Friday, April 3, 2020

Confusion in Etoudi: a letter requesting an early presidential election on Biya's desk

A group of citizens wanting a peaceful and democratic transition beyond tribes and parties for the good of the country, calling themselves the Anti-Division Brigade, has just tabled a letter of request to the presidency this morning.

They express concern about the political situation and the fact that the people of the North West and South West find it difficult to endure a war which would continue until the normal end of the presidential mandate. They address to the one they consider to have the power to resolve the crisis by an early departure a kind and respectful letter in which they inform him of the following requests: 

kindly announce his early departure in advance, just to calm the spirits 

to release the various political prisoners: 

the English-speaking prisoners, Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe, Mancho Bibixy and company. 

MRC activists, Mamadou Mota and company.

activists detained at SED 

journalists arrested, Paul Chouta and company. 

ask all opposition parties (with or without elected representatives) to submit a joint request for reform of the electoral code and to commit themselves as head of state and president of the party which has the parliamentary majority in pass it through the national assembly to guarantee the fairness and transparency of the ballot to restore faith in the ballot box and thus remove the risk of using other more dangerous ways for the country to call all citizens to register for Elecam and vote on polling day to ask the Ambazonian fighters to agree to lay down their arms so as not to endure the situation to the population of the North West and the South West unnecessarily, while telling them that the way to the polls is not closed to them, that c is the only legitimate way to put forward their ideas by asking them to have faith in the election of a successor capable of reaching a solution that achieves consensus.

They appeal to the President's attachment to presenting himself as the one who offered democracy to the country and as the man of peace, to put these two important values ​​that his democracy and peace above all will of stay in power. 

This group of citizens recalls that all citizens are affected by the situation in the country and that a transition is gained in unity with all regardless of tribe or partisan preferences and not in a spirit of division and of quarrels which only serves to maintain the party in power and calls on everyone to be kind and open to each other to win this fight in peace. 

Source: Tgv of info