Friday, April 17, 2020

Martial Owona supports the detention of certain prisoners

The head of the Satellite FM radio station takes issue with those who consider the head of state, by his decree signed on April 15, 2020, to release certain political prisoners.

Martial Owona reacted thus on the set of the program “? Tour d'Horizon?” April 16, 2020. For the journalist in service with the group L'Anecdote, the political intoxication and other dark ambitions that inhabit certain leaders of the Cameroonian political scene, sometimes lead the latter to unjustified deviations. Under this prism, the "? Dinosaur?" of information concludes that it can "? it can happen that you are aggregated by right and you see in an economic criminal, a political prisoner ... People cannot stand up and take up arms against the republic and you take them as political prisoners? ”he indignantly, before suggesting that all those who have committed crimes against the state are held accountable.

Recall that the decree of Paul Biya signed on April 15, 2020 relating to the remission and commutation of sentences only concerns prisoners whose convictions have already been pronounced. Prisoners in pretrial detention are not affected by this presidential pardon, which also excluded several prisoners whose motives revolve around economic crimes, attack on the security of the state, counterfeit money, customs fraud, torture, pedophilia, rape, etc. Commutations and other remissions vary between 5 and 3 years.