Thursday, April 2, 2020

Paul Biya scandal: Éric Chinje breaks silence and warns

Some denounce a desire to harm the son of the current Head of State while others think it is a test balloon.

"The next President of the Republic of Cameroon"! This is the title displayed by a large Une attributed to the bi-weekly Sud Info Plus, on April 1, 2020. The title is accompanied by a photo of Franck Biya, the eldest son of President Paul Biya. 

After cross-checking, everything suggests that it is an "April Fool". Besides, the newspaper's boss published a disclaimer to this effect. 

“A false front page of our Sud Info Plus newspaper, fabricated by cybercriminals, has been in circulation on social media since that day, with Franck Biya in the big picture. To this end, the publication director of this tabloid, Honoré Ze Akono, declines all responsibility for these criminal acts perpetrated by individuals without faith or law. And reassures public opinion that such a front page never existed in the central editors of said newspaper. Here is the last one of our newspaper published on April 01, 2020. Thank you for your good understanding, ”we read.

The problem is that the hoax goes wrong. Some see it as a test balloon. The case of Éric Chinje. On his Facebook page, the former CRTV journalist had the following reaction: 

“A local newspaper in Cameroon has published information suggesting that President Paul Biya has died and that his son Frank is in pole position to succeed him. I do not give any credibility to any of the information, but my reaction is based on the fact that it may be a test balloon. The newspaper, "Sud Info Plus", has access to some authorities in the South region, and should not be rejected quickly. So, if it is a test balloon, know that Cameroonians will accept nothing less than the provisions of the Constitution to replace a President who is incapacitated or deceased. I hope that other voices will be raised across the country to send this message to all those who seek to destroy Cameroon. ” 

A reaction that caused an uproar on the web. Internet users believe that the joke on the son of the Head of State aims to destabilize the presidential family and targets a Franck Biya who has always been distant vis-à-vis the management of public affairs.