fool announce his death on social networks. Government denials that do not stop by rumor. An opposition leader Maurice Kamto, president of the MRC, candidate for the last presidential election of October 07, 2018, gave him a seven-day ultimatum to speak to the Cameroonian people about the Covid-19 health crisis. 

Although active on Twitter by appointments, decrees, but still no physical appearance of Paul Biya, the latest is March 11, 2020 at the Palace of Unity where he received Peter Balerin Ambassador of the United States to Cameroon. “The US Ambassador to Cameroon, HE Peter Barlerin and I, discussed today at the Palace of Unity subjects of common interest, including health and the situation in the North West and South West. "Wrote Paul Biya on Twitter. 

A Cameroon without Biya, is a Cameroon that will live very difficult tomorrows, in 38 years of power without sharing, Paul Biya, 87 years old, has built a country that rests on a strong man (Biya) and not on strong institutions. He directs Cameroon by decree, everything is done on his high instructions, a cult dedicated to his person. A country led by old people, average age 70, no place given to youth, so no projections for the future of the country. An army which is rather a Praetorian guard and not a national army. An ambient tribalism at all levels of society, an amorphous people, extreme poverty, non-existent, hungry opposition, a weak civil society, wars in the two English-speaking regions and in the Far North ... in short a cocktail for an explosion. 

The institutions are so weak that they will not be able to save Cameroon after Biya, it is the strongest of the Machiavellian system that will take power. 

Even the constitution does not reassure, it makes the president of the senate the interim president and currently it is Marcel Niat Njifenji, another old man of 85 years, sick, incapacitated. He will not be able to contain the appetites of each other for power.


(4) In case of vacancy of the Presidency of the Republic due to death, resignation or permanent incapacity noted by the Constitutional Council, the ballot for the election of the new President of the Republic must imperatively take place 

twenty (20) days at least and one hundred and twenty (120) days at most after the opening of the vacancy. 

a- The interim of the President of the Republic is automatically exercised, until the election of the new President of the Republic, by the President of the Senate. And if the latter is, in 

turn prevented, by his deputy following the order of precedence of the Senate.

b- The interim President of the Republic - the President of the Senate or his deputy may not modify either the Constitution or the composition of the Government. He cannot use the referendum. He cannot be a candidate in the election organized for the Presidency of the Republic. 

c- However, in case of necessity linked to the organization of the presidential election, the 

Acting President of the Republic may, after consulting the Constitutional Council, 

modify the composition of the Government. 

After this little sketch, we can already deduce that nothing bodes well for moments after Biya.

Journalist: Daniel Essissima