Friday, April 10, 2020

Maurice Kamto, the new John Fru Ndi

The man who, after having received the anointing from the diaspora, the international community, the Ambazonians, a part of the great dumb, the Mrcists and the people to launch and succeed the Chassement (popular revolt, popular insurrection, save who can ...) from the oldest dictatorship in Africa, the maximum coast, all cards and chances in hand, instead of "beating or wringing the hot iron", was overcome by fear, began to make a bad politician calculation, trembled and preferred a useless GAP which obliged him to become a donor of ultimatums. Wanting to cling tactically to the Covid-19 that occurred during his useless GAP to SURVIVE, the associate professor and pope of law saw himself gradually eaten believed by a guy with big eyes, an Atanga having defended his share of doctoral thesis at CM2, class 6. When strategy challenges the police, courage fear, legality legitimacy. When the unloved shows that the beloved is nothing at all.

Ah, Maurice Kamto, from the victory acquired to the dream that has become utopian, from heroes to zero, from the man of the future to the man of the past 

When Kamto says "Go", Mrcists and Kamtoists "Go" forgetting that there 'a few years ago, when Ni John Fru Ndi, the man of the clenched fist and the Suffer Don Finish also said "Go", Sdfistes and Fru Ndistes "Vayait". Where is Ni John Fru Ndi today? Tomorrow, Kamto Maurice will be where? 

Such a waste ! Will Maurice Kamto disappear from the political scene so quickly? Faster than his elder John Fru Ndi? He is more intelligent and caped but in this political field held by an iron fist and a ferocious feline dictator, if he does not wake up, stop listening to sycophants, listen to those who take a look different on its trajectory and think that it is going to fail, it will continue to turn in circles until vertigo and will eventually collapse on its own. 

If Kamto is wise (different from intelligent), let him really prepare for the launch of # CHASSEMENT2020 just after the end of Covid-19. Let him not continue to believe that he is too clever as he does by using the Hunt as a scarecrow each time when he is afraid. As leader and president-elect, just after Covid-19, Kamto must initiate the appointment of the central post office, he has a kitty for, if not basta and relay of loosers between John Fru Ndi and him, both sons grassfield, grassland, great west! I start to get very angry when I think of the big mess in prospect.

In the meantime, let's protect ourselves from the Covid-19 Let's protect 

our loved ones from the Covid-19. 

Nothing but beautiful things to you

Journalist: Felix Djeutio Tany