Sunday, April 12, 2020

Maroua: a municipal councilor refeeres to the mayor as an illiterate

Alhadji Ibrahim Madi Atchemi, RDPC city councilor, said that the ruling party never respected its own circulars. 

Alhadji Ibrahim Madi Atchemi, RDPC advisor of the commune of Maroua 3è, in the Far North region, clearly does not digest the election of his party comrade, Hamidou Sadou, at the head of this municipality, on February 25 2020. 

In an interview with the tri-weekly L'Œil du Sahel, edition of April 8, 2020, the one who militates within the Rassemblement Démocratique du Peuple Camerounais since 1992, without naming them, accuses "these people who call themselves ministers, directors general or elites… ”for having imposed Hamidou Sadou on the town hall of Maroua 3. 

“We know the relational affinities of one of these ministers with the one we co-opted to be mayor. All these people who call themselves intellectual but who allow themselves to put an illiterate at the head of a city like Maroua 3 where the challenges of development are more urgent. What is certain, they did it, not for the development of the city, but rather for something else, "he maintains.

The municipal councilor and promoter of a school group goes further by affirming that "these ministers and directors general" have auctioned off the municipality of Maroua 3. "Everyone knows that the co-opted mayor is someone who cannot s '' express neither in french nor in english. Even if he expresses himself with difficulty, we know that he cannot read, if he even reads, he cannot write, ”he declares. 

According to him, since he militated within the CPDM, the only inheritance which he has of the party, "it is this post of adviser". "All because I fought vigorously, I have always opposed this system which does not want us to move forward. This is the reason why I am fought by the caciques. I say out loud what others cannot say, I am independent and free-spirited ”. 

Despite all these frustrations, he affirms that he remains faithful to his party "hoping that the renewal of the basic organs will allow us to put the ball in the center and to discuss frankly, the eyes in the eyes".