Saturday, April 4, 2020

Paul Biya's failure: Maurice Kamto commits a pustch

While browsing my Facebook news feed, I came across a text so implausible that I can hardly believe that the real author is really the character mentioned. Hence my reservation: would it be Professor Kamto who wrote this?

You will remember that a week ago, a text of the same, addressing "the Cameroonian people" of which each of us is a part, put in residence the President of the Republic, accused of having perpetrated a "heist "... 

To effectively assume its functions in the fight against covid-19. Otherwise, the signatory Sieur (hereinafter "President-Elect", on the document bearing the logo of a political party), would assume his responsibilities. 

At the end of the deadline, another text came to follow him, more ubiquitous than the first, with at least the good taste of no longer engaging in training by using his logo. Even if the signatory is apparently the president. 

This second letter is long. Here are just the main ideas. 

1) The author notes the failure of the Head of State 

2) He calls on the country to "self-organize" 

3) He creates a personalized struggle initiative with a fund. 

4) He decides on remedial measures which are very similar to acts of defiance of authority. All this, the author commits them to his good faith and his unwavering love for his Nation. Good: let's see what it gives ... 

First, I comment on love. This word means absolutely nothing. We know people who kill for love. It is not up to you to express your love for the Nation. It is this one, which notes it from an evaluation of your actions.

I. Failure of the Head of State 

The failure of the President of the Republic is something possible, since it is enshrined in the constitution. But who has the power to note it, if the case were to fail? A party leader (even self-proclaimed President-Elect)? 

The President of the Constitutional Court? That of the Supreme Court? Or some other institution? We have 300 parties. Imagine that everyone puts the President on notice and immediately afterwards, notices his incapacity! 

Professor Kamto is said to be a lawyer. What does the constitution say in this case? In his mind, obviously, the State of Cameroon boils down to two actors: the one he appoints the President de facto (whom he decrees incapacity because he refuses to answer him) and him ... 

The rest does not exist. There is no Constitutional Council, (one wonders before whom he went to make the cinema of the post-electoral litigation which he moreover lost. That even raises the question: who authorized him to compete? 

All the institutions empowered to note the ineffectiveness of the President function and are silent on this case. The government which relays and prolongs its action is hard at work. It alone finds fault with it! 

Even if it had persuaded a party of "Opposition to espouse his theses, one would have spoken of a sling of the opposition against the central power. But there nothing. Don Quixote is desperately alone against his windmills. 

If the administration had taken no action, it would have been said to be ineffective. Of course, we can criticize aspects of it and suggest improvements. But there is nothing in this pandemic to create a state crisis. Nothing. 

It would have been desirable for the Head of State to speak on the matter. Some have suggested it. It is not excluded that it will do so if the matter exceeds the assessment of specialists. But speaking out - which we know is rare - is not a must. As long as measures are applied ... And they are!

II. Self-organization of the country 

When someone calls the country to self-organize, he commits a pustch. There is no other word to say it. Auto means yourself. But the initiative of oneself always starts from a head which launches the watchword. 

By way of comparison, the NOSO rebel movement had used self-defense as a pretext. It started from a state whose authority was challenged. It became an armed rebellion that destabilized and impoverished these regions. 

There are 300 political parties in Cameroon. Imagine that everyone calls for self-organization, following a model that each leader would define. And the basic question: the police would obey who? 

The preservation measures that the authorities have prescribed alone have established how unruly the people are, the need for unique coordination and the need for the police to implement respect for them. 

Did we need an anarchist to come and kick the anthill? The word self-organize is an intellectual lie. He actually hides this idea: line up under my organization. 

Which means in other words: I'm taking power with covid-19. Prof. Kamto did not believe for a moment that Mr. Biya (with a rare voice) takes the trouble to answer him when politically, he no longer exists. 

He only has the passage in force, thanks to incidents likely to create buzz. He is cerebral and used to complex and twisted patterns. This aspect is a living demonstration of this. 

III. The personalized wrestling initiative

In his skimpy scheme where the whole of Cameroon boils down to the pack of public prosecutors of "where Kamto says goes, I go", it creates an embolism that will undermine government action by duplicating it. 

The mechanism for responding to a danger on a national scale calls on a strong organization which has branches to the local level: an administration in short. 

It is not insulting the MRC which is still being set up at the national level, (it could not even have tellers in all the polling stations), than to tell it that it cannot pretend an administration. 

Even the CPDM cannot. Only our administration can. It must be joined by decentralized communities, civil society and others. The initiative of Prof. Kamto is a terrible discordant bell. 

IV. Acts of distrust of authority 

In a critical situation like that caused by covid-19, the State which coordinates the struggle is led to take tough measures which will impact sectors of activity. In this regard, it must take mitigating measures. 

Some countries took them right away. Ours - along with others - proceeds gradually by evaluating gradually. It is possible - even probable - that we will come to block exemption measures. 

But never, never will it be incumbent on an ordinary citizen - he believed himself to be President-Elect - or even if he was the leader of a political party, to decree acts of governance and exemption which fall under the authority of the State or duly mandated communities. 

It is all the more aggravating that the perpetrator of this act of disobedience is a lawyer whose trace is seen in our penal code and in the constitution. And that he publicly refused to compete in local elections.

Without a duly mandated representative at any level: local or national, this one has not only no vocation to speak of governance matters, but only of pretension if he ventured to do so. 

The pretension is sister of pride. Both are the parents of vanity, having themselves been engendered by stupidity. It is knowing such an atavism that, seeing such actions, I question their link with Pr. Kamto. Could it be that he made this stupidity? 

What characterizes authority is precisely its awareness of knowing what it is and its strong propensity to use it. Yesterday, social networks had relayed the image of an individual molesting a soldier by exclaiming: 

Kamto opened our eyes. He is now somewhere where he enjoys his rediscovered sight. If it is this same Kamto who signed this document of which I speak, I fear that it will not be long in finding it. 

It is the case to say: they will see ... 

We others prefer blindness!