Sunday, April 12, 2020

'Paul Biya is indeed in contact with the highest authority in France'

Exiled in France for fifteen years, this former activist of the Rdpc tried to lead a dissident fringe of the ruling party and to stand against Paul Biya in the 2004 presidential election. Chief Milla Assouté attacks today to the main opponent of the Yaoundé regime and defends Paul Biya against Maurice Kamto.

Restoring the truth to put an end to the gossip of the gutters and the comedy of an injunction to speak within 7 days struck with nullity and null effects, notified by means of Youtube to a head of state, does not depart from the contradictory reflection of an opponent. 

Cameroonians have no need to euthanize an 87-year-old man to install a “messiah” in power. 

It would lack common sense to anyone who believes that for their thirst for Etoudi, on the last straight line of 40 years of a marathon towards the specter of regime change, ensured in 2025, a people will allow themselves to plunge early into chaos for the selfishness of individuals. 

Whoever did not stand up to Paul BIYA, when he was younger and vigorous, - we dared to do so in his party - has nothing glorious to prove in his old age. To lack courtesy when the age few reach, after having been appointed by him to state office, gives an idea of ​​our future relationship with those who would bring us to state power. 

It is not because our age is advancing that we must take the palace immediately at all costs, even at the price of sacrificing humans. 

If the opposition wants power in 2025, its solution is unique: to coalesce on a project and not behind a prefabricated messiah for obscure interests ... in does not come to power because we belong to an ethnic group. 

This is my message from an exile of opinions for 15 years in France, to those who flayed in the opposition will read me. 

Let us respect the Cameroonians and respect the policy serving Cameroon. 

The “Palace of Unity” that we all covet is not a morgue to keep the heads of state solid to avoid a transition provided for by fundamental law. 

It is therefore time that the constituents of these liars of prince of theater of Europe, and of these drug addicts asking forgiveness to Cameroonians for their sordid lies served to the world on a living head of state and even on his son ... 

The formal notice to speak to a Head of State, insinuating his death, only to come and tell the world that he has "deserted and will reappear" is not a reason for pride for the audience. 

Political parties are not spokespersons for obituaries, or orphanages for COVID-19, unless they change their corporate purpose. 

The ideological apparatuses are governed by a law they are in principle deemed responsible, their role being the conquest of power. They are not recognized humanitarian organizations of public utility. 

The acts of fickle and populist opponents cannot resist the truth. Exploitation of pain for power is a scam. 

Political parties have no vocation either to collect funds from their activists or to receive them from abroad unless they go against the law and in conspiratorial intelligence with foreign forces.

To make believe that individuals can replace the State by carrying out acts of a parallel State which collects money, is a cover-up for gross financial extortion of the funds of the donors, justified by the fear and the distress of exploited death. 

Any group ambition to gain power under a vindictive verbal prism and on an undertaker's axiom, by simulating a 

competing state, is a matter of scavengers, adventurers, shameless anarchists. It is hopeless. 

Reason leaves those whom God wants to lose. A democrat does not respond to an administrative act was it unfounded, by a call to brave a deadly contagious virus that fights the whole planet, to give him the throne. 

The Constitution does not charge the MRC that in case of "desertion" of the head of state before a pandemic, its president becomes head of state and raises funds inside and outside the country to save Cameroonians. 

The Head of State, HE Paul BIYA, is in his prerogatives as guarantor of the security of the territory, people and goods, when he delegates powers, whether he speaks or remains silent, if his government acts under his orders. 

Unless a dictator in power would do it, nothing, but then nothing, should justify sending the Cameroonians to an appointment of the contamination of the deadly virus while the whole world confines itself to the coronavirus. 

The State of Cameroon is above all public institutions and all private interest groups. He is the sole guarantor of public health. 

Those who allege the "danger of mass death of the population" and that it is the saves who can intrude to raise funds outside the law are apostles of chaos and civil war who pour into the scam of mass and the underlying financial conspiracies. 

Only charlatans can, without health structures or the public force, pretend to protect 30 million inhabitants from mass death with voluntary contributions... 

The question of public health everywhere in the world is a matter for the State. 

Accusing the Head of State, Mr. Paul BIYA, to desert before the dramas of Cameroonians lacks discernment and borders on a false catastrophism. 

The thesis of abandonment of Cameroonians by the State before the danger of death of the coronavirus does not resist the history of intervention by the Head of State ... The most recent is the repatriation from outside of Cameroonians fleeing COVID19 who have brought back to Cameroon. 

BIYA in his management of the state, we can blame him or not, for 37 years, has been known as a secret man and little talkative. 

His ministers, former ministers or former advisers know it even better… Some of them had testified before Cameroon and the whole world, on national television (CRTV), of his discreet efficiency in the conduct of state files referring then to the verdict in the Cameroon / Nigeria case in Bakassi.

Our criticism of the governing regime in Yaoundé relates to governance. 

But this governance binds its ministers but also its former ministers and even its former advisers who remain jointly accountable. 

It is therefore very unhealthy to play with the lives of Cameroonians by using the opportunistic appearance of the Corona virus as a political pistol to recover power. 

Cameroon needs thick opponents and statesmen who respect our nation in the face of external dangers. 

The Republican Pact is a duty of responsibility for those who aspire to govern. 

BIYA, President of Cameroon, has never given up on the attacks and dangers which threaten the nation and threaten Cameroonians from the outside or from the inside. An opponent who says the opposite for political reasons is a gross liar 

- Boko Haram was and remains a danger repelled in unison by Cameroonians, the army and the state. 

- The populations of regions attacked with heavy weapons are not left to their own 

devices in the far North, North, East or in front of secessionists and armed bandits.. - Muslim pilgrims in danger trapped in Mecca n ' have never been abandoned by the State. 

- the tragedies caused by Lake Nyos have not been abandoned to local residents. 

- the tragedies of the Eseka railway accident are recent. 

For the moment, the Head of State, Mr. BIYA, has not yet spoken. 

Everyone can see that 1 billion CFA, from the Head of State, in an initiated solidarity fund, is not enough. 

The advisers of the Head of State must militate for an intervention which places the State in its constitutional role and not in a humanitarian role for such a serious danger which threatens the mass. 

Our State, which the world is looking at among other most infected nations, has no choice but to live up to its missions of protecting its human capital. The head of state knows this better than we do.

The State of Cameroon has in the past released hostages by paying billions, helped the campaign of the parties to 1 billion seven hundred million CFA, the great dialogue cost billions, the sports books were worth 3000 billion to name only that … The fight against the mass death of the people deserves much more.

It is up to the Head of State of Cameroon also being President in office of CEMAC having as such sub-regional constraints, as a human being also having his own weaknesses, to decide the content and timing of his communication to Cameroonians without a pistol from his opponents to his temple during an announced drama... 

Cameroon as a Nation has its state and a government. They are at work even if the contamination is not yet controlled 

The Constitution of Cameroon sets out their prerogatives. The choice is between either criticizing them before the pandemic or assuming to make a coup, or to accompany the measures decided by the State and the WHO. 

It does not exist in Cameroon or elsewhere in the world of a parallel state. Let us be serious with the Cameroonian nation that we want to lead. 

The strategic decisions of the State to lead this fight, are the sole responsibility of the executive. 

Those whose agenda is to search the Constitution to announce the death and the vacancy of power, do not fight against the pandemic which is not hidden between the lines of the fundamental law. 

While our country already counts its numerous victims and its corpses, others count their emergencies to arrive at the palace on the throne to anticipate Franck BIYA, who has no institutional function and does not appear in the Rdpc and to whom these intentions are suggested. 

But nothing provided in our country that the vacancy of power would be ensured by a former presidential candidate and no more than by a son of the head of state. 

Our emergencies therefore relate to the following below. 

The Coronavirus is spreading and has already contaminated approximately 900 Cameroonians… We will cross 1000 cases within 15 days… We must leave the political battles of the posts to occupy and fight together behind the 'State against mass death. 

We must accompany the state measures adopted, propose new ones or encourage the State to take active speed in what is done or either by decency to be silent. 

My reflection is motivated by the very increasing rate of very worrying contamination published by the State. 

Cameroon is in the leading group of the countries most contaminated by the pandemic in Africa. 

It is not the Head of State who stops the pandemic. These are the specialists.

It is therefore obvious that the measures in progress are ineffective or insufficient and deserve urgent corrections or improvements. 

The titanic sacrifices of our doctors and health personnel, whom I congratulate for the results obtained, can be diluted if the pandemic affects 5,000 people the following month. 

I therefore reiterate my urgent proposals below to curb contamination. 

My proposals are popular in certain African countries: KENYA, LIBERIA and other countries which have adopted them. 

1- Reinforce the closing of borders by patriotic officials. 

2- Partially confine the whole country and prohibit human movement outside the main cities where the virus enters for 30 days: Yaoundé-Douala-Bafoussam already infected and vice versa towards the hinterland… 

3- Isolate the affected people in stadiums fitted out and equipped with mobile care materials and their care due to the lack of sufficient structures to welcome large 

numbers of people at the same time. 4- Distribute masks “made in Cameroon” for free with local Cicam fabrics or encourage their local manufacture . 

5- Decree a curfew and / or a state of health emergency monitoring measures so that people do not go out at night. 

6- Release of substantial funds by the State to protect Cameroonians. 250 or 500 billion Cfa can allow the management of a partial containment of metropolises and a massive screening widespread in the hinterland which is the only option of combination of the prevention and survival measures of our peripheral economy. 

Find internal care solutions in a national scientific center. 

The word of state which remains awaited will meet the health, social and economic requirements of the country during and after the pandemic. 

In Central Africa all the Heads of State have not yet addressed their people. They will. Doubtless Cameroon will also do it. Let us accompany actions against the virus. Power will be brought into play for 2025.