Sunday, April 5, 2020

Latest: The attack on police stations and gendarmeries in Douala

The watchword is given by the "Fighters" pro MRC. Cameroonian youth must take to the streets of Douala to attack the police and gendarmerie posts in the city. This is the announcement that was made today by a gathering of pro Kamto activists.

"If we take the 100 police multiplied by 5 police stations, that makes 500. Let's double that, that makes 1000. Let's take the gendarmerie, I'm not sure they are 100. Let's put 200. If each district in Douala goes out with 1500 people , they can't do anything. Because at some point they too are afraid for their lives. So I draw the attention of those who listen to us in Cameroon, do not be afraid of anything. Those who take a weapon, even if it is loaded anyway, at one point you will shoot one and the others will turn to you and you will flee. They will not even go out in uniform, " 

said the fighter Henri in a video conference in which Kamoua La Panthère, the Cameroonian activist who announced in Mondovision the death of Paul Biya, the President of the Republic, participated. 

For the moment, no details are given on the exact date on which the attacks will take place. One of the participants in the video conference announced for April 06, the demonstration of motorcycle taxi drivers. 

Many Cameroonians are waiting for the result of the ultimatum given by the president of Mr Maurice Maurice to the president of the Republic. As a reminder, last Friday, Kamto had given Paul Biya 7 days so that he could comment on the current health crisis in Cameroon.

Indeed, according to the latest figures announced by the Minister of Health Malachie Manauda, ​​Cameroon now has 509 cases of Covid-19. Cameroon thus becomes one of the most affected countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Despite the gravity of the situation, the President of the Republic refuses to address the nation. Sources close to the presidency reveal Paul Biya's poor state of health. He would be evacuated urgently to Switzerland where he died according to other sources. 

A war of succession has also been open in Etoudi for a few days.