Friday, April 17, 2020

Revelations: here is how Macron brought Biya out of his hiding place

Silent and given for months for some time, Paul Biya was revealed on April 16, 2020, in the company of Christophe Guilhou, the Ambassador of France to Cameroon. A forced reappearance that can be explained.

He had already spent exactly one month and 5 days of hibernation despite the serious health crisis which is shaking the whole world and leaving Cameroon. Paul Biya opened the doors of the Palace of Unity this April 16 at Cameras, but especially to the personal representative of the French President, Emmanuel Macron in Cameroon. By design, moreover. There is no doubt that Biya showed up on April 16 just because France wanted it. 

Remember it was precisely on April 15 that the French Head of State announced the launch of "The initiative that we are launching today is a joint work between Europe and Africa to overcome the pandemic together. The destinies of our two continents are linked. "Said the French President on April 15. He would therefore have enjoined his ambassadors to meet his "governors". The French ambassador immediately announced on his official account that this will be done. This is how Paul Biya came out of his confinement the next day. 

Paul Biya therefore shows himself to respond to the solicitation of France, and not to respond to the urgent calls of Cameroonians. Since the outbreak of the pandemic in Cameroon, he has been silent despite the many deaths. Aware that this silence was becoming suspect, he took advantage of the April 16 release to show off; to let people know he's alive. He does not do more. Paul Biya did not allow himself, as Head of State, to speak to his people. 

An address to reassure his compatriots and more to take measures up to the threat which strikes Cameroon. No need to talk more about this question, Paul Biya is not at the service of Cameroonians. If Paul Biya had a little humanity, he would have made this first trip to a hospital alongside medical personnel who are visibly sacrificed in a crisis for which the whole world was not prepared. This exit will ultimately change nothing; it allows Biya to be in the good grace of his bosses in contempt of the people of whom he says he is the guarantor.