Sunday, April 19, 2020

Me Akere Muna junk in DRC?

The President of the Republic Félix Tshisekedi called on the services of the Cameroonian lawyer and opponent Akéré Muna, in particular for the fight against corruption.

Faced with this call, Noël Tshiani, Congolese economist and initiator of the Marshall plan for the DRC, asks to value national skills and only use the services of foreigners when we cannot find Congolese capable of doing the same job. 

According to him, the recourse to foreigners costs the country unnecessarily expensive. 

“In my vision of a big Congo, it is necessary to value the national skills and to resort to the services of the foreigners only when one cannot find Congolese capable of doing the same work. Otherwise, resorting to foreigners costs the country unnecessarily expensive., ”tweeted the 2018 presidential candidate.

Akere Muna is known for his involvement in the fight against corruption. Former president of Cameroon, he was vice-president of the international NGO Transparency International and founded his Cameroonian branch. 

A Yaoundé court found Akere Muna guilty of "concealment of proceedings" and "forgery and use of forgeries" on Tuesday, October 23, 2018 in a family inheritance management case. The Yaoundé-administrative center court sentenced him "to three years suspended prison sentence for five years", according to the court's decision.