Sunday, April 19, 2020

Reappearance of Paul Biya: Jean Bruno Tagne violently attacked

Jean Bruno Tagne was surprised by these Cameroonians who refuse to rebel against what they experience on a daily basis. The journalist talks about a small people who support their executioners and end up accommodating the injustice they face. Like a real Stockholm Syndrome.

“What grieves me is not even the attitude of those who govern us. We can even understand them; they fight to perpetuate the system that feeds them. What is incomprehensible is this miserable little people who live all kinds of injustice and who accommodate themselves to it. He even finds arguments to support the executioners. And the little energy he has left, he directs it against other victims of the system. Is beyond me. I think it all comes under psychiatry. It's too strong, ”wrote the former journalist from Canal 2 International on his Facebook page. 

In response, a lawyer registered with the Cameroon bar gave him the right of reply 


Very dear Mr Tagne, I took a lot of time to read and analyze your exit after the recent action of the Head of State of Cameroon. The observation is simple, Mr. Biya certainly has more political maturity than you others. When I speak of you, I speak of myself. Evil took on all the diviners of the Republic Know that politics is a simple game of deception and in this game, the majority does not fundamentally subscribe to your project which for my part is highly disastrous. 

What good is it to install a media torpor around a people that you consider alienated by I don't know who. Believe it, if we ask the wrong questions, we get the wrong answers. So do not castigate the people who remain mostly loyal to their leader. If it is true that the people are free, suffer to accept their reactions, their choices and especially to offer them things much more concrete than the utopian reactions in the republic of Facebook. 

The presentation you give, yes this armageddon in which your supreme guide: who for many is nothing other than a chimera both in the awkwardness of his outings, and in the posture of savior that you grant him, doesn’t is nothing but a white beanie, white beanie. Please let the Cameroonians devote themselves ardently to the daily life of the very difficult they already know. 

Thank you for excusing the people you want to use to achieve your goals, it is sad to want to play the victims with a people already in the grip of great difficulties. If the purpose of your outing was to raise awareness, wake up and / or insult the Cameroonians just for having joyfully reacted to the sight of the President who was given for dead, then you are in a way to attract popular supremacy. Thank you for leaving those who, like me, do not subscribe to your ideals. Your guru is by no means our savior.