Friday, April 3, 2020

LAST MINUTE: so weak, Paul Biya fled

Not found since the start of the coronavirus crisis, Paul Biya should not resurface anytime soon. In any case, not before the end of the pandemic which is seriously affecting Cameroon.

While the Cameroonians are mostly waiting for a public release from their president to reassure them about the management of the pandemic, Paul Biya, 85 years old and very weak, preferred to protect himself from possible contamination. The Cameroonian president would have fled even more to our colleagues from Jeune Afrique. "He withdrew to Mvomeka'a, his home village, located 180 km south of Yaoundé," reports the Pan-African newspaper. While the rumor announced the contamination of several of his collaborators in particular Cavaye Yeguié, very sick and just returned from France before the borders were closed, as well as Grégroire Owana, one of his ministers, Paul Biya simply withdrew from his entourage, "to avoid any contamination", specifies JA. 


In his residence, the "caulked" president would have restricted his visits to a very closed circle of his relatives. "He hardly grants work-related hearings and sees only a handful of people," says JA. "He speaks to his faithful special adviser, Admiral Joseph Fouda. He also receives the director of civilian cabinet Samuel Mvondi Ayolo, while his aide-de-camp Davy Ottou Meka is at his disposal" specifies the newspaper. Strict measures taken to preserve the life of Paul Biya aware that the coronavirus kills the majority of the elderly, according to specialists. 

At the forefront of the battle against the coronavirus pandemic, the very lonely Malachie Manaouda no longer has access to the president and must therefore act alone, with the support of his Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute. "When in government, he awaits the high instructions to act" writes JA. A situation which explains the multiple trial and error of the government in its effort to manage the pandemic.

Kamto's ultimatum 

Faced with this silence from Paul Biya who was even given up for death earlier this week, the opponent Maurice Kamto in a statement a few days ago had given the president a 7-day ultimatum to speak. He threatened to "take responsibility" at the end of the ultimatum (this Friday), if Paul Biya does not come out of his silence. 

According to a final report from the Ministry of Health, Cameroon now has 306 confirmed cases of coronavirus.