Sunday, April 19, 2020

National Assembly: Cavaye Yeguie wants to severely punish those who 'Infected him with Coronavirus'

In his closing speech of the March 2020 session of the national assembly, Cavaye Yeguie denounced the proliferation of false information in this complicated health period that the world is going through, Cameroon in particular. "I would like to take this opportunity to castigate the authors of the fake news", launched the PAN from its piercer.

Re-elected head of the national assembly a few weeks ago, Cavaye Yeguie was one of the main victims of this fake news. Returning expressly from France before the borders closed, the 80-year-old man, with very fragile health, was for a long time announced reached of Covid 19. An information which will be neither denied, nor confirmed by the close relations of the PAN, leaving always cast doubt on his health. 

So on the roost this April 18, he took his revenge on these fakes news which he denounced the harmful character. "Intoxication and disinformation thus flood social networks. A real epidemic in the epidemic" declares Cavaye Yeguie. For the eternal president of the national assembly (roosting for more than 20 years), the authors of these news should respond to justice. "Such behavior is criminal and deserves the most severe sanctions." He continues: "I therefore appeal to the wisdom and good citizenship of all. On behalf of the National Representation, I invite the Government to crack down firmly, unceremoniously and without exception, against any offender, professionals of illicit profit and intoxication ".

As a reminder, Cameroonian law condemns up to 2 years in prison all authors of fake news on social networks.