Saturday, April 18, 2020

Reappearance of Biya: this is what really happened on April 16 in Etoudi

A source at AFP contacted the political service of the French ambassador two days before about the articles whose publication was expected the next day in the Washington Post and Le Monde relating to a statement of vacancy at the head of the Cameroonian state. The Ambassador reportedly told someone close to the news that he cannot deny anything that has no information on the subject. It was therefore necessary to make a public exit as soon as possible at the risk that the articles in Le Monde and the Washington Post would be relayed by the rest of the press pool Africa from Paris and Washington DC.

Diplomacy is a game of constant balance and it was a question of redeeming oneself after the scramble created by Macron's exit from the Agricultural Show before a Cameroonian activist opposed to the Yaounde regime. 

This morning, the Ambassador was seen but had no visit with President Biya in his agenda. 

During his Lunch break he is invited to come to the unity palace perched on a hill in the Etoudi district. He rushes into his Japanese brand 4 × 4 with his driver. . None of his staff was aware of it. It is a unique opportunity to restore the coat of arms of France after the recent true-false demonstrations in front of French consulates and embassies. No need to take stock with the Africa Quai d'Orsay cell, also contacted by telephone by several colleagues, the political service clearly replies that this interview can only be a “fake news”! 

Obviously only the ambassador and his interlocutor arranged the meeting.

The ambassador has no documents, is not carrying any message from President Macron, took no notes during the interview. 

The task now seems to continue with continuous displays on the pro-government channel CRTV in the coming days. 

Everything suggests that the guest of the day allowed President Biya, who has been absent for more than 30 days, to make his presence known and thus postpone the possibility of finding the vacancy of power initiated by the main Cameroonian opponent Maurice Kamto. 

The office of the President of the National Assembly refuses to comment at this time.