Sunday, April 19, 2020

Reappearance of Biya: Mota and Tiriane Noah neatly humiliate the Biyaists

N ° s 2 and 3 of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon, did not remain indifferent to the return on stage of the Cameroonian head of state given for dead a while ago by a campaign which could have been initiated by his own camp for various and particularly twisted reasons. They made it known Thursday through reactions published on social networks, the common denominator of which was a warning from Maurice Kamto, warning Cameroonians not to fall into the stupid trap of a so-called death of the president. Paul Biya whose announcement could have a completely Machiavellian aim: to give Biya at the time of his reappearance the image of an indomitable, of a man who has defeated both the coronavirus and those who are interested in his funeral.

By putting in their place those who pretended to be surprised by the furtive reappearance of the president and to be happy about it, the two executives of the MRC, in their own way, reserved the welcome it deserved for the Cameroonian president returned from 'a… short-long absence of 35 days during which the Cameroonians, caught in the pincers by the pandemic of the New Coronavirus and their usual existential misery, asked all the time after a real leader to boost the war strategies on the different fronts, understood that the Coronavirus threatens not only human lives, but also to bring even the strongest economies into a severe recession. 

It is useful to note that according to a certain opinion, it is by dint of alerting the world about the disappearance of President Biya, that the Cameroonian politician Maurice Kamto who seized the National Assembly on Wednesday " by means leaving a written trace "to establish the vacancy at the top of the state, ended up scaring the kidnappers who had held the Cameroonian head of state hostage since March 11. In other words, it is Stuck in the necks by the turn taken by the resistance to the electoral holdup with this referral by Maurice Kamto of the National Assembly, that the retrograde forces who intended to take anti-democratic shortcuts to replace the Cameroonian president of which they would have made - or believe they have made - their puppet, were forced to drop ballast. 

The President of the Sovereign State of Cameroon and the Ambassador of France. Find the error ! 

True or false ? Hard to say. The fact remains that the reappearance of the first Cameroonian alongside the French Ambassador to Cameroon whom he said, “received in audience” - even if the images we gave gave the impression that it was the second who received the first, sign the end of the concern that paralyzed Cameroonians about the leadership of their country, and especially the end of what some call "the kidnapping of the president", initial phase of a coup d 'Smooth state whose ultimate goal was the arranged succession (over the counter) at the head of the state. 

Of course the proven or probable causal link between the presidential reappearance and the activism of his adversary Maurice Kamto has not escaped those who have the brains.

Quite the opposite of the “sardinards” never except for an inconsistency, who found there the sufficient reason for a jubilation difficult to explain: “Didn't you say that Paul Biya died? Here he is more alive than ever, and it is you who are going to die "or again:" Kamto wanted the death of Paul Biya to cowardly take power, let him know that he will never be president in this country, the better we spoils everything. He wanted to note the vacancy of power to put his brother Bamiléké Niat in the presidency, he knocked on the side. Biya is there, alive for years and years… ”. Amen! 

Far from gregarious concerns and other inappropriate jubilations, the 1st Vice-president of the MRC Mamadou Mota still detained, and the 2nd Vice-president of the same party, Tiriane Balbine Nadège Noah returned the ball to the center as soon as the leader of the State to explain to the “resurrected” president and the cohort of his praisers, what a people expects from a president of the Republic in times of danger: to show direction, to relieve, to set an example, for example by putting his mask instead of being used as an anti-model by not wearing his, simply to prove that we are in good health, that we are King-Kong and “incoronavirable”, whereas that can also mean that we going or want to be infected with Coronavirus on a large scale.Exactly like a certain president of a certain National Assembly who recently refused to submit to the measure of confinement of people arriving from abroad, and whose members are said to have contaminated massively since then, as well of his family than his friends and collaborators. 

In order for the two members of the MRC's Management Board not to be impressed by what excites the regime's friends so much, they must have smelled the whirlwind long before.

The sagacity demonstrated by Mr. Mota and Ms. Noah, which denotes the ability of great leaders to anticipate, the “President-elect… of the MRC” (dixit Fame Ndongo) himself showed it when, in his message of April 3, wrote: 

"I cannot rule out that Mr. Biya is trying through a political maneuver, the rumor of his own death of which it is customary to spread to try to test the reactions of Cameroonians in order to return to display his physical form and taunt his compatriots. " 

Sacred Kamto! At this pace, he could be considered by some as a PROPHET. Far too great a temptation, in these times or the pockets of resistance of the reigning Pharaoh in Crevettonia-Sardinavia, does not spare any provocation to make it clear to a whole people prohibited and attacked from all sides how much they intend to make them drink the chalice of their I don't give a damn up to the dregs.