Sunday, April 5, 2020

Messanga Nyamding: "President Paul Biya is alive ... he takes care of his little family"

On the set of the weekly program “La Cour des grands“ Messanga Nyamding made revelations. The political science teacher at IRIC reviewed political news.

He notably mentioned the question of the ultimatum that Maurice Kamto had set for Paul Biya. Messanga Nyamding assured that Paul Biya was alive.

“President Paul Biya is alive. I would like to officially reassure the Cameroonians that the president is vague about his concerns, he is taking care of his little family. And through this opportunity that Radio Artists gives us, I would like to reassure all Cameroonians by telling them, do not be afraid, Paul Biya, certainly is not eternal, but in the meantime, with the grace of God almighty , hand on heart, I assure you that Paul Biya is working, and very soon, you will hear from him, ”said Messanga Nyamding.

Furthermore, he deplores the silence noted within the CPDM on this issue. “I am a member of the CPDM central committee committee. Many colleagues did not react to the announcement outside of the head of government communications, ”he said.

In addition, he accuses Western media of plotting around the "supposed" death of Paul Biya. “If the president were to die, I, Messanga Nyamding, would be the first to say that we are affected. At the time when this rumor is being conveyed, at the moment when the Kamto threat is pending, we saw again this morning, RFI saying that President Paul Biya has not yet left, and that he has not yet communicated. Radio France Internationale points out that we have waited for several heads of state, except Paul Biya. Do you think it's chance? ", He accuses.

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