Thursday, April 16, 2020

LAST MINUTE: Paul Biya makes 3 big decisions to fight Coronavirus

Paul Biya apparently seems to have taken the lead in the fight against the coronavirus in Cameroon. The president of the republic, silent and inisisible since the start of Covid 19, has just taken three major decisions to strengthen the government's response plan against the pandemic.

Thus, the president decided to: 

-The renewal for 15 additional days of the 13 measures enacted on March 17; 

-resumption of classes on June 1, 2020 in all schools and universities as well as in vocational training centers and grandes ├ęcoles; 

It is expected that this measure may be readjusted according to the evolution of the pandemic

-the emergency finalization of the study aimed at assessing the impact of covid 19 on the national economy and the urgent determination of the accompanying measures to be implemented to support sectors of activity in difficulty as well as households the most fragile. 

The 13 measures enacted on March 17 had already been renewed on April 1 for a period of 15 days. These include the closing of land, air and sea borders, banning gatherings of more than fifty (50) people or even limiting urban and interurban travel.