Sunday, April 19, 2020

Revelation: this is who the late Manu Dibango's wife was

As the saying goes: "Behind every great man hides a great woman" The legend Manu Dibango was once accompanied by a great lady named COCO, who was his great love. The writer Arol Ketch gives us the opportunity to discover this great lady in the life of Manu.

If Manu DIBANGO has known the heights of success, it is also partly thanks to his wife COCO, a wife who has always been there to support him and push him upwards. Behind a tall man hides a tall woman. There would not have been a “Manu Dibango” without COCO because this lady of the shadows largely contributed to the success of Manu Dibango. 


Coco was very beautiful. She was a model and actress, she also did photo reports. Manu meets the love of his life in 1957 in Belgium. Her name is Marie-Josée and he decides to call her "Coco". They really get together on February 7, 1957 and Coco becomes his guardian angel forever. She believes in him stronger than he dares. She does everything for him, constantly looking for the best. While Manu plays "Taboo", she goes to concerts to track the American idols of Manu in order to bring them to the Cabaret to make "beef" with Manu. She has always watched over him and will protect him. 

Coco loved Manu so much that she will follow him to the end of the world. When Manu Dibango decides to try the African adventure, she gives up everything to follow him. She will support Manu Dibango in his projects and setbacks in Africa. It is with her that Manu composed the title "Soir au village". She will be with Manu in his adventures both Congo, Ivory Coast and in several other countries africains.FB_IMG_1587260575743.jpg 


Coco also had to face the parents and family of Manu Dibango. Indeed, when he left Cameroon at 15 to go to study in France, Manu Dibango had promised his parents that he will never bring a foreigner back but Manu Dibango's parents will end up having a deep affection for Coco while regretting that she is not a Cameroonian.

Ruined, Manu Dibango and Coco left Cameroon in June 1964. He suffered a real pain and Coco was there to help him. They are forced to rent a small studio in Montparnasse in Paris to live there. Note that during his stay in Cameroon, Coco had lost his father and could not even come to attend the funeral for lack of financial means. On their return to France, they will go through a real period of lean cow and Coco will always be by his side to support and reassemble him. 

However, she will also be present in her moments of joy since she experiences the flamboyant success of "Soul Makossa" at the forefront. She will be with him in the beautiful American and even Jamaican adventure. 


His wife Coco will die in 1995 and the legend will have a hard time recovering from this heavy loss. Coco was his muse, his guardian angel since 1957. 1995 is also the release of his religious album "Lamastabastani"; a powerful album strongly influenced by Coco. 

This is how, during his 50-year career, he said: "I am the man of a single woman".